Monthly Reminder of How You Can Help Me Find More Readers and Keep Me Growing!

One of my greatest personal flaws is an inability to promote myself in any way (including to my own family and friends, half of whom are unaware that I even write this blog).  Which means I am throwing myself on your mercy and asking you to help me promote myself.

So, here’s your monthly reminder that I have no money or time for promoting myself so, if you think more people should be reading this blog, I need your help to make that happen.

Here are 5 simple things you can do to help more people find me:

  • If you participate in any real life Indian/Indian film community (meet-up group, friendly movie night, a Hindi class, a dance class, just being alive and in India), please mention my blog.
  • If you participate in any other online Indian film community, message boards, or other blogs, or podcasts, or youtube channels, please mention and link back to me in your comments (someone just did this on an Arjun Reddy review, and it worked great!  Thank you!).
  • Re-blog me!  Or re-tweet me or re-post me on Facebook.  Or re-snapchat me or whatever else it is that the kids are into these days.
  • Message anything you think is particularly good directly to the people involved.  I’ve seen some of you already doing this, re-tweeting something I wrote directly to a director or a star or their fanclub.  And I appreciate it and that is a great idea!
  • COMMENT!!!  My view count goes up per post with every comment.  And, by the way, if you want me to write more posts of a certain kind (Malayalam, Tamil, shot by shot film summaries, etc.), commenting on them is the best way to make that happen.


One final thing, if you have read this far you are probably a regular reader.  And I want to make sure you know that I now have a “contact me” form available in the button in the menu, yay!  It’s the main reason I paid for an upgrade to the slightly higher level of WordPress, to be able to insert a “contact me” option.

So, if you have a question or a comment or anything that you want to say to me but don’t feel comfortable putting in a comment, please feel free to put it below!


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