Three News Items to Start You Talking: RK Studios Fire, Salman Gets an Award, Tiger Zinda Hai Wraps

I used to do news posts all the time, remember?  The problem is, I can only provide legitimate commentary if I am constantly on top of things.  And I just ran out of time to check 3 different news sources everyday and be that aware of every little thing.  So the only news posts I can do are boring factual ones, and then you guys have to provide the commentary in the comments. (this post comes to you from a Wisconsin public library, turns out I can’t resist blogging even while out of town)

News item 1:

Fire at RK studios!  RK studios is the massive complex that Raj Kapoor built back in the 1950s and which has been supporting his family ever since.  Even when the Kapoors themselves aren’t making movies, they are constantly renting out the space.  For instance, to the TV Show “Super Dancer” which had to stop filming after an electrical fire broke out.

OMG! Fire breaks out at RK Studios in Chembur

I guess the only thing I can say beyond a basic report is to point out, again, some more, how stagnant the industry is.  RK studios is still in demand and high use, because int he past 60 years, there haven’t been enough places built to replace it.  Even though it is also in such poor shape that an electrical fire can break out.


News Item 2:

Salman gets an award!  Salman is in the UK for the “Dabangg” tour, shows in Birmingham and London, and an MP Keith Vaz presented him with a “Global Diversity Award”.  One thing is clear from all this, the desi voting block in England must be massive!!!

BREAKING Salman Khan honoured with Noble Diversity Award in United Kingdom

Also, feel free to make tacky comments in the comments about why Salman doesn’t deserve this award, but I think he does!  Because he’s there, doing a press conference, talking about who he is and who his community is.  He is pushing “global diversity” just by making himself and his people felt by the larger public.


News Item 3:

Tiger Zinda Hai leaves Abu Dhabi!  There’ve been some set photos and stuff, and Salman tweeted that he was done with this part of the shoot and leaving for London (to get his award).  So now we can kind of talk about the film.

Tiger Zinda Hai Salman Khan wraps up Abu Dhabi schedule news

It looks like an action film (no duh), and Salman will be doing some extreme stunts.  Which always makes me worried, because the man has like 5 potentially fatal conditions!  But is also interesting, since he seems to be doubling down on the action image instead of slowing down.  I still have hopes that this will be his last straight up “action” film, partly because I worry about his health, but also because I would like to see him do more sort of thoughtful mature acting roles.  Start a new phase of his career.


3 thoughts on “Three News Items to Start You Talking: RK Studios Fire, Salman Gets an Award, Tiger Zinda Hai Wraps

  1. How can this guy possibly do more mature or thoughtful roles? He is so utterly devoid of talent and charisma (IMO) that I cannot understand how he even became an actor let alone a star. Honestly I have tried watching him from time to time~most recently when I actually paid to watch Tubelight in a theater just so I could see SRKs cameo as a magician. Mercifully the short scene came fairly early in the film because he was so awful I couldn’t believe it. I really wanted to see the cameo again but I couldn’t bring myself to sit through the excruciating few minutes before it appears even once more. I know people love him and that’s fine. I have nothing against him except that his inability to entertain or even engage me a) always ruins the parts of KKHH and Humtumhaare whatever where he appears and b) kept me from enjoying a costumed & facial-tattooed SRK!

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    • Shahrukh really was the best part of Tubelight! That movie was a disaster.

      If you ever feel like getting to know Salman The Actor, check out Tere Naam, Love, or my favorite, Jaan-E-Mann. He doesn’t always act, because most of the time his roles don’t require it, but he can do it. It’s jsut very very rare. I wish it was more common!

      On Sat, Sep 16, 2017 at 8:47 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Never stopped to care enough to think about him but he really is an interesting case no doubt. Definitely the least talented and skilled of the Khans but only so far as just acting itself is concerned. Stuff like intensity or depth or nuance etc. But he still does have range. Presence. Dialogue delivery is quite sharp and arresting. Sure he is superficial at best but I’ve never had issues buying into some of his most memorable characters or performances. Be it his comic ability in Andaaz Apna Apna or comic but tough cop Chulbul or the almost regular guy Sameer in HDDCS. He is somehow able to bring thru a believable innocence on screen even when playing a thug in Wanted. And who knows whether or not that helped him get away with stuff IRL but best not to go there.


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