Silly Sunday Post: Akshay Finally Gets the Girl, Mrs. Robinson in India, 101 Dalmations Men’s Chest Hair

3 random disconnected posts, one that is just to assuage my guilt for always being mean to Akshay, the other that came up in the comments from Karthik (congrats Karthik!  Your first fanfic suggestion!), and the 3rd was something I said as a joke in the TGIF post but now I kind of want to do it for real.

I don’t know how this happened, but in basically every fanfic I write, Akshay ends up being the worthy opponent who, ultimately, does not get the girl.  So I thought I would make up for that and let him actually win one this week.

Akshay Wins Through Nobility and Maturity:

Akshay is a young businessman type, shaggy hair and glasses and baggy 90s suit.  A new shy girl, Raveena Tandon, comes to the office looking for a job.  She is unqualified, can’t even type, but when Akshay tells her she didn’t get the job, she bursts into tears in his office, he takes pity on her and hires her to be his receptionist and promises to train her.  Many cute scenes of him leaning over her shoulders and teaching her stuff.  Also, she trips and twists her ankle at some point and he has to swoop her up in his arms and carry her around for a bit.  And she is harassed by lowlifes while leaving the office and he has to beat them all up, after loosening his tie.

Image result for akshay glasses young

(Who wouldn’t love him?)

BUT!!!  After all of this, when Akshay has shyly admitted to his mother that he has caught feelings for someone and gotten her permission to propose, he comes to work the next day and Raveena HANDS HIM A WEDDING CARD!!!!

See, she has been engaged this whole time to her college boyfriend, Saif.  Who she proudly introduces Akshay too.  And now, finally, they are getting married.  Saif offers to take them out to lunch to celebrate, and thank Akshay for “taking care of Raveena for me”.  But he turns out to be a cad.  Once Raveena leaves, Saif claims he has lost his wallet, would Akshay be able to pick up lunch, just this once?

It keeps getting worse and worse.  Saif comes by the next day, asks to speak to Akshay, suggests a raise for Raveena, now that she will have a husband to support.  Raveena is crying because she can’t have the wedding she dreamed of, Akshay offers to give her an “advance” to help pay for it.  Finally, it comes to a head when Saif demands a straight up dowry from Akshay, and when Akshay is shocked and refuses to pay, Saif implies that Akshay has been getting “services” from Raveena for the past few weeks, “services” that were really Saif’s to demand as her husband, and so Akshay “owes” Saif.  At this point, Akshay has had enough and beats him up.  Which Raveena sees, and promptly quits after yelling at Akshay, and of course Akshay has to silently take it with his shirt all torn off but the tie and glasses still on, because he can’t bring himself to repeat what Saif said.  Raveena comforts Saif and takes him away, while Akshay just sadly looks on, shirtless but still betied.

Image result for akshay shirtless

(Like this, but with suit pants, a tie, and real glasses.  So, a lot better)

And then sadly gets slightly drunk, goes home to his mother who doesn’t know how to comfort him, sadly goes to his empty office the next day, etc. etc.  Until, weeks later, he can’t stop himself from driving by the wedding venue.  Everything looks beautiful, just like Raveena dreamed.  The bride gets out of the car, all veiled, Akshay starts to walk away when suddenly a friend/business acquaintance calls him over.  And invites him to join the wedding, his sister is getting married!  To Saif!  After they paid Saif a huge dowry!!!!  Akshay is FURIOUS!!!  He storms into the room where Saif is getting ready and throws him against the wall (lots of homo-erotic tension here).  And demands to know what happened.  Saif, in his weak and cowardly way, slumps against Akshay’s chest as he confesses All.  He and Raveena had a huge fight, he was badmouthing Akshay and she wouldn’t stand for it, said that she quit her job for him but she wouldn’t have the most honorable man she had ever met be criticized in front of her.  Saif admitted that he asked for money from Akshay, Raveena was furious and broke the engagement, throwing the ring back in his face.

Akshay rushes off to try to find Raveena, but no luck!  Her neighbor tells him she has left town.  He looks and looks until one day he is in a dance bar, forced their by a business acquaintance against his will, when he looks on stage, and there’s Raveena!  Awkwardly trying to dance!  He watches, stunned, until just as the song number ends, someone gets on stage with her and tries to misbehave.  Akshay leaps on stage to save her, Big Fight Scene!!!  Ending with Akshay getting knocked out.  Only to wake up outside, on the curb, in her lap, to find her raining kisses down on him and telling him he is the most wonderful man in the world and she doesn’t deserve him to fight for her and she was a fool not to see it sooner, she fell in love with him long ago but thought she had to be loyal to Saif, etc. etc.

