Jab Harry Met Sejal Reception Explained and Telugu Box Office Update

I did it!  I figured out how to add a title sequence with music to my youtube videos without breaking copyright laws!!!  It’s a MIRACLE!!!!  Only, I can only do it using the youtube editor tool that will only be around until September 20.  Oh well.

Video on Jab Harry Met Sejal box office/reception and what I think is going on with it:

Video on the fascinating things happening in the southern industry box office right now:


I went with “Volga Boatman” for the music.  First because it was available in a legal free no licensing version.  And second because when I was a little kid I used to like to listen to it and sing along “VOL-ga Boat-MAN, UGH!”  Try it, it’s fun!

As for the content, two more quick talks about box office, because it seems easier for people to digest that stuff if I am excited and waving my arms around instead of just writing out figures.

Oh, and for the first one I was sitting cross legged and the second one I was kneeling, and I think the kneeling height is better?

But mostly, YAAAAY!  I figured out all the technical stuff!  Now I can officially try to have a for-real youtube channel and put up a video a week or so and see if it gets me enough clicks through the blog to make it worthwhile.  Or if you, my little blog people, enjoy it enough that I don’t mind doing it for you.  Because you know I just want to make you happy!


39 thoughts on “Jab Harry Met Sejal Reception Explained and Telugu Box Office Update

  1. About JHMS: I think you liked the film more because you went in expecting to like it. Like you say, you’re a SRK fan. So if nothing else worked in the film, you got to see the star you liked in a new, sexy role. I guess that’s what’s worked for people who liked the film. And that’s what works for Salman Khan. But that doesn’t mean the film was “good”. This hurts both SRK and his fans because again, he’s not the big character artist pushing the limits with amazing dramatic productions, he’s not the big action star giving us super action sequences, he’s not the dance god giving us numbers and moves we’d be copying at weddings for years to come, he isn’t the youth icon with the angsty dialogues– He’s the urbane/NRI family drama kind of guy. And if he can’t deliver in the genre that’s his forte, there may not be any more space left for him in the industry.

    If you’re SRK and you can’t make the soft rom-com work, you may not have a job anymore. SRK has always been vanilla ice cream and sadly he’s not able to sell that anymore! He’s like the dad joke that’s been told way too many times and now it’s not funny anymore. I thought it was really telling you felt the need to not hype the film for your friends because that would make them have “expectations”.

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    • MASSIVE JHMS SPOILER!!!!!! he kisses Anushka and it is super sexy

      I have to tell you that at the beginning because we have been talking about the film a lot with that in mind. It’s such a break from his past performances, and this character is also a lot darker than his past characters, it feels like maybe he isn’t even chasing the industry any more. Like Raees, like Fan, like Dear Zindagi, this is a great role for him as an actor, not so much for him as a star. And if you go into it saying “this is a great performance by an actor”, not this is a SHAHRUKH KHAN film, it’s great. I don’t know, maybe that’s why he is playing a dwarf in the next one? To make it really really clear that he just doesn’t care about the stardom any more.

      Although if this means he never gets around to doing Don 3, I will have ISSUES. I need closure on my trilogy!!!!

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      • 😂

        I don’t mind fans enjoying performances purely because they’re fans. Even if the movies themselves are terrible. No shame in that. I’ve watched plenty of awful films multiple times simply because I had a crush on an actor. I had a mahesh manjhrekar phase of all the things 😁


        • Well, there are fans, and there are fans. I take issue with the suggestion that people who like this film are somehow blind to how terrible it is. It’s not a terrible film, and it is not “typical” of SRK’s previous romantic roles, certainly not his recent ones.

          While I appreciate his looks, I couldn’t sit through really bad films on dimples alone. I’d just buy a poster and look at that. I’m a fan because I admire his acting. I watch his films because I know his performance will always be interesting, even if the script may be a mess (Dilwale) or disturbing (Ram Jaane, Anjaam). I only started watching Indian films about two years ago, and didn’t know Shah Rukh Khan from Mickey Mouse. But after seeing just three films, I became a huge fan of him as an actor. I have since watched 80+ of his films, some more than once. Over the last few months I have been watching them in chronological order; his growth and versatility are amazing. Chak De India and Om Shanti Om in one year? Those three roles alone place him head and shoulders above most of the actors I have seen. I compare him to Alan Rickman, Peter Sellars, and Robert DeNiro — well-trained actors who could do a range of roles. Even better, he’s willing to take risks just to learn something new.

