Support Me on Patreon!!! And Get Cool Prizes!

This is another post for those people who really care about the blog, not the ones who just come here off and on.  If you just come here off and on, ignore this and go about your day.  If you are interested in how I am doing and what I am doing and all that, you can read on.

If you remember, I put up a post a few weeks back asking for help promoting the blog.  I still want that!  If you have the time, please please do that and don’t bother with this post.  Here are the 5 things I asked for:

  • If you participate in any real life Indian/Indian film community, please mention my blog.


  • If you participate in any other online Indian film community, message boards, or other blogs, or podcasts, or youtube channels, please mention and link back to me in your comments.


  • Re-blog me!  Or re-tweet me or re-post me on Facebook.  Or re-snapchat me or whatever else it is that the kids are into these days.


  • Tweet anything I write that you think is particularly good directly to the people involved.


  • COMMENT!!!  My view count goes up per post with every comment.


Okay, what if you want me to do well but you don’t understand/have the time to do any of those 5 things?


Well, I have another option!  I just created a Patreon account.  This is a website that connects creators (like me!) with people who want to support them.  I am asking for money for 3 things (for now, it may change):

  • Unlimited annual SoundCloud account

  • Gas money for driving to and from and to and from the movie theater

  • Money so I can afford to see both the Hindi and the non-Hindi releases every week


And I have a cool reward for you if you donate:

You can pick any post topic you want (movie, filmmaker, TGIF, anything), and I will write on it.  You can even pick what side you want me to take if you like.  As you know, I always see something good and something bad in everything, you just pick which one of those two I should talk about more. (don’t worry, these posts will be labeled so you will know which ones are paid for and which ones were naturally divinely inspired)


Oh, and here’s the link.  Ha!  I almost forgot to post it!


21 thoughts on “Support Me on Patreon!!! And Get Cool Prizes!

  1. This is an interesting idea, but I really dislike your prize. 😦 It’s fine to offer to write on any topic, but, if you’re going to offer for sale the content of your posts, then you will be losing the credibility, even the integrity, of your blog, which will make it that much less attractive or desirable to potential viewers/readers. Your blog has a value and interest because right now it represents your honest views. I may disagree with them, even vehemently, I may even think you’re being a fool, but I will still respect those views because they are yours, and you are expressing them honestly. Once that basic trust is gone by putting your views up for sale, I will be less interested in knowing or reading your views. It won’t matter that you’ll be marking the posts which are paid for and the ones which are not. Knowing that some of the posts may not represent your sincere viewpoints is enough to call into doubt anything else you write. Here’s a hypothetical scenario. Suppose you write an unpaid post, espousing side A of a particular issue. A few weeks or months later, someone pays you to write the opposite viewpoint. Can you in good conscience do so? Maybe you can, because you think there was enough merit to side B that you didn’t fully explore in your previous post. But what does that mean to the reader? It means either that you are willing to change your views for the right price, or that you don’t explore an issue deeply enough to form a valid viewpoint before you write about it. Neither is a good place to be, in my opinion.

    I would strongly urge you to rethink this part of your “prize” and come up with something else. I personally think the offer to research and write on a particular topic of the donor’s interest (one which may not have interested you enough to invest the time, unpaid) is good enough, without compromising the content of what you write. The rest is up to you, of course.


    • I think that’s exactly what’s she’s offering – to write on a particular topic, not to promise to be positive about something she hates or sell her good opinion. I think you took a shade of meaning that isn’t there.


    • Thanks for considering this so much! I will keep your thoughts in mind if/when the situation arises. Perhaps a paired post of the paid opinion (which would still be my interpretation, just with all the good/bad parts removed) and my “real” opinion? In addition of course to a big black header indicating that it is a requested post, not a regular one.

      And if that doesn’t work, I can always change the reward.


  2. Oh, boy . . .

    This financial stuff is tricky. You certainly have a legitimate interest in attempting to recoup expenses and “monetise” your efforts. You, obviously (to me, at leasst), deserve to be receiving a income from your writing and not just soliciting contributions.

    I’m confident you’re won’t be selling your position but rather selling your analysis.

    As I said, it’s tricky. Trying to move from a “free” service to something else is a challenge that I’m glad I don’t have to go through. Good luck!


  3. Margaret, I really do recognize and appreciate how much work, passion, and effort you put into this wonderful blog. But the moment you start to try to monetize it, you will start to lose people, I’m afraid. Just speaking for myself, as a frequent viewer and commenter, it’s almost overwhelming how much content you produce. And then there’s our fellow fan, moviemavengal, who doesn’t post enough! There’s got to be a happy medium where you don’t feel like this is a second job. Or are there ways that you can get paid for your writing in more traditional ways (like publishing another book on Amazon or writing for magazines, in print and online?)
    As much as I enjoy this blog, I have to point out that it’s your choice to do it! I can promise to remember to mention you more in my fan circles but that’s all I can afford myself:)


    • Oh, I don’t want you to have to pay for it! Like I say, if you are willing to mention me to more of your fan circle, that is what I want more than anything! But there are people out there who are more willing and able to give a small monetary token than to promote, and if they want to do that, now they have that option.

