Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! All the Irish-Indian Connections I Can Think Of!

(This is a re-posted post from last year, because I am lazy.  And also there really isn’t anything to add to Irish-Indian connections in the past year) There really aren’t as many connections between Ireland and India as you would expect.  They both start with “I”?  They are both former British colonies?  Their flags are confusingly similar?  The both have disputed territories to the north? But what few connections I could remember, I have pulled up and highlighted, on this, the ridiculous made-up unofficial international Ireland celebration day.

First, Ek Tha Tiger!  Set in Dublin!  The dancing lampposts in this song scare me!

Second, Vivien Leigh!  Irish heritage, but born in British India.

(Here she is in an anarkali and duppatta)

Did you know the former head of the Tata Group was Irish?  So there is a whole international aspect to the massive board dispute?  Cyrus Mistry’s mother was Irish and he has an Irish passport.  Anyway, here is Shahrukh shilling his tea.

And finally, apparently Teraa Surroor did a ton of filming in Ireland.  Which does not make me actually willing to watch Teraa Surroor, but did at least get me to see the trailer.

And made me re-watch the Pretentious Movie Reviews about Surroor.


Andrew Paris just reminded me in the comments, there was also the INSANE St. Patrick’s day song from Housefull 3!


4 thoughts on “Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! All the Irish-Indian Connections I Can Think Of!

    • I saw that movie in theaters! And I still had no memory of this song. Possibly a sign of how the stupidity had worn me down by the time it came on.

      Thank you! I am adding it to the post.


  1. Glad you added that ridiculous song to the post. It embodies one of the most egregious and ridiculous stereotypes of Irish culture and I still thought it was one of the best parts of that movie. Something about the combination of Abhishek, beer, and shamrocks still called to the obnoxious Irish-American deep inside of me that has been buried by serious graduate work in Irish studies:)


    • I took one Irish history class in college as part of my history major. It was interesting, but my big take away was that potato skins have most of the vitamins and nutrients, so eating plain roasted potatoes like a peasant was actually healthier than having them prepared and mashed like a rich person.

      And what I love about that song is the set-up! If I am remembering correctly, they just need to get someone really really drunk. Which is exactly what Saint Patrick’s day is for! At least, in the modernized ridiculous cartoon-y version.


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