Silly Sunday Speculative Post: In Honor of Karan Johar’s Birthday, All of His Movie’s Endings Fixed!

I love Karan.  Love love love.  Both as an artist and a public figure.  But I have to admit, he has a problem with endings.  Every film either drags on too long or ends too soon.  There’s always a feeling of “wait, that’s all there is?” at the end of it.  And so, as my birthday gift in advance to him, I am going to fix all that! (real birthday post will go up in a couple days on the actual birthday)

Newest First!  Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.  I already put up a possible sequel idea post, but this is to fix the ending of the existing film.

I’m going to leave most of the film in place.  Ranbir and Anushka have this amazing connection, but she is not attracted to him.  She married someone else, he makes a big scene at her wedding, then has a rebound thing with Aishwarya Rai, finally gets back in touch with her, but when they see each other again, all the old feelings come rushing back, and he begs her to just cut him out of her life.  He takes his heartbreak and pours it into his music, becoming a viral sensation and finally a working performer.  At a show he meets Anushka’s husband, learns they have broken up and no one has seen Anushka, him or her family, in over a year.  Ranbir knows exactly where she is, her favorite place in the city where she took him the night they first met.  And he rushes off to find her there.

Okay, I’m going to keep all of that.  It’s just the bit after that I think isn’t quite right.  It’s close to right, but not quite right.  Karan’s point, which I appreciate, is to show that even in extreme circumstances, Anushka kept her promise of not bothering Ranbir.  And that even in those similarly extreme circumstances, she was glad to see him, but was still absolutely definitely never going to love him in a romantic way.  And finally for Ranbir to understand and appreciate her love.  But it seems awfully cruel to have to kill off Anushka to reach this point.

(Wouldn’t it be nice to watch this pretty song and not be terrible depressed?)

Alternative option 1: Anushka has a terrible accident!  Which is also kind of depressing, but at least she can recover from it.  She is hit by a car, but refuses to call her family, or her ex-husband, or Ranbir, because she knows that her ex and her family don’t love her and would only help out of duty, and because of her vow to Ranbir.  Ranbir finds this out when he goes to find her at their special place, and sees the massive damage to a store-front in the building, and learns that a drunk driver jumped off the road onto the sidewalk and hit a pedestrian, a “pretty young Indian girl” (naturally the store owner telling him this is also desi).  Ranbir makes a leap and figures it out, starts calling around to hospitals and rehab facilities, and finally finds her in a state run open ward type place.  Anushka is still cheerful, and is thrilled to see him, but confesses that she is sick of being nice all the time to all these other people and wishes she could just go home.  If she even had a home to go to.

Ranbir signs her out, and helps her with rehab, doing all the intimate embarrassing things like bring her to and from the bathroom.  They are closer than ever.  But the night before her cast is going to be removed, after helping her into her pajamas, he tries to hug her and kiss her.  There is an added layer to it, he just did something incredibly intimate, helping her to change, but in a way that took no advantage, that was simply caring and not sexual.  He isn’t crossing the line there at all.  But now that she is dressed again, he is kissing her cheek.  And Anushka senses that he is doing it with more than friendship and moves away.  Ranbir blows up at her, because he has been so good and chaste and respectful for weeks, and now one little kiss on the cheek is too much for her?  He storms out.

The next day he comes back, to find her gone.  She is flying home to her parents.  He rushes to the airport, Anushka is arguing her way onto a plane despite her injuries.  And then she collapses and screams in pain to get them to let her off the plane.  In the ambulance, Ranbir is freaking out, thinking she has re-broken her leg, which the doctor said could cripple her for life.  Anushka goes with it and asks him if she is a cripple, isn’t it better for her to go to her family?  Ranbir finally “gets it”, says that he doesn’t want that, he wants to take care of her, he is her family, and that’s all that matters.  Anushka laughs and tells him the truth, that it was all a game, and then pretend screams when he hugs her too hard.