See?  Finally, Akshay gets the girl!!!!

Image result for akshay raveena

Should it be Raveena?  I like her with him, but I could also be convinced for Shilpa or Juhi (since we are talking 90s, it can’t be Twinkle).  Obviously, it HAS to be Saif!


Mrs. Robinson in India with Shahrukh

Karthik pointed out that there are few older women/younger man romances.  And just now I thought of one obvious glaring exception, Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi!

(Never forget!)

Anyway, ignoring that one, let me see what I can come up with.  I intended this to be fun and silly, but somehow it turned arty and intense.  Oh well, if you want the fun and silly version, check out my Golden Girls Fanfic


I’m not going to make you go Shahrukh-less this week, so let’s stay in the 90s with little baby face SRK.  And for our Mrs. Robertson…..MIND EXPLODES WITH OPTIONS!  Let’s keep it simple and say Dimple.

(Which reminds me, here’s another already made Mrs. Robertson style option!)

Well, let’s see, what would be reasonable?  How about, our hero Shahrukh is a fresh faced lad just hired at a company in Bombay.  He is given the apartment of the co-worker who is leaving, is told he is lucky to have a whole room to himself, even if there isn’t much of a view, it just looks out into the wall of other apartments, but at least there is only one window that can really look back into his apartment.  Later that day, Shahrukh has freshly washed and is walking in his apartment in a towel.  He glances out the window and sees directly opposite, a middle-aged housewife type in a sari and Sindoor looking back at him, clearly looking at his body.  Shahrukh is embarrassed, ducks away.

(Maya Memsaab!  There’s another one)

In the other apartment, our housewife is called on to serve food to her graceless husband (let’s say Farookh Sheikh, he seems like the kind of actor who would be willing to play this sort of role).  He eats without looking at her, and burps loudly.  She looks away, and back in the kitchen, looks towards the curtains of the house opposite, clearly thinking of Shahrukh and the little glimpse she got.

The next day, Dimple is getting out of the shower in her apartment, walking through the living room to the bedroom, when she glances at the kitchen doorway, hesitates, and finally slow enters it and moves towards the window.  She looks across and sees the back of Shahrukh’s head, facing away from the window.  This gives her the bravery to step closer, and the camera sees from the back as she drops her towel.  Shahrukh turns suddenly, sees her, is struck dumb.  One long moment, and then she folds the towel back around herself and walks away.

Later, Shahrukh is introduced to his new trainer/boss at work, Farooq Sheikh.  Who asks him to run home and pick up papers he left there, he has already phoned his wife and she is expecting him, gives his address.  Shahrukh does not recognize it, because of how the apartment building twists in on itself, and is stunned when Dimple opens the door.  She silently moves into the apartment while he stands in the doorway to get the papers.  He can’t stop himself from following her with his eyes .  She hands him the papers, but as he turns to leave, she suddenly reaches out and embraces him, then shoves him away out the door. Shahrukh falls down the stairs in shock, then picks himself up and stumbles back to the office.

(Just thought of another one!  Doosra Aadmi)

Some days later, there is a big corporate event, the groundbreaking for a new factory lets say.  Dimple is there, looking gorgeous in an appropriate sari.  Shahrukh is there as well trying not to meet her eyes.  By the end of the evening, Farooq is drunk and loud and doesn’t want to leave, but Dimple walks over to the door, clearly ready to leave.  Farooq finally orders Shahrukh to take her home, he will be spending the night drinking here.

Alone in the car, they don’t say anything, but their eyes keep meeting in the rear view mirror.  Dimple gets out first and silently waits on the sidewalk until finally Shahrukh gets out too and follows her in.  She goes up the stairs, he follows, they get to the apartment, she opens the door and stands waiting for him until he comes in.  She pours a drink, takes it in one gulp, then pours into the same glass and hands it to him.  He hesitates a moment, then drinks as well.  With Shahrukh watching her, Dimple slowly takes off her jewelry, let’s down her hair and shakes it out, and finally undoes the pins to lower her sari pullu.  Half undressed, she turns and walks towards the bedroom, then looks back, clearly inviting Shahrukh.  He hesitates, then slowly follows.  In the bedroom, she turns to him, pulls off her mangalsutra, and tosses it to him.  He catches it by reflex.  She flicks her eyes to the bureau next to him, he sets it down there, and then comes towards her as she sits and then slowly lays back on the bed.

