Happy-making Songs in My Own Version of Antakshari

Why is there no news today?  Why isn’t SRK releasing the newest Jab Harry Met Sejal song trailer?  Why can’t I find anything for my quick afternoon post?  All of these reasons and more are making me grumpy and depressed, so I am going to cheer myself up by looking at all the songs that make me smile.  And also distract myself by playing my own personal version of Antakshari, connecting song by song through actor instead of word (don’t speak Hindi) or sound (can’t appreciate music).  Feel free to suggest alternative happy songs that I could have gone with!

I’ll start with Anil Kapoor, The Happiest Man Alive.  Who just spreads joy with every step.


That is the ultimate Anil Kapoor song, but it isn’t my personal favorite song with Anil Kapoor in it.  My personal favorite would be this one.  The whole song is great, but his reaction shots are what kill me!


And that brings to my favorite Shilpa Shetty cheer up song!  From one of my favorite cheer up movies, Dus.


And Shilpa leads to Abhishek.  And a song I am really really ashamed to enjoy, because not only is it stupid, it is also a stupid rip off of an American song.  Well, not a ripoff, they bought the rights “Preity Woman” style, but it’s still not original.


Okay, I have to cheat a little with this next one.  I can’t actually think of a pure happiness Bips song.  I love “Te Amo” and “Jaadu Hai Naasha” but they aren’t exactly happiness songs.  However, while not in the last song video, Dino Morea was in the cast of Rakht.  And I do have a happy Dino song!  My favorite song from Ssssshhhh is “Sapnay”, but this is the one that always makes me smile.


Oh, did I just walk myself into a corner again?  No!  I have another one for Tanisha!  I know nobody else in the world liked it, but I liked Neal ‘n Nikki!  Stupid plot in many ways, but some really clever meta-commentary on stuff.  And this song in particular, really clever lyrics, and bonus Abhishek!


Oh, yes!!!  I got to Pyar Impossible!  Once again, I know no one else likes this movie and I just don’t care.  This song in particular is a guaranteed stress-buster.


Now with Priyanka, there is really only one option for lifelong happiness making songs.  “Desi Girl”, obviously.


Oh wow, Abhishek and John Abraham!  So many possibilities!  Oh wait, I already did Abhi, so it has to be John.  Hmmm.  Yep, I’m gonna go Desi Boyz!  This isn’t my favorite of the songs to listen to, but the song video just KILLS me!


Okay, Akshay!  Which of the many many happy Akshay songs to choose?  Oh!  I know!  The song from the movie that is mostly forgotten now, and also I love it!  Oh, and here is my Bips choice!  oh well, too late.


And now I am back in a dead end unless I expand to elsewhere on the cast list.  Which means……Helen!  Yaaaaaay, Helen!  So many happy making songs in her collection.  But I think the first one she ever did is still the best.

And expanding on the cast list, means I can use Ashok Kumar, which brings up another old school happiness classic.


And from Ashok we can go to Kishore, which gives us the option of selecting playback instead.  And this song is an all time “I just want to smile!” classic.


And that gives us Rajesh Khanna too!  Who did lots and lots of happy songs, including this one from the bad hair years.


And that brings us to Mumtaz!  And this all time classic happy song, with Shammi and a great sari.


And that song brings us forward, by way of the sari which featured in both, to one of my all time most happy making songs in recent years, “Jab Se Mere Dil Ko Uff” (the title is so brilliantly stupid, that alone makes me smile).


And this brings me to Shahid Kapoor, and his many many great songs.  I am tempted to do something from R….Rajkumar, but instead I will choose this one, because I love the rampant over the top sexiness after this very chaste and restrained love story in the actual film, the “Dil Bole Hadippa” remix.


And now we have Rani!  Lovely Rani.  So many good songs from her.  But there is really only one answer for the most happy making, “Aati Kya Khandala”.


Aamir has so many great songs, but don’t ask me why, this is the one that always makes me smile.  The way he pops the collar of his brown suit!  So cool and not cool at the same time!


Again, Manisha has so many classic songs, and yet this is the one that never fails to put a smile on my face.  From the one Shahrukh movie I have not yet watched (I saved the worst for last).


There are of course so many many happy making SRK songs, but this is the first one I thought of.  Because I watched it on repeat so much right when it first came out, and it is so brilliantly dumb.


And now Kareena!  Again, SO MANY OPTIONS!!!  But for guaranteed happiness, got to go with Hulchul and “Rafta Rafta”.

Now, Akshaye I could do anything from “Dil Chahta Hai” to something from Race.  But really, it’s all about the silliness for me when I need a smile, so I am going Dil Chahta Hai, but “Koi Kahe” instead, the terribly costumed club song.

Oh boy!  Now we have Priety and Saif and Aamir to play with!  And I am going with………Preity!  And my favorite of her films for reasons I can’t fully articulate (although I have written a post on it)


Oh oh!  Bobby!  And he has such a hidden gem in his filmography (songography?).


Oo oo!  Kareeb let’s me dip into Shammi again!  I love old classic Shammi, I think I might like the black and white stuff even better than the color.


Okay, this could just go on and on!  But I think I am going to end it here with something that is clearly inspired by the previous song, down to the costuming.

2 thoughts on “Happy-making Songs in My Own Version of Antakshari

  1. Hot damn, Chura Lo Na Dil Mera! Oh the nostalgia it evokes, I had completely forgotten it. Fantastic, brilliant.

    Also remember it first shaping my ideas about how to be sweetly annoying to girls so they’ll find it endearing lol. No wonder I have a soft spot for Bobby Deol.


    • I ran across “Chura La” on a songs DVD and fell in love with it. The whole movie isn’t that great (although it isn’t bad), but that one song is wonderful. That’s part of the reason I do these posts, to recreate the experience of stumbling across something on a songs DVD, now that songs DVDs are obsolete.

      On Tue, Jul 25, 2017 at 8:41 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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