Hindi Film 101: Nargis Dutt Part 2, The Greatest Love Triangle of All Time (M+M+W Version)

I was going to just leave it at Greatest Love Triangle of all time, but then I remembered Rekha and Jaya and Amitabh, so I am modifying it to be Greatest Love Triangle of All Time Between Two Men and One Women.  (Nargis part 1 here)

Usual Disclaimer: I don’t know these people, I have no idea if anything I am saying is true or not, but this is the generally accepted version of events, and if you are new to the films, or somehow missed this part of film history, here is what you need to know.

In my last section, I covered Nargis’ childhood and early years of stardom.  Which were pretty great!  Her mother was successful and respected in the industry, Nargis got to have a childhood and go to school, and then when she was 14 she got a good launch in a good movie with a good director, and then got a nice series of more good roles with good directors, and by 18 she was a successful happy confident working woman, taking meetings with producers and directors and controlling her own career.

At which point, enter Raj!!!  I already covered this back in the Kapoor section, so go back there if you want to read the Raj side of things details.  From the Nargis side of things, the facts are the same of course.  Raj came to her house as a 22 year old aspiring producer, and barely launched movie star.  Nargis didn’t take the meeting seriously, because she had plenty of producers knocking on her door and answered the door in a housedress with flour on her nose, and he feel in love at first sight.  Nargis thought he was young and chubby and wasn’t that interested but agreed to do the movie.  And then by the end of the shoot, they were passionately in love and stayed passionately in love for ten years.

Image result for nargis raj kapoor

(Passionately in love!)

But let’s turn this around a little and give some context and emotion to Nargis’ side of things.  Nargis was a strong smart confident and super successful career woman.  But she was also only 18.  And Raj was only 22.  Their coming together was this odd combination of two people at their peak career and creative period, who weren’t at their peak emotional maturity.

And the thing is about 18 year olds and 22 year olds, they don’t realize they aren’t emotionally mature yet.  Because they are too young to even know what emotional maturity and a healthy relationship looks like.  And so Nargis and Raj fell into this passionate partnership and probably thought it would be wonderful and perfect and have no problems ever and last forever and ever.

And for a while, it was perfect!  Nargis was the new Indian woman, career in place, love on the side, traveling the world in gorgeous clothes both western and Indian style.  She was free and easy and throwing her head back with happiness in every photo.  And, for a while, the fact that Raj was married to someone else probably worked to her advantage.  She got have the kind of relationship that Deepika is enjoying with Ranveer now, or Anushka with Virat.  Sex (I assume), partnership, support, but she still had permission to put herself first.  No kids, no mother-in-law, no pressure to stop working and focus on taking care of her husband.  No pressure to get married either, because everyone knew about her and Raj, the fans, the media, the people she knew in real life, everyone!  And no one controlling her life either.  She could take the scripts she wanted, cut her hair, change her clothes, hire a maid, fire a maid, do all those things that, for instance, Meena Kumari was never able to decide for herself.

Image result for nargis raj kapoor

(Golf!  What could be more modern?)

Well, sort of.  This is one of those “you don’t even realise the problem until you are old enough and smart enough to be aware that it can be a problem” things.  At some point around the time they did their world tour for Awara, Nargis started to notice that she wasn’t actually that free.  And she wasn’t all that powerful.  Somehow, without realizing it, and without marriage, she had ended up being “the woman behind the man”.  Even if she still had her own household and her own career, and was triumphantly single, she had somehow ended up thinking of someone else before herself in all important decisions.

Again, in the Raj Kapoor side, I gave all the little details, how from his side of things she had left him for another man, there were all these dramatic moments right at the end.  But from the Nargis side, I suspect it was less big dramatic decisions, and more long thoughtful moments having imaginary conversations with her mother (who died two years after Nargis and Raj got together, and that is TOTALLY part of the reason it took Nargis so long to extricate herself!  Her mother sounds like a woman who would have said “Oh honey, the boy’s no good for you” as soon as she started turning down roles she wanted because Raj needed her).  I think Nargis probably had years of slowly debating whether all of this career success and creative fulfillment and great sex (I assume) was enough for her.  If she could live with this uncertainty, going day to day and film to film but no security for the future.

Image result for nargis raj kapoor

Since I wrote the Raj part, I’ve also read Rishi’s biography, where he is remarkably honest about what it was like to be Raj’s child during this period.  Lots of hiding in bedrooms when Raj came home drunk and miserable and angry at 3am.  And not seeing him during daylight hours ever.