          (I just read yet another comment on a different site implying that the overseas box office numbers were fake because “nobody liked this movie”. So sorry if I sound argumentative; at least in this community I feel we can differ respectfully!)

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          • I like it that we can all share diverse opinions on movies and actors without wanting to bash each other’s heads in 😂

            I don’t know if it’s because SRK is too familiar (overexposure due to TV ads, TV interviews, TV appearances, award show stints and a general interest in him and his life from the public that drives content) to us that makes him less appealing to hindi speaking audience or is it that we have followed his career in real time and the 20+ years of his career look less stellar to us than they do to dedicated fans.

            I’m comparing the fan experience that you and other SRK lovers have (on this blog and elsewhere) with my own following of actors from non-Hindi industries. The last BIG fandom for a mainstream star I got into was probably Gerard Butler and that too was after 300. I followed his career, dug up his previous films and I generally enjoyed them. But only after I left that fandom (out of boredom actually 😁) did I realise that some of his films weren’t probably as good as they seemed to me when I was in the fandom if you know what I mean. I don’t mean that on a condescending way for SRK fans or fans of other actors, it’s just that I think the experience of being a fan of an actor from a foreign industry is somewhat similar for a large chunk of the population.

            A more recent example for myself would be Prabhas. I might have seen some of his movies on TV but I never paid enough attention to even remember the guy’s name. Post – Bahubali, I watched all his films, read up trivia and the exhaustive analysis on this blog and now I’m firmly in that fandom. That said, the euphoria of discovering a new actor you really like, which is really delicious if you’re a film fan, did come with a fear that because he’s from the Indian industry, some of his films might suck at least as much as other Indian films do. Not completely unfounded a fear as you’d know. But I like being in this place where I’ve explored a fandom fully and I’ve been in that unexplainable “Everything this guy is in is great” place and then come down to “Yeah, some of it is really silly but I’ll still watch this because I’m in the fandom now” place. And that’s the fun of being in fandoms isn’t it?

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          • I think what’s really frustrating with this film in particular is that it is both to some degree fanservice (he looks really really really good) and also a decent little film. So there’s this odd double experience of “I love this film as a Shahrukh fan” and “I can set aside my fandom and also objectively see that this is a nice little film”. If someone makes fun of me for loving, I don’t know, One 2 Ka 4, oh heck yeah I can agree with that! That is a really not good movie that is mostly enjoyable for the dimples and the flirting. But this film, there actually is something there and it feels like that is getting discounted because of the other part of it, the sexiness and all that.

            To take your Gerard Butler example, it’s Dear Frankie versus PS I Love You. Both romances, both with great roles for him. But one of them is also a legitimately interesting movie just on its own, while the other one is not so much. And maybe you watched both just for Gerard Butler, but one of them also pulled you in beyond that once you gave it a chance. (I have a friend who shall remain nameless who also went through a Gerard Butler phase, thus my strange level of knowledge)

            On Thu, Aug 31, 2017 at 4:23 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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          • I think one big reason why this film got discounted so badly was Dilwale. And Chennai Express. So it isn’t that fans watched it and went “what a crap film”, they actually went “where’s my refund for the other two crap films that I watched also”.

            Plus there’s the wariness of Salman KHAN too! Amir is the only big name that seems to be making an effort. And I say seems to be because PK was a rip off of OMG and Ghajini was a south remake and Dangal is a biopic about recent medal winners which came AFTER Bhaag Milkha so no points for Amir originality there either.

            SRK isn’t just making bad films, he’s also making bad films that are competing with Salman’s bad films and Amir’s super successful unoriginals.

            I guess if I had to explain this aversion to SRK that hindi audiences are experiencing and I had to take a example from Hollywood to highlight what SRK and Salman are doing wrong, I’d go with Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise.

