News Round-Up: Many People Are Signing Many Movies

There’s nothing I find really exciting in the news, but there’s a lot of little things we can talk about.  Mostly casting announcements.

Karan Johar Schedules Superhero

Brahmastra, which used to be called Dragon, and which used to be supposed to release this year, is now supposed to release next August.  But they haven’t started filming yet, so I don’t know if I believe that.

This whole idea seems not very believable to me.  Ayaan Mukherjee, who has done two brilliant character driven romances (Wake Up Sid and Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani) is now going to be taking the helm on a big budget special effects superhero trilogy.  Ranbir Kapoor, who specializes in angsty internal boy-man type characters is going to play a superhero.  Alia Bhatt, who looks about half Ranbir’s age, is going to play his love interest.  NONE OF THIS IS GOOD!!!!  Oh, and the filmmakers have so little faith in their film, that they changed the name from Dragon to the more Hindu-fundamentalist-friendly “Brahmastra”.

Image result for ranbir alia


And now Karan says that pre-production is finally done, they will start actually filming in February and release just 6 months later.  And that they will be releasing sequels on regular schedules, every 2 years.  This sounds very organized, but may not be that good of an idea.  The pre-production taking forever and the filming being so quick tells me it is going to be driven by the look of it all a lot more than the acting.  Which makes me nervous in general, a film is empty without characters we care about.  And the 2 year schedule means that they are filming back to back, committing to the sequels before they see how the original does.  So if this movie is a hit, despite the odd director and lead actor choice, the pedophile looking romance, the Hindu message grafted on, and the special effects outweighing the acting, then great, Dharma has 2 more hits lined up to follow.  But if it is a flop, then oops, Dharma has already committed the budget and time for 2 more movies that will lose them money.


Vishal Bhardwaj Can’t Get Top Stars

Well, this is what you get for making Rangoon!  Vishal Bhardwaj is casting his next movie, supposedly a film about two sisters who hate each other.  He has one sister, Kriti Sanon, and names being suggested for the other are Parineeti Chopra, Vaani Kapoor, like that.  Very different from the level of actors he got for his last film!

Not that this will necessarily make for a bad movie, personally I think Vaani Kapoor and Kriti Sanon in a gritty drama about two sisters who hate each other would be FANTASTIC.  A director struggling to get funding and prove himself will give a break to two actors who deserve a break and otherwise may not have a chance.

But it is interesting how in one film, Vishal dropped from one of those directors everyone wants to work with, to a director that no top star wants to work with.


Ranveer, Rohit, and Karan Come Together

We all knew this movie would be coming out for a while, and now there is a poster and a new announcement, that Dharma is helping to fund it.  The Dharma stamp of approval is a big thing, Karan has a good sense for what kind of film will run and what won’t.  If he sees something here, that is a very very good sign.

BREAKING Ranveer Singh in and as Simmba; directed by Rohit Shetty

Karan also means a good promotion campaign, and this is the kick off.  A poster released a full year before the release date.  Before filming has even begun.  I don’t know if this is so much for the audience as for the rest of the industry, an announcement that Ranveer is tentatively taking the week after Christmas next year, so back off.

It’s really good for Ranveer, no matter what happens with Padmavati now, he is covered, he has a title and a poster and a date for his next film.  Well, moderately covered.  If something really bad comes out (not like Padmavati bad, but like if Dips accused him of abuse), the film industry is such that he could always be dropped and the film scrapped right up until filming is completed.  A poster is a commitment, but not a final commitment.  And a year is a long long time away.


Ashutosh Gowarikar Goes Back to History

Woot, Ashutosh is doing another historical epic!  Okay, modified “woot”, Mohenjo Daro was a nightmare.  But Lagaan and Jodha-Akbar were great!  So he’s due another good one.

