Bahubali 2 Scene By Scene Part 26: The Ending! Summary COMPLETE!!!!

I’ve done it!  Whole thing!  And it was SO MUCH FUN!!!  Don’t worry, Bahubali orgy isn’t over yet, there will be a big over-arching themes post next week, and there is the start of what will be a multipart fanfic tomorrow.  But this is IT for the scene by scene stuff.  (part 25 here, you can crawl back through the archives from there)

Previously: EVERYTHING HAPPENED!!!!  Just accept that there is a big battle, and the leaders of the opposing forces, younger but less experienced Prabhas 2 and older and stronger but stupider Rana, are now facing each other for the Big Fight.  While Anushka is trying to complete the ceremony to defeat evil that has to be done by the daughter-in-law of the royal family ever 26 years.


Let’s talk big picture here with the Rana-Prabhas fight.  This fight is about a simple line from start to finish.  The start is both of them in armor, with advanced weapons and tools, Rana carrying with him all the power of Mahishmati and Prabhas all the strength and cleverness of his youth, and the power of nature.  The end is Rana, stripped of his kingly powers, and Prabhas, stripped of his armor and strength.  But what Prabhas still has, what gives him power, is his father’s sword and his mother’s chains.  It is their suffering, and their nobility, which carries him through at a time when all seems lost.  Along with his own faith in a greater power than himself.

As the fight goes on, Rana is losing powers.  But Prabhas 2 is gaining them.  Rana loses Anushka, the symbol of his conquering Prabhas 1 and taking control of Mahishmati.  Then he loses his lawnmower chariot, symbol of his battle power from the Kalakeya war.  Then his mace, symbol of his status as the prince of Mahishmati.  And finally his armor, symbol of his personal status (since we have decided the lion on his armor is his family sign).  He is being driven further and further back inside himself, looking for inner resources to keep him going, and he just doesn’t have them.  There is an emptiness at his core, and this is the emptiness that Prabhas 2 eventually rips through to, and which is revealed in his last mad grasp at Anushka, begging her to come with him in death so he won’t be alone.

Image result for bahubali 2 chain

Rana rips through to Prabhas 2’s core as well, but that core is revealed to be full and strong.  Prabhas didn’t have that much to begin with, some armor with his father’s signal (we have decided) on it, some friends to fight with him, a spear and a sword.

Rana slowly breaks each of those down, the friends are sent away, the weapon is broken, and finally the armor is torn off.  Which is when Prabhas 2 starts to find the strength within himself.  He manages to snap the stone which has been stabbed through his palm to hold him down and raise himself and free himself, with his chest bare and bloodied from where Rana grabbed at his heart.

Interesting to look at the imagery of that stone through his palm.  First, as a Christian, there is this huge meaning behind someone being pinned with a wound in the palm.  I don’t think that is the first thing the filmmakers through of, or even the fifth thing, but it is the first thing I thought of.  Second, the stone looks kind of like a little Lingaa, slightly rounded at the top.  And third, it is a natural stone, not cut.  Through out this fight, the manmade objects of Mahishmati have been destroyed.  Most dramatically, the base of Rana’s ego-statue crumpled, sending the statue itself down to the ground.  But even before then, pillars fell and walls broke.  And often it was Prabhas 2 making them fall.  The manmade is Rana’s weapon and Prabhas 2’s enemy, the natural is Prabhas’ ally.  So of course the natural stone will give way at just the right moment to let him break free.

The big instance of this is at another point in the fight (sorry!  Can’t remember if it is before or after this!), when Prabhas 2 takes the only remaining living thing in this pavilion, the tree, and raises it up and uses it as a weapon.  And the tree, unlike all the other man made objects, does not break.

Prabhas 2 starts to come back when he breaks the stone, but he really comes back when he stumbles over to the Lingaa in the palace courtyard.  The same Lingaa that we saw his father, Prabhas 1, playing around and worshipping as a child.  And the same type of religious object that he worshipped back in the village.  And that he used to first reveal his prowess, doing the impossible and lifting and carrying it to a new location.  And the Lingaa that symbolizes Shiva, his personal God.