Some time later at the office, Farooq comes in all flustered because there has been a last minute change, he has to travel to a conference for two weeks.  Shahrukh gets suddenly flustered as well and asks if his wife will be going with him.  Farooq is confused by the question, no, of course not!  This is his time.

The next morning, Farooq is rustling around the apartment ordering Dimple around while she silently packs for him, finally handing him his suitcase as he walks out the door.  And then she gets out a second suitcase and calmly starts packing it with clothes, kitchen equipment, books, but leaving all her jewelry behind.  That night, Shahrukh comes back from the office to find Dimple sitting on the floor next to her suitcase outside his door.  He unlocks it, she comes inside, opens the suitcase, takes out the cooking equipment, books, etc.  He silently opens his cupboard, she puts her clothes inside.

Sex song!  Dimple consistently takes the lead, grabbing Shahrukh and pulling him back to bed when he tries to leave in the morning, waking him up in the middle of the night, stopping in the middle of dinner to walk over and sit in his lap, etc.  But there is also indications of real feelings, he helps her make dinner every night instead of just watching her work, she washes his clothes while he is at work and puts them away again for him, sometimes they just play cards in bed.  But they never talk, not a single word.

(Way better than this relationship.  Although also a older woman younger man lots of sex thing)

Finally, Farooq shows up at the office.  He came there first before going home, he’s going to put in a full day of work.  Shahrukh looks obviously nervous the whole time, tries to come up with excuses to leave but Farooq won’t let him, finally he rushes home, spending the extra money for a rickshaw which gets caught in traffic, he runs the last bit of the way.  He rushes back to his apartment to find Dimple still there, on the floor washing his clothes in a bucket.  He bursts out talking to her for the first time, telling her that her husband is back, he will miss her at home, Shahrukh doesn’t know what to do, should they run away?  He has a family place in the country, they can stay there, Farooq will never find her.  Dimple listens to all of this without speaking, and then stands up and starts walking down the stairs and back to her apartment.  Shahrukh follows her the whole way, begging her to stay with him, not to go back.

The get to the door just as Farooq arrives.  He is surprised to see Dimple out of the house, asks what she is doing, then sees Shahrukh, asks what he is doing.  Shahrukh starts to answer, then stops, and looks to Dimple to take the lead.  Farooq looks at Dimple too.  Dimple pushes open the door and goes back inside, both men follow her, Shahrukh silent, Farooq talking increasingly loudly.  Dimple slowly walks through the entire apartment, letting her fingers drift over the furniture and the walls, then goes into the bedroom, picks up the Mangalsutra from where she left it on the dresser, and hands it to Farooq.  And turns to Shahrukh and says her first dialogue of the film, “Let’s Go”.



Young inexperienced man: Baby Shahrukh, or baby Saif?  Or Baby Ajay or Baby Akshay?  Baby Aamir?  Baby Salman?

Older Experienced Woman: Shabana Azmi, Rekha?  Amrita Singh? Hema Malini?  Zeenat Aman? Farida Jalal?  Deepti Naval?  Can I be cheeky and say Jaya Bachchan?

Horrible Husband:  Can I be really cheeky and say Amitabh opposite Jaya?  Or, Rishi opposite Dimple?  Rishi opposite Neetu?


BIG QUESTION: Is this the best ending?  Or should it be the heroine walking away from both men having gained her identity and power back through her Shahrukh liaison? Or, alternatively, going back to Farooq who just rolls his eyes and says “again” and then explains to Shahrukh that he is the 5th young man she has seduced?