Back in the present day, Ranbir has a reflective smile as he finishes his interview, then Anushka comes on camera behind him to remind him that he has another interview in a few minutes, and she wouldn’t be doing her job as his manager if she didn’t get him along to it.  Ranbir gets up, and Anushka says “oh, one thing first!” and gives him a hug.  A friendship hug, that Ranbir accepts as just that, showing that she has finally learned how to express her feelings and he has learned not to misunderstand them.

Alternative option 2: Anushka loses all her money!  I hate to keep beating up Anushka, but it needs to be something terrible to make Ranbir stop caring about his issues, and to show that Anushka won’t call him no matter what.  Same deal, he finds her on the rooftop, and wants to spend the day with her, but she says she can’t because she has to go to work.  He is all excited, thinking she has found her passion, and she just laughs, saying that no one will hire her for a job like that!  She is a waitress.  Ranbir is shocked!  He is further shocked when he goes to meet her at her apartment after her job, and finds her living in a tiny apartment with 4 roommates, mess everywhere, music blasting.  He asks her to move in with him, she won’t take charity, so instead he suggests that she pay him the same rent she is paying for the shared apartment.

They keep having bargains like that.  He points out that if she doesn’t eat the food he buys, it will just go to waste, because he buys too much.  And here are some clothes an ex-girlfriend left behind, she might as well wear them.  Finally he offers that instead of her working an extra shift that night, he could pay her the same amount she would make at work to spend time with him.  But that night, he tries to kiss her, and Anushka leaps up in disgust and runs out.  Ranbir goes out and gets drunk and comes back the next day to find her room packed up and a note saying that she is going to try to find a new life somewhere else.  He rushes to the airport, Anushka makes a huge scene on the flight and gets escorted out, the reunite in the back of the police car because he was making a huge scene out front and also got arrested.  The arresting officer says something about how they’ll be home in no time once they make bail, Anushka laughs and says she guesses that means Ranbir will be home and she will see in in a few weeks.  Ranbir says that he is paying bail for the both of them, Anushka makes a face and says “my wages?”  And Ranbir says “no, because you are family.  My money is your money and your money is mine.  If I ever end up on the streets, I expect you to raise the money to keep me!”  And then same ending, cut to the present day where Anushka is clearly serving as his manager and taking care of him, and all their issues are solved.


Student of the Year: I don’t want to say this is a perfect film, but the ending is close to perfect.  It’s a light silly film with a light silly ending.  But there are just a few things I would add to make it slightly better.

The whole thing is a flashback.  In the present day, a bunch of young people get a phone call that Rishi Kapoor is in the hospital.  As they wait for word, they remenisces about when they were all at school together and Rishi was their principal.  Varan and Siddharth Malhotra were the richest and poorest boy in school, and after initial rivalry, became friends.  Until the rivalry came back when Siddharth fell in love with Varun’s girlfriend, Alia.  They had a big fight the last day of school and haven’t seen each other since.

Okay, all of that’s fine, the problem is, Karan got distracted by the Varun and Siddharth relationship angst and forgot to resolve the Alia and Siddharth angst.  It started out well, Siddharth looking at her wistfully, her looking confused.  And the penultimate scene was very nice, she goes to see him in his room and confronts him about his obvious feelings for her, he claims to only care about becoming a success with no time for romance, she points out that he has kept the earring she lost, and then they kiss.  But then Varun interrupts them and it turns into this whole thing between the two boys with Alia never getting her ultimate scene.

After the other big scenes, Siddharth letting Varun win the scholarship competition, Rishi being confronted by his hypocrisy, and so on, I want to see Alia and Siddharth standing in front of the school.  He looks at her, looks away, looks at her, looks away, their love theme starts, and finally he goes over to her and asks “Where are you off to now?”  Alia says “Oh, Goa, Venice, London, where ever Mummy feels like taking me.  The Rolls should be arriving any moment.”  Siddharth nods and says “I’m waiting for a rickshaw.”  Alia says “I’ve never traveled in a rickshaw.”  Just then, his rickshaw arrives, Siddharth gets in, then turns around and holds out his hand, “would you like to try traveling with me now?”  Alia hesitates, Siddharth says “we may be starting in a rickshaw but a promise we will be traveling in a rolls within 5 years”, and he looks all earnest and sensitive.  Alia melts, takes his hand, and says “rickshaw or rolls, it makes no difference to me”.  And then we fade into them arriving at the hospital in the present day, still holding hands, in a rolls royce as promised.

