Sarkar 3 Video Review, MovieMavenGal!

I was all set to drag myself to Sarkar 3, but then the showtimes were no good yesterday, so Dina and I couldn’t do our usual movie followed by podcast.  And today I have to run errands and plan a Sunday School class and do all kinds of other things that make me not want to waste 2 and a half hours in a movie theater.  So, yay!  MovieMavenGal reviewed it for me!

It’s a video review too, so that’s something exciting!  You can watch it below, and then comment if you’ve seen the film yourself.  Feel free to spoil, I don’t care and I doubt many other people will either.


4 thoughts on “Sarkar 3 Video Review, MovieMavenGal!

  1. Great review! — But I am totally distracted by the “Stark Industries” weapon prop thing in the background. What’s the story with that?

    (Also, I confess I tried to read all the book titles on your bookshelf.)

    And, moviemavengal looks EXACTLY like her commenter icon.


    • There is a whole story with that missile. I videoed in my husband’s office so those are his bookshelves. The missile is from an auction of Iron Man props from the first film. It was an online auction and my husband bid on some others that were sized that could fit on his desk. He thought this piece was the same and did not realize it was SEVEN FEET tall. You should have seen the crate it came in. Good thing he has a vaulted ceiling in there.


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