News Round-Up: Aayush Sharma Will Romance, Ayushmann Khuranna Will Action

I’m going to try to be better about putting out news posts for these smaller stories just so you can discuss them.  Although also, REMINDER, you can always mention these stories or post links to them in the Wednesday Watching post.  That’s what it is there for!  Even if it’s not Wednesday.  Just like you can always ask me any questions on Monday Morning Questions, even if it’s not Monday.

Aayush Romances

Well, Aayush Sharma finally officially has a movie with a title and everything, “Loveratri”.  Which meant nothing to me when I first heard it, but makes more sense now.  It’s a Gujurati romance, centered around the nine nights of Navratri.  Thus “Loveratri”.

Last reports had a first time director working from a remake script.  But now it is supposed to be first time director working from an original script.  Set in Gujurat because the director is Gujurati.  Which is a much better sign, sounds like there is someone with some actual inspiration for the story involved somewhere.

(Nothing will ever compare with this Navratri sequence)

What I absolutely do not believe is the version being floated now of the director seeing Aayush, wanting him for the role, and then asking Salman if he would be willing to do it.  It makes it seem like this big artistic coming together, but there is no way that’s how it happened.  There were rumors of Salman looking for a movie for Aayush for ages, even if this director came to him, he came to him knowing that suggesting Aayush for the lead would get his movie funded, no matter how terrible the guy is as an actor.


Ayushmann Actions

Meanwhile, Ayushmann Khurrana who normally would be in that small regionally grounded kind of love story, is doing something totally different and is working on an action film.  Reports have it that his Sriram Raghavan film has him playing a blind piano player who gets caught up in some kind of crime thing.

Which is brilliant casting for Ayushmann!  So he gets to be gritty and violent and stuff, but in a struggling average person kind of way, which is his sweet spot.  I really don’t want to see him as a perfect action hero, that would be totally unbelievable.


Everyone Annual Days

This is just a small thing which I found interesting.  Shahrukh and Suhana went to AbRam’s school’s Annual Day function.  Which is the first time I found out that AbRam and Aaradha are in the same school.  As are, apparently, a whole bunch of other industry kids.

So going back to that feeling I had at Adira’s birthday, that there is an effort to build up this connection in a new generation, sounds like that is happening on another front as well, with all of them going to Dhirubhai Ambani International School together.

Image result for AbRam annual day

(They look so tiny!  And Shahrukh looks so blonde!)

8 thoughts on “News Round-Up: Aayush Sharma Will Romance, Ayushmann Khuranna Will Action

  1. There are the cutest videos coming out from that function. There’s one of Abram dancing on stage with other little kids to SRK’s song from Swades. Another one of SRK and Suhana cuddling and dancing while watching Abram perform. Gauri and Aryan were also there but as usual they are the low-key and more private members of the Khan clan.

    I think BW star kids have almost always gone to the same schools mainly because they all opt for the best one available in Mumbai and they can afford it. More interestingly, Aryan and the Bachchan granddaughter Navya went to the same boarding school in London – Sevenoaks. They’re the same age and graduated together.


  2. Varun was supposed to do the blind piano player movie with Sriram. But then there were reports that he rejected it since Hrithik was already playing a blind man in Kaabil and he didn’t want any comparisons. But I’m really glad Ayushmann is doing this movie! It’ll be something different from him.

    Speaking of Varun, he’s playing a tailor in Sui Dhaaga. He started preparing for the role recently.


    • Huh. I wonder what kind of tailor? That is, is he going to be a lower class son of a son of a tailor, or is he going to be a college educated guy who discovers tailoring because of Plot Reasons?

      On Tue, Dec 19, 2017 at 11:04 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Earlier there were reports that his character was a coolie so I’m guessing that his character is lower class. Maybe Anushka’s character will be someone who’s more educated?


        • That would be an interesting kind of romance. I’ll be curious to see how Varun pulls off the lower class hero.

          On Tue, Dec 19, 2017 at 11:08 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Me too! I don’t think Varun ever played a lower class character. Suresh from ABCD 2 was struggling but I wouldn’t really count him.


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