Silly Songs Post: Pearl Harbor Day Antakshari

76 years ago today was a day which has lived in infamy (am I the only one who hears that in the distinctive Roosevelt East Coast twang?).  And I am using that as a jumping off point for a game of film song Antakshari, in my own random style.  Because it’s been tiring mourning Shashi, we need something fun. (in case you don’t know, antakshari is a game where you trade off songs, player B having to pick up with a new song on the same note/word/syllable as where player A left off, and back and forth)

Pearl Harbor!  And only one thing leaps to mind to start us off.


Which immediately brings me to this, based on the connection of the same song being used.  And in case you are wondering, no, it does not make any more sense in context. (but I still love this movie!)


And now I have to see the original.  In which Madhuri does manage to edge out Anupam’s version, and fills out the costume slightly better.


Speaking of Anil, Madhuri, and songs that end in “Laga”, there is this one which has a very different and very sweet feel to it.


Which brings me to another “tumse milke” song, half sweet young romance, half healthy sexy older romance.


Now, this is my game that I am playing against myself, so I am going to change the rules again and go back to concepts instead of words.  There are swans in that song, so let’s use the other swans/water song that springs to mind.  And hey!  Another Anil-Madhuri one!  I must just be in that mood today.


How about another song involving a woman getting dressed and all pretty?  And come to think of it ANIL AGAIN!!!  Oh well, his birthday is coming up, we’ll just think of this post as an early present.


Okay, I’m gonna surprise you!   NOT an Anil song!  And not a modern song either, a sweet Jaya-Amitabh song from the classic Abhimaan.  Which is also about Bindiya.

And from there, let’s go to another real life couple in reel life.  Why not Jaya and Amitabh’s son?


Just because I’m feeling cheeky, another real life couple song, Aish with another one of her men.  Oh, and also because I love this song.  By the way, so long as they are right next to each other, can we agree that Aish and Abhishek have happier chemistry together, but Aish and Salman were way sexier?


For Aankhon songs, there is only one thing more that leaps to mind.


Hmmm.  Where do we go from here?  Well, Om Shanti Om is a remake of Karz, let’s go back to Karz!


Hmm.  I don’t like any of the “Haseena” song options, so how about we go with Rishi Kapoor acting as a performer in a film.  To The Medley!!!!


Which brings us to the culmination of all Antakshari games, the real true big Medley.


3 thoughts on “Silly Songs Post: Pearl Harbor Day Antakshari

  1. `
    The concept of Antakshari has always overwhelmed me — and if my turn came I’m sure I would stand there dumbfounded. I don’t think it would work in English because not enough consonant ending/beginning pairings.

    Quiz for you (or anyone). What’s the movie where some young people are trying to avoid the police and they’re at a roadside and playing Antakshari — and a policeman comes over and starts playing it with them?


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