            Both great stars, A-listers, big salaries, the big hit studded careers, variety in performance etc. BUT they do one film every few years that is marketed globally and it’s a film you make money from in the new markets. Both World War Z and Oblivion were well received in India. They were good films. WWZ is one of my favourite zombie films of all time and I know I’d have loved it even if it didn’t have Brad Pitt and I’d have liked Oblivion had it not had Tom Cruise.

            And that’s why people are hating on SRK. Would anyone like JHMS or chennai express or dilwale had SRK not been in it and it still cost the same and got hyped the same?? Or the last 10 Salman films? Would the male actors who made these films at these costs if SRK and Salman weren’t in them still have jobs after these colossal failures?


          • I am more inclined to your stand joyomama because it shows me that you don’t stick to the ‘stale’ fan-angle that makes argumentation so pushed into opposite sides (like a football game f.ex.).
            I won’t deny that I like to watch ShahRukh’s performances in whatever movie that comes to him but it is more from the view of an appreciative spectator than a fan. Actually, there are hundreds of actors from a loooot of countries I thoroughly enjoy…although I agree that from the Indian side ShahRukh is the one I am most interested in (without being myope 😉 )

            As I’m a fervent warrior for respecting art as bound to personal perception, I will always accept the strictly subjectively expressed perception of art work but never something that smells of generalization…(relative to movies, I very much liked the movie about Ed Wood with Johnny…in art there is nothing like *good* or *bad* even though there may be very specific ‘goals’)


  2. Video quality sorted (so that was Siddharth Malhotra in the picture heh), nice and simple outfits (sorry) but I can’t believe you’re not plugging your book right behind you on that shelf there big and center.

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    • Plugging my book wouldn’t make you go “oh yuch, she’s someone who is plugging her book”? I’ll see if I can dig out a copy (I gave most of them away) to put up.

      And just so you know I’m not insane, it’s not a photo of Siddharth, it’s a calendar that happens to have Siddharth on that particular month. Free giveaway with one of my Filmfares. Okay, that’s still a little insane, but who would have a photo of Siddharth Malhotra on their bookshelves? Shahrukh, sure, but Siddharth?

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  3. Hmmm, I think there is so much ‘room’, there are so many choices in Indian cinema, in Hindi Cinema, in whatever cinema that one can just CHOOSE to watch those one is genuinely interested in.
    There ARE new heroes, other heroes, younger heroes, compartmantalized heroes in Hindi movies. Just don’t take a look anymore at those who do not fit into your perception.


    • Agree. Why be upset at someone just existing? Don’t like the Khans? That’s fine. There are plenty of other actors and movies out there. Don’t like SRK? Well, he only makes like one movie a year. It’s can’t be that difficult to avoid it and watch the things you want to watch?

      I don’t understand the desire some have for anyone’s era to be over.


  4. These videos are really great. You’re on your way. Look out Karan Johar!. “Marshmallows wit Margaret” ?

    (But, where’s the trademark jewelry? (or trademark whatever . . . ))

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      • Well, I need to reorganize them anyway, they got slightly un-alphabetized in the move.

        On Thu, Aug 31, 2017 at 8:43 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • As an after thought…I could send you MY book to visibly ‘hide’ it among yours…it would fit at the ‘C’ or the ‘R’ or the ‘F’…or even the ShahRukh-section…you can choose… 🙂


          • Ahhh, yes, and I liked the video about JabHarryMetSejal! At least what you said…not really the way the camera looked at you (from above…would prefer the eye-level 🙂 )


          • Eye level’s a lot easier! I’m so tall, even sitting on the floor I have to stack up books and stuff to get the camera above me.

            On Thu, Aug 31, 2017 at 9:51 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • I really didn’t think about which books to show, I think there are about 4 Anupama Chopra’s in there, I love her books, but now she is all controversial, so maybe I should put in more books of people I like!

            On Thu, Aug 31, 2017 at 9:38 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. I really like the teal blue in the JHMS review, but am distracted by the book/pamphlet leaning against your head in both videos.

    As for your explanation, it certainly makes sense. I did read some of the advance review and went in half expecting to be disappointed, but liked the movie and went away thinking about the details so much that I had to see it again. And then I was hooked, and saw it two more mines, and now can’t wait for the DVD. I still can’t get over the fact that the three times I saw it when there were lots of other people in the theater, the audience was mostly all women — only two guys the whole four shows.