Flipping to the other side, what does that mean about the 20 hours a day when Raj wasn’t home terrifying his children?  It means he was high on creativity, working mad hours at the studio, shooting and reshooting and re-writing and re-conceiving and driving his collaborators crazy (also from Rishi’s bio, talking about how he finally started to understand his father’s life after working with him).  And then getting super drunk and maudlin and guilty and angry about his life, and finally stumbling home to sleep for a few hours, before escaping back to the studio.

This would have been about 5-7 years into his relationship with Nargis.  Can you imagine spending all day with your boyfriend as your demanding boss?  And then all night watching him get drunk because of sublimated guilt over cheating with you on his wife?  That sounds terrible!  And at some point, the thought of “I could just leave.  There’s nothing keeping me with him, no kids, no legal ties, no social ties, why not?” would have to start working away at your brain.

But on the other hand, there’s the love.  The passionate crazy love that she had given up a third of her life to.  And of course the creativity, Raj and Nargis didn’t have any kids together, but they did have a studio together, and they gave birth to a whole series of films that essentially invented Indian film.  Should she just seize the moment and keep seizing it as long as this magical time could last?  Or was the moment already gone and she had to leave?

(There last real movie together.  And the magic was still there, it could have lasted years longer, who knows?  And is that worth Nargis giving up her youth?)

The first sign that it was over wasn’t something that Raj even seemed to notice in his version.  Nargis went ahead and signed a film role with Mehboob Khan, her original mentor.  A film role which would keep her off the RK Studio lot and out of Raj Kapoor’s life for months and months.  And which had the possibility of giving her a career outside of the RK collaboration.

According to everybody’s version, she was not looking for a lover outside of Raj at this point.  Which is part of what I find so fascinating.  Their creative and romantic partnership was so entwined, she made the first move to leave not because of issues in the romance, but because of issues feeling stifled creatively.  But I feel like, even if she didn’t consciously think she was walking out of the relationship, she really was.  If the creativity was over, the romance was going too.

The thing is, going back to the creativity part of it, this was the greatest female role possibly ever.  She would have been crazy to turn down this script.  And her ability to play the role once and for all proved that she was a great actress with or without Raj.  Truly, if this script hadn’t landed in her lap, I wouldn’t be surprised if she stayed with Raj forever.  She needed something this dramatically undenialably good to force her out.

And, love triangle alert!!!!!  BOOP BOOP BOOP!!!!!  Mother India was an incredibly complicated shoot, and for most of it Nargis was high on the greatest creative experience of her life.  There are stories of her during certain sequences obsessively reaching down and packing more and more mud on her face, of the crew being stunned into silence by her scenes, of her losing all sense of vanity of self-consciousness, playing a woman who goes from a shy young bride to a grey-haired and frail grandmother.

Image result for nargis mother india

(Still beautiful, but with a strong kind of beauty)

And this is what Sunil Dutt fell in love with!  Sunil was a year younger than Nargis (almost to the day).  And while she was 29 and 15 years into a career, he was just starting out in film.  After surviving Partition at 18, going through college, then getting an office job in Bombay, and finally working in Radio and becoming a popular VJ, he landed in films.  I find this fascinating, Nargis and Raj came together because they had so much in common.  But Sunil and Nargis came together with almost nothing in common.  And they came together fully formed, a man with a variety of experiences and a fascinating background, and a woman at the peak of her professional and creative life.

Image result for nargis raj kapoor

(Not this woman.  This is what Raj fell in love with, gorgeous and young and bright, but this was not the Nargis that Sunil met)

And he didn’t fall in love with her because she was beautiful and glamorous and passionately in love with him, he fell in love with her because she was unselfconscious and brilliant and dedicated to her art.  And Nargis didn’t even notice him!  The consistent part of this story is that Sunil was the young man playing her son, the second or third lead of the film, far below her, and she didn’t care what he thought about her, or even thought about him at all.  And yet, Sunil apparently thought about her and thought a lot of her.