More importantly, “woot, a well-known religious moderate is making another historical film!”  It’s going to be like Bajirao and Padmavati, but way more balanced.  Arjun Kapoor is supposed to be playing a Maratha war leader, opposite Sanjay Dutt as an Afghan leader.  Based on a battle in 1760, meaning a time period when there are actual good reliable historical sources for all the little details of relationships and things.  And Sanjay is supposed to be playing a failure sympathetic character, it’s not just “oh the poor brave Maharashtrian soldiers and the evil faceless Muslim horde”.

So, depending on how the political winds blow, look for either a huge controversy over Sanjay being sympathetic in about a year, or else look for no one to really care because there isn’t an election coming up.

18 thoughts on “News Round-Up: Many People Are Signing Many Movies

    • I heard it would be a full remake, but of course that could be wrong. It’s funny, it seems like southern film remakes are either total shot for shot identical remakes, or only lift a scene or two. You don’t often see the sort of in between where they take the general outlines of the plot but do their own thing.

      On Thu, Dec 7, 2017 at 8:39 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • True! And Ghajini too, now that I think about it. But then Holiday was identical to Thuppakki.

          On Thu, Dec 7, 2017 at 12:02 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • The Hindi version of Ghajini replaced the peppy song with Kaise mujhe tum mil gayi, which made the movie a lot better. Even in Tevar, Appadi podu(which is unreplaceableeven after 13 years) was replaced by Joganiya, which again made the moment really sweet.


  1. All interesting news! Though I wonder why you used this phrase “if Dips accused him of abuse” when describing Ranveer and his future prospects? Is there some rumors I haven’t heard? He’s a lunatic but this? Also, I think his career is nothing to worry about even if Padmavati doesn’t happen. He’s got Gully Boy with Zoya and it will suit him well and he’s in good hands…one of his best performances was under her direction. And the masala film is a good choice for him. At worst it could be an average grosser like R…Rajkumar for Shahid and he’d still go on to get signed for various other things.

    I’m more interested and nervous for Arjun Kapoor’s next few films. He’s not as talented or as charismatic as Ranveer, so he’s always on the precipice of Imran Khan territory. If the film with Gowarikar happens that would be amazing (and I hope he gets a bit more sculpted for the warrior role…his looks really do suit the historical warrior role;)

    Varun (like Ranveer) is pretty much set, but Arjun and Sid are still looking to cement their stardom.

    I’m totally on board for a Vaani and Kriti co-starrer with Vishal Bharadwaj…hope it’s wacky like Matru Ki Bijilee Ka Mandola.

    And I don’t think Alia and Ranbir look mismatched at all, actually less of a mismatch than her pairing with Shahid (which I still enjoyed). When she does a role with Salman, Akshay, Saif, Hrithik, etc then I’ll start having issues!

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    • No, no rumors at all. It was the most extreme unlikely thing I could think of. And the only thing that Karan wouldn’t stand by him and forgive (mental illness, drugs, coming out as bi, I am sure Karan would keep him in the movie with all those things). I hope this doesn’t accidentally start any rumors either!

      Based on the very very minimal rumors about the Gowariker film, Arjun’s character may be a noble young warrior type who doesn’t even have a romance track. Which I would love to see him in, I think that kind of passionate burning fighter feeling is a better fit for him than the lover roles.

      Speaking of Alia and Ranbir, I am also a little nervous about Sushant Singh Rajput and Sara Ali Khan. I know it’s a smaller age gap than, for instance, Anushka and Shahrukh. But it feels different, having watched her grow up, suddenly I am very very aware of how young she is.

      On Thu, Dec 7, 2017 at 9:23 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I don’t think the movie was ever officially called Dragon. That was something that the media kept calling it but Ayan always said that Dragon wasn’t the actual title. I have faith in Ayan but I do agree that Alia looks too young next to Ranbir. But then this is the guy that casted Konkona with Ranbir so I feel like there’s a reason he decided on Alia.