All the things that Prabhas 2 is, when he is stripped down to nothing, are there in that Lingaa.  His beliefs, his childhood, his inheritance from his father.  Most of all, his humility.  Rana does not worship anyone.  Remember before the Kalakeya battle?  Prabhas 1 cut himself to offer to Kali.  Rana killed a bull, showing off his own strength and power rather than offering tribute to the Gods.

I am not Hindu, I am barely even Christian, but there is a purpose in acknowledging a higher power, whatever it may be.  It gives you something to aspire towards.  And a kind of strength when you believe there is something out there that is bigger than you.  And most of all, it puts a challenge in perspective, that whatever you are trying to do (clean your apartment, defeat evil), it is part of a bigger plan and greater purpose.

When Prabhas 2 touches the Lingaa, he is connecting to his past, both his father and his childhood.  But he is also connecting to a higher power, a reminder that he has something to fight for, that there was a reason for everything that lead him to this moment.  Maybe we can’t see that higher purpose, but Prabhas 2 has faith that there is one, and that his part of this purpose, right now, is to fight Rana as hard as he possibly can.

And so he paints himself in this power, puts the powder from the Lingaa on his chest as new armor, and returns to the fight.  This is the beginning of his re-finding his purpose, but not the end.  He follows the powder with his mother’s chains.  It is her sacrifice and his anger that he wraps around his hands and uses to defeat Rana.

Image result for bahubali 2 chain

More than that, the chains are the best symbol of the pain and power Rana has used for the past 25 years.  It’s all control control control.  Anushka was his greatest captive, but the rest of Mahishmati was captive as well, the people we saw back in B1 being whipped, the oppressed rebels in Kuntala, Kattappa, everyone.  And Prabhas 2 is tapping into, taking all the force that has been fed into this repression and turning it back on Rana.

And finally, there is the sword.  I’m not even going to worry about where he was carrying it this whole time (in his hair?).  Because it is perfect in its symbolism.  Shivaa, his inner sense of a higher power and his simple beliefs from his childhood, that is what gives him the strength to win.  The chains, the torture and power that Rana poured into the people of Mahishmati, that is what he uses to hurt Rana.  But what he uses to punish him, to exact perfect justice, that is the sword of Prabhas 1.  A symbol both of his father, and of the greater meaning of justice that his father followed, the abstract concept of justice and royalty and everything else.

Rana and Prabhas fight the big battle, but it is Anushka who gets to give the killing blow.  Or is Anushka fighting the big battle the whole time?  Before Rana and Prabhas start fighting, they both address Anushka (thank you sheshankjoshi for reminding me!).  Prabhas tells her to start her journey to defeat evil and light the pyre for Rana, and Rana tells her to light the pyre and both their sons’ heads can burn together.

I don’t want to say that they are fighting for her exactly, or to try to win her, it’s more like they are both fighting to impress her.  Anushka is the ultimate judge of their prowess, just like Ramya was the ultimate judge when Rana and Prabhas 2 were fighting the Kalakeya.  Both boys just need her approval.  But in different ways.  Rana needs her to give him some kind of validation, some sense that he can be liked for himself, or at least noticed for himself.  Prabhas 2 wants her approval because he respects her as an ultimate symbol of virtue, and believes he will be doing right if she approves.

Anushka is also gaining that virtue as they fight, completing the sacrifice that will strengthen the kingdom and root out evil.  This has meaning on a larger level, that Anushka represents justice and rightness and so on, and she is slowly and inevitably completing her task, just as ultimately justice will prevail.  But it also has meaning on a family level.  This is the ceremony for the daughter-in-law of the royal family, a status Anushka has been denied ever since her arrival in Mahishmati.  It is also a ceremony for a royal, another status Anushka has been denied.  She is finally redeeming herself, as a respectable married woman and as a royal, with her son and future daughter-in-law to witness and assist her.

Ramya at the beginning hesitated in her path, looking over at Prabhas instead of straight ahead.  But Anushka never hesitates.  She moves forward, fearlessly, without looking left or right.  Even when all seems lost, she has faith. Tamannah and Kattappa, her most fearless defenders, are captured.   And Nassar has sent the bridge on fire ahead of her.  But she moves forward, neither faster nor slower than before.  And sure enough, her faith is rewarded.  Just as she reaches the fire, the statue that Prabhas’ blows have weakened falls, and the head rolls down for her to walk on, across the face of Rana.

