Sanjay Dutt Bonus Post: How Sunil and Nargis Fell In Love

Datablue sent a link to an old interview of Sunil in a comment on the Sanjay posts, and it was so good that I decided it was worth a little mini-post to share it with you all.

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Hindi Film 101: Sanjay Dutt Part 2, The Motherless Addict

This is the really sad section.  So many terrible things happened to people around Sanjay during these years, and he floated above and out of it.  Such is the blessing of drug addiction. (part 1 here) Continue reading

Hindi Film 101: Sanjay Dutt, Part 1: The Spoiled Son Turned Teenage Alcoholic

I’m finally doing it!  The Sanjay Dutt Hindi Film 101 series!  And if his movie gets delayed again, well that’s just too bad, they will have to live with my having already posted his series way way too early (not really, I’ll probably repost all these posts the day it comes out for convenience).

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RIP Shammi, The Most Lovable Old Auntie

This was a thing to wake up to!  And I had just mentioned her in a Sridevi post as someone who was still hale and healthy and going strong.  Now I am worried about accidentally cursing her!  Although she would probably forgive me, she seemed like someone who would just laugh off any problem or insult and keep going her own way.

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Hindi Film 101: Nargis Dutt, Part 3, the Congress Party, Death, and the Black Sheep Son

Welcome back to the grand ending of Nargis Dutt!  Really, the saddest part of her story is that it is so short.  Only 52 years.  But writing these posts, I am beginning to realize how very happy most of those 52 years were.  (part 1 here, part 2 here)

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Hindi Film 101: Nargis Dutt Part 2, The Greatest Love Triangle of All Time (M+M+W Version)

I was going to just leave it at Greatest Love Triangle of all time, but then I remembered Rekha and Jaya and Amitabh, so I am modifying it to be Greatest Love Triangle of All Time Between Two Men and One Women.  (Nargis part 1 here)

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Hindi Film 101: Nargis Dutt Part 1, Nargis Before Raj

Nargis Dutt!  Finally!  After teasing her for the past several weeks.  And also, yet another actress after Rekha and Meena.  Why is it that actresses have so much more interesting personal lives than actors?  Or is it just that I find their lives more interesting?  Or is it that the media plays up their lives a little more than with actors?  It’s probably the last.

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