News Round-Up: Prabhas is Pricey, Sushant Singh Rajput Pinches Pennies,

Extra news post this week, because there was some interesting stuff, and also I felt like we needed something to talk about besides Shahrukh.

Prabhas is Pricey

Here’s something interesting!  Supposedly, Prabhas has priced himself out of Hindi films by demanding 20 crore per film, the same as he gets in the Telugu industry, which means Karan Johar has dropped his promise to launch him.  At least, that’s how it’s being presented in the press.

I think there is probably a bunch of other stuff going on here. First, I don’t see a problem with Prabhas demanding the same rate in Hindi as in Telugu.  The underlying assumption is that there is some advantage to him in trying to break into the Hindi market.  But, why?  For audience reach, especially after Bahubali, they aren’t that different.  And clearly in terms of money, he can make more by staying in the Telugu market.  And more money reflects more love from the audience, respect from the producers, etc. etc.  So, if  I were Prabhas, or Prabhas’ business manager, I might suggest this demand as kind of a trial balloon.  If he only wants to work in the Hindi industry if he feels he can get the same respect, artistic challenges, audience loyalty, and everything else that he is getting in the Telugu, demanding the same monetary rates would be a pretty good test of that.  And clearly he can’t get the same money, which means probably not the same everything else either.  So why bother.

He still has Saaho coming out, and it is being released in Hindi and Tamil and Telugu.  If that does halfway decent, he can try again with his 20 crore rate and see if anyone is willing to match it.  And if they aren’t, well, so what?  He keeps making money and fans keep loving him and it’s all good, what does it matter if he does or doesn’t break into the Hindi market?

Image result for saaho poster

(Saaho poster also just came out.  Woo Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy!)


Sushant Singh Rajput is Trying to be Savvy

Two SSR stories today!  First, his astronaut film, which he supposedly is very gung ho about and spent his own money to go to NASA for training and so on, is now being filmed in London not America.  And definitely not at NASA.  Because they are out of money.

FINALLY, a producer is out of money!!!  Oh glorious day of practical budgeting!!!!  And I do think it is a bad idea probably to swap in London for America and fudge stuff on this film.  But that’s because I think this film is a bad idea to begin with.  You just can’t make this kind of astronaut space film that will work, not with the Indian film budget and technology and narrative style even.  Rani’s astronaut film, that looks good, because it seems to be character focused and stuff, not big special effects.  But this film has always been promoted based on the spectacle of it, not the performance or the drama or anything.  No way to make this film worth it for the audience unless you spend just unbelievable amounts of money.  And without those crazy amounts of money, it is going to look cheap and shoddy and fail.

Image result for sushant singh rajput nasa

(Also, the small children in the background is making me think his training is a little less impressive and more “thing you can pay to do as a tourist”)


Second, Sushant has walked out on RAW, a period spy drama set in 1971 (so presumably about Bangladesh).  I don’t know if this is a good move or a bad move for him.  On the one hand, he might have been burned by this NASA film which looks like it is turning into an ever increasing disaster and not want to risk another big budget spectacle type thing, might be looking for a small film instead.  On the other hand, he is insulting the producer and burning some bridges behind him, which is always a bad idea.

Abhishek is supposedly being looked at to step in and replace Sushant, which makes me wonder if there is some height related plot point.  But, speaking of Abhishek, I’m going to beat up on him a little more!  Sushant’s exit from this film, it’s not great, but it’s normal.  The film wasn’t fully ready for shooting, still in pre-production, they can re-write and recast.  And there’ve been some shifts in Sushant’s career since he signed it, and shifts in the industry, it’s reasonable for him to have a change of mind.  Very different from a sudden pull out with 48 hours notice and no clear reason.