(It would also be nice if they had a less stupid love song, but we can’t have everything.)


My Name is Khan: I am conflicted about this movie.  Some parts are so so brave and brilliant, and then some parts…..aren’t.

Really, I don’t think I would change much.  I’m not going to try to smooth out the rough edges of the plot, just the last 5 minutes.  Shahrukh saves the hurricane town (I know I know, some people hate this part, but I love it), Kajol sees it on TV, so does the little brat next door, he confesses, Kajol’s grief reaches some kind of acceptance.  Now, new part!

Kajol arrives at Wilhemina only to find that Shahrukh has already left.  He got a phone call from the White House, the president wants to meet him.  However, while she is there, they find a box they thought had floated away, in which are Shahrukh’s personal effects, including his diary.  Kajol takes the diary, and leaves to follow Shahrukh to DC, along the way, she reads the diary, and we see flashes of the rest of the film.

Finally, in DC, Shahrukh is invited in for a photo op with fake-Obama.  We don’t see him from the front, just his back, as he nods a greeting to Shahrukh (no handshakes, remember), and Shahrukh nods back, and then the door closes.  We cut to Shahrukh outside, on the sidewalk outside the White House, looking up at the American flag, and then starting to walk away.  A car stops in front of him, and Kajol gets out, holding the diary.  He smiles and nods at her, she smiles through her tears back at him and holds up the diary and says “I love you too.”  Bringing us back to the very opening, the first thing he wrote in the diary, that maybe she would understand if he could say “I love you”, so he is writing it instead.

(Although his lack of verbal skills leads to one of the prettiest love songs they have ever had together)


Kabhi Alveda Na Kehna: I actually love the ending-ending!  Shahrukh kneeling down at the train station is just about perfect.  But the lead up to it is soooooooooooo contrived!  WHY DON’T THESE PEOPLE TALK TO EACH OTHER?????

Rani and Shahrukh say good-bye with one more bench scene.  They both go home and have their confrontations with their spouses.  Preity slaps Shahrukh, because he deserves it!  Abhishek blows up at Rani, not because she deserves it, but because this is very emotional for him.  This is all good and true to their characters.

But, instead of agreeing to call and allowing for misunderstandings, Rani and Shahrukh had made an agreement to get together in 2 years.  2 years from now, when Rani might have a child (she can also acknowledge the elephant in the room of “why don’t they adopt?” by saying that if Abhishek can handle her having an affair, he should be able to handle giving up on a biological child and considering adoption), Shahrukh and Preity will be in love again, everything will be better (or so they tell each other).  I actually like the title song, I like the idea that Rani and SRK had to work on their own issues separately before they could come together again, so let’s keep that, but without stupid misunderstandings.

(No video available of the title song, stupid Sony music, so I am putting up this song instead, which is my favorite from the film)

2 years later, Rani dresses nervously.  She gets a call from Abhishek offering her encouragement, clearly they have made a fragile truce.  She also teases him a little about his latest girlfriend, and Abhishek responds that this one is different, they are talking marriage.  So we know Abhishek has moved on.  And we already saw in the title-song-that-Sony-won’t-let-us-watch that Preity has solved her work-life balance issues as started a thing with hot Arjun Rampal.  At the train station, Shahrukh is pacing and snapping at people and waiting.  Someone bumps into him, he falls down, and as he is dragging himself up, he sees Rani, holding hands with a little girl.  His face falls, he crawls away under the benches, finally pulling himself up when he is out of sight.  He gets on the train, Rani runs after, thinks he has left, then is surprised to find him behind her, kneeling down to propose because he saw her through the train window and realized she still loved him.  His proposal can even acknowledge the other big elephants in the room, saying that he doesn’t care if she has a child, if she is still with Abhishek, they love each other and it is wrong to be apart.  Of course, she isn’t married “really”, that little girl was just one of her students, but it does address the idea that they are choosing to be together, not driven together because no one else will have them (which the original ending left a little open).