    I am frustrated on so many levels that this is what the Temper remake is going to look like. First of all, Temper is a pretty serious action movie and this looks like they’re making it into more of a action-comedy. Temper is one of those movies that I really loved when it came out and I was really hoping that they remade it in Hindi when I first saw it. Even though I didn’t think Varun was mature enough to do a full on action movie, especially one like Temper, I always had wished that he would do the remake of Temper. Plus Varun is a huge fan of Jr. NTR. Now that it looks like the remake is going to be more comic in tone, I’m just disappointed that Varun wasn’t given the opportunity to do this movie. Karan’s co-producing and he’s worked with Rohit Shetty before. I feel like I deserve this for sitting through Dilwale in the theater!


    • Well, maybe it will just be the scenes of Temper that they end up using, and the change the plot enough that you can’t recognize it.

      You are totally right about Ayan, Konkona and Ranbir seemed illogical, and so did reuniting the exes Deepika and Ranbir. And then that odd-couple vibe ended up being a strength for both. So maybe there will be something like Alia is a young fan of the superhero and the romance is only hinted or something.

      On Thu, Dec 7, 2017 at 6:36 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I don’t think it’s a scene to scene remake but I’m sure they’ll use some of the more important parts of the movie. I really liked the original because of it’s plot more than anything else. But I do wish that Varun gets to do an action masala movie soon. Something more action based unlike a comedy based Judwaa and Dishoom.


  3. Talking about signing things: do you have a theory as to why Shah Rukh hasn’t signed anything. The VFX of so called “Dwarf” will tak till next December but not the filming.


    • I think he’s taking time to consider, which is probably good. He’s had pauses like this before, that result in another burst of activity. I assume the time will be spent having more orthopedic surgeries, carefully considering his next career steps, and spending time with his kids.

      He’s also got the Ted Talks thing that he is getting off the ground, and Red Chillies is moving in to Netflix production, maybe he is too busy with those things to act?


  4. That pic of Ranbir with Alia😐😐😐 she looks like his 14 year old fangirl here.
    Is the Ranbir Konkana comparison appropriate? She is a mere 3 years older than him, while Ranbir is 11 years older than Alia and with his Dutt looks and her young face they look atleast 15-20 years apart. Why are we always harsher on the (slightly) older woman? Give me Ash-Ranbir (even) over this, anyday, everyday. Also can we see lots of Konkana? Young kids getting cast in age inappropriate roles too, what a disaster (not brahmastra where I have no idea what the role is).


    • I can kind of see the Ranbir-Konkona comparison, just because Konkona always felt so much older than she was, while Ranbir felt younger. Even though it was only three years. It seemed like an odd couple casting, but then Ayan turned out to have a reason for it, he’d written that into the script. So please please Ayan, have a reason this time! Heck, it’s a trilogy, maybe Alia is just the kid next door that he doesn’t take seriously for the whole first movie.

      On Sat, Dec 9, 2017 at 12:42 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Yes please! That would be a reasonable and believable start. As a fangirl next door who eventually grows into a mature girl worth the super hero? I .. am not so sure I trust my own words here. Haha. But let’s see how it pans out. I thoroughly enjoyed both of Ayan’s earlier works .. Wake up Sid, I realize has stayed fresher than YJHD so I’m worried about how he’ll proceed with his next. Let him surprise us in return best way possible. I got slightly carried away at the Konkana comparison. I love watching her on screen so so much. WUS has such an effortless style, the characters falling in love seemed the furthest thing at first later it felt like the most natural progression. Now this is the Ayan I love.
        My fear is often if he’s just influenced by KJo now? I hope not.


        • I get your points about Ranbir and Alia although I have other thoughts about.
          At the moment Ranbir isn’t the one of Jagga Jasoos, the energetic and young one…to me he seems unhappy and tired…contrary to Alia who seems vibrant of life. Maybe it will just be Alia’s energy that Ranbir needs 🙂


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