TGIF: For International Women’s Day, Let’s See Some Women Being Worshiped!

Happy Friday!  This was a fun one to put together.  My first thought for International Women’s Day was a “look at these pretty women!” post, but I already did that.  So, I’m going to go a little deeper. International Women’s Day is supposed to be about men respecting women.  Doesn’t always work, of course, but that’s the idea.  And so I want to put up some pictures of men being happily dominated by women

My first thought was some kind of standard rule for this.  Like, men kneeling before women or something.  Like Shahrukh and Rekha here:

Image result for shahrukh rekha

But then I realized that those standard rules don’t work.  For instance, technically Aish is above Hrithik in this picture.  But it doesn’t feel like he is really properly worshiping her, it’s more like he is amused and waiting for his chance to conquer.

Image result for hrithik roshan aishwarya

So instead of having some hard and fast rule, it’s just about a feeling.  When the mood of a photo is “You are a Goddess and I worship and obey you”.  Like this, with Madhuri and Salman.

There’s a lot of pictures like that from HAHK.  Which is justified, since Madhuri is super worship-worthy in it.

Image result for hum aapke hain kaun salman madhuri

And speaking of Salman worshiping women, check out how he is even super sweet to a little girl co-star!  Who accepts it as her due.

Image result for salman madhuri

Shahrukh basically always looks like that in his photos with Gauri.  This one is a little airbrushed (I think it’s for a magazine ad), but his hair is so good!

This would be my favorite if his hair was a little better.  She looks great, of course.

Okay, this is half “I worship you” and half “I am trying to look down your cleavage”

On the other hand, this super early one has always struck me as being very “Ha!  Look at how this dorky boy worships and obeys me!  So stupid, with his little mustache.  But sweet, I will keep him around”

Surprisingly hard to find a good “worship” photo for Aamir.  Maybe something about his  height, makes him shy about appearing lower than female co-stars?  I went all through his filmography and finally landed on Raja Hindustani.  And even here, the first one is a little “I worship and respect you” and a little “I am feeling up your chest with my chin”

But this second one, this is totally “you are amazing and I just want to bask in your awesome”

And this third one definitely is!  Although her expression says she thinks he is pretty awesome too, despite the silly knit hat.

Now, so far, these have been mostly kind of PG13 versions of “worship”.  When I first came up with this idea, I asked my friend for help, and she said she had lots and lots of links, but said she couldn’t send them to me because none of them would be safe for work.  I think she was thinking of more something like this, with John Abraham and Bipasha.  But with less clothes.

Now, for something between John and Bips and Aamir and Karisma on the wholesome scale, let us end with Shahrukh and Mahira!  Really, almost all of Raees was just an orgy of female dominance. (I know this is a Shahrukh heavy post, but he is really really big on being dominated by his co-stars/wife)

Image result for shahrukh mahira raees

The Dubai scenes were good, but it’s all about that “battery sala” moment.

Image result for shahrukh mahira raees

So good it’s gif-able!

Related image


Bonus, just for kicks, the total opposite of the above images:




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