Dun dun dun, dramatic action scene!  Towards the end of filming, they were shooting the finale action sequence.  Nargis, weighed down with old age make-up and padding, and a stumbling walk, was supposed to run into a field of haystacks set on fire, chasing after her “bad son” Sunil Dutt.  And then her character was supposed to get trapped in the haystacks, and Sunil’s character would prove his essential nobility by running back and rescuing her.  Only, the stunt went wrong.  Nargis really was trapped in a field of haystacks on fire and no one was sure what to do.  And, without hesitation, Sunil ran right in after her and carried her out.  And that’s when she finally “saw” him for the first time.

It was after that that the part Raj tells came.  Nargis started wearing heels, she received and threw away a love letter that Raj later found.  Raj saw it as her “cheating” on him, breaking his heart, and so on and so on.

But she had already left, he just didn’t realize it.  She left as soon as she signed Mother India, I think.  If Sunil hadn’t come along, it would have been another script and then another until finally she wasn’t living on the RK Studios lot any more and Raj was left drunk and alone.  Raj was diminishing her by turning this all into just a “love triangle”.  It wasn’t that, it was about Nargis choosing herself over what was better for Raj.

And eventually, she realized that Sunil Dutt was better for her than Raj.  He loved her, he wanted to marry her, he wanted to share a life with her.  And he didn’t make her wear flats and white saris all the time, or run every film script past him, or force her to give uncredited input into all his creative products.  They never had that intoxicating creative partnership and all encompassing love that she had with Raj, but maybe that is a good thing.  Maybe that kind of crazy love is only something you can do when you are 18, not something that lasts into your 30s.

Image result for nargis sunil dutt

(This is what Raj was never going to give her)


44 thoughts on “Hindi Film 101: Nargis Dutt Part 2, The Greatest Love Triangle of All Time (M+M+W Version)

  1. Fascinating. I’m always amazed at how the society of that time accepted such a blatant affair. No matter how grand&intoxicating; there was a woman getting hurt badly in the process. Raj’s wife.

    She looks so happy with Sunil in a “I still can’t believe my luck”way.

    On the other hand. I wanted you to read this. Go easy on Kangana although she can be ridiculous at times. I do agree with her about nepotism.



    • Thanks for the Karan article! It’s always nice to get more background on these things.

      Along with Krishna, I also get mad at how the affair was hurting Raj’s kids. He spent their childhoods either working or with his mistress. If he hadn’t been spending so much time with Nargis, at least they might have been able to see him a little more between film shoots.

      I’m so glad Nargis was able to stop it when she felt like it was just not working any more, and was rewarded for all her heartbreak and suffering not by societal judgment, but by marriage to a really really nice guy.

      On Tue, Mar 28, 2017 at 1:07 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Did everyone but me know that the scene in Om Shanti Om when Shah Rukh rescue Deepika from the haystacks is an imitation of something that happened? Or is it supposed to be that Omi knows that story and therefore knows what to do.
    On Karan and Kangana: Kjo has always been honest about this. I think he was reacting to her meanness and the way she said it. His fight with her, I believe is not actually on the facts though everyone is pretending so…it is that she seems to refuse to see that politeness or niceness are NOT anathema’s to feminism!!


    • Agree about Kangana, she just didn’t seem to “get” the way to behave on Karan’s show. I hate to say a woman needs to control herself or anything like that, but there might have been a better time or place to raise these concerns, or even a better way to raise them, that would have been more likely to get results.

      Moving on, OSO! One of my favorite things about that scene is that the director tries to get the star to rescue Dips, saying “It will be just like Nargis and Sunil Dutt!” Just in case the audience didn’t already figure it out. I also like that they play it kind of for laughs, in real life it was these big romantic moment, and in OSO he is running around a second later freaking out because he is on fire.

      On Tue, Mar 28, 2017 at 2:45 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. That first photo is incredible! So much passion! That last photo is really beautiful too. That is a HAPPY family. Not a “go to a photo studio and everyone is on their best behavior” kind of manufactured happiness. Genuine and sincere love. They all seem to enjoy each other’s company.

    I think it’s really sad and awful that Rishi had all of those bad experiences as a child and then basically turned into his father and put his wife and children through a lot of the same things, years later.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Based on his biography, there was at least a little improvement between Rishi and Raj’s generation. Not nearly as much as there needed to be, but some. Enough that I have hope for Ranbir, especially since he seems so slow and cautious about commitment, like he knows there are a lot of landmines to avoid. Rishi was present for his children’s childhoods, he talks about family dinners at restaurants and family vacations (of course, he was terrifying and yelling at them the whole time, but at least he was there). Neetu was still the primary caregiver, the one at the parent teacher conferences and all that, but it wasn’t like Raj who was a total stranger to his children until they became teenagers, Rishi was clearly making an effort to be a different kind of father. And while he almost certainly had a fling here and there, there has always been a kind of bedrock loyalty to his wife that I don’t think Raj ever necessarily felt. Or, I’ll put it another way, Rishi was clearly embarrassed about his little flirtations, where as Raj was proud of them.

