News Round Up: Salman Supports Heroines, Shahid Signs Heroine

I’m trying to put up tiny little news posts every day even when I don’t have much to say and there isn’t much news.  So enjoy these two small non-news news items!

Vaani Kapoor Signs With Shahid Kapoor

Well, Vaani Kapoor still has a career!  That’s good news, since I really liked her energy in Befikre and it wasn’t her fault that film flopped.  I don’t know how she will do with Shahid, could be great chemistry, could be not.

This film is the power company reform thing from the same filmmakers as Toilet: Ek Prem Katha.  I’m not super thrilled about the topic, but it’s something new-ish for Shahid (something a little serious and modern), and it means Vaani is being hired by someone who ISN’T Aditya Chopra.

Also, it gives us all a chance to study Vaani’s pictures and marvel at her ability to look TOTALLY DIFFERENT image to image.

Image result for vaani kapoor


Image result for vaani kapoor


Salman saves Kat/Jacqueline

This is one of those “I don’t necessarily believe it but I am still interested in how it is being reported” stories.  According to the story, Salman personally pushed for Kat to have a bigger role in Tiger Zinda Hai and Jacqueline to have a bigger role in Race 3.

So, on the first level, there is the idea that Salman’s team thinks him pushing for the women to have a bigger role will make us like him.  And they are right!  With another actor it could be seen as patronizing of him to take charge of their careers like that, or pushy to force the directors to go along with it.  But with Salman, it feels like he was just being nice and using his star power to help someone.  Especially with the story making it clear that he isn’t pushing for them to have more love scenes with him or something, but rather more fight scenes, giving them more power.

Second, there’s if this story is true, why he might be doing it?  On one side, I do think Salman is quick to lend a helping hand to anyone who might need it, and women are more likely to ask for, and accept help when offered.  But I also think it might be him being savvy about what the audience wants.  We may not be in love with Kat and Jackie, but it makes for a better picture if the leads have a more equal role.  If Katrina gets a big action scene, it’s an interesting change from just watching Salman do everything.  If Jackie has a bigger role in Race 3, it’s a nice break from watching all the men play games with each other.


5 thoughts on “News Round Up: Salman Supports Heroines, Shahid Signs Heroine

  1. Yay, Vaani getting more roles! She’s too tall for Shahid but other than that I’m interested to see how their pairing goes. I really like her energey, too. Shahid hardly ever does much wrong in my book…after Hrithik he was my second favorite Indian male star. I think this movie (while boring on paper) may be a good move for him. I didn’t have as many issues with Toilet as others, so I think I’ll probably like this one, too. Can’t remember the last time he tried to do a serious contemporary issues film (if ever). I keep thinking about his cheesy businessman heroes in Jab We Met and Kismat Konnection.


    • I have this vague memory that Shahid did something about school reform, but it wasn’t very well done or popular. This looks to be a lot slicker.

      On Tue, Dec 19, 2017 at 7:24 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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