101 Dalmatians Male Body Hair Type Plot

Mostly I just want to see if I can actually manage to write this.  I’m thinking, kind of 60s spy thriller thing.  We see a helpless young man in the gym, his sculpted trainer (let’s say Hrithik) is trying to body shame him for having body hair, tells him to go to the in gym waxing studio.  The man (let’s say Akshay) is seemingly convinced and goes to the waxer.  Where a cruel woman who seems to enjoy (let’s say Bips) his pain rips all the hair off his body.  Then we, the audience, see the used wax strips drop into the a secret compartment.  They are whisked away through pneumatic tubes to a secret lair where sculpted gym body types are collecting them all.  Supervising them is John Abraham.  Who then goes and reports to their chief, Akshaye Khanna (I just love watching him play a villain) that they have acquired some exciting new product, very powerful.  Akshaye chuckles and then monologues his whole plan to the camera.  They have discovered that body hair is the source of strength and brain power and independence for the Indian man.  By removing it and collecting it and putting it in their huge processing machine, then distributing it back through gym drinks, they can slowly take control of all Indian manhood.

Meanwhile, Akshay is also reporting back to his office.  He is part of a secret agency against threats to India.  The head scientist (Dharmendra) has discovered something in the gym drinks, and Akshay was part of elite special body hair team.  Made up of himself, Madhavan, Suniel Shetty, Anil Kapoor, and Sunny Deol as the head.  With Sanjay Dutt as their secret rebel contractor.  Before anything else, they put Akshay in the special growth booth in order to restore himself after having been harvested.

Image result for sunil shetty shirtless

(Suniel, proving his qualifications for membership)

They meet to go over the evidence, determine that Bips is the weak link.  John Abraham has seduced her to the dark side, but Madhavan might be able to win her back.  Madhavan casually saves her from a biker gang while she is on her way home from work that night, then takes her home on the back of his own massive motorcycle.  They fall in love.  There is both a love song and a club song.

Bips finally confesses to him that she is part of something dangerous and doesn’t know how to get out of it.  Madhavan says that he can help.  Bips is brought to the secret headquarters of the Hair Squad to tell all she knows.  Madhavan kisses her passionately and then takes off with the rest of the team.

Image result for madhavan chest hair

At the no-Hair headquarters, there is a massive hand to hand fight between the no-hairs and the hairs. Akshay versus Hrithik, Madhavan versus John Abraham, Suniel Shetty versus Siddharth Malhotra, Anil Kapoor versus Ranveer Kapoor, Sunny Deol versus everyone else single-handedly.  Meanwhile, Sanjay is sneaking through the ducts, in order to confront Akshaye Khanna.  After first defeating Akshaye’s bodyguards, Ranbir Kapoor and Varun Dhawan.  Finally it is just the two of them, Akshaye laughs that Sanjay is a government man, he won’t be able to just kill him.  Sanjay laughs back and says “maybe someone with no hair on his chest would obey those rules, but I have no use for the government!” and then kills him by embracing him and suffocating him against his bare hairy chest.

Happy ending, we jump ahead 6 weeks to Bips and Madhavan’s wedding, where Maddy and the rest of the squad (including Dharmendra in a fun cameo) dance shirtless for her.

Related image


So, as always, the big question is, WHICH ONE DO WE MAKE?  Do you vote for Akshay with a happy ending?  Or Shahrukh in an intense silent boundary breaking romance?  Or Spy vs Spy with Hair vs No-Hair?


57 thoughts on “Silly Sunday Post: Akshay Finally Gets the Girl, Mrs. Robinson in India, 101 Dalmations Men’s Chest Hair

  1. ugh you’ve seen Maya Memsaab …i feel so sorry for poor soul..that was one ridiculous plot of a movie..the one with Rekha-Akshay had a more sensible plot..except that song they have together..ugh..


  2. The chest hair story, I dunno, it has to be pretty situationally funny to sell.

    The SRK one– I sorta have an uncast heroine plus prabhas plus rajkummar plus irrfan plus ramya plus tammannah fanfic that has a looking through the window into another apartment plot that was playing in my head when I read this. I just couldn’t feel the SRK-Dimple chemistry. Her real life face is too botox-y. But mostly because he’s too old to sell young guy. I could see the same story working with Arjun Kapoor or Siddharth Malhotra or even Rana and Amrita Singh or Ramya (she’s still so gorgeous) or even Farah. Can Neelam be cast in this??

    Akshay, again, the entire middle aged guy in a young guy situation is what’s hurting bollywood so much already. It might be a career killer for him. I know he’s been so versatile. Which I why I want him to tackle a film and plot like Dan in Real Life! I know Sanju would sell that more convincingly but it would be a challenge for Akshay and I want to see him do that!