Anushka’s faith and Prabhas’ fight reach the same end.  Rana is dragged to the fire pit by Anushka’s chains, and pinned there by Prabhas 1’s sword.  And Anushka arrives to drop the hot coals from her head into the pit.

But before she can do it, Rana makes one last attempt to reach her, calling out in crazed laughter to invite her to come and join him in the flames.  And he really seems to think he has a shot!  That she will want to!

Image result for rana anushka(Maybe because they are so cute together in real life?)

This comment is all of a piece with their earlier exchanges.  When he asked how she could run off with Prabhas 2, she was only with him for 9 months but they were together 25 years.  Or when he found her gone and admitted that all his happiness for the past 25 years was seeing her in chains.  Or when he smiled in pleasure watching his men abuse her.

It finally clicked into place for me, Rana is a stalker!  Or one of those crazy guys who kidnap women and keep them in basements.  He can’t have a real relationship, to the point that in his mind, this is a real relationship.  Having a woman there, forced to tolerate his presence, is all he can conceive of as any kind of relationship, romantic or otherwise.  And so he is sincerely confused when Anushka seems to want to run away.  Didn’t she appreciate what they had?  Didn’t she feel that same connection with him?

And Anushka’s reaction is the same as those women.  Complete disgust and confusion and most of all survival.  She survives by keeping herself, her real inner self, as locked away as possible.  Rana never managed to touch that, Anushka kept it sacred to Prabhas 1 and 2, and most of all to herself.

Just like those disgusting real life guys, Rana has his reasons and his motivations, those mommy issues with Ramya, his envy of Prabhas 1, his inability to make the people love him, all of that.  But for Anushka, and really for the rest of us, those reasons shouldn’t matter.  He has done horrible things for 25 years.  In his own mind, he is the hero and everything he has done was justified.  But Anushka and everyone else still sees him as the monster he really is.

And, FOOF!!!!  Up in Flames!!!!

And then, FOOSH!!!  Coronation!  I already talked about this a little in my original SPOILER review.  Prabhas 2 is blessed by his adoptive mother, in her position as his mother.  And then given the crown by Anushka in her position as Queen Mother.  He takes his place on the throne with Tamannah standing at his side.  And as we pull back, we see that his adoptive parents are sitting in thrones below him, with Anushka and Tamannah joining him on the dias.  And he stands to issue his first order, that anyone who tries to abuse and use the good hardworking people of Mahishmati will be punished!  This is his word, and his word is law!  And, RAJAMOULI STAMP!

Image result for rajamouli stamp


And then, end credits tag, the golden head of Rana is rolled off the top of the wall, into the moat, where it floats (gold floats?) down the river, past Kuntala, and over the waterfall.

What I already talked about was how Prabhas 2 is confidently surrounded by women.  His rule will balance the male and the female.  But there’s other stuff to talk about as well.  First, I like that his adoptive parents are there.  Not just because I like the acknowledgement that adoptive family relationships are just as real as any other.  But because it is a sign that his rule will pick up not just on Mahishmati’s traditions, but on what he learned in the forest.  The simple commands, and lifestyle of equality.  His parents were the chiefs, we saw them (his mother especially) order people around plenty of times.  But they weren’t living in some fancy place removed from everyone else.  Prabhas 2 learned how to lead and control not through laws and armies and impressive palaces, but simple strength of personality.

Even the Mahishmati traditions he is using have been changed.  The format of the ceremony is the same, the mother blesses her son and the queen mother gives the crown, on the big dias in the middle of the central courtyard.  But the crowd is completely different.  It isn’t an organized series of army people, but the common people, all gathered in a big tangle.  The power is no longer coming from the army, and it is no longer tightly controlled, it is a spontaneous outpouring direct from the people.

Taking a break from Prabhas for a moment, let’s look at the two women up there with him.  Thank goodness, Anushka looks a little more comfortable.  Hair brushed, face washed, clean clothes.  But she doesn’t look “pretty”.  She is not going to turn back into that princess she was.  She is fully a Queen Mother now, regal and powerful, not merely “beautiful”.  Tamannah, on the other hand, the reverse!  She is regal and beautiful and pretty.  But not sexy.  She is not standing up there as some kind of plaything for Prabhas 2, she is standing there as a dignified member of the royal family.  And she is standing there in the colors of Kuntala, not just showing Tamannah as finding her inner beauty and happiness, but showing Kuntala as a whole being returned to it’s happy pink and blue lifestyle.

