News Round-Up: Abhishek-Dutta Mystery Continues, Sonakshi is Happy, RK Studios is Not Happy, DON 3!!!!!!

Yay!  For the first time, actually follow-up news stories!  I am getting better about this, checking the news at least once a week so I’m not totally out of the loop.

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News Round-Up: Sonam Kapoor Dating, Happy Bhaag Jayegi Slow But Sure at Box Office, and WILL SMITH!!!

WILL SMITH!!!  What the heck is he doing in India?  More specifically, what the heck is he doing at a Rustom success party at Akshay Kumar’s house?  I mean, it looks like a fun party.  Not some huge fancy wedding/Karan Johar style thing, just a relaxed house party.  But still!  How do they even know each other?

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Happy Bhaag Jayegi Review (SPOILERS!!!): Kind of Midsummer Night’s Dream in Lahore

No one cares about this movie, do they?  That’s kind of too bad.  It’s a sweet little film, and it says something a little unusual and interesting about relationships, and also narrative structure and assumptions.

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