Nawazuddin is Disappointing

This story kind of ties back to the Shahrukh birthday posts I’ve been doing.  Nawazuddin is a wonderful actor, yes.  But that doesn’t mean he is a wonderful human being.  His authorized autobiography just came out and apparently there is a section where he goes into great detail about his affair with his Miss Lovely co-star.  Which she isn’t denying, says it lasted a few months during filming.  But the problem is it’s not detail like “I learned how to love, it was a wonderful experience, she is a wise and witty person”.  It’s detail like “she seduced me while wearing fur”.  Here’s the quote:

For the very first time I went to Niharika’s house. I rang the doorbell, slightly nervous. When she opened the door, revealing a glimpse of the house, I was speechless with amazement. A hundred, or so it seemed, little candles flickered beautifully. She wore soft faux fur, looking devastatingly gorgeous; her beauty illuminated even more in the candlelight. And I, being the lusty village bumpkin that I am, scooped her up in my arms and headed straight for the bedroom. We made passionate love. And just like that, out of the blue, I began a relationship with Niharika Singh, a relationship which I did not know then would last for almost one and a half years

I am sure Nawazuddin didn’t write this, I’m sure his writer just took the idea of an affair and ran with it.  And I am sure that it was put in just to sell books and they didn’t think any more about it.  But when people ask why I love Shahrukh, THIS IS WHY.

Heck, not just Shahrukh.  Aamir, Amitabh, Salman, even Akshay, they don’t go cheap like this.  They wouldn’t let a book go out with their name attached that demeans a woman in this way, any woman.  And to do it to a woman you had a relationship with in the past?  That’s really wrong.  Not wrong in a “I can’t stand to even look at you” way, not like Shiney Ahuja, but still kind of gross.  Nawazuddin is still a great actor and I want him to get work that showcases his talent, but I’m not going to root for him to succeed and fall in love with him and so on and so on if he does stuff like this.  Fandom isn’t just about “he’s a great actor, why don’t you love him more?”, there’s other stuff you have to do to earn my loyalty and I think not selling out and objectifying a woman you had a relationship with for book sales is a pretty simple standard.

Image result for nawazuddin siddiqui miss lovely

(Here they are together in the film)

Netflix Makes a Big Move

Okay, here’s the exciting news story!  Supposedly Saif’s next film has been purchased by Netflix for an exclusive release on their platform.  No theatrical release.

This is a BIG BIG DEAL.  In a whole bunch of ways.  In America, Netflix has been steadily digging in to the theatrical release market for years, enough that they are getting booed at industry events by the theater owners.  In America, the creators are thrilled.  Because the way studios are run and the corruption and incestuous nature of the distribution market and so on means that it is almost impossible to get an independent film made and distributed.  But Netflix is now producing those films and releasing them online, so the artists can make things they otherwise would not be able to, and the audience can see things they otherwise would not be able to see because no theater would play it (not because it is unprofitable or unplayable, but because of the monopoly by the major studios).  This is why films like Parched or Angry Indian Goddesses found a home on Netflix.  In India, they could only play at film festivals and barely got funding to be made.

Image result for dhanak movie poster

(Or my favorite, Dhanak.  I am super grateful to Netflix for giving this a wider release than just film festivals)

But buying a Saif Ali Khan film, that is a WHOLE DIFFERENT THING.  Maybe it won’t sell tickets, maybe it will, but it could absolutely get a theatrical release.  And it can absolutely get the funding to be made.  There is no reason to sell to Netflix besides the producers wanting a quick cash out.

And this is a terrible terrible thing to do to Indian film, to the Indian audience, and to, like, India.  Really, no exaggeration.

In America, everyone essentially has Netflix.  Or has the ability to get Netflix.  It costs less than $10 a month (which is slightly more than minimum wage for one hour), and you only need basic internet coverage to be able to stream.  There are still gaps, there’s a whole thing about making sure lower income families are able to access internet and so on, but overall only 13% of Americans do not use the internet.

In India, 74% do not have internet!!!!  SEVENTY-FOUR PERCENT!!!!  So Saif’s new film, and potentially more films if this trend continues, has gone from reaching almost every Indian citizen, to ignoring 3 quarters of the country.

Which means Indian film will go from being a major force in the country and the world, to being something only enjoyed by the top quarter of society.

This is the end limit of the multiplex trend.  Profits have increasingly been focused on getting the very wealthiest part of society to spend a ton of money, and ignoring everyone else who can’t afford to spend that much.  It’s bad for the industry as a whole, and most filmmakers have been worried about it, and the overall theater associations have been worried about it too.  The only people happy with it are the fly by night producers/distributors who want a quick profit, the new outside corporate houses, and the companies running the multiplexes.  I thought the worst would be the new multiplexes with incredibly high ticket prices and only enough seats for a dozen people per show, but moving to Netflix is much much worse.