Image result for tamanna bahubali

(Not this.  This is just for her and Prabhas 2.  For the public coronation, she is as dignified and different as Prabhas 2 is.  A woman, just like a man, can have a different face for different situations)

After that coronation moment, what do we think about Prabhas 2’s first words as king?  There’s two parts to it.  First, his summary of all the evil that has just happened.  It’s not about the lying and the jealousy and the murder and obsession.  It’s what he did to society, oppressing the working class for profit.  Way back several sections ago, around 15 or so, I mentioned how Rana for a long time seemed like he might be an okay king.  He had that weird thing with his mother and brother, and his father was a horse’s behind, but Rana himself was reasonably smart and well-spoken and knew the laws and all of that.  He could have been fine.  He could have even killed Prabhas 1, and still gone on to be a fine king.

No, the line was crossed when he started to abuse his power.  Imprisoning Anushka for no reason.  Tormenting Kattappa.  And all the things he did to the people of the country, all those things we didn’t see in detail but can imagine.  And that is what Prabhas 2 is punishing, in his role as new leader, not some petty vengeance for his family (although that is what the initial fight was about), no, this moment of tossing the head is about what ruling should be and the pact between a ruler and their subjects.

Finally, let’s talk about that “my word is LAW!” statement.  It could be a bad sign, that we are returning to the Ramya years, or Rana’s tyranny.  Only, when Ramya was in that “my word is LAW!” mode, that is when she was at her best.  It was when she started weakening and prevaricating and trying to find justification in law books because she was no longer sure of her own mind, that’s when the problems started.  And Rana, so far as we saw, never had that kind of internal compass that lets him make these decisions.

But Prabhas 1 and 2 do have that compass.  They are always sure of the right thing and able to carry it out.  And what Prabhas 2 is declaring here is that he is never going to hesitate to carry out his inner sense of things, he will not let the country fall again to the petty tyrannies of laws and tradition and so on.  He will keep it straight and simple and follow his own mind where it leads him.

Remember, Mahishmati does not have a tradition of primogenitor.  That seems like a random thought to put out there at this moment, but it is directly related.  Nassar did not rule because he’s a horse’s behind.  Instead Prabhas 0 got to rule.  Ramya was going to pick between the two boys based on ability.  Prabhas 2 got that “fated to rule since birth” thing, but that’s just because the country was in such a horrible state.  All of this tells me that, in general, Mahishmati is ruled by the wisdom of one firm leader, not by law books.  And that system works because the one firm leader is a good leader, not just whoever happened to be born first.  And Prabhas 2 is returning them to that tradition.

And finally, let’s watch that head roll on down!  It’s too bad that most people walked out of the theater for this part.  Because it’s kind of important.  Nature, for one, is taking away Rana’s golden head.  All his gold and power are nothing in front of the water that washes it away and washes the kingdom clean.

For another, it’s taking us backwards through the whole journey of the films, giving the audience the kind of closer we need.  And finally, and most importantly, this is what tells us that it is Prabhas 2’s victory, NOT Prabhas 1’s.  The head is swept back to the source, the Shiva Lingaa that Prabhas 2 moved at the very start of the film.  It is his clean power, like the power of the waterfall, that was needed to sweep through and take the evil out of the kingdom.  Prabhas 1 couldn’t quite do it, but for Prabhas 2 it was easy.  The right man, the right time, exactly as the Gods arranged it.  And it is that clean power direct from God that, in the end, looms over the gold and power of Rana.

And WOOT-WOOT!  THE END!!!!  Let me treat myself to a celebration song of my awesomeness!



59 thoughts on “Bahubali 2 Scene By Scene Part 26: The Ending! Summary COMPLETE!!!!

  1. Margaret, your analysis of manmade and natural components of battle is brilliant. I haven’t thought of difference between those components while watching the movie and you gave me this perspective.


    • Glad you liked it! I noticed it at first back in B1, with how Prabhas 2 preferred to fight. But this movie was really fascinating, showing how Prabhas 1 went from preferring to use man made weapons to natural as he progressed in nobility and strength and generally found himself.

