Podcast (Car-cast?) Experiment! A Post-Movie Car Conversation About Rangoon

An experiment!  Which, be aware, is really really terrible because it is our first try.

I’ve mentioned before my friend who I see movies with.  Her name is Dina, she is amazing, we have been friends for almost a decade, because we both ended up working with an Indian American heritage group just because of our interests in the films.  We’ve spent about two hours every week talking about films ever since we first met, either on the phone or in a sweet shop over samosas, or on the drives back and forth to the Indian movie theater.

This week we pulled up a voice recording tool on my phone and recorded our ride home this week post-Rangoon.  Which made me realize that my voice sounds kind of loud and that we both laugh way too much.  And that Dina is really really smart (I mean, I knew that already, but I’m noticing it more now).

Oh, also, since this is our conversation after the movie, we are discussing it as though you know all the details.  It will only make sense if you’ve either already seen the film, or read my detailed summary.  But I am posting it two weeks late, so you should have had lots of time to do that!

Okay, if this works, the video below will show you the car we are in (to help you picture us driving along), and the audio will be our conversation.  After a brief intro from me.


17 thoughts on “Podcast (Car-cast?) Experiment! A Post-Movie Car Conversation About Rangoon

  1. What a great idea!! But the video isn’t there! It’s got that sad grey Tov scree you get when videos are blocked! Now you’ve really wetted our appetite. Please reinstall it!!!


    • I’m hoping, if we manage to do it again tonight after Badrinath, that we can be a little calmer and analytical, instead of giggly.

      On Fri, Mar 10, 2017 at 8:42 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Loved it! Dina is always so insightful, and even though I haven’t seen Rangoon, it’s still entertaining to ride along in the car with you. I wouldn’t worry about the visuals. Did you think about using iTunes Podcast or Soundcloud instead? Then people can download and listen to your podcast without being online. I hop you do another tonight! I’m seeing Badrinath this afternoon, so I’ll get what you’re talking about!


    • I have no idea how podcasts work! Soundcloud? That’s what I should investigate? I will check it out.

      Tonight I am seeing Badrinath with Dina, and possibly also Kayla and her girlfriend. So I have to decide if I record a 4 way conversation, or just an abbreviated one when I am doing the last 20 minutes of the drive just with Dina.

      On Fri, Mar 10, 2017 at 2:15 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. This was a lot of fun! I liked the car ride, more candid and casual format. It was a nice change from some of the stuffier podcasts I listen to. I hope that you’ll do more of these- I loved the energy! I’ll have to come back and listen again once I’ve actually watched Rangoon.


  4. Finally listened to the whole podcast. Very fun to hear your voices. Also, nice nostalgia to hear you talk about turning on Devon (my husband’s from Chicago) I was NOT planning on seeing Rangoon because I dislike Kangana intensely. I would love to hear you on the topic of her “feminism”. Feminists don’t trash other women ad hominim (have no idea how to spell that, but I mean to attack for no reason.) I hate the way Anupama and others are in love with her “strength” and “honesty” when in fact its meanness and self aggrandizement. But, all that aside, I loved car talk!!


    • I get what you mean about Kangana. I don’t mind women tearing down other women. It’s more, I don’t like women tearing down anyone. Feminism for me isn’t about beating other people down to reach your place, it’s about trying to raise everyone up, if you see what I mean? Men or women. I don’t like the way Kangana seems to need to criticize everyone else to make herself feel/look good. Of course, that may just be an impression for her public statements, in “real” life she may not be anything like that, but that is how she comes across.

      What really bothers me is, like you say, the way she gets so many accolades for her “strength” and “honesty” about saying things. Instead of people complimenting, for instance, Suzanne Khan for modeling supportive co-parenting and post-divorce friendship. I’d rather that they spent more time talking about how her statements effected or relate to her movie releases, or what they reflect about how PR works in the industry today, or the legal system, etc. They don’t have to criticize her, but I am getting tired of all this repetitive praise. It’s just encouraging more divisions and resentment, instead of making things in the “real” world better.


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