Kal Ho Na Ho: Sure, Nikhil Advani directed it, and it’s got his clever editing touches, but Karan wrote the script, and he says in his autobiography that it was always more his film than Nikhil’s.  And I believe him, because it has that classic Karan Johar touch of a TERRIBLE ENDING!!!

Once again, everything leading up to the end is amazing.  I didn’t like it on the first watch, I was more on the “why couldn’t she just marry Shahrukh, THEN marry Saif?” side of things.  Or even for one shameful moment, the “why can’t Saif be hit by a truck and donate his heart to Shahrukh?” side.  But on re-watches, I came to appreciate it more and more.  Saif was clearly the better choice.  She had this passionate love with Shahrukh, he woke up her heart.  But Saif was the steady one who had been there all along.  She would have seen him and fallen for him long ago if she hadn’t been blinded by the bitterness in other parts of her life, and they would have been married and happy by the time Shahrukh arrived.  So, that all works.  Shahrukh’s only concern is that she will slide back into bitterness after he is dead and forget to move on, so he wants to force her to do it, to make sure there will be someone to take care of her, that she won’t end up trapped in the misery of her household for the rest of her life like her widowed mother and grandmother have (just occurred to me that it is a household of widows, and Shahrukh is trying to break the pattern and get Preity happily married to a solid reliable man, instead of marrying him and making one more widow in the house).

Now, here’s my problem.  We don’t really get to see that moment when Preity makes her peace and realizes she is happy with Saif.  By the time she is with him at the hospital, it feels like a happy marriage to me, she isn’t conflicted when she looks at Shahrukh, just sad.  And then we have that bad-make-up flashforward to show that they had their own child and are still in love and happy ten years later.

But what I want is the honeymoon scene!  What happens after Shahrukh blesses them at the wedding?  What are they like when they are alone together?  I think that would help a lot with bridging her sobbing on Shahrukh’s chest and her seemingly settled into her married state at the hospital.

So, after the sad version of Kal Ho Na Ho, we cut to a honeymoon suite.  Saif is nervous, while Preity sits still on the bed.  He paces back and forth, picking up the room service menu, setting it done, asking is it too hot?  No?  Then, is it too cold?  No?  Should he go out and get her anything, a snack, or a newspaper, or….shoes?  Preity finally loses patience, “shoes?  Why would I want shoes!  Why would you ask that?”  Saif bursts out “I don’t know!  I don’t know what you want, I am your husband and I’m supposed to take care of you and I don’t know what to do!”  Preity bursts out laughing.  Saif says “What?  What is so funny?” and looks frustrated.  Preity says “I think you are the first husband on a honeymoon night to think that what your wife wants most is shoes!”  Saif starts to laugh too and loosen up a little.  Preity holds out her hand and says, “why don’t you come and sit on the bed with me, that’s all I want”.  Saif goes over and sits on the bed, looking awkward.  Preity reaches out and holds his hand and says “I do love you, you know.”  Saif shakes his head and says gently, “you don’t have to…”  Preity cuts him off, “I love Shahrukh, you know that, but I love you too.  I love you because you make me laugh.  Shahrukh never made me laugh like that.  He made me angry, but he never made me laugh.  And you make me feel smart and brave and good, better than I really am.”  Saif is holding her hand firmly now, Preity continues, “And if you want to give me what I want, then I want to be a wife to you, a real wife.”  Saif looks up, Preity smiles, and we fade out.  And honeymoon song!  I want to see them happy in Hawaii or some tropical paradise like that, and then get a phone call at the end of the song, that takes them back to the hospital.  So when we see them with Shahrukh, we know that they are in love and happy together and she is just sad because Shahrukh is dying, not because she will never love again or anything like that.



Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham: the big problem with this ending, is that there’s like 5 endings!  Just FINISH THE THING ALREADY KARAN!!!!


Let’s break a new path starting at the mall scene!  Jaya sees Amitabh, Amitabh sees Kajol, everyone knows who everyone is.  But this time, Jaya doesn’t obediently leave with Amitabh, instead she says “No”, and stays by Shahrukh’s side.  Shahrukh puts his arm around her, but otherwise doesn’t interfer.  Amitabh comes closer, ignoring Shahrukh, and says “Nandini, come”.  Jaya says, “No”.  And then gives him the speech about how he has done wrong and is no God.  And turns and walks away saying, “come, son, let us go.”  Hrithik sees his father standing sad and alone, and gently pushes Kareena after her family and goes over and takes his father’s arm and says “come, father, I will take you home.”

They get the phone call at the hotel, Hrithik and Amitabh are alone at the funeral, when suddenly the rest of the family arrives.  Afterwards, Jaya says straight up to Amitabh “I will welcome my daughter-in-law into the home one time, and then we will leave your house for you to enjoy in solitude.  Hrithik tries to speak up, and Jaya stares him down.  And then it plays out like before, Kajol and Shahrukh surprise Amitabh in his study, etc. etc., family is reunited.



Kuch Kuch Hota Hai:  This is a real simple one small change, and so obvious that I have wondered every time I watch it why it didn’t play out like this, plus two other changes that are less vital but I think would improve it.

Everything happens as before, Kajol is about to marry Salman despite Shahrukh coming to the wedding and confessing his love.  But it has always bothered me how passive Shahrukh is in this scene.  So, I would make three small changes.  The first two I could be talked out of, but the second is a must.

First, after Shahrukh does his silent confession of love, he puts a train ticket on top of the significant red scarf that she gave Rani and then Shahrukh gave back to her.  So the scene is still wordless, but he is clearly saying “you can come away with me now if you wish”.

Second, when Kajol stops while coming down the stairs, instead of standing there like a crying statue, Shahrukh takes a step towards her and softly says her name.

Third, the really really important one, when Salman pulls her down the stairs and then spins her away from him, Kajol lands on Shahrukh’s chest.  And the rest of Salman’s speech is said to them united, Shahrukh with his arms around her.  And then it will be the perfect movie!  Well, that and re-cast Little Anjali, but that’s a different post.

(My goodness Salman was handsome!)

24 thoughts on “Silly Sunday Speculative Post: In Honor of Karan Johar’s Birthday, All of His Movie’s Endings Fixed!

  1. I loved all of these but about the KHNH one specifically since we had mentioned it previously: that is exactly what I needed! Not even the honeymoon song, but heck, just one more scene with both of them to show that they’ll be all right together. Because that’s my problem with the movie, I never get that feeling from the end scene or even in the hospital scene : I always feel like Saif is living his life in SRK’s shadow, and knows it. But at the same time, I do feel like Preity and Saif would be the better couple, just from their interactions up to Kuch to Hua Hai alone – and I will always be sad that they got rid of the original journal-reading scene, that worked much better to show Saif’s feelings for Preity from the start!


    • It just occurred to me now, don’t know why I never thought of this before, but KHNH is kind of a remix of KKHH, with the focus shifted to the tragic romance. Just like Rani, Shahrukh knows he is dying and wants to be sure that his lover doesn’t spend the rest of her/his life in mourning. And just like Shahrukh and Kajol, Preity and Saif were always the ultimate couple, the perfect couple, but the entry of a new person into the triangle obscured that.


