Happy 9 Days to Shahrukh’s Birthday! 9 Reasons I Love Him

It’s his birthday month, and these are 9 reasons I love him, so this is not going to be a very critical post.  Obviously.  But if you love Shahrukh like I do, it may put some things into words that you have been wanting to say.

1.1. He is a Feminist

I first fell in love with Shahrukh watching Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, as did most people in the world.  For me, it was partly because I felt like Kajol, our heroine, was finally someone I could relate to onscreen.  I was 19, like her character.  I was close with my family, like her character.  I didn’t like going out to clubs or dating or all of that stuff, like her character.  And all of this made her very different from the kind of heroine that I usually saw in films.  And I loved Shahrukh because he loved her not in spite of all those differences, but because of them.

But then I didn’t stay that 19 year old who was shy in the world and clung to her family and all of that.  I mean, I still love my family, and I still don’t like going to clubs, that is the same.  But I’m not unsure in the world, not like I was then, because I’m not 19 any more.  And yet, I still love Shahrukh.  Because he still loves me.  Because he loves all women.

That sounds silly, how can he love all women?  But he does!  In his films, he started by romancing a young widow, and then a naach girl raised in a brothel.  Sure, there were plenty of college girls from good families thrown in there in his filmography, the usual heroine types, but there were others too.  And no matter who the heroine was, he made us believe he loved her, just as she was.

Image result for shahrukh khan heroines list

(Village girl or modern woman)

And that is what he does in real life too.  When he talks to a female interviewer, or about his female co-stars, or even just meets a fan, he loves and accepts them for who they are.  On his recent Koffee With Karan appearance with Alia, he was terribly embarrassed to discover that she had dated 4-6 boys in her life.  Embarrassed, but not judgmental.  He made it about himself, that he is old-fashioned and behind the times, she can do what she wants.

When he talks about his daughter, it is the same, she can wear a hijab if she wants when they visit Muslim countries, and she can also plan an acting career and wear a bikini on the beach.  His wife can run her own interior decorating business, and never learn how to cook, and he loves her for both those things.  And will say both those things, he doesn’t hide what she is because he sees nothing to hide there.  When he talks about his sister, it isn’t about how beautiful she was, or how sad it is she never married, it is that she was very intelligent, more intelligent than he was, and how sad it is that she never got to have the career she planned.

After the Nirbhaya incident, Shahrukh announced that from now on his heroines’ names would come before his in the credits for his films.  And he has followed through on that.  But, in most cases, you don’t even notice it.  Because his heroines are already, always, the leads or at least co-leads of his films.  Even in something like Raees, where there really was no need for a strong heroine, she was still there.  In Fan, in addition to the girlfriend, the wife, and the mother, there was the strong assistant character, ensuring that a good half of screen time was taken up by an actress, not an actor.

Image result for fan sayani gupta

Other actors make a big deal of it, a “female focused” picture, promote the actress that they are “proud” to consider their co-star, and so on.  But Shahrukh doesn’t make a big deal, because it isn’t a big deal, it is Every. Single. Picture.  And this is what his fans expect, what we have gotten used to.  If it is his film, there will be someone there onscreen for us to relate to, someone we can pretend is us, and know that he loves us because he loves her.


And that’s the first reason I love him, because he is a feminist.  Because he believes that women are equal to men in this world, and he makes sure that is represented in his film worlds.


2. He is a Patriot

Shahrukh is a patriot like I am a patriot.  He unconditionally loves his country because it is his country, and he will never give up on it.  But that does not mean that he doesn’t want it to do better.  He’s not out there waving a flag or saying India is the greatest.  He is out there saying that India can do better. And also that he is not leaving, he is going to help it do better.

He could leave.  He could be like Akshay Kumar and get Canadian citizenship, or just give up entirely and move to London or Dubai or one of the other places where he already has a home like MF Hussain did.  India certainly isn’t giving him a lot of love right now, considering how often he is used as a punching bag by politicians who purport to represent the country.  But he isn’t leaving.

If you look at his “patriotic” films, what they have in common is the idea that we should demand something better and the change should start with ourselves.  Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani, he ends by calling on the common citizen to take to the street, to reclaim their right to the flag and do the right thing, instead of blindly following the lies of those in power.  Main Hoon Na has a message of looking for the greater good, the greater needs of the country over your own, maybe letting the terrorists kidnap the college kids if it meant the peace exchange with Pakistan could occur.  Chak De, India, the athletic board is blind and chauvinistic and the country itself is prejudiced and communalistic, but Shahrukh just keeps going because he loves it in spite of all that and knows someday it will love him back.  That there is another India, a greater spirit of India, which will not die and will come back to him.


He loves India for what it could be, for the good that is already there, and for the people who live there.  His patriotism isn’t about political campaigns or simplistic slogans, it’s about something deeper and richer that is always trying to fight it’s way to the surface.


3. He Believes in Religion and in Freedom of Religion

Shahrukh has an interreligious marriage.  As do many people in the film industry.  And he is raising his children in both faiths.  Again, as do many people in the film industry.  But it is a little more rare for someone to be so open about it, to post family photos of both Eid and Diwale.  To talk about his daughter wearing a Hijab, and say “Insh’Allah” to reporters.  To name his son “AbRam”, bringing together both faiths in one name.

He may not make big speeches or blunt films about it, but he is living his life in a way that shows he believes in religion, yes.  He is a faithful person.  But he also does not feel the right or the need to put his faith on anyone else.

Related image


4. He is Thoughtful

I considered and rejected a lot of options for this section.  “Smart”, “intelligent”, “clever”, “witty”, but really “thoughtful” is what I mean the most.  He is someone who thinks deeply on things, analyses them, and enjoys that process.  There are plenty of successful people who are equally smart.  But I don’t think they all spend as long as he does thinking about his success, about what it means, about where to go next.

His thoughts may not always lead him down a good path.  I think some of the flaws in his recent films might be due to over-thinking.  But I appreciate the effort.  I appreciate that his public speeches are considered and layered and thought-provoking.  I appreciate that even his tweets are thought-provoking, not just meaningless blather.  And I appreciate that he is modeling this kind of behavior, this consideration and resistance of leaping to a conclusion, for the wider public.  It is something we should demand from more of our public figures.

Image result for shahrukh khan quotes


5. He is Pragmatic

Idealism is exhausting.  Making the grand rebellious statement is dangerous.  “Preaching to the choir”, to use the American slang, doesn’t get results.  Patience and pragmatism are necessary.  Sure, the grand rebellious statement is necessary too, but you need that balance.

And so Shahrukh will be out there saying “Insh’Allah”, talking about his family connections to Pakistan, talking about his multi-religious family, putting strong heroines in every film.  But he will be very careful about making direct statements, either in film or in his personal life.  He will maintain his position as the “Most Famous Muslim” in India and use it carefully.  He will say that there is “growing intolerance” in India at the exact time that elections are happening in Bihar and gently tip the scales away from the conservative party.

Image result for shahrukh khan intolerance

And then he won’t say anything else for a while.  He will model good male behavior, but he will do it through mainstream happy romances, not through angry feminist screeds.  He will present himself as a proud