    I am more upset by people who are giving Imtiaz a hard time for this film, because I think he is in a more vulnerable position than either Shah Rukh or Anushka. It is a brilliant film in so many ways; just not a film for everyone, and not what the promotions promised.

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    • You know why those books are leaning? Because I couldn’t get the camera balanced right, so I had to rapidly raid my bookshelf for more things to prop it up. There’s a German and an English dictionary missing, plus a Treasury of the Familiar.

      If I give up on that and just make the camera eye level (hopefully in a way that doesn’t cut off the top of my head), the books can return to their home.

      For Imtiaz, I don’t really mind the hard time. I want him to do more films like Highway. Not just the uncommercial topic, but the uncommercial actors, Randeep Hooda and Alia in her second film. Tamasha and this one, the expectations were just too high, and there was no need to cast such big stars. Like, I loooooooooooove Shahrukh and Anushka in this film and think they gave phenomenal performances. But I think Swara Bhaskar and Prithviraj, say, would have been equally able to do these roles. Imtiaz feels like an art director who somehow got lost and ended up in commercial film, and I want him to find his way back to where he belongs.

      On Thu, Aug 31, 2017 at 10:01 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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        • That’s my impression from the very very little I have seen of interviews with them. Like I say in the video (I think? I get tired of listening to myself), if this had been promoted more from that side of things, “We are both artists who were interested in working together, if you want to see what we came up with, here it is”, instead of “Hitmaker Imtiaz and Megastar Shahrukh combine!” then I think people would have been a little more forgiving of the film. And also a little more aware of what the goal was.

          On Thu, Aug 31, 2017 at 3:09 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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    • Yes! And Raees, not exactly the big gangster film it was sold as. Although in that case I think it is because to really sell it would be to say “Shahrukh is playing a hardcore Muslim activist/politician/gangster opposite a Pakistani actress” and that was never going to happen.

      The Aanand L Rai film can be whatever it wants to be, I don’t want them to try to change it around to be something more crowd pleasing just because of the JHMS reception. But I do hope that it is honestly promoted. Even if that means less money shortterm.

      On Thu, Aug 31, 2017 at 10:11 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  6. Honestly, don’t overestimate promotion…I refuse to get conditioned 😉 I like to watch ShahRukh in his public appearances, I like to listen to his words…yet, I watch his movies like a newbie…the thinking comes afterwards 🙂

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  7. Volga Boatman..nice choice for your channel…if you have the time you can work on the beginning of your video..people need to see the name of your channel..it looks a little disjointed..also the speed is a bit too fast..adjust the speed..it wont let people concentrate on the name of your channel..keep it simple if you want but make sure they see the name of your channel ..i like how you gave a strike-through effect on the word Bollywood…also don’t worry..there is Adobe premiere ..download the music from youtube and add the effects you want..Where there is a will there is a way..


    • I’ve downloaded like 3 free video editing softwares, and none of them do what I want, so maybe I should just give up and buy a standard name brand one.

      Anyway, glad you like the song!

      On Thu, Aug 31, 2017 at 1:23 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  8. The videos look great and you come across well on screen. 🙂 I like that you have your opening sequence but I agree with Akhila that it seems a little too fast and disjointed.

    WRT Telugu films, I would would think the trend would have to be driven by the Indian box office. I know Indian box office numbers are more or less guesses but if Arjun Reddy does really well in the US and just decently in India, you may see more mid to small budget films targeted to an NRI audience but no real change in direction of the whole industry. From what I know, most south Indian films get the majority of their profits from the Indian box office. I’m not sure how Arjun Reddy is doing in India though so you may be right about the overall shift in the industry. Most articles I saw just talk about the US box office for the movie.


    • Good point! I don’t know the Telugu market, but if it is like the Hindi market, the percentage of profits that goes back to the filmmakers, or even to the distributors, is a lot smaller overseas than it is in India. So it doesn’t matter how high the box office goes here, if the percentages work out, they could still make more money on an overseas flop and an at home hit.


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