    • No no! I totally agree with you, which is why both of those are time machine plots. We would need to travel back to 1996, then make them. Picture 96 srk, dimple, and akshay.


      • 1997 SRK was a goof who did the weird noises (eeeeyyyhheeeehehe Simran and KKKKiran are still mocked! and not in a good way. Akshay 96 and Raveena– that’s one for the glossies!! the chest hair plot is also in 96?


        • I’m all for the Mrs. Robinson plot with young baby-faced Shah Rukh. Try to contain your shock, everyone! 🙂 I vote for 1992 SRK though, when he was still a little less stylized. And for the older married woman role, I really want to see Amrita Singh. I really loved their chemistry in Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman, even with Juhi around. Amrita should be a few years older than in Raju though. I looked a while to find some legit video or photo that shows their chemistry, but couldn’t. So, here’s a not-so-legit link. Lovely scene with Shah Rukh and Asmita starts at 9.50.

          Liked by 1 person

          • I love your embrace of our time machine technology! So, 1992 SRK, and 1996 Amrita? Or heck, present day Amrita! Still a beautiful woman.

            On Mon, Sep 18, 2017 at 9:51 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


            Liked by 1 person

          • You’re right! Just out of curiosity, if 1992 SRK were on offer to present day Asmita, would your distaste for his acting make you uninterested in him?

            On Mon, Sep 18, 2017 at 10:00 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Well, now I’ve got a different fanfic, 1992 SRK is kidnapped by time machine, brought to the physical manifestation of our blog comments, offers himself to you, is rejected, and then is so depressed and low self-esteem-y that he needs the other dozens of commentators here to comfort him.

            Meanwhile, you still the time machine, and go off to find 1992 Sanjay.

            On Mon, Sep 18, 2017 at 10:03 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


            Liked by 2 people

          • I would be sanju’s BFF but maybe not with him with him. And any guy that gets low self esteem because a girl said no is definitely not my type.

            Funny personal story time: so I was in class 9th and I had gotten glasses a year before which made me look funny. So I, who was the class topper, now had serious looking glasses to match the grades and I was as awkward about my looks as anyone else would be at that age.This dude in class 10th, let’s call him Mr. Brooding-n-hot, joined school a year ago because he was chucked out from where he was-for fighting and temper and violence and being a part of a street gang in the suburb where both mine and his former school were located. Anyway, so obviously I had a crush on this guy. My BFF’s sister was in his class and he considered both my BFF and her sister and the other girl from our gang as his sisters. I was too in love with him to ever talk to him and he didn’t talk to any girls who he didn’t call his sister anyway. So fast-forward to mid-term exams when I’m in class 9 and he’s in class 10. It’s a Sunday and I’m on the phone with the other BFF and we’re trying to wrap our heads around what to study for the math exam the next day. Of course we ended up talking about boys. And this girl, I thought she was my friend, but I found out later that she wanted me to fail the exams, starts talking about Mr. Brooding-n-hot and basically eggs me on to tell him how I feel. A few hours later, I was making him a handmade card and a letter which contained a confession of love along with a totally innocent “I know you’re in love with someone else but I had to tell you that I like you a lot. No pressure, just FYI” and a weird reference from the film TITANIC which in retrospect was pretty ironic and prophetic. So the next day I’m in class just trying to focus on both the exam and the outcome of the letter. Guy enters our class and my BFF, her sister and the bitch BFF give the guy my letter and card. Guy holds it, looks at it for two seconds and tosses it to the ground right on front of my seat and just leaves.

            I’m gutted and embarrassed. My BFF, she was so mad at me for doing that without consulting her, picked up the letter and started to read when the bitch BFF took the opportunity to read the contents of it out loud to the entire class. Everyone laughed. I joined them.

            I still had the most obvious crush on him for the next 5 years. But I never spoke to the guy again. Even when he shouted my name across the street after school to tease me, even when he used to pick up my male BFFs phone and ask me if I knew who I was talking to, even when he followed me to the bus stop on the opposite side of the suburb from his house and even when he made it a point to go out of his way and laugh at my lamest jokes when our group hung out together.

            The point of this stupid, high-school story is– I’m amazing at handling rejection. I make rejection my bitch. And I have zero sympathy for boys that get their hearts broken and get low self esteem just because I rejected them. I just find that soooo unattractive!!!