      Not to spoil things too much, but the Dutt family didn’t do to well in later years. Still way way better than the Kapoors! But not perfect. Although this era, the little kids era, does sound pretty perfect and happy on all sides. It’s the teenage years where things got rocky. As they so often do.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. OK, this may be unfair, but I get completely distracted by her teeth. Did she make it to stardom with the gap still there? And did she later get them all pulled? I can’t picture anyone today going far in films (except for maybe Steve Buscemi) with teeth like that.


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  9. Interesting write up. Although I think people still romanticize her relationship with Raj quite a lot and I’m seeing a little bit of it in this post. I also don’t think it’s fair that to say that her and Sunil didn’t have an “all encompassing” love, you make it seem like she was settling. She and Sunil loved each other more than anything, they used to call each other jiyo, there wasn’t a day that went by where they weren’t always loving and supporting each other. And honestly, how much is art worth? How much is chemistry worth? Is it worth breaking up a family? I don’t think so. Maybe Raj and Nargis is a better story to sell, but there’s nothing of substance behind it. He never gave anything up to be with her, Sunil was the first person in a long time to actually do something for Nargis.


  10. Also, I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen any interviews Nargis has done for Filmfare, but at one point she had part of her diary published and in it she goes through several years of her life, skipping all 10 years she was with Raj. She talks about meeting people all over the world and feeling miserable and alone, supposedly when she was happy in this relationship. She talks about the old Nargis burning in that fire and the new one being born and never once talked about Raj from the rest of her life onward. Sorry this is a lot and again, your writing is amazing but I just feel like there’s always a slight tone in the way people talk about Raj and Nargis that implies their relationship was in some way superior when in the end it only really brought her (and his family) pain. I also think it’s liberal to call it a love triangle when as soon as Nargis was with Sunil she burned every bridge with Raj and never looked back.

    Liked by 1 person

      • I read that too. It isn’t just you, I honestly just find the way the entire relationship is still framed to be so bizarre. Yes it was creative because all he forced her to work with him and they happened to have similar visions. But she made her best movie after they broke up, better than anything she ever did with him! I understand that it’s historically relevant, but still. And the fact that seemingly nobody ever questioned the affair on moral grounds, even now. It’s not written about critically. Like I don’t care how well two people look together and if God himself came down from heaven and said they were meant to be together forever, Krishna was literally raising children alone because of this affair and everyone is so willing to accept that. Was nobody telling them to stop? It doesn’t seem like it. Plus the story about Sunil and Nargis is so much sweeter, he had a crush on one of the biggest stars of the time and took a chance and they ended up spending 23 years together happily married. He saved her, literally and figuratively. I don’t know, I guess I don’t get the fascination with Nargis and Raj, especially since it’s a chapter of her life she would have liked people to forget.

        Liked by 1 person

        • I agree with you. I don’t understand how ppl were so ok with their affair being so public and didn’t anybody ask about his wife? I mean, she pretty much raised 5 kids alone…5 kids!!!! That’s a lot of kids to raise!!!

          And I think if they were less famous or had produced less interesting movies they would have been criticized. But I guess, because we are weighting their creativity and brilliance in their careers we (the public) tend to romanticize their affair and give them a pass.

          I think it is similar with the whole AB-Rekha affair. Ppl saw them as a beautiful couple, full of on-screen chemestry and pretty much decided they should be a couple and kind of thought it unfair how he didn’t marry her…and also blamed Jaya for that too.

          That much double standard is difficult to undestand. I think that only after Nargis left (to film a movie) and was in another environment could she see what was going on and maybe see how unhappy she was. And the whole dramatic incident and the rescue helped her see someone else. Good for her 🙂 She looks radiant in that last pic!!!

          Now, I’ll go read the next part…


          • It is fascinating to me! The simple answer would be “Indian society is very conservative, extremarital affairs are not accepted”. But instead, based on what I see in celebrity gossip, extra marital affairs are considered romantic and tragic. Unless they result in a divorce and remarriage, in which case they are “wrong”. So interesting!

