Happy Birthday Lata Mangeshkar!!! Part 3, Reasons 60-88 That I Love You

Last post!  On your birthday in America.  The final 28 reasons I love you. (1-30 here, 31-60 here)

61. I love you because you went into the 1990s in your 50s, and still the only conceivable voice for every young actress.

62.  I love you because you continued to work with the top music directors, including AR Rahman in one of his first Hindi films.

63.  I love you because you were now firmly forever unmarried, and proud of it, to be married to your art and have a successful career.

64. I love you because you sang RD Burman’s first and last songs, ending with “Kuch Na Kaho” in 1942: A Love Story.

65. I love you because you have a perfume named after you, “Lata Eau de Parfum”

Image result for Lata Eau de Parfum

66. I love you because you sang one of the all time most memorable and successful songs of all time.

67. I love you because that last song you sung for RD was lovely.


68. I love you because you dueted with the newer generation of male singers, trading Kishore Kumar for Udit Narayan.

69. I love you because you still had that light silly sound, even into your 70s.

70.  I love you because you perfectly captured Yash Chopra’s vision of the beautiful dream woman, once again.


71.  I love you because you were able to do the same for Yashji’s son’s vision of womanhood.


72.  I love you because you worked with the only Indian composer who can be mentioned in the same breath as your brother-in-law.


73.  I love you because you helped provide the voice for Shahrukh’s first Yash Chopra film.


74.  I love you because you provided a similar happy young love song for a very different kind of Manisha Koirala film, First Love Letter.


75.  I love you because you came back together with Yash Chopra for one of the most important songs for his return to film, “Do Pal” from Veer Zaara.


76.  I love you because you did have your fair share of dramatic rumors (feud with sister, affair with Bhupen Hazire, etc.), but your pure talent was always so much bigger than any of these stories, that they never lasted.

77.  I love you because as the years went by, your voice has begun to lose vibrancy and strength and power.  But even today, there is still something special about a Lata song, when we are lucky enough to get it.

78.  I love you because the increasing rarity of the Lata song has made them more valuable, both to the audience and to the music directors lucky enough to get you.

79.  I love you because you are an institution, there will never be another singer in Indian film who is quite like you.

80.  I love you because you volunteered to re-sing many of your classic hits for this amazing medley.


81.  I love you because you accepted your age and your status and began to provide the pure voice of the revered older woman of Indian society.


82.  Including appearing as yourself.


83.  This is perhaps the last great song of your career, and I should end with it, but it is too sad!  So I will put it here, and follow it with 5 more fun ones.


84. So, here’s a super fun one to cheer us up!


85. And this one, in which Kajol is having a great time!


86. I defy you not to smile while watching this!

87.  You are even good in remix!

88.  And finally, I love you forever and ever for this.


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Lata Mangeshkar!!! Part 3, Reasons 60-88 That I Love You

  1. `

    OK, I watched the Luka Chuppi clip — and now I’m both teary and inspired to go fight evil. Thank goodness you didn’t include the post-funeral demonstration scene or else I would be out in the streets throwing rocks instead of grading papers.

    Strong stuff . . .

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  2. 73. I love you because you helped provide the voice for Shahrukh’s first Yash Chopra film.
    I think you meant to put a song from Darr, but have put Jiya Jale instead 😀
    Nice list!


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  4. Ooh I just finished watching Veer Zaara (for the I-don’t-know-how-many-eth time) and the compositions were actually by a famed music composer called Madan Mohan, who was very close to Lata. They went through his unreleased compositions with his son, chose some and did some great work with that. Lataji was chosen to record for ALL the songs in VZ (his son Sanjeev Kohli stated that those tunes were originally composed keeping her voice in mind) and even though the general consensus is that her voice sounded too old for Preity (which is a legitimate complaint, there were points when I felt her voice suited Tere Liye better than, say, Hum Toh Bhai Jaise Gain. But the fact that she still had such a powerful voice at that age was amazing to me!) I actually can’t imagine anyone but Lata singing those songs now.


    • It worked really well with the idea of this romance and story taking place in the past and songs that sounded more of that era than of the 2000s. Similar to, but better done, RD Burman’s 1942 soundtrack bringing in a classic light film song sound to an old-fashioned story. Come to think of it, they tried the same thing with Mahanati, some of those songs are very old-fashioned sounding, but still not quite right, sound like they are trying to be old-fashioned instead of actually old-fashioned.

      On Wed, May 30, 2018 at 9:35 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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