A Wedding Anniversary Post For My Parents! Their Filmi Love Story!

My parent’s 40th wedding anniversary is today and my sister and I are doing NOTHING.  Well, not nothing.  There is a some small stuff in the works.  But it’s not exactly the big rent-a-ballroom-create-a-dance-routine-write-a-poem kind of celebration that other, better children do.  To try to make up for that, I am going to at least do a theme blog post.

My parents have been married 40 years, but they’ve known each other 47 years.  Which makes my head hurt!  FORTY-SEVEN YEARS!!!!  Can you imagine knowing someone that long???  I haven’t even been alive that long!  Well, okay, obviously I haven’t been alive that long since I can’t have been alive before my parents met, but still!  FORTY-SEVEN YEARS!!!!


Forty-seven years ago, my father was a young man who looked like Amitabh in the 70s (and now he looks like Amitabh today):


My mother didn’t look quite as much like Jaya but she did have very long hair (1970, after all) and was very studious.  So this should give you a close enough idea.


Okay, it was the 70s, so she was studious but also a bit of a hippy.


And then one day they met in college.  I assume it was more or less exactly like this.  Except that my parents don’t play basketball, and as mentioned, my mother had long hair.  But they did go on college excursions!  But to New York instead of Goa.  But otherwise, exactly the same!


Eventually, of course, college days ended, which was very sad.


My Mom moved away, my Dad still had to finish college, but they waited until they could be together again.



And after a few years, they ended up in the same city again and started dating and being, I assume, all happy with a peppy AR Rahman background score.


Until finally, 7 years after they met and 40 years ago today, they got married.  Exactly like this actually.  Well, in a church instead of a temple, but it was just the two of them and a couple of friends and a marriage certificate, no big fuss.


And then, as I picture, it they sat around for 7 years thinking “our lives are so empty!  When will our daughters arrive?”  Or else they were finishing grad school and going on trips around the world and things.  But still, it was pretty wonderful once the babies arrived and we became a family of 4!


And then we left the city and moved into a nice house where my sister and I grew up and everything was pretty much perfect for our whole childhoods.  We even went on a family trip to DisneyWorld!  For my grandparent’s 50th, OH MY GOSH WE ONLY HAVE TEN YEARS TO PLAN A SURPRISE TRIP TO DISNEYWORLD FOR MY PARENTS!!!


And then came the day when their daughters had to leave home.  Not for marriage like in an Indian movie, but for college like in real life.  Although there were also massive family parties and sad good-byes involved, so it was very similar.


And then my parents were left alone.  And the first few college vacations were a little bit like this, with the whole celebrations and gatherings in honor of our mere arrival.


And now it is their 40th anniversary, just like Amitabh and Hema in Baghban.


Only instead of hanging around waiting for the kids to come visit (which we do a lot!  We aren’t Baghban children, really!), they sold the family house and moved to an apartment in the city and joined a singing group and bought a tandem bicycle, and this is basically the two of them now.  Only my Dad has a beard instead of a mustache, because he is Amitabh.



BONUS: As a special anniversary treat, their favorite songs.  The one my Dad calls the “dancing on top of a train” song.


And the one my Mom calls “The one I like” (we are a Shahrukh family, obviously):

13 thoughts on “A Wedding Anniversary Post For My Parents! Their Filmi Love Story!

  1. Because we are apparently related in special ways, I love this post. I married my college boyfriend (who looked like George Harrison, but now is more Frank Zappa) in the seventies, we waited for our children for eleven cash-strapped honeymoon years, then had two… Your Maryland Ma


  2. If you all liked him in Shakti, you definitely deserve to be called a Shahrukh family 🙂 40 years is an impressive record indeed! Here’s to more years of watching Shahrukh together.


  3. Wait — are you and your sister twins? I’m confused. Happy Anniversary to your parents! I hope you’re going to show them this post in lieu of the mega party you didn’t plan. 🙂


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