Final Vacation Report

I’m having another traveling day today.  Which means my official “vacation” is over.  But not really, because all I wanted to do was read for pleasure without feeling guilty about it.  And I can do that just as easily sitting in an airport terminal as sitting in a park in the sunshine.  Anyway, I thought you might want to get a final report on how it went!

In my last report, I talked about how my first day was overcast and rainy, so I went to the movies.

But, day two, was mostly sunny!  A miracle!  After 3.5 months of midwestern winter, seeing the sunshine again made me feel like this:


I spent the day walking in and out of tiny souvenir shops and up and down sunny streets, and treating myself to an all you can eat buffet for lunch.


And then it started to rain in the afternoon and I went back to my hotel and watched basic cable and finished off the Raees posts.


Yesterday, it was super super super sunny!  So I went for a long walk through a nearby park and got a little bit lost.


And then went back in my room again, only leaving to go grab dinner at the drive in theater down the road.  Very Americana-y.


And then today I got up super early again to go by bus to bus to airport to other airport to home.  Fun!

3 thoughts on “Final Vacation Report

  1. When I am in serious writing mode, I take a day off once a week to “walk about” — ride the Metro, wander a museum, sit in a park. This reminds me of one of my walk abouts.


    • Exactly! I love doing stuff like that, but it is so cold and gets dark so early, and I have so much other stuff going on during my freetime,I haven’t really been able to do it this winter.


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