If this continues, it means that the top quarter of society can watch films, and everyone else can watch……?  Nothing, I guess.  It’s not a matter of leaving Indian film for Hollywood or something like that, it’s a matter of having NOTHING available to you.  If you are in the really rural areas and the single screen closes, or the traveling screen stops coming through, I suppose you might have satellite TV, but even that relies on a steady power source.  So Netflix gets Saif’s movie, the producers get a big pay out because Netflix is desperate for content, and 74% of the country loses any source of entertainment, glamour, sense of the wider world, hope.

And I think that’s part of why Saif is “hopping mad” as the headline says, and I kind of am too.  It’s not just about wanting your face to be up there on the big screen, it’s about a sense of responsibility to the audience, the whole audience, not just 26% of it.


40 thoughts on “News Round-Up: Prabhas is Pricey, Sushant Singh Rajput Pinches Pennies,

  1. I mean don’t the Khans of Bollywood charge like 40+ per film, then, what’s the problem with Prabhas charging 20 crores. His popularity after BAHUBALI has no bounds. Any film he will do will be a hit. I have North Indian friends who are like die hard fans of Prabhas.
    Not only that. Prabhas has signed two movies after BAHUBALI under his OWN production, which, was extremely smart because he can cash in for his own success instead of having other producers cash in on his success and hard work (which Karan Johar was trying to do). Since he is only doing 1 movie a year, it will take a year to a year and half for him to start a movie ( if he doesn’t take a personal break). At this time, his box office performance from his movies will also take a factor.


    • Yes, agree with all of this! 20 crore is his correct value. It’s not up to him to offer the Hindi producers a deal just so they will give him a chance. Especially if he has the option of working for his own production house. They need to make it literally worth his while to work for someone else instead of himself.


      • Exactly. Plus, he hasn’t done a non tollywood movie so it will take lots of effort to move to another industry (as said by anushka on behalf of him). Saaho is releasing in Hindi, so, that’s all his North Indian fans need <3.
        Unfortunately not Malayalam, which sucks, because I was hoping to watch the movie with my fam since my fam hates dubbed movies. Probably figured out, mallus are very teritorial with their movies.
        I don’t know if you heard this, but, BAHUBALI 2 in Malayalam was going to beat Mohanlal’s Pulimurugan (obviously since Pulimurugan was so bad), so they took out BAHUBALI 2 from all the major multiplexes, and my cousins wer forced to watch it on Tamil since it wasn’t worth seeing BAHUBALI 2 in small screens due to the inadequate sound system present.


        • This whole thing is reminding me of the same arguments around Indian actors moving to Hollywood. You can go somewhere that undervalues you, put in a ton of effort to try to even come close to the level of fame you already have, or just appreciate the audience that loves you now. There is an underlying assumption that Prabhas should be grateful to have a chance in Hindi films and therefore just take whatever they will give him. Just like there is an underlying assumption that any Indian actor should be grateful to have a chance in Hollywood films.

          Yes, let Saaho release in Hindi, let it make a ton of money in the Hindi release, and then the producers will see his value.


  2. Nawaz once gave a talk at our college cultural fest. (Mind you I studied Engineering in India, so you think of us at the talk as a bunch of geeks at comic on. And there were some of our professors too.) He didn’t have speech prepared as such. He gave a brief introduction and mostly took questions.
    I don’t remember the question, but he talked about how they used some of their real life incidents to write dialogues for Gangs of Wasseypur. Which quickly turned awkward when he started describing in detail some romantic scene with Huma Qureshi in the film and repeated the entire thing from what had happened for real. Cringeworthy!
    I’d watch his movie performances. He is a good actor. I don’t want to listen to his interviews or know about his personal life. (Except may be his journey through cinema world as long as he’s not speaking.)
    I’m confused by the Prabhas thing. If indeed he had asked for 20 cr and Karan rejected him, is it bad for Prabhas or it wouldn’t matter as long as he is doing good in Telugu?


    • That’s interesting to hear, makes it sound like maybe this book thing isn’t just a one-off where he wasn’t paying enough attention to the co-writer, but is something that he doesn’t see a problem with. And also disappointing, because it brings me back to your side of things, I like him as an actor but I don’t necessarily want to spend time with him as a real person.