      On Sat, May 27, 2017 at 1:49 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I still don’t get why Nassar is still alive and standing up there with the rest of the family during the coronation. Kattappa should have just killed him.


    • Or the people should have. Can you imagine being a citizen of Mahishmati and having to listen to him drone on at every public event for the past 25 years? Longer, if Ramya ever let him talk.

      On Sat, May 27, 2017 at 1:57 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. I was also thinking of the same issue about how gold floats in water. Then I just justified thinking may be it is just a shallow statue and just carried away by huge currents the way rocks are carried away 🙂


  4. Great points Margaret. As usual, I am going to point out three things again
    1. Rana destroys environment around himself not prabhas2. Prbahs2 merely ducks through all the blows. At one point Rana swings his weapon at Prabhas and it gets stuck in the war machine that is supposedly used to break fort walls. Rana pulls it down and the whole machine falls down. The rogue rock that was loaded into machine flies past prabhas2 and hits directly at the bottom of the statue so hard that the whole statue crumbles and cracks up along with its base. We saw during statue erection that it already wasn’t properly placed or was having trouble in standing up. The detail of the fight matters. Another point in fight is that it is Rana who actually dismantles his own statue trying to pursue prabhas2 destroying his own hard work. He weakens the bridge with his blows before Nassar lights it up. In a way his own outburst is weakening him now. He modified his death chariot to an extent that it is no longer as mobile or small as was in B1. In a way he brought upon his own death. He wrecked his armour to make it look beautiful that it lost its its integrity when most needed. He constructed his statue base on sandstone rather than redstone. ( We see this based on how easily prabhas2 manages to break it with his elbow when he was hanged)
    2. Another symbolism here and we can see it in trailers too. After having chains in his hand prabhas2 directly goes to Rana’s bieceps. Symbolically and physically attacking his might where it hurts the most. Rana is almost paralyzed by that shot.
    3. Nassar being a horse behind is symbolically and metaphorically hilarious. I have never seen a lion hunting a horse, atleast not on TV.
    In a way Rana himself put the statue of his head in place of bridge for Anushka to step on.

    Perhaps because I am a male I appreciate and wanted the excellent fight to be elaborate because of its sheer brilliance and majesticity.


    • Excellent point that Rana is destroying his own creations. It’s the same as his lawnmower chariot killing his own men. He is destroyed by his own hubris, as are all tyrants.

      And I can’t believe I missed the significance of the bicep punch! It is such an oddly specific fight move, and you are absolutely right, it must have been symbolic of taking away Rana’s strength, which he has used to maintain control for so many years.

      On Sat, May 27, 2017 at 2:19 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. I really enjoyed all your Bahubali posts and look forward to reading your other posts as well 🙂 . And I hope you did not miss out the background dialogue during credits!


    • I didn’t! I think it is mentioned in the very first SPOILER post? I just forgot to mention it here. I am torn, because on the one hand, I like that it makes this into a story for children, a moral lesson kind of story. But on the other hand, it felt so epic, I kind of didn’t want it to be turned into “just a story” at the last minute.

      On Sat, May 27, 2017 at 2:27 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  6. I also thought you would include the final end credits dialog as the final ending of the film. To refresh your memory, a child’s voice asks, so does Mahenra’s son become the next king of Mahishmati? And the priest’s voice (the forest priest) answers, “Who knows? It will be as Lord Shiva wills it.” I mention this here because several people have taken this to mean that Rajamouli has left open the possibility of doing Bahubali 3 (Would it be called “The New Beginning”?)


  7. Another thought I wanted to share — actually for some time, but I never got around to it at the appropriate post, so here goes. While both the Mahishmati people and the Kuntala people are devotees of Shiva-Shakti, it was interesting to me that all the hymns sung in Mahishmati were to Shiva, and all the ones in Kuntala were to Parvati/Shakti, i.e., the female half of the divine power. When Shivudu goes down almost spent, and drags himself up by holding on to the white linga, a hymn of Shiva plays in the background, indicating that he is gaining new energy and strength from Lord Shiva. Also, the grey powder that Shivudu smears on his wounds is the vibhuti, or holy ash that is supposed to come from Lord Shiva. So he is getting strength from spiritual sources, as well as getting practical help in that the powder stops his wounds bleeding.


