TGIF Post: Old is Gold or New is True?

Okay, you ready for deep deep thoughts and discussion?  This came up in my Bhootnath post earlier today, is it better to have an unattractive version of an old favorite, or a perfect shining new version of a newcomer?  And, to make this even more challenging, what if they are in the same family?  Ready to put on your thinking caps and make some votes? (just post a comment if you want with all your choices for 1 through 7)

So, I am going to try to be fair, and not do an actual over the hill unattractive candid shot of the older star.  Just something from towards the end of their prime era (of course, for some of these stars in my opinion that era has not yet ended).  And you have to be fair as well.  Which of these is more attractive to you?  Looking only at these two pictures?  Is the innate charm and confidence of the older option enough to override their clothing choices?  Or does it fall before the fresh-faced beauty of their young heir?  Which picture would you rather put up in your locker and draw little hearts around and pretend make-out with?

  1. Rishi Kapoor: The Sweater YearsImage result for rishi kapoor jumper

Or his nephew Armaan Jain: The Unknown But Hot

Image result for armaan jain


2. Aamir Khan: Old Man Dangal Look

Image result for aamir khan dangal

Or Imraan Khan: Peak New Boy Launch Hotness

Image result for imran khan jaane tu...ya jaane na


3. Jackie Shroff: Silver Fox

Image result for jackie shroff

Or Tiger Shroff: Young and Intense

Image result for tiger shroff


4. Vinod Khanna: The Midlife Crisis Years

Image result for vinod khanna

Or Akshaye Khanna: The Cocky Young Man Years

Image result for akshaye khanna


5. Amitabh: The Hair Dye Era

Image result for amitabh hum

Or Abhishek: Bluffmaster-era

Image result for abhishek bluffmaster


6. And finally, a best-of-four! Dharmendra: The Angry Old Man

Image result for dharmendra

Sunny: The Proud Older Sikh

Image result for sunny deol

Bobby: The One With The Curls

Image result for bobby deol

Or Abhay: The Sensitive One?

Image result for abhay deol


Now, just to be fair, I feel we should also deal with the distaff side of the Deol family.

7. Hema Malini: The Grandmother

Image result for hema malini

Or Esha Deol: Dhoom Seductress

Image result for esha deol

7. And finally, a well-nigh impossible choice. Tanuja: Young and Perky

Image result for tanuja young

Or Kajol: Young and Unibrowed

Image result for kajol unibrow


18 thoughts on “TGIF Post: Old is Gold or New is True?

  1. No one has been brave enough to place their Votes yet? My goodness! I guess i have to show you how it is done.

    1. Armaan Jain. I am all about Rishi through the 70s and even up to the 80s. But by the time we get into early 90s, he is just too old-wine-in-new-bottles for me.

    2. Imran Khan. At least, JTYJN Imran. Katti Batti Imran versus Dhoom 3 Aamir, then it might be a different story.

    3. Jackie Shroff. Always and forever! Smoothest man in the world. Plus, Tiger’s body doesn’t have enough body fat for my taste, too muscley.

    4. Akshaye! Definitely Akshaye.

    5. ooo, this is a tricky one! I think I would go Sunny over Dharmendra (but it’s close!) and then Dharmendra over Abhay, and finally Abhay over Bobby. Poor Bobby.

    6. Hema Malini. No contest.

    7. I DON’T KNOW!!!! This one may be a draw.


  2. Are we voting only on looks? Even then, I can’t really choose one over the other. For the first two pics, I thought it was easy — Rishi Kapoor and Aamir Khan still exude charisma in their older selves, which their young nephews lack (though Imran does look cute). For the rest, I like both versions. This is especially true of the Deol family. I like each and every one of them. BTW, is it gender bias for you to put up a pic of wrinkly and angry Dharmendra and a party dressed and smiling Hema? What are you trying to convey, subtly, or not? 🙂 Too bad, even wrinkly and angry Dharmendra exudes charisma. I think that’s what the present generation of “pretty boys and girls” really lack.

    Why the exclusion of SRK and Salman, btw? Because they have no younger relatives in the industry? You could have always used Sohail vs. Salman. 🙂


    • I had such a hard time with Dharmendra! I wanted to make it fair and pull a picture where he looked distinctly over the hill so the kids would have a fighting chance. But I can’t find one! All the way through the 90s, he was still clearly the hottest man in the family. Same with Sunny, if I had done 80s Sunny and 60s Dharmendra, it wouldn’t have been any kind of contest. So I went with present day for both of them, just to be fair.