      I’m confused about the Prabhas thing too! I think the key is whether you think it matters if he does well outside of Telugu. He could probably make more money overall in Hindi, maybe get exposure to new audiences, but on the whole maybe it just doesn’t matter. He can do good interesting work in Telugu, still be super famous and beloved, and break more easily into the Tamil and Malayalam markets than he could from Hindi. So, why leave it?


  3. The Prabhas buzz is dying down. They don’t even have his films on TV now. I’m guessing it’s because they’ve all been played and premiered again and you can’t do too much with 14 films, out of which 2 everyone has through torrent already.

    I’m not sure who’s advising Prabhas viz promotion in the north but the poster barely got noticed. And in a year full of just BO numbers, if Saaho doesn’t pick up steam soon, nad word of mouth WILL get it.

    His look being drastically different to BB is already throwing people off. I thought I was the only one, but I’m not. The poster looks unimaginative. He’s tall. Ok good. Are we looking at a hot, confident, alpha hero there? I’m not sure. He looks like the dude from Despicable Me. Long coats aren’t stylish in the north anymore. Only SRK and Fawad Khan can carry that style and that too because they’re a certain body type and tha ks to their height, they stand and stride taller. Prabhas hunches.

    Maybe the makers are looking at making this film different than anything he’s done before. Great. But the hindi audience that doesn’t follow south masala/massy films doesn’t care about it. As far as they’re concerned, this is his debut hindi film. And THIS is a travesty so far.

    Saaho should have been a diwali release or at max a Christmas release. Only Amir Khan can afford one released a year right now. And Prabhas isn’t Amir.

    Him not wanting to get less money for a hindi film is understandable. But maybe after Saaho proves to be a massive hit.

    South massy genre had the post bahubali to diwali window to shine. They missed it. Prabhas did too. Saaho better be a great film. Otherwise Prabhas can forget a hindi career.


    • Maybe he just doesn’t want a Hindi career? You know more than I do about his personal life and persona and stuff, but it seems like he likes to do good work , but isn’t as interested in the fame and splash of it all. Maybe he just isn’t ambitious for breaking into the new market, is willing to do it if the money is good but not otherwise. Would that fit?


        • That I could believe. that he would want a deal that let’s him pick his scripts and make changes and stuff, not just be shoved into the same old roles.


          • And KJo might be offering him something he finds incredibly repetitive and boring. Besides, 20c for a leading star isn’t bad. Especially when he’s going to be working on your project alone and not doing five other films alongside.


          • I realized what I was trying to remember to compare it to! Have you heard the story about the green m&ms rider? Some big rock band, I can’t remember which, put in their contract that they only wanted green M&Ms in the dressing room. Which leaked out and everyone thought “oh what spoiled rock stars!” But eventually the band or their manager or someone explained, they had a very technically complicated show with a lot of safety requirements, so they put in this tiny stupid thing as a test in the middle of many many pages of technical requirements. If that was messed up, it probably meant something else much more important would be messed up too. Anyway, I am wondering if the 20 crore is like that, if they are willing to pay him 20 crore, it means they are willing to build a film around him, give him an interesting part, and so on and so on.

            On Thu, Oct 26, 2017 at 8:42 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • That’s a funny story. 😁

            The way Prabhas has evaded KJo so far seems to hint at the fact that he doesn’t like bollywood style of working or bollywood style of filmmaking. If you look at his films, they’re very typically telugu. Only bahubali sort of broke the mould but that was a rajamouli product.

            Hindi films have done away with the dedicated mom and comedian tracks. The big flashy dance numbers are now featured at end credits though in telugu they’re still at various intervals through the film.

            They have the story advantage but with disparate expectations of audiences in telugu and Hindi viz style. In the south, maybe a “stylish” look sells. There’s a different definition of that in the north. It’s body-clothes-glasses here. Like if you watch the hype around Allu Arjun’s stylishness, you’d understand why he doesn’t even make it to the top 50 list up north. He dresses like regular college guy. But somehow that’s stylish for telugu audiences.

            There were rumors of Saaho being sold purely on “style” but I thought that’d mean something like second half of mirchi. Which wasn’t extraordinary for the North. Just a personal best for Prabhas. He actually looks like a cute insurance salesman if you know what I mean.

            I don’t know I have this hunch that he’s not really interested in a hindi career. It might be the language thing.

