MovieMavenGal Reviewed Half-Girlfriend (With SPOILERS) So I Don’t Have To! Plus Meri Pyari Bindu and A Cool Intro Video!

I skipped my usual weekly trip to the movie theater (because packing), so I didn’t see either Half-Girlfriend or English Medium.  And I missed Meri Pyari Bindu last week.  But thank goodness, I don’t have to try to rush around and make up for that, because moviemavengal did the work for me.

Her video review of Half-Girlfriend is below, feel free to talk about the film in the comments here, spoil as much as you like, I don’t think anyone will really care.


People might care about spoilers for Meri Pyari Bindu, so if you want to comment, put a little SPOILER warning in there.


And finally, her intro video, which includes a shout out to me/this blog!  As you probably know from how we interact, MovieMavenGal and I are friends in “real” life.  I met her when I was doing research for my Masters’ Thesis on Indian film fans.  She was about a year into her fandom at that point, and I was finishing up my 10th year.  And I have been delighted with how quickly she has dived into the films and learned more about them and eagerly spread her knowledge.

6 thoughts on “MovieMavenGal Reviewed Half-Girlfriend (With SPOILERS) So I Don’t Have To! Plus Meri Pyari Bindu and A Cool Intro Video!

  1. “This script was crap”. LOL I haven’t expected much of this movie, but didn’t think it will be so bad. And how was Shraddha acting? She seems annoying in the trailer.
    In my opinion Chetan Bhagat is indian Federico Moccia. They both write very popular, but mediocre books for young readers. And all their books are adapted to (mediocre) films.

    I haven’t watched Meri Pyari Bindu review. how is this movie? Is worth watching or no?


  2. Angie, Shraddha was okay, but she didn’t blow me away with her charm. I was afraid Arjun was going to be a stalker from the trailer, and he wasn’t. That wasn’t my issue. There were some nice parts in the beginning of their romance — and then it was all downhill. Also, the secondary characters were all like stick figures.

    Meri Pyaari Bindu is definitely worth watching. I loved it!


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