2017 DCIB Awards! Best Editorial!

Something extra fun for you and torturous for me, you get to vote on which posts you liked best!  And I get to go “wait, that one?  The one I did no work on and didn’t even much like, that’s the one you want?”

You can ignore the lists below and just pick the one you remember best.  Or you can skim through the lists to remember which one you liked.  Or you can conscientiously click through each one and review it and then make an informed decision.  Whatever makes you happy!

You also don’t have to pick a “best” from each list, you can do just one or two that you really care about.

Put your picks in a comment below and I will count them up and announce the winners in a few days, when comments seem to have died down.


Best Editorial/Hindi Film 101 Type Post

Box Office and What it Does or Doesn’t Mean

Musical Digital Rights and Indian Film

Why Do We Keep Seeing the Same Thing Over and Over Again? Risk Reward in Hindi Film

Some Famous Indian Baghdadi Jews

A Brief History of the Crime Film

The Rise of Corporate Studios

Queer Content in Indian Film

Ratnam-Rahman and the Importance of the Director-Composer Relationship in Indian Film

Nepotism in Hindi film Part 1

Nepotism in Hindi Film Part 2

Woman Filmmakers, Why So Few?

American Musicals and Indian Film

The Two Types of Hindi Film Romance

Development Wing at Dharma Productions

Christmas Means Hope and Why I Find That in Hindi Film

Feminism Versus Feminist Film Criticism

The Three Phases of an Actress’ Career

Politics and Film, Politics and Hatred, and Padmavati

What Shahrukh Khan Means to the Overseas Audience

Padmavati Orientalism History and Art

Hrithik and Kangana, Mental Health and Class

9 Reasons I Love Shahrukh

How a Film is Made Part 1

How a Film is Made Part 2

Box Office and the American Press

The Future and Past of All-India Hits

A Very Very General History of Dance



36 thoughts on “2017 DCIB Awards! Best Editorial!

  1. i need time to read ..i’ve not read a lot of them..i like the one about Hrithik – Kangana and Padmavati but not fair if i’ve not read some of them..hold your counting for a week


  2. The Three Stages of an Actress’s Career was fun to read and makes you think about actresses and their careers. Hrithik and Kangana was good because erotomania is exactly what I was thinking, and it was nice having everything broken down in a non-exploitative way so I don’t have to go read months of Pinkvilla posts about who said what.


    • Oh good, I did a lot of work on both of those, glad to hear it paid off!

      On Mon, Jan 1, 2018 at 5:15 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. You really should include the Shashi tribute to the list. My mom was all misty eyed after she read the translation. And I know the translation lost a bit from the essence of the original.

    This is such a hard list to choose from.

    I enjoyed the Padmavati post, the feminist film one, the crime one.. Actually all of them!! Such a hard list!!


  4. Nepotism, How films are made and Feminism in that order. Goodness, you made me think about so many things that I’d taken for granted.Like in older movies, why would the heroine’s hair change its length from short to long and back again to short in different scenes? Different schedules of course.Thanks for the gyaan.

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    • Excellent choices! All ones that I took a loooooooooooooong time to write and really worked on, so nice that they are appreciated.


  5. Ooh, so hard to choose: Kangana /Hrithik ( only intelligent analysis there; even brilliant Barkha Dutt is getting it wrong) is at the top. Since I love all things Shah Rukh that can’t count.. since I’d love anything you write about him. Feminism vs feminist criticism was so intelligent . So, those two I think. Since Indian Box Office baffles me, that has to be my third fave. But do remember all things Shah Rukh are on top.

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  6. I think padmavati one was awesome.
    Feminist vs feminism was a great one.

    Not to take away from any others, but I think at the end the ones we carry with us after we leave the blog or a movie are our thoughts. Feelings die quickly but thoughts don’t. So all thought provoking and discussion inducing posts are worthy of recognition.

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  8. 1. Box Office
    2. Orientalisn
    3. Risk Reward
    4. Feminist Media Criticism
    5. Hrithik Kangana
    6. Actress Career phases

    Suggestion – Add
    Two types of Hindi film romances
    To the
    Actor/Actress/Films/Songs by Decade series, since it too is broken down by decade.

    All the editorial posts are great, but the ones I listed stand out for having
    Variety/depth/breadth of content
    Especially content that was new to me
    Variety/depth/breadth of commwnts


    • I completely forgot about the box office post! Thanks for the reminder. It was a good one!

      And you are right about the film romances post. that was actually one of the very first posts I wrote, I just updated and reposted it this year. Back then I had no idea what categories things should go into! and I am thrilled it is still an interesting read even now.

      On Thu, Jan 4, 2018 at 9:15 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • The Film Romances post is a fundamental read for anyone interested in your starter kits or your decade by decade lists.
        Good quality and quantity of elemental content there, with good explanations too.

        The Box Office post is the most informative and educational post for me. I literally did not know any of this information before. Thank you for that!


  9. Someone on the comments section of Baradwaj Rangan’s blog had posted a link of your feminist vs feminism post and I’ve been following your blog since that day. That post just stands out for me so much! It brought forth so many aspects that I’d never paid attention to. After that I read many of your other posts and loved almost all of them. 🙂 I haven’t read all of them and will get to them in time but, my top three posts in this category are:
    Feminist vs feminism
    Nepotism in Hindi Films
    How a film is made
    And, because I’m a Shahrukh Khan fan 😛 :
    What Shahrukh means to the overseas audience
    9 reasons I love Shahrukh.


    • Feminism and Nepotism are definitely frontrunners. Which is great, they were both a lot of work for me to write, so I am glad they are getting appreciated.

      On Wed, Jan 10, 2018 at 12:23 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  10. Most definitely 9 Reasons I Love SRK has my vote. It warmed my heart again on a cold morning. I wondered how many posts get over 50 comments. That says something. Many thanks, Margaret.


    • Thanks for voting! I think you aren’t the only one who picked that post, it might reach the top 5 if not the top.

      On Fri, Jan 12, 2018 at 10:50 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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