    • I don’t think maahishmati were only shiva worshippers. Remember the scene before kalakeya battle? They sacrificed an animal for.?!?


      • True about Mahishmati worshipping Shakti statue just before Kalakeya battle. I see Kuntala people worshipping Krishna but not Shakti. Anyway its no big deal because both are Hindu kingdoms and in Hinduism there is lot of flexibility about which form of God they worship.


  8. We’re done! I can’t believe it! 🙂 And I agree with pretty much all of the above! I just wanted to add:

    – Yes, my favorite thing is that Anushka gets to deliver the killing blow while he sets it up for her: it’s almost as though Prabhas 2 is acknowledging that her grievance with Rana is the greater, that she deserves to do it. And it’s interesting when you look at the first ritual: in that one, Ramya brings the coals in, lights the arrow, and tosses it up to Prabhas 1 to make the kill. Actually, Ramya very rarely kills herself, other than the conspirator when she takes the beginning, and the two soldiers when she’s protecting baby Prabhas 2. In that intermediate period where arguably she’s losing her way, she gets Kattappa or her sons to do all her dirty work for her. It’s as though the film’s message on killing is to say it’s ok if justified by dharma, but you need to at least carry it out yourself instead of having someone else do it.

    – which is Rana’s problem, too. I think it’s the face to face battle here where he says what has haunted him most was that he didn’t kill Prabhas 1 himself? And I think on some level it’s true, he would have felt he earned the throne in a fair fight and been more secure in it. Or maybe not, maybe the guilt of it would have caught up to him anyway.

    – the statue head floating is simple. Clearly fund-lacking Mahishmati cut corners and made it out of wood with just a thin layer of gold finish on the outside for appearances. It explains everything 😉

    – Finally, I’m sorry, I am one of those who really dislike the last, “my word is the law!” (I’m fine with taking the oath by Ramya, I liked the acknowledgement that despite her mistakes, she kept the throne safe and deserved to be remembered in history as a hero) It just seemed so out of character for sweet playful Prabhas 2, and besides, the Prabhasi are so gleefully anachronistic they could have invented democracy centuries early! (Or folllwed the traditions of Vaishali and other ancient Indian republics) I could easily picture Prabhas 1 saying, “the people’s will/word is the law” it’s not that far off from his oath as commander!


    • ROFL. Cut corners for cheap gold coating?!? It didn’t look like it. It might probably have mixed with some lighter elements, or some other metal that floats, or atleast isn’t massive to drive but enough to roll it.


    • -I think that’s it exactly. Ramya got so used to sending her boys off to do things for her, she lost track of what those things actually were and how they were accomplished and everything else. There is a line between her tossing the arrow to Prabhas 1 to shoot, and her ordering him to capture Anushka and bring her to the capital.

      -I think another part of him wanting to kill Prabhas is their odd pseudo-sexual relationship. Like, he needed that physical kill in order to feel like he had fully combined with Prabhas 1 or 2, like he had somehow possessed him and could finally “get over” him.

      -Right! And all those slaves were just pretending to be struggling to lift it in the opening sequence, there was an elaborate plan to pretend statue collapse when actually it was super light-weight, and then kill Rana/Nassar in the confusion. Only, Prabhas 2 showed up and changed all the plans.

      -Well, Anushka does argue at the baby shower that a Kshatriya’s duty is to follow the people’s will, so saying “my will is law” is sort of also saying “the people’s will is law”. But I see your point.

      On Sat, May 27, 2017 at 6:27 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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  10. Hey Margaret, and also other people reading this, this Bahubali saga is incomplete without its songs and deep meaning, placement and appreciation. Hence, I request you to start discussing video of these songs and their meaning while taking help from others about meaning of lyrics so that we might completely appreciate the context of the movie and finish it, in the real sense of finishing it.


    • I have hope that the producers will actually make the song videos available to us, which would help enormously. If/when that happens would be a good time to put up a post on it.

