Happy Birthday Prabhas! Two Dozen Reasons I Love You!

Last year I did only one dozen reasons, but now I am going to challenge myself and try to find two dozen!!!  And not just Bahubali related reasons either.

1.1 I love you because you were born into a film family, but not a major one.  Close enough that you were raised in the industry, but far enough that you had to earn what you got.

2. I love you because you did have a fairly successful uncle, an actor known as the “Rebel Star”, who you honor with your “Young Rebel Star” nickname.

3. I love you because you weren’t an overnight success or considered one of the top stars, but you just keep on working.

4. I love you because you sparked something the first time you worked with the director Rajamouli, Chatrapathi was something a little special for both of you.

5. I love you because this song from Chatrapathi shows your ability to control a scene and the screen.

6. I love you because you seem genuinely uncomfortable with all the attention you’ve gotten post Baahubali.


7. I love you because you are very tall, 6″2′.

8. I love you because this song sequence is great!

9. I love you because you can’t really dance that well, but you are great at being leaned on and having woman draped on you.

10. I love you because Bujjigadu is my favorite Telugu movie.

12. I love you because this song from Varsham is swoony, much better than the redux version in Baaghi.

13. I love you because you are BAAHUBALI!


14. Bahubali Sr. as well.


15.  I love you because you are not vain at all, do not care what you look like once the cameras stop rolling.

16.  I love you because you gave up 4 years of prime career to taking a risk on Bahubali.

17.  I love you because you are keeping your promise to Sujeeth, that you would do his next film next, a promise made long ago before Bahubali became Bahubali.

18. I love you because you did a cameo in Action Jackson for no real reason.

(2:30 into the song, dancing with Sonakshi)

19. I love you because your personal life is very very personal.  So far as the media and public knows, you have never had a confirmed relationship with anyone.

20.  I love you because no one seems to have a bad thing to say about you.  Easy to work with, pleasant, doesn’t take or give offense.

21. I love you because your chemistry with almost any actress is wonderful.  From Trisha to Tamannah to Ileana and especially Anushka.

22.  I love you because you are willing to put in the work on your body when a role requires it.

23.  I love you because you have handled the post-Bahubali fame with grace, not running away from your home industry or the career you had already created.

24. I love you, forever and ever, because of this AMAZING song!


29 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Prabhas! Two Dozen Reasons I Love You!

    Definitely agree with all you said!! ❤️❤️
    I just want him to get married already. I honestly think he is the only single actor fans are waiting to see married!!
    According to the latest rumour mills, December is the month to watch out for 😉


  2. Happy Birthday Prabhas!
    To celebrate I’m wearing my elephant earrings today 🙂

    I didn’t know he made a cameo in Action Jackson. I watched it now and he is so sexy in it, but suddenly he disappears and Ajay’s face emerges and it’s like waking up from beautiful dream to a nightmare 😉 Will watch Saahore Baahubali to console myself.

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  3. Speaking of Prabhas’s cameo in Action Jackson, I remember back then there was news that Prabhas did the cameo to get the audience prepared for Baahubali’s Hindi release or something like that. Plus Prabhudeva and Prabhas worked together before on a movie called Pournami (a really nice romance in case you’ve never seen it before). I think Prabhudeva likes having cameos like this though, I remember Vijay showed up in a song in Rowdy Rathore.


    • It’s an interesting way of tying together the Hindi and southern industries, putting in these little cameos from people he has worked with in both industries.

      On Mon, Oct 23, 2017 at 9:39 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • How are you all missing Shahid Kapoor in that song? This is Prabhu Deva’s habit, or standard operating procedure, to bring in people he has worked with before for small cameo appearances in his songs. He also makes cameo appearances himself, as well as bringing in other friends of the hero (Wanted — Govinda and Anil Kapoor) whether he has worked with them himself or not. So it’s really not about tying the North and South industries together, as much as it is maintaining professional networks and relationships, or an inside joke.


  4. I just want to *fangirl* I had forgotten what it was like to just squeal and be happy about a character onscreen until Amarendra Baahubali happened. Heart eyes. Sorry I’m incoherrant right now but thank god for your post that says things I want to say. (Would it be terribly awkward if I blow you a kiss in appreciation?)
    Also mirchi and that song. Also dheevara. See you just know what to write!


  5. Baahubali was a revelation to me that there was such a great looking guy named Prabas. L really liked this post bc now I have a list of his movies to watch. Winter is coming so might be a good way to stay warm, watching SRK and Prabas.


  6. I hate to do this on a birthday post but then again, Prabhas has slipped up big:

    THIS is the biggest non-trending story right now. After an entire summer of hype, Saaho and Prabhas buzz has just dropped to non-existent levels. Somehow, even the fanboys I keep in touch with aren’t as excited about Saaho or coming up with new stories and gossip. I dont know if that’s the film crew plugging leaks but the buzz around the film has just disappeared. They were supposed to drop a mini trailer on his birthday but they came up with just this and this is a blatant rip-off.

    Or maybe it’s just because the entire country is more concerned with the Mersal controversy!


    • What’s the Mersal controversy?????

      And at least the criticism waited until after his birthday was officially over, so he got a solid 24 hours of love from us all.

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      • Oh no! He released the poster on his Facebook wall and the articles were up in less than an hour. Surprisingly, no videos or anything else from Prabhas.

        Mersal had bits criticising the new GST and the ruling party didn’t like it so they tried to get the makers to chop the scenes off and then some south leader tried to bill the dialogues as anti Hindu since the actor is Christian and it all got blown up way out of proportion and because an anti-north, anti-northern Hinduism, anti-hindi, anti-BJP thing. It’s still brewing.


  7. What would you say about this -with reference to point #9?I dont know how to embed the video itself,hence supplying the URL.

    PS:I am reading through all your blog entries.So please be prepared to see comments popping up from your long forgotten entries.


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