Monday Morning Questions! On a Traveling Day!

I am traveling once again!  But that doesn’t mean you can’t ask me questions!  It just means you may have to wait a bit to have them answered.

As always, you can ask me any film related question you want, from the personal (“what film song to you listen to while traveling?”) to the specific (“why are their so many train songs in Hindi films?”) to the general discussion topic (“what movie has the best traveling sequence in it?”)


And also as always, the only rule is that you have to let me answer first before you jump in.  And I am still keeping that rule, even today when I may not be able to answer for a couple hours (or longer).  Sorry guys!  Without rules, there is anarchy!  And I will try to answer as soon as I can, even if I am typing it on my smart phone while huddled by an outlet in an airport waiting area.


9 thoughts on “Monday Morning Questions! On a Traveling Day!

      • Karthi is a pretty good actor and he was once an assistant director to Mani Ratnam on Aaytha Ezhuthu and Yuva. His actually Suriya’s brother and Mani Ratnam wanted to cast Karthi in the character that Siddharth eventually played in Aaytha Ezhuthu. Karthi declined the offer but he later decided to try acting. I’ve only seen a couple of his movies but he’s impressed me in what I’ve seen.
        – Paiyaa is a masala movie where the hero and heroine are on the run. But it’s kind of unique and I think you would enjoy the movie. This is one of Karthi’s first movies I think.
        – He recently acted in Oopiri with Nagarjuna and in my opinion, stole the show. If you can track down Oopiri with subtitles, you need to check it out!
        – I heard Madras directed by Pa. Ranjith was really good too but I haven’t seen it. Apparently Rajinikanth really liked Madras which led to him talking to Pa. Ranjith and that eventually led to Kabali being made.


          • You need to see Oopiri! It’s one of my favorite films from last year!

            It’s actually an adaptation of The Intouchables which is a French movie. I haven’t seen The Intouchables but based on the plot synopsis, Oopiri is not a scene-by-scene remake. Also Dharma productions has the remake rights and if they ever remake Oopiri, my ideal cast would be Shahrukh and Varun.


  1. You’ve mentioned having an understanding of the Hindi language. Are you fluent enough to carry on a conversation or able to understand most of a film without subtitles? Did you pick it up, over the years, from watching so many Hindi films or did you take classes or an internet course? I think I’m pretty tone deaf when it comes to languages. I’ve been watching foreign movies for many years and haven’t really learned more than the odd word or phrase (although my viewing has never been nearly this focused on one language). I also studied French in school for eight or nine years. If I was dropped in the middle of a French-speaking city, I could find my way to a meal, hotel, bathroom or a bus, but that’s the extent of it.


    • It sounds like our language skills are similar. I studied German for 8 years, and all that’s left is a minor ability to ask for dire ctions and translate Christmas carols.

      Interestingly, hindi classes are remarkably hard to find. They weren’t offered at my college or grad school, and there are no adult ed classes or community college classes I have been able to find in the whole Chicagoland area. A few online courses and amateur tutors who advertise on Craigslist and that’s it. I wonder if it’s a third generation immigration thing? Right now we are still on the second generation of Desi immigrants in America, so their parents are more focused on them getting American, not staying close to their roots. 15 years from now when all those kids have their kids and realize they have lost the language, maybe more hindi classes will be available. It’s what happened with German, my grandfather aggressively tried to forget his German and then my parents encouraged me to learn it.

      Anyway, to answer your specific question, I haven’t taken a hindi class because I haven’t been able to find one. But I’ve been watching the films for 12 years, at least 6 hours a week, plus watching interviews and having dozens of Desi friends and visiting India. If I had any facility with language at all, I would be fluent by now. But I don’t, so all I can do is get a vague sense of dialogue without subtitles.


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