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      • Why don’t we start with already released video of one aong, saahore Bahubali , and make a trial run. I am sure people here, including me will help you with its translation while you can go in detail. If you are able to show it off, continue it. If not just leave it


      • Jumping in to say the official video for Kanna Nidurinchara is up on Youtube! So I guess we might eventually get all of them, doled out one by one, hopefully at some point before the DVD comes out?


        • Yes! It was a wonderful little surprise for me when I woke up this morning!

          On Sun, May 28, 2017 at 7:26 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  11. This was such a fun ride! Too bad it had to end.
    The damn lawnmower chariot always made me nervous whenever it appeared on screen. It was a relief to my nerves when Prabhas 2 finally destroyed it.
    That Rana-Anushka picture reminds me, he once said in an interview that Anushka is one of his best bros. For an actual romance there is always this. Although it’ll probably kill Rana to bring some grace to his movements.


    • Normally I’m not that concerned with believing in actors’ real life relationships versus onscreen, but someone with the Bahubali cast, I really really want to believe that they are all great friends and hang out together all the time!


  12. I missed the post referring Prabhas -1 and Prabhas 0, I’m going to post it here anyway.
    Did you get your copy of Rise of Sivagami? I have last 50 pages or so left. I don’t want to get into the plot, it appears that Prabhas 1 and 2 inherited their super human strength not from Prabhas 0, but from Nasser along with Rana. They have one thing to thank him for.
    Prabhas -1 appears to be an enigma, an able ruler, but with some questionable motives and methods. He is a grey character with Prabhas’s line inheriting the best of him and Nasser’s inheriting the worst.


    • Still haven’t gotten my copy, will get it soon! Looking forward to zipping through it and then reporting back on the blog.


      • Margaret, you are missing on Animation series too. I just watched 3rd episode today. The politics are getting warmer and warmer by episode. More take on ethics, blood relationships, murders and ethics in the 3rd episode itself.

        I only hope they should’ve made this a live version instead of animation.


    • “Prabhas -1 appears to be an enigma” you actually mean Prabhas-0 right? That book is making me think of characters Sivagami, Kattappa, and even the relationship between Sivagami and Prabas-1 (Amarendra Bahubali) differently.


      • Nope. I meant Prabhas -1. Prabhas 1 and Rana’s grandfather, Nasser’s father, the king during the book’s timeline. Prabhas 0 and Nasser are relatively straight forward characters. They do not have the layers of complexity that Sivagami, Kattappa or even Rana have. Unlike Prabhas -1. The king when appears in person seems like an decent person, a shrewd statesman, an uncompromising ruler. He probably is all that. But an ongoing idea shared by several POV characters is that nobody exactly knows how much the king is aware of everything that is goes on in Mahishmati and worse, how much he is complicit in it.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Interesting. For now my thought process is still centered on Prabhas 1 (Amarendra Bahubali) as someone who is well aware of the goings on in Mahismati but is not complicit based on Prabhas 1 belief that his mother Sivagami is never wrong and there is always a deeper meaning (dharmic reason) to her decisions.

          I guess I need to think about it more, in light of what you wrote above.


  13. Excellent work Margaret.

    The transition of playful Shivudu, to the impulsive one who learns about the cruelty meted out to his birth parents and immediately declares war, and then to King Mahendra, with his stern face as he takes his oath was well captured.

    I still cant get over the fact that Nasser handed over the crown to Anushka. I feel it should have been Prabhas 2 foster father (Sanga’s husband). I really liked that Sanga and her husband were given a place of honor on the dias, sort of different from the Krishna-Nanda-Yashoda segment, in which Nanda-Yashoda never visit Krishna or vice-versa after Krishna is reunited with his birth parents.


  14. I also liked the part where Prabhas1’s statue/face appears in the sky when Prabhas2 is about to pin Rana down with the sword. I got the impression that it was to show that justice was finally served for the death of Prabhas1. But my friend also pointed out how it signifies that we tend to see the very thing we fear/love/loathe (basically have any strong emotion for) at the time of our death. Quite fitting.


    • Generally, Rana’s visions of Prabhas 1 could be a sign of his reaction to the people’s reaction, a reflection of reality. Or, it could be some kind of love/obsession vision, maybe it is Rana who is keeping Prabhas 1 alive even more than Anushka?

