Silly Songs Post: Pearl Harbor Day Antakshari

76 years ago today was a day which has lived in infamy (am I the only one who hears that in the distinctive Roosevelt East Coast twang?).  And I am using that as a jumping off point for a game of film song Antakshari, in my own random style.  Because it’s been tiring mourning Shashi, we need something fun. (in case you don’t know, antakshari is a game where you trade off songs, player B having to pick up with a new song on the same note/word/syllable as where player A left off, and back and forth)

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Happy-making Songs in My Own Version of Antakshari

Why is there no news today?  Why isn’t SRK releasing the newest Jab Harry Met Sejal song trailer?  Why can’t I find anything for my quick afternoon post?  All of these reasons and more are making me grumpy and depressed, so I am going to cheer myself up by looking at all the songs that make me smile.  And also distract myself by playing my own personal version of Antakshari, connecting song by song through actor instead of word (don’t speak Hindi) or sound (can’t appreciate music).  Feel free to suggest alternative happy songs that I could have gone with!

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Random Songs Post: Let’s Play Antakshari!

I wanted to do a songs post, because this week is wearing me out and I don’t have the energy for a “real” post.  And also because it was Mardi Gras yesterday and I have a great Mardi Gras song.  But I couldn’t think of any other Mardi Gras songs, so instead of doing that theme, I came up with another.

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