      This is the post to announce that I have a Patreon account available, from now on there will just be a little link somewhere if you want to donate. But you don’t have to, it’s just there if you want to.

      I don’t know how many other blogs you read, but it is fairly common for there to be a donation option, at least for the more serious blogs/websites ( has one, for instance), which is why the website Patreon was put together in the first place, for artists who have built up a following online but have no way to turn that into anything more permenant. If you have any leads on how to be paid for writing, tell me!
      I’ve been published in a few places, legitimate websites, and none of them pay. And dozens of others haven’t even bothered to respond to submissions. My impression is that you have a better chance if you come with a massive following already built up. But it’s up to you to build up that following. Bookwise, I make about $5 a month, and again that is with a legitimate press publishing me, not being self-published.

      You are right, it is my choice to write this blog, and your choice to read it, and now I am giving you the option of making a choice to donate to its continuation, or not. Think of it like when you go to a Museum and there is that donation box available but you don’t have to use it. Now I have officially put out the box, but you still see the same museum whether or not you put anything in it.

      Does that make sense?


  4. I’m happy to support you monetarily whenever I can, and personally I don’t feel like there has to be a reward in order for me to contribute. I love reading your blog and learning more about your thoughts on Indian cinema, so for me that in and of itself is valuable enough! Like you mentioned, there are plenty of other blogs where writers ask for monetary donations since there is a fair amount of upkeep required in order to maintain a blog. Yes, it is certainly your choice to write a blog, but you’re also providing readers with valuable information and knowledge that might not be readily available otherwise, so that is certainly worth something!

    That’s my own take on it 🙂


    • Thank you! Like I said, after this first post it will just be a “Donate Here” button, that people can use when they feel like it.


    • That’s so nice of you! The reward thing seemed odd to me too, but the website said that you have to put up a reward before you make an account, and this was the simplest one I could think.


  5. I am a recent addition to your blog reader list and I enjoy your blogs. I would be happy to support your blog whenever I can through patreon or any other means. Keep it up 🙂


  6. Since this is a suggestion about your blog, I want to just mention it here. I think the format of your blog should be in a way that more of your posts are visible. When I first found your blog in August, the format was set up in a way where the latest post was the centerpiece of the page. Just underneath that were the 4 previous posts. Without even scrolling down, I could see the last five or so posts. Maybe that is something to consider when you redo the format of the blog again.


    • I’ll keep experimenting. This format looks good on phones and stuff, although that’s not the main reason I switched to it (I wanted the top menu and side-bar), and I don’t know how the other one would do.

      And thanks! I always like suggestions.


  7. Yes Margaret I agree with Moimeme and don’t like the idea of prizes. Its better to keep it as platform for exchange of ideas and information.


    • We’ll see how it goes, I have to put up a prize in order to open an account on this website (which is the safest way to offer a donation option without giving personal information). But if no one ends up wanting them, that’s fine with me.


        • That didn’t seem “big” enough, especially since I am essentially giving those as prizes for free just for reading! But maybe, if this seems like too much work, or doesn’t work out.


          • OK, your call, and I’m not really trying to push the greeting card as prize idea, but —

            You could always stop giving them to your regular readers. I think part of the reason you offered them to readers was to increase participation and thus increase your revenues (such as they are). Now you’re just formalizing that process. I thought of them because it’s something that you already know people like and appreciate, it is legitimately a “prize” because it does take time and effort and creativity on your part (just as a blog post would), and it is private for that person. When I see people trying to raise money for independent films on sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, for instance, they offer things like free posters or dvd’s of the film as incentives. Here, you’d be offering something made just for them. In case I didn’t make it clear earlier, they would be different from the kind of greeting cards you made for your readers, because it would directly have something personal to the donor — the name, photo, or something. You could even set up more and more elaborate cards for higher and higher levels of giving. Five bucks gets them a card with their favorite scene/photo of their favorite star. Ten will get them Shahrukh saying one of his romantic dialogues to them, personally (substitute their name for Anjali/Simran, etc. 🙂 ). Fifteen will get their photo substituted for the heroine, etc. Your unique contribution would be to draw on your knowledge of the different eras and different industries. If someone wants a personalized Valentine’s card, for $25 you could offer how the sentiment would be expressed in four or five different ways in either different eras of Hindi films, or different language films.

            Or it could all be just a stupid idea of mine. 🙂 But I thought i may as well throw it out there.


          • There are no stupid ideas! No, I like that. My thinking with the blog post is that a) it’s obviously something people would enjoy because they are already reading the blog and b) it’s something I would be doing any way. I’ve already gotten a couple of donations, if none of them end up wanting the post, then I may consider a card or something similar. I’m hoping at least one of them does, so I can experiment with formatting and see if it works well or not.

            I’m big on trying things, recalculating, trying again.

            On Tue, May 16, 2017 at 6:44 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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