      On Sat, May 27, 2017 at 12:14 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  15. Margaret, can I just say ‘Thank you!’ for this? I’ve had a womderful time and I am ecstatic and relieved that you have this blog as I am not sure what I would have done with all my pent-up Baahubalian emotions otherwise! 😀

    Now, let me go read the last few posts in detail.


    • You are welcome! And thank you so much for commenting.

      On Sat, May 27, 2017 at 12:17 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Probably! Not til next week, but I will want to do something with the bigger themes and questions. Fire versus water, male vs frmale, law vs dharm, etc. And the characters are a big part of that!


      • The theme posts would be wonderful! I’m glad I have something to look forward to, after this summary. The summary seemed to end too soon, even though it went on for almost a month☺


        • Well, rather than making us all quit cold turkey, I think I will keep spattering in theme posts and fanfic for quite a while. And, of course, my regular postings on non-Bahubali movies!

          On Sun, May 28, 2017 at 12:01 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Oh great! And btw, I love your Film 101s. Very interesting, and I learn about many things I didn’t know. Especially loved that one about Gangs and Bombay!


  16. I had so much fun reading through your analysis that I’m almost sad that it is drawing to an end. Thank you so much for the additional dose of Bahubali. And I have to say you are brilliant in the way you observe and relate obscure little thing from different portions of the film.


    • So glad you liked it! And I hope you keep reading the blog even now that this is over.

      On Sun, May 28, 2017 at 7:25 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  17. I felt more connected to Rana’s character because he actually portrays normal human behaviour of jealousy,lust,greed but Prabhas 1 on the other end is like a perfect human who is god-like and noone in reality is like that so its difficult to connect to him.I also feel like Rana’s character ended up being bigger than Prabhas 1 and 2 for me since he was the one who always had to share what was rightfully his by birth .


    • That’s an interesting take on it. I wouldn’t necessarily say I connected to Rana, but I did find him more interesting for the reasons you mention. He has flaws, he tries to overcome them and fails. Prabhas 1 never seems to struggle as much, never seems to fight between his baser instincts and his virtues.


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  21. So, I have just finished re-watching the first Bahubali movie and I have theory on Kattapa:
    When Shivgami makes Prabhas 2 the king (after Prabhas one dies) she automatically gives Anushka the position of Raj Mata (Queen Mother) therefore Kattapa now belongs to her. However, everyone assumes Prabhas 2 is dead therefore Kattapa goes back to belonging to Rana; but Anushka believes Prabhas 2 is alive hence Kattapa is still hers to command (I think Kattapa uses that loop hole to remain loyal to Anushka even though he thinks Prabhas 2 is dead). And I think that is what she does, she commands him back to Rana (secretly of course so that he can spy on him) until her son comes back. That’s why Kattapa tries to free her often but she keeps refusing as she believes Rana deserves to dies by her and Prabhas 2’s hands. Kattapa also addresses her as ‘Ma’ (mother) whereas I don’t think he does that when Anushka marries Prabhas 1. Moreover, when Kattapa sees the person rescuing Anushka, he says he will go and kill the person (on Bhadra’s -Rana’s son- command) yet Bhadra arrives before Kattapa does to where Prabhas 2 and Anushka are re-captured. Also, when Bhadra gives the order, it seems that he doesn’t believe Kattapa will follow his instructions therefore sets out himself to capture Prabhas 2 and Anushka. Also, if you notice, Kattapa brings with him Prabhas 1’s sword (why would he bring that to the battle?), I think to give back to Anushka now that she is rescued. So then why does Kattapa protect Bhadra from Prabhas 2? I think it’s to do with the fact that Bhadra is the only one remaining who could be King as Rana is going to die, Nassar can’t be King and Prabhas 2 is also dead so Kattapa needs to protect the future King.

    Oh, I liked your idea about how Kattapa orders mountains of red coloured powder to hide Prabhas 1’s things. I think Kattapa gets away with that as when Rana’s statue is erected, there’s red powder flying everywhere so Kattapa just ordered it for the statue and sneaked some away!

    Also, does anyone have any idea why Prabhas 1 decides to use Rana’s lion head at the Kalakeya battle to drag the Chief around before killing him? I thought it might represent that for sometime he becomes like Rana, using brute strength over brains, until he gets to his sword where his brains kick in again, but it doesn’t really make that much sense…


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