I Am Moved In! I Know You Are All Curious How it Went

I am writing this in my new apartment on my new internet sitting on my old couch and facing my old TV, but with a new-to-me coffee table (rescued from the trash, where all the best furniture comes from).  Also, a dishwasher!  Anyway, I thought I would take a break from unpacking boxes to tell you how the move went, since I have been pestering you with posts about it.

So, I got the keys and went to check out the apartment the day before the move.  And there was a small problem, the power was turned off.  Which was a bit ominous, but I put in an account turn on request online that night, and the next day, I had POWER!  Electrical power, that is.

(Electrical power is less sexy than Shakti: the Power, but more useful for being able to put things in the freezer)

And then the movers carried things up and down and up and down the stairs for 5 hours and it was INSANELY EXPENSIVE.  Here’s a handy tip if you want a cheap and fast move: 4 years before your move, when your grandmother dies and your grandfather wants to sell her piano, DON’T get overcome with sentiment and insist on taking it since it was her favorite possession, even though you don’t even play the piano, and thus committing yourself to paying for insanely expensive movers for the rest of your life.

(My not playing the piano is one of the many many ways I am not like Nanda.  Also, I could not pull off that much jewelry)

What made the moving less of a complete nightmare was that my parents were nice enough to be there for moral support.  My Dad showed the movers how to take off bits of the piano to make it lighter (since it was in his house growing up, he knows it very well), my mother got them snacks because she was worried about them not eating enough (because she is a mother and they spend most of their lives worrying about people not eating enough).  And mostly, they were there so I wasn’t that strange young woman with no family or anyone else in her life going through all the stress of moving alone.

(I did not sing them a song in gratitude, but I really should have)

And then I went back to the old apartment and did the depressing cleaning of the old apartment ritual, where you get all nostalgic and sentimental and wonder if this whole move was a huge mistake.

(If Jackie Shroff had ever visited me in my old apartment and played a guitar, then I would have been really really sentimental about it!)

Finally, after 2 hours of cleaning, that was done, and it was time to load all the last little food from the fridge and cleaning supplies into the car and drive over to the new apartment and officially unload everything I own into it.

(It was pretty much nothing at all like this)

So, in total, 12 hours.  3 hours of last minute packing before the movers arrived, 5 hours of movers, 2 hours of cleaning, and another 2 hours of driving and unloading after cleaning.  But thank goodness, it was all done in one day!  Everything I own is now in one place, not scattered around the city.  And I can stop the moving out and moving in part of the process and move on to the unpacking part of it.  Just so you have an idea of what I need to unpack, here is a picture of my new living room/dining room:

20170529_142247 (1).jpg

It doesn’t look that bad until you realize it’s double layer, triple in some spots.  And there are another dozen or so boxes in other rooms too.  So this will be a fun project for me for the next few months!

7 thoughts on “I Am Moved In! I Know You Are All Curious How it Went

    • I like that bay window too! Someday I will be able to see it past all the cardboard.

      On Mon, May 29, 2017 at 2:56 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  1. I’m curious about one thing — you said you had “hundreds” of books. Can you give an estimate of how many hundreds, approximately? And how many boxes did they occupy? (Full disclosure: I’m looking at moving what are probably several thousand books — at least two thousand, I think — so I’m looking for a feel of how many boxes that might be. My guess is about a hundred boxes.)


    • Just remember to pack books into smaller boxes – a box of books is heavy! Even the standard removalist’s book boxes weigh a ton when they are full. The removalists make it look easy but they have strong muscles…


    • A hundred boxes sounds right. After having packed and packed and packed, it’s easier for me to give an estimate of how many books per book box than anything else. In the official Uhaul Book Boxes, I can fit 15-20 regular sized hardcovers, and about 10 huge reference book sized hardcovers. And 25-30 of those cheap little paperbacks. I also have some boxes that I got from Barnes and Noble, I can easily fit 20 regular sized books in there and 30 paperbacks. If you hav a mega-bookstore near you, I highly recommend asking them for boxes! The bookstore boxes are perfectly shaped to hold books, and balanced so that you can carry slightly more of them than the Uhaul square book boxes.


      • Thanks for the statistics (books per box of what type) and the tip about the bookstore. I’ll keep it in mind for whenever I can actually make this move. It’s been “in the works” for a few years now, and I have no idea when it will come to fruition.


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