      • Can I admit to some Bollywood blasphemy? I actually really like Rani-SRK in the first half of KKHH, to the point where I actually support them getting together a little more than SRK-Kajol in that period (while still feeling for poor Kajol at the same time)? But you’re right, that is totally the equivalent of this, and we would feel equally passionate about Saif-Priety if they had the entire second half to work through their issue. (Or they could be a movie on their own!)


        • I think that just means you are peculiarly tied in to Karan Johar’s intended reading of the film! I don’t think it was written to be this tragedy that SRK ends up wasting his time on the wrong girl, I think it’s supposed to be just life, it wasn’t time for SRKajol to get together yet. Only it feels like a tragedy, because we are all overly invested in SRKajol so we are watching the movie “wrong”.

          On Sun, May 21, 2017 at 2:44 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • I agree about Rani-SRK in KKHH! I thought I was the only one, but I think their chemistry was truly great & I don’t like the implication that Rahul only ever “truly” loved Anjali. Regarding Kal Ho Na Ho, I completely agree that Rohit & Naina deserve one more scene that cements the love in their relationship. The honeymoon concept is adorable and wish we had gotten to see it (but the film is soo long already).


  2. I like the accident ending out of the Ae Dil Hai Mushkil options. The ending with Anushka getting cancer did bother me quite a bit when I first saw it.

    It would have been nice to get a scene that resolves Alia and Sidharth’s story. I think we go from Alia screaming that the boys can’t make decisions about her life to her walking into the hospital with Sidharth.

    Noooo! You can’t change the ending of Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna! In my opinion, it’s perfect!

    A honeymoon song would be nice in Kal Ho Naa Ho.

    I always like to say that Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is Salman’s best movie 🙂 But he was perfect for his character!


    • Really? KANK doesn’t make you want to just scream in frustration? Like I said, I love the train station ending, and I love their good-bye scene, its the bit in the middle where they never even google each other in 2 years that bugs me.

      I just found out recently that Salman and Kajol had co-starred in Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya earlier the same year as KKHH, so their coupling in this had a little extra familiarity to the audience, and maybe a little extra warmness between them as actors based on their recent collaboration.


      • They need to suffer for a while before they can have a happy ending. I just love KANK. I know it’s flawed but I still love that movie for some reason.


        • Karan’s section in his autobiography about it is fascinating. He had a clear vision and knew what he wanted, but everyone else involved had no faith in him. Or, no faith in the story I guess. They obeyed all his directions and followed his vision, because they loved him, but even Shahrukh kept saying “Karan, I don’t know, do you think the audience will buy this? My character actually having sex outside of marriage?”

          Karan takes responsibility for the failure of the film, he always takes full responsibility, he says the story was too far ahead of the times, 10 years later society would have embraced it, but at the time, there was a definite attitude of “if you’re married, you’re married! Stick it out and live with it’. And he says that the tone is too mixed, he wants to remake it as more of an art film, but keep the same story.

          Anyway, I found that all fascinating, because it matches so well with what i have noticed about people reacting to it, some people absolutely love it, some people don’t, but everyone has to acknowledge that the central idea and characters are magnificent, it’s just the stuff around the that doesn’t quite work.


          • You know, I don’t think I would have liked it so much if it was made more like an art film. The movie would have probably been a more well-made film though. Part of the appeal to me, at least the first time I saw it, was that it was just like any other love story with all the songs, comedy, and drama. That allowed me to not really be bothered that they were actually cheating on their spouses. Plus the soundtrack is so good that it would really suck to have any one of the songs missing. Another aspect that probably worked in my favor is that this was my first Rani-Abhishek movie so I wasn’t already in love with their pairing. In real life, KANK came after Yuva and Bunty Aur Babli.


          • Good point on the Rani-Abhishek pairing. It’s supposed to be a couple that has absolutely no chemistry, and Rani and Abhishek are just charming together without even trying. Another thing Karan talked about was that he originally wanted an age difference in that casting, an actress who was noticeably older than the actor. So you could feel the conflict in the couple, that the wife saw her husband as a child, not an equal. But he got talked out of it, and it just doesn’t come through as clearly with Rani-Abhishek. I can’t remember who he was originally thinking of, but it was something like Juhi Chawla or Madhuri, who in real life is only a few years older than Abhishek, but would have felt much older thanks to the maturity they had on screen by that point.