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          • @Asmita that’s interesting, mainly because I think Saaho’s “style quotient” is not clothes/looks, but pure action. I think they want the action sequences to be standout good – Mission Impossible style. This makes sense because this plays to Prabhas’ biggest strength – his body language. He is able to look very convincing in action sequences, and there is a natural grace and elegance that lends him tremendous screen presence.

            If they can capitalize on that, if they can come up with action sequences that only Prabhas can pull off with his height, build and grace, the audience will come to the theater to watch.


    • I completely disagree with this. First the buzz is hardly dying down because the sheer number of articles with gossip, rumors and made up news on Prabhas every day will not be there if it’s not getting the clicks.

      Even otherwise, social media or urban audience make up a tiny tiny fraction of total movie going audience in the country. The ground level craze for this guy is incredible. And he is doing the right thing in not rushing and signing up all the films he can when he is still riding the wave. Instead, he is moving slow, and he has a plan.

      If Prabhas really wanted to do a Bollywood movie, he’d be doing a Bollywood movie right now. And he definitely wouldn’t be working on another Telugu movie with Radhakrishna next.

      He is not rushing into Bollywood, as Ram Charan found out after Magadheera. He is working with a South Indian technical team and Telugu production team and hiring from Bollywood if necessary to increase appeal there, instead of being hired by Bollywood. It would be nice to make more inroads into the Hindi market, because additional revenue is always welcome, but it’s hardly critical to his career or future if he doesn’t. He knows it is more important to consolidate his stronghold in South India, rather than squander away opportunities making failed attempts in North India, where he will always be an outsider, and a threat.

      Saaho will do great business in South India. His offscreen persona might be shy and reclusive, but he has always done macho, confident, larger than life characters and pulled it off extremely well onscreen because of his charisma. And it might do reasonably well in North India. And he will continue to follow the same pattern with his next movies.

      Also, this is how Prabhas has always worked. He has done eighteen movies in sixteen years, or sixteen movies in twelve years before Baahubali. He has always done a movie a year roughly. He has always moved slow and steady. Nothing has changed, and it shouldn’t.

      Rajamouli is doing the exact same thing by the way. Not signing contracts with Bollywood production houses. He has two upcoming movies with Telugu producers, which might or might not be multi-lingual.


      • I wasn’t talking about his south career at all. I agree with your assessment re his Base in the south but I was talking specifically about his entry in the north. He doesn’t need the hindi audience. BUT we kinda needed him. Someone who does offbeat mass films. He had a spectacular buzz going in the north and a timely release would have helped his pan India appeal.

        That said, even if his theatre releases don’t break records or even if he stops making trilinguals or never makes a proper hindi film, he would still have an audience for his Hindi dubbed films. As for him doing a film a year, that’s better than making 5 stupid films a year. BUT in the next 13 years, he’s got to evolve from the college kid persona and find more age appropriate roles.

        Now that south films are being noticed more in the north, for them to not seize this opportunity would be bad for the North audience


        • Fair enough. I think he is already moving towards more mature roles. Probably comes from years of playing Amarendra Baahubali, but his Saaho look and persona for example fits in with a high ranking police officer, which is supposedly what he is playing.

          I think he is focusing on quality now (hopefully), though the tacky BladeRunner ripoff doesn’t seem to suggest it – I put that down to crazy time pressure on Sujeeth to come up with something for Prabhas’ birthday while still sticking to shooting schedule, VFX work and the race to completion to release next summer. Sujeeth worked on the script for three years according to Prabhas, so they are counting on the product being good enough to attract an audience irrespective of star power.

          Add Prabhas’ undeniable star power to the mix, and I’m hopeful for the final outcome.


          • After more than a decade of pure originals (excluding Billa which was still an original in how it was remade for telugu), expectations run high don’t they.

            And this isn’t on Sujeeth. If we’re attributing the future success of this film to prabhas, it’s shortcomings should also be pinned on him. If not, prabhas shouldn’t be praised for anything other than the acting. The approval for this poster is on prabhas. He approved the ripped off poster. That’s the saddest part.


    • Exactly. Every once in a while you will run across someone angry at Shahrukh fans for not appreciating “real” actors and so on. It’s not that we can’t appreciate the acting, it’s that we look for more than that.


  4. Unlike in the USA, where being a well known or well regarded Actor is sufficient, in India being a Star or Superstar still matters, and you can’t be a Star if only 26% of the audience can see your content. So Netflix won’t become the demise of the single screen unless Internet&electricity infrastructure vastly improves in India.