          • This is the kind of story that makes me SO GLAD I did not go to high school (schools in my hometown were really not great, parents taught me at home and I took classes at the local college instead). Not that I would have done any part of any of this, but I would have been the girl sitting in the back row dying of sympathetic embarrassment for everyone involved.

            On Mon, Sep 18, 2017 at 10:32 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • I did have a friend exactly like that. Who was embarrassed for me. I was just extremely shameless. I managed to get another crush who the entire school got to know about as well. I think even the teachers knew. But did I care? NO. The sweet embarrassed for me friend ended up confiding in me about a hell lot of things including her Hrithik Roshan Roshan crush. I think I’ve told you about her and that crush. Had you been in my class and felt embarrassed for me, I’d probably be friends with you on the same lebel. Heck, we’ve got a bit of that going on right here in front of the whole wide world!! 😂


          • I am constantly sympathetically embarrassed for people! I even get embarrassed for movie stars when the really bad gossip comes out about them. Not like “so-and-so is dating so-and-so”, but like “so-and-so wanted to date so-and-so, but they were turned down”. The worst part of school for me was when some kid was getting yelled at. Didn’t have to be me (was never me actually, because teachers loved me), I just always felt super super bad for any kid who got in trouble.


          • It’s probably because you don’t drink. Nothing like sympathetic embarrassment left in yourself when you’ve swam in your own throw up and rescued friends swimming in their own throw up enough times. 😂

            On the bright side, because I’m so devoid of shame, I get to stand up to my family and society and do what I want to do.


          • I could answer that, but I probably shouldn’t on The Internet. Because, you know, I still feel shame. If you want a response, I can email you?

            On Mon, Sep 18, 2017 at 11:00 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • wait you can’t just take a convo offline like that I DEMAND to know the full exchange and story. right to information act. all my convos are here in the open for everyone to cringe at read.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Oh, I don’t think you do. It was pretty gross. But hey, if you want to get the follow up, the “contact me” form is right there. Help me get my $80 worth!

            On Mon, Sep 18, 2017 at 9:24 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • She’s too sweet. And I kinda want neelam to make a come back. She has the socialite thing DOWN! Or maybe Pooja Bhatt? But wasn’t she that in that Randeep Hooda film also where she’s broke and he’s a barber with superpowers?


  3. The last one!!! Hilarious…could be a really good satire.

    Don’t see ShahRukh anymore in an movie as a younger guy (except for needed VFX-enhanced flashbacks like in Dilwale. Want him be the man he can easily play now. Still he could be a widower and get attracted to an elder woman…as a cop investigating a murder in a call boy milieu…the agency chef is Rekha…


    • Oh yeah, the first two films only work if we use our imaginary time machine and go back to the mid-90s. I wouldn’t want to see Shahrukh today in something like that.

      But I could see him in something like, say, a very young grandfather who ends up seated next to Rekha at “grandparent’s day” at the kids’ school, then runs into her again at her job where she is a high powered business woman, and slowly convinces her to date him despite the age difference.

      On Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 1:59 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. I must clear my name, my intention was to only suggest a serious look at this dynamic in desi cinema. I honestly don’t know whether to feel honored or embarrassed that it has been turned into yet another SRK fanfic. But what I AM embarrassed about is the veiled implication that I myself may have a thing for older women! I don’t have anything against them charming and graceful ladies if anything they must be so experienced but I am not attracted to them in a way that may be deemed unhealthy. Just saying! Not being suspiciously defensive at all.


    • Well, seeing as I am 3 years older than you, I am now personally offended 🙂

      Also, I’ll stop posting Madhuri videos then. Since she is 20 years older than you, I am sure she is just a boring old auntie to you.


      • Now now, let’s not jump to conclusions. We’re in the same age group so that is appropriately.. well appropriate!

        And Madhuri, let’s just say some women age so gracefully they’re still aspirational to look at you know? Kajol too for example.


        • Okay, offense removed, I am glad I am appropriate.

          You realize Farida Jalal in ddlj was 5 years younger than Madhuri is now? And Jaya in k3g was only 2 years older? But you (and by this I mean the general you) would never think to make Madhuri just the mother of the hero/heroine. Truly, the woman is ageless.


          • Yes and let’s not even listen to the cynical realists who will immediately pour cold water over all this by pointing out stuff like makeup and botox and implants and what not.


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