Bahubali Posts Index

I have written sooooooooo much on Bahubali, it’s kind of over-whelming.  So to make it easier, here is one page that lists out every post written.

Bahubali 1 reviews:

Part 1 here

Part 2 here

Bahubali 2 news items:

First look post

Trailer post

News the day before release

Moment of release celebration

Box Office News

Bahubali 2 reviews;

Bahubali 2 Review (No Spoilers): B1 Was Just the Overture, This is the Real Film

Bahubali 2 Review (SPOILERS): A Saas-Bahu Drama in an Epic Setting

Podcast review

TGIF Silly Photo Posts:

TGIF: BAHUBALI!!!! (Prabhas)

TGIF: The Bahubali Cast Looking All Strange in Modern Clothes (Plus Friendly Appearance by Shahrukh!)

Fanfiction posts:

The Scenes that Are Missing from Bahubali 2

I Can’t Take the Sad Ending!  Here is a Better Option for Devasena and Bahubali and Avantika

What if “Dandaalayyaa” Had Lasted 20 Years?

A Romance for Devasena’s Daughter, Part 1, A Secret Promise in Singapurum

A Romance for Devasena’s Daughter, Part 2, Our Lovers Meet

A Romance for Devasena’s Daughter, Part 3, Our Lovers Separate

A Romance for Devasena’s Daughter, Part 4, A Villain Appears

A Romance for Devasena’s Daughter, Part 5, A Kiss

A Romance for Devasena’s Daughter, Part 6: A Conversation

A Romance for Devasena’s Daughter, Part 7: A Murder!

A Romance for Devasena’s Daughter, Part 8: A Plot Fails

Scene by Scene Detailed Analysis Posts:

Part 1: Opening Credits

Part 2: Let’s Go on a Road Trip!

Part 3: Enter Anushka

Part 4: A Unique Romance

Part 5: The Love Triangle Begins

Part 6: Most Romantic Battle Scene Ever

Part 7: Things Start to go Terribly Wrong

Part 8: A Promise Lightly Given Has Consequences

Part 9: Flying Swan Boat!

Part 10: The Queen Mother Makes a Mistake

Part 11: It All Gets Very Bad

Part 12: Rana Speaks! And a Wedding

Part 13: The Unluckiest Part

Part 14: The Urge to Chop off Heads Must be Genetic

Part 15: Mahishmati “Justice” and “Dandaallayyaa”

Part 16: The Founding of a New Mahishmati

Part 17: The Sun Rises in the West

Part 18: A Short Sad Stab

Part 19: Oh Kattappa!

Part 20: The Last Sad Bit! Chekov’s Bow is Fired

Part 21: The Ending Approaches

Part 22: Does Anyone Remember Whose Head This Even Is?

Part 23: Anushka! MOVE YOURSELF!!!  DO SOMETHING!!!!

Part 24: Have None of These People Heard of an Amazing Invention Called THE LADDER???!?!?!?!?

Part 25: NASSAR!!!  Just DIE ALREADY!!!

Scene By Scene Part 26, The Ending! All Finished!

Bahubali 1 and 2 thematic discussions:

The Significance of Fire and Water or Why Prabhas 2 has Wet Hair and Prabhas 1 Has Fluffy Hair

Shakti and Shiva

Bahubali and Dharma

Sivagami and her Tragic Flaw

Shivudu, our “Hero”?

Avantika: Our Female Kattappa

Kattappa: Morally Crippled

Devasena: The Catalyst

Amarendra Bahubali: He Always Tries To Be Better


And Finally,

What Happened After the Happily Ever After?


(If you enjoy my Bahubali coverage and think it has value, here is a link to pay me for my work if you so choose)


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