    Also, Indian smart phones are usually unlimited text and data IIRC, so Netflix access is through your phone, moreso than via Internet.

    I think more than 75% of India rejected Saif’s Chef (abysmal local box office), so by moving to netflix, he isn’t really leaving anyone behind that hasn’t already left him behind first. Chef might have had more viewers overall as a straight to Netflix release, without the negative publicity of abysmal box office working against it. And looks like Saif is interested in producing content that lives in btwn Bollywood & Arthouse & Western (like Chef), so Netflix is the perfect home for that. And Saif might have put more honest ending on Chef if he weren’t trying to pander to a mainstream audience. So Saif can fashion his personal brand as being the Ashton Kutcher of India, i.e. the actor who dabbles at the forefront of technology and is thus an influential tastemaker at that intersection.

    All technology disrupts. TV and then VHS took their toll on the film industry – footfalls have never recovered. But film persisted, partly because of infrastructure limitations, and partly because of Star power and the cult of stardom (had the 3 khans not been developed after Amitabh, one might have seen a more serious demise of films as an industry once tv & vhs took hold).

    I could see a Khan releasing a Fan, a Tubelight, or a Dobie Ghat straight to Netflix in the future. But if they forsake 75% of the population, they relinquish their superstar status with it, so they will still focus on mainstream theatrical releases for the foreseeable future.

    Instead I forsee Netflix and other subscription services as becoming a vast wasteland of original but mediocre content with mid-tier name brands attached (like Saif) to attract the eyeballs, along with very good (and not so good) film festival fare.


    • All good points! If this were a decision Saif had made, I think he would have been wise and shown good judgement and so on for all the reasons you mention. However, from the news reports, it sounds like it was a matter of the producers getting cold feet and choosing to sell the rights to Netflix for a quick pay out. And Saif was powerless to stop them.

      That is what concerns me, because you are absolutely right, it is the stars who will want to keep reaching the larger audience. But if the stars are being trapped within contracts that don’t give them the right to make that decision, then the money men will go where the money is, and forget the audience.

      It’s already happening, the stars are getting smaller because the films are getting smaller, just big enough to fit on a multiplex screen. The corporate strategy is to go for the big money tickets rather than the footfalls. The artists (stars, directors, writers) still seem interested in reaching a wider audience, but the structure is getting less and less welcoming to that, wide releases that only run for 5 days at ticket prices most people can’t afford. And adding Netflix to the mix will just make it worse.


  5. Sorry to comment again but i went to research on how the Prabhas news started, and it all lead to a tweet by KJo about Ambition and an arch nemisis being Comparision. I mean how is this remotely related to prabhas?!?!
    Maybe he is commenting on Nepotism!


    • I hate those news stories based on nothing! Yeah, I’m not necessarily believing the Karan part of it. But I am cautiously believing the Prabhas is asking 20 crore part of it.


      • The question to my mind is not, “Is Prabhas worth 20 cr in Hindi?” but “Why is Shraddha Kapoor worth 9 cr for Saaho?” She barely gets 1 cr, I understand, for her Hindi films.

        And if Ranbir Kapoor can get 30 cr for Bombay Velvet and Tamasha, and Ae Dil, well, why not Prabhas at 20 cr?

        As someone said above, though, I think for now Prabhas is focusing on expanding his market to Tamil and Malayalam (not even Kannada), and deferring Hindi to later, if ever. For one thing, he can speak Tamil, and has just begun to take Hindi lessons. There were some interviews for BB1 where Tamannah was trying to reassure him that his Hindi is just fine, but even in the BB2 interviews he was talking about taking Hindi lessons. And there is of course the poor track record of South Indian heroes in Hindi films. When even Kamal Hassan couldn’t find acceptance, what chance does a Prabhas have?


        • Dhanush had a very successsful run in the north box office but he hasnt done another one (in my belief)
          Madhavan is definitely the most famous one.

          WAIT. Shraddha for 9?!? Whyyy though? Aashiqui was her only good movie. :oo. Are they crazy!! They definitely have too much money on their hands.


          • In Hindi-Southern, there are also actors like Jeetendra and Mithunda who hopped back and forth. But I don’t know if they ever had as firm an identity with one particular industry as Prabhas does now with Telugu.