            On Sun, May 21, 2017 at 1:51 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • That’s another reason the Rani-Abhishek worked for me! The first time I watched KANK, I felt like Rani was older than Abhishek. This was my first Abhishek movie and by that time I had seen multiple Rani movies so I did feel like Rani was more mature than Abhishek. Didn’t Karan originally sign Kajol to do Rani’s role and Rani to do Preity’s role?


          • Maybe? Man, I miss my books!!!! I keep getting up to go over to the shelf and pull it off and flip through. Only I get halfway across the room and go “oh right, all my books are taped into boxes and I half to wait 2 weeks to look this up”. So, come back and ask this again in June! With any luck, I will be unpacked by then.

            On Sun, May 21, 2017 at 2:16 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • I remember reading that on imdb or wikipedia so I’m not entirely sure. But I do think Kajol would seem more mature next to Abhishek.

            So when are you actually moving in?


          • I’m moving next Sunday. So, have to finish the majority of packing this weekend, then moving into my parents for a week because my apartment is no longer liveable, then last minute packing and rushing around next Saturday, actual move Sunday, and then a slow unpacking over the next several weeks. Since I am hiring movers, I need to be really really really packed, or else I have to pay them extra, and I’m not risking that!

            Unpacking is way more fun than packing, so I am looking forward to that part, but even if I go as fast as possible, I still won’t have all my books out of boxes until well into June.


  3. I love your ADHM endings. They are much better than the original one. (Karan, if you read this, learn how to end a movie in style)
    I didn’t like Karan’s ending at all. It spoilt all movie. I litteraly was like “Oh so I just forfeited 3 hours of my life for this?”
    Ranbir should have learn the value of Anushka’s friendship because it’s the right thing to do and not because “she is dead, I can’t try hit on her anymore, so I do appreciate her friendship now”.


    • Yes! I understand from the other side, he wanted to make it clear that anushka would never ever ever give in, so the audience wouldn’t be walking out going “oh, okay, in a few years they’ll get together”, the way they did with Dear Zindagi. But from Ranbir’s side, couldn’t he just grow a spine and respect her wishes?

      On Sun, May 21, 2017 at 4:08 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • “In a few years they’ll get together” is stil better than “let’s make her die so we are sure they won’t be together”.
        The more I think about it, the more creepy it seems. I mean, this film should say: Ok, you’re a nice guy and you love her, but if woman says no, it means no. And the friendship is a great thing too. Appreciate it and you’ll see that it can be better than love.
        Instead we have: When woman says no, we can still trying, at least till she is alive. Because only when she is dead “no, means no”.


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  5. My problem with KANK also is how contrived and Over the Top Karan made it. It was a Karan Johar who didn’t know when to stop. If he had just let his characters and actors’ dynamic play out realistically and relied on letting the relationships talk for themselves, instead of using 3 huge songs, over-the-top train station sequences, it would have been a far superior film. Because just as a script, I think KANK is superlative work.
    We see glimpses of this brilliance, but sadly it never holds. That dining table sequence is one of the finest pieces of work we have seen from Karan I think, and it worked because he let the actors and the relationships talk and held back.
    KANK makes me want to scream and rip my hair out.

    (Side note: Agree with you on MNIK! People talk about the SRK-Kajol chemistry a lot, and I didn’t properly internalize it until I saw Tere Naina and Sajda in MNIK. I still think these are the most beautiful love songs pictured on them, and it works because how simple and beautiful it is. HOLD BACK KARAN! You are stupendous when you hold back!)


    • In his autobiography, Karan talks about how KANK is the one film he would like to remake. Because he should have done it as an art film, no songs. So, yay! Karan agrees with all of us!

      On Wed, Jul 5, 2017 at 3:17 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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