      (Oh, and angry Dharmendra is my favorite Dharmendra! Personal taste of course, but I picked that picture over the others because I liked it better than the smiley ones)

      And bang on with Srk and Salman! I thought about Sohail, but the age difference didn’t seem enough to make it fair. And with Srk, I considered Aryan, but he isn’t officially launched yet, so that wouldn’t be right.


  3. Ok, I am 67 and Aamir can park his slippers under my bed any time. I do like Abhishek, but all,the other younger guys look like my students to me. I am a well-trained professor; students are off limits!


  4. Let me just put it out that I’m going to disappoint you with a bunch of neither-s. A straight up no for Rishi, Amitabh, Dharmendra and Vinod (Hell, no!). There is nothing remotely attractive about pot bellied 50 year old-s wearing silly clothes and dying their hair and pretending to be 20.
    1. No for Rishi, but I don’t care for Armaan either. So, neither.
    2. Aamir is playing his age in Dangal, but he is no Amitabh in K3G. While I don’t like Imraan, he’s cute.
    3. Tiger is boring, but something about Jackie creeps me out. Again, neither. Sorry!
    4 & 5. Akshaye and Abhishek. While I don’t find them sexy, I’d put them way higher on the scale of attractiveness over whatever Armaan is supposed to be.
    6. Abhay, the sensitive one. I didn’t even consider the other three.
    7. Undoubtedly Hema. Esha unfortunately, didn’t inherit an ounce of her mother’s grace.
    8. I don’t see the confusion here. Every part of Tanuja exudes personality and young Kajol wrapped in a towel looks like an adolescent discovering her body. Tanuja in that picture and Kajol matured into her K3G version, that should be a contest! (I’d still give it to Tanuja though, that picture is wonderful)

    Actors start off fine as romantic leads or action heros. But they keep embarrassing themselves by playing those same roles over and over again way past their prime. Adding Saif in Cocktail to that list. Only when they gracefully accept their age and start playing appropriate parts, so they seem like-able again.

    Actresses on the other hand are sexualized right from the beginning, even when they are still in their teens. Creepy! Also until very recently, top heroines stayed away from films between 35-45. So no dilemma over roles and no embarrassments (except Rekha, may be) But no work either. At least when they “returned” to films, they were playing their age, so that’s a relief.


    • Excellent point! Especially about the actresses being sexualized way too young. Maybe I should do another post focused on actresses offering more of those Tanuja-Kajol contrasts?


  5. 1. Armaan Jain. Can never pick Rishi Kapoor because his sweaters are ridiculous.

    2. Imran Khan. So sweet and Aamir Khan looks “crazed” all the time to me.

    3. Jackie Shroff. Though he really doesn’t do it for me either at least he has a wicked sense of humor. Tiger is just too self-aware and his pretty boy looks do nothing for me.

    4. Akshaye Khanna, despite his short arms which always distract me in his films:) I think he’s perfection in Aaja Nachle.

    5. Abhishek!!!

    6. Probably Abhay, but really none of them.

    6a. Esha Deol (who for a long time I referred to as “Crazy Eyes”). I still have a fondness for her because she did try really hard, was opposite Hrithik in one of my early favs which I can’t watch anymore, and I feel like she always had her mother breathing down her neck.

    7. Kajol, simply because of the iconic unibrow.


  6. Much as I love Tiger, his acting skills are nothing to write home about.And on top Ram Gopal Varma called him a ‘bikini babe.’ I’ll pick Jackie but only if he’s cast opposite Amrita.I couldn’t tolerate Dharmendra and Sunny even when they were in their prime.So Bobby and Abhay for me.You’ve got to watch the SnG comedy episode where they narrate the tale of how Dharmendra was conned into acting in a p*rn movie.


    Imraan gets a free pass from me since I loved him in Jaane tu and My brother ki dulhan.Vinod Khanna,Jitendra and Dharmendra embarked into middleage at about the same time and grew intolerable.Hema and Sharmila have the distinction of being “Orginal” while their respective daughters come across as a cheap replica.Tanuja was impressive as Rani’s stubborn mom in Saathiya and I love her song in Jewel Thief.But Kajol is a better actress- unibrow and all.Plus I’ve soft corner for someone who always carries a book in her bag.


  7. Jumping Jack aka Jitendra was adorable in Caravan,Jigri dost,Khilona (where he wasn’t the hero).I wonder who did the crazy choreography for Mast baharon ka Aashiq song.
    But I couldn’t stand his preachy, head-of-the-joint-family roles which he started doing in the 90s. On the other hand Tusshar was tolerable only in Love You Mr.Kalakaar.So Papa Kapoor gets my vote.


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