Happy Birthday Bebo! 37 Years Old and 37 Reasons I Love You!

Happy Birthday Bebo!  Let’s see if I can come up with a full 37 reasons to love you!  I think  I probably can. (this is an updated and reposted post from last year)

1.1. I love you because you carefully chose your debut movie, picking one with a strong character, a good co-star, an unusual story, and a sex scene!

2. I love you because you worked hard, 4 films in the year following your debut, which managed to cement your name and face in the minds of the public, even if they weren’t very good.

3. I love you because you took a risk on Shahrukh’s vision for a big historic epic, even though you were only a few films old.

4. I love you because you followed up that “warrior princess” role with the complete opposite!

5. And I love you because you realized that you had found your niche, and stopped looking for different characters after that.

6. I love you because you survived a Kapoor childhood in the public eye (always a challenge!)

Image result for kareena kapoor childhood photos

7. I love you because you watched and learned from your sister’s struggle to make it big after a so-so launch and too many roles in too many bad movies.

8. I love you because you took all those lessons to heart and picked your own launch film with an actor who could get a lot of buzz (Amitabh’s son!) but wouldn’t over-shadow you (in his first movie), with an accomplished reliable director (JP Dutta), and with a reasonable promotional campaign, expectations kept to the right level.

9. I love you because your string of lower budget not-so-great movies, mixed with big budget multi-starers, created a no fail combination to make you into a star.  Any flops or failures weren’t blamed on you, and your name was always in people’s minds.

10.  I love you because you turned down Kaho Na Pyar Hai, leaving in the middle of filming, because even as an untried actress, you knew the heroine role in that movie was going to be thankless, and all anyone would notice or talk about was Hrithik Roshan.

11.  I love you because, when you finally did start co-starring with Hrithik, you proved you had the dancing chops to keep up with him.  Or at least, not slow him down.

12.  I love you because you did an entire song about the Pepsi logo.  In a film!  Not for an ad!

13.  I love you because I freaking love Hulchul!  And I think you did an amazing job in it.  Especially in this song (love the opening!).

14.  I love you because I also have a sneaking affection for 36 China Town.  Especially this gloriously stupid song.

15.  And now here’s the same song, but less stupid.  Still Shahid and Kareena on a bus, but a little more fun-travelogue song, and a little less cutsey-slang-costume-changes.

16.  I love you because you were in two separate movies named Talaash!  And the first one was really really bad.

17.  I love you because after co-starring with Fardeen Khan in the not-so-great movie Khushi, you did an amazing job in a searing performance opposite him again in the really-pretty-great-although-flawed movie Dev.

18.  I love you because you were fearlessly open about your private life, openly acknowledging your relationship with Shahid Kapoor back before most actresses would even admit to dating.

19.  I love you because you weren’t afraid to mix fearless artistic roles like Chameli, Dev, and Omkara, in with fearlessly commercial roles like Chup Chupke, Aitraaz, and Golmaal Returns.

20.  I love you because you also weren’t afraid to take up the challenge and try your hand at being an Item Girl,

21. I love you because you did a Helen song, and you did it well enough that it wasn’t an insult to her memory.

22.  I love you because this song is the only thing most people remember from Billu.

23.  I love you because you took on the challenge of topping Malaika in the original Dabangg, and almost managed it!

24.  I love you because this movie was ridiculous, and you are the only person who seemed to be having any fun with it.

25.  And you were definitely the best part of this movie.  Not an item song exactly, but definitely not a full-fledged role either.

26. I love you because you were as fearless to announce your second public romance, with the older Muslim divorced Saif Ali Khan, as you were to announce your first one.

27.  I love you because you resisted the pressure to get married, and more or less openly lived with your boyfriend instead.

28.  I love you because when you did get married, it was the biggest wedding in years.  Really, 3 of the biggest weddings, with the Delhi and Bombay receptions, and the small legal ceremony.

29.  I love you because you kept working and taking any part that interested you, from the wild troubled heroine of Heroine, to the older career woman of Ki & Ka, even after marriage.

30.  I love you because you handled your pregnancy the same way you handled everything else in your private life.  Calmly and publicly, not bothering to hide it, and also not letting it affect your work schedule.

31.  I love you because everyone makes a big deal about your Jab We Met kiss, but you had already done it years earlier, for a scene that really truly required it (believe me, if you see it in context, it’s a whole thing about fighting for the soul of the hero that really works).

32.  I love you because you responded to a bad public break-up by getting a massive make-over, and promptly starting a new relationship.

33.  I love you because your nickname is so well known, there was a whole song about it!

34.  I love you because you are able to make the most of a small role, to make it feel like it isn’t actually a small role, like in 3 Idiots.

35.  And I love you because, when you are given the role that unexpectedly turns into the heart and soul of the film, you can pull it off beautifully.

36.  I love you because you were part of one of my all time favorite songs!!!

37.  And finally I love you because a baby barely slowed you down, you scheduled your work around it and are not even pretending that you are going to change your whole identity just because you had a baby.


11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Bebo! 37 Years Old and 37 Reasons I Love You!

  1. Let’s not forget that she survived the pervy face-sucking with shahid in a restaurant MMS scandal which was blown wayyyyy out of proportion!

    I also love that she doesn’t pretend to get along with everyone. She has her posse and she makes no claim that she gets along with every girl she works wit. She’s been openly catty about the girls she doesn’t like. She made irreverence her thing way before Kangana!

    She also took Shahid’s religious preferences seriously when they were dating and that fact is soooo underreported. My BFF follows the same sect as Shahid and she met Kareena at a satsang in Shimla once. Her impression of Kareena was that if someone who doesn’t know anything about Indian films met her at that time, they would think she was just a simple, humble, shy college kid from Chandigarh who came to the satsang with the guy her marriage was arranged with!

    Her biggest achievement is that she’s the most famous female Kapoor in the biz and in India and she’s also the most bankable Kapoor in the entire industry right now!

    I have her yoga trainer’s book which basically is a story of how Bebo got to size zero. I love that she made the effort to get to that size through actual workouts, decided it wasn’t really her and promptly went back to a healthy weight.

    I have absolutely loved her style always. Barring her kitschy glam early 2000s designer western outfits, she has stayed close to a very natural style. Her clothes in Jab We Met were revolutionary. Don’t remember a leading heroine wearing actual college girl clothes in a film before that. And I love that she opted to have glasses in 3 Idiots.

    I think she already has an Amitabh Bachchan type career. If there’s a film and she’s in it, you can trust it to be watchable. I don’t remember the last truly awful Bebo movie that I watched.

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    • My personal theory is that Kareena should be running RK Studios because she has proved over and over again to have the best business mind, and the most fearless take charge attitude of anyone else in the family. And Karisma should be the “house star”, because she has the talent and experience and even the magic blue eyes!

      It’s too late now, but can you imagine what the two of them could have accomplished if, back in 1999, instead of Karisma getting married she and Kareena had moved in and taken over the studio?

      On Thu, Sep 21, 2017 at 3:00 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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        • Maybe she will, the way she and Sonam have been jointly promoting and talking about Veere Di Wedding, it sounds like Kareena has really been welcomed into the production process. So she has that final bit of training now. Heck, Saif’s company is in such trouble, I would love to see him just hand it over to Kareena while he stays home and takes care of the baby.

          On Thu, Sep 21, 2017 at 9:47 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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