            On Fri, May 22, 2020 at 8:14 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


            Liked by 1 person

          • Yes, I also find it fascinating. I mean, i don’t think such an affair would be accepted or celebrated in any other social circle in India, so, maybe as you said celebrity gossips made them sound as romantic or tragic and that’s why the public isn’t really bothered by it. Still, I don’t think it’s easy to deal with for the wife…to have been so publicly offended. And I guess if the wives are asked about it or talk about it would only lead to more rumors…or, worse rumors. What do you think would be the reaction if the married person were the woman? Has there been something like that?


          • Hmm. For married women, there’s really not that many. Meena Kumari is the only one I can think of at the moment. She married young and then left her husband, and had a string of relationships. But it wasn’t while she was married, or at least, not while she was living with her husband as his wife. It was after she had moved out. The gossip press treats it as “her husband treated her badly or else she never would have left him”. Like, it’s not that she fell in love outside of marriage, but that marriage failed for her and therefore she was forced to look for love elsewhere.

            There were other married women who had discrete affairs, but they keep it very very discrete. It’s not something that has a PR spin, it is just almost invisible. We’ve already talked about Shweta Bachchan for instance, it is rumored in blind items and whispers that she has a lowkey thing with her childhood friend Hrithik Roshan. But it is only whispers and hints, even though she is all but divorced and he is divorced.

            On Fri, May 22, 2020 at 9:44 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • hmm I have read that about Meena Kumari, but as you say, it’s different. There is also a justification…he treated her badly and she left him and then…But, that doesn’t compare at all with the Raj-Nargis relationship for example.
            And again, with Shweta, she was already living with her parents for some time before the whispers started and again they remain whispers.
            I actually find interesting that such an affair wouldn’t be a scandal then but now it would create an uproar and also how the option of divorce is still the worse option. Oh well…


          • I might just be that women’s lives are so much more constricted. Raj Kapoor could go out and spend 20 hours on set while his wife raised the kids. When Meena Kumari did the same thing, it turned into her officially leaving her husband. Because a wife being gone that much meant she was no longer in the marriage. On the other hand, if a traditional wife wanted to have an affair, who would know? She’s home 20 hours out of the 24, someone can come in through the back door and it would be completely hidden to the world.

            On Fri, May 22, 2020 at 10:28 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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          • Hmm, might be. And you are right…if the wife is letting someone in through the back door, many ppl wouldn’t notice. Well, maybe if it’s a traditional wife and has the in-laws in the house that wouldn’t work…lol


          • Not sure if my comment will go in the right place, but to answer @MinAbMe question re: married women and affairs, I think another example would be Dimple Kapadia. She had walked out on Rajesh Khanna but never really divorced him and has been seeing Sunny Deol forever (i.e. from mid-late 80s or so).


          • Yes! But since she isn’t really living with Rajesh any more, somehow it isn’t that big of a deal? If she divorced Rajesh, I think it might be more scandalous than just dating Sunny and living separately from her husband.


          • Yes, but then again, she left the marriage and as far as I know she has kept a low profile with Sunny, right? I mean, maybe it got published or the rumors are known by the public, but hadn’t Rajesh died by then? at least when more of the public got wind of them?


          • It’s lasted for like 30 years or more now. And Rajesh only died a few years back. So for most of the time, she was technically married. She even showed up for public occasions to play the role of “wife” as needed, like when Rajesh was compaigning for political office. And at the end of his life, she was the one who nursed him through his final illness. So far as a person who doesn’t follow the film industry closely was concerned, they could still be considered married with no problems. But anyone in the film circle, or following film news, knew they were separated. And the people who follow it closely or know them socially, knows they both have serious relationships outside of the marriage.

            On Fri, May 22, 2020 at 11:03 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


            Liked by 1 person

          • Well, that’s once again interesting. For the one part, they were separted and the industry knew and I assume, some of the public did too. Once again, easier to not get divorced. And I guess it is viewed as ok for her to help him while he was sick, it was probably seen as part of the duties of a spouse. But doesn’t the wife of sunny play a part here as well? Isn’t she one of the reasons they haven’t openly admitted to being together?