            And Shraddha for 9 is what makes me most doubtful of the abilities of the Saaho filmmakers.


          • Jitendra and Mithun acted in Hindi films produced by South Indian (mostly Tamil) producers, which were often shot in Madras (now Chennai) studios, but they didn’t act in any South Indian language films. Madhavan has been successful in Hindi, yes, but he always makes a point of telling you that he grew up in North India and can speak Hindi perfectly. I’ve always been struck by how much the Hindi audience is hung up over actors’ Hindi accents. Heck, Hema Malini and Sri Devi still get grief that they speak Hindi “with a South accent.” Guess what, they are from the south! Duh. Kamal Hassan, Rajnikanth, Nagarjuna, and Chiranjeevi were all rejected for their looks, even though they managed to get recognition and success due to their acting talent. Even Dhanush won over some part of the audience because of his acting talent, but a lot more people didn’t even bother to watch Ranjhana because they though he didn’t have the looks for a Hindi hero. (Most of this boils down to their having darker skin that is accepted on screen by Hindi audiences.)

            As for Shraddha, the explanation is that she gets around 3 cr in HIndi, or did for one film (as I said, I believe her usual rate is around 1 cr, and YRF even refused to pay her that), and she wanted 9 cr for Saaho as it is going to be a trilingual film (so what? Other people will be dubbing for her in two of those languages).


  6. Wait, this space movie is not the same Madhavan is supposed to be doing? Now I’m worried and confused. Maddy is very picky lately, he doesn’t sign movies he don’t like or doesn’t believe in. And he decided to do this one, I really hope it won’t be a disaster.


    • Yep, looks like it is this one. But I can’t figure out where they are in the production process, it’s possible Maddy still has time to save himself. Or else he just wants the money so he can go produce brilliant stuff for his own company in Tamil.

      On Thu, Oct 26, 2017 at 3:59 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I don’t think he would do a movie just for money because he worked this way few years ago and ended with job burnout. Maybe he decided to do this movie because he dreamed of being an astronaut when he was little 😉 Or maybe it has a very good script.

        And about Prabhas – I don’t believe Karan would break his promise because of 20 crore. I mean, how much he earned thanks to Baahubali? And what are those 20 crores for Dharma Productions? I know nothing about how much stars earn in India (and I’m shock that somebody paid 9 crore to Shradha Kapoor, IMO she is so untalented that she shouldn’t be paid at all or better she should pay to be allowed on screen), but I don’t think this amount would be the problem.


        • Yeah, I am sure they could afford it in the grand scheme of things. But it would mean that payment for Prabhas would be the largest item in their film budget, above the composer or the director, or sets, or CGI, or anything else. And I could believe that Hindi producers aren’t willing to really bet everything on just the Prabhas name.

          For perspective, most of the Yash Raj films lately have declared an 80 crore budget. So this would be a quarter of the entire budget, just for one actor.


        • From what I’ve heard, stars like Ranveer and Varun get around 10-15 crores. So maybe Karan feels like 20 crores isn’t worth for the return when you could get a bigger name in Hindi for less.

          I think Shraddha getting that much for Saaho was just a way of getting her to do the film. I doubt that she gets paid that much for her Hindi movies. I’ve read that Alia gets around 5 crores so I’m expecting Shraddha’s usual fees to be even smaller.


          • Aamir and Salman get “around 50 crore” for playing the lead in a film that is not produced by them — but that is not an outright payment, but a fee plus profit sharing which might equal that amount. SRK hasn’t made many films for outside productions lately, except YRF, who always underpay, so I don’t have a good feel for what he charges, but I think it’s in the same neighborhood. Akki supposedly charges 35 – 40 cr, unless he’s doing one of these small budget social service films like TEPK, where he cuts his fees, but takes a share of the profits. Ranveer and Varun get 20 cr, while Ranbir gets 35 -40 cr — for what, I don’t know, since he hasn’t had a hit in so long, with Ae Dil barely squeaking by. In this context, I would think Prabhas would be worth a lot more than 20 cr, and I’m surprised he only asked for that amount, if the report is true.


  7. Someone posted the full production credits of Saaho, and Dharma Productions is listed as one of the producers, along with the UV Creations folks. I think it’s the same deal that Karan Johar had with Bahubali, where he will be “presenting” the Hindi version. So that seems to prove that this “news” is pretty much a fabrication.


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