I’m Moving! Well, In a Week. Right Now, I’m Packing!

I finally found the perfect apartment that fits all my impossible requirements, yay!!!!  But now I have to put everything I own in boxes, boooooo.  So while I sweat and strain and throw my back out, you can read this post and try to picture it.

If you recall, I can’t stay where I am since I HAD NO FLOOR!  I mean, I have one now, but seeing as it went away once, I have lost a bit of faith in the structural integrity of the whole place.  So I have spent the past month looking and looking and looking for the apartment that fit my exact very restrictive and almost contradictory requirements.


And then I finally found it!  A miracle!  Not only that, no joke, I walked up to the building and there was a sign in the window of the apartment next door “Miracles Do Happen”

(In the new version of this song, they will include a vintage apartment that also has a brand new dishwasher and allows pets.  That’s the real miracle!)

Of course, this perfect apartment is slightly outside of my budget, $25 over.  So I did have a moment of concern.  But then I pictured Juhi Chawla cheering me up, and I felt better.


And now I am preparing to move!  Packing packing packing packing.  Everything has to be all boxed and square and secure.  Although if movies have taught me anything, the actual move will only take about 40 seconds and will involve a peppy song in the background.  So it’s really the weekend before the move where I have to do all the work.



11 thoughts on “I’m Moving! Well, In a Week. Right Now, I’m Packing!

    • Very excited about the dishwasher! Which also means I don’t have to be so careful when I pack dishes, because I can just take them out and put them right in the dishwasher.

      (Living room/bedroom is done, still have to do closet and kitchen, decided to take a break and answer comments that have been piling up)

      On Sat, May 20, 2017 at 11:24 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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    • thank you! I will finally be a five minute walk from the movie stores, my dream since college! (I went from an hour and a half to 45 minutes to 20 minutes to 15 with every move)


  1. Moving, such fun!

    Hope it all goes well and you can find your computer cables etc… quickly once you move in to your new apartment.


    • Me too! I have a whole pile of “things to move personally” just so I don’t lose them, including computer cables, and that pile is getting bigger and bigger, to the point where I now may lose things in that pile even more easily than if they were thrown into the regular boxes.


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