          • Who knows! The wife of Sunny is a mystery to the public. I tried to figure it out once, and I couldn’t even find a firm date for when they got married. Or how many children they have. Her life is entirely out of the public eye. But I can say, since Sunny tried to launch his son last year, that they had a child together at some point in the 90s, so well after the Dimple relationship began.

            I don’t know what deal they have worked out, but it wasn’t a total separation like Dimple had with Rajesh since they were still having children.

            Liked by 1 person

          • So, they managed to keep her life and that of their children out of the public eye? Kudos to them tbh…

            And as you said, if there’s a kid they were probably stil living together…

            in the end, only they know what deal they have made and what works for them.


          • Agreed that she had left Rajesh but the rumors were well documented because Amrita Singh gave a filmfare interview sometime in the late 80s where she talked about Dimple not wanting to divorce Rajesh while still continuing to date Sunny.

            But yes, it was mostly accepted because Rajesh was a jerk, Dimple was separated, and Sunny (like all Deols) kept their arranged marriage wives’ lives mostly hidden.

            The rumor when Amrita was dating Sunny was that she had no idea he was married. Her mom hired a private investigator and found out that Sunny was married and told her.


          • I think they must have cooled it after that interview, because there was such excitement when the London photos of Dimple and Sunny appeared a couple years ago. Like, the interview scared them off and they got much more careful about keeping their relationship private.


          • Oh, so it is more complicated… And, really Amrita talked openly about that? What was the reaction of the public & the industry? Do you know?

            But I agree with you, there was a reason for her to leave (Rajesh was a jerk) and she then quietly (because she never said anything publicly) started dating someone else then it was ‘accepted’ at least by the industry.

            The point is, she, at least in the eyes of the ppl in the industry wasnt two-timing her husband. She wasn’t and still isn’t flaunting her affair.

            ps: really, do you think Amrita’s mother hired an investigator or do you think that’s the PR version?


          • But here’s the thing that I find so mysterious! We know Rajesh didn’t care about Dimple and Sunny, because they were living separately and so on, so it wasn’t an “affair”. But we are just assuming that the same isn’t true for the wives in other affairs. I can easily believe that Sunny’s wife at least is happy with how things are and does not feel betrayed on cheated on. Even though Sunny is still technically living with her and they aren’t separated.

            I find the investigator story hard to believe, but then I had a terrible time confirming Sunny’s wife’s name and the date of their marriage, so it is completely possible you need a professional investigator to pin the man down!


          • HAHAHA you made me laugh with that last comment!!!

            But, as you said, the whole arrangement seen only from what we get through the media seems mysterious.

            Still, does going back to my OG question…does that compare to the level of acceptance the Nargis-raj affair had? Or AB-Rekha? Because even the public knew and still nothing…


          • Maybe it’s because structured duty and responsibility marriages are so much the norm? So Indian women are sighing over the idea of being single and in love with a romantic married man, and Indian men are sighing over the idea of having a beautiful woman who loves them instead of their wife who just tolerates them out of duty?

            HA! Maybe it’s the female fantasy! To be the other woman and not have to deal with in-laws or kids. But if you are a wife having an affair, you are just adding on something new to your plate.

            On Fri, May 22, 2020 at 11:39 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


            Liked by 1 person

          • Well, that is certainly a theory. The idea of a romantic love, free of the chains of duty might be appealing…a way to escape from the rutine of the home too.

            HA! That’s some fantasy alright! Having all the perks and still be technically single and none of the responsibilities!!! 😀
            Yeah…many married weomen probably think….why do I wanna have more problems!??! 😀


          • I am generally skeptical about PI’s too. But I believe this one. Rukhsana-Amrita’s mother was a close associate and political activist for the Gandhi family. So, who her daughter dated mattered. Also, apparently, at the time, Sunny was married in England to a British citizen who was living in England at that time. So, it wouldn’t have been as easy to find out about his marriage.


          • Yep, that’s what I saw! Sunny’s wife was British and lived in England for much of their marriage. So Sunny could gad about in Bombay pretending to be single, and there was no evidence to the contrary.

            Liked by 1 person

          • Well, that would make sense then… So…he was just casually dating women in India and they didn’t know he was married? *facepalm*
            I guess it was good for her that her mother got a PI involved. When was this approx?

            And thanks for the info.


          • Would have been about 1982-1984. And shortly after that, he got together with Dimple.

            On Fri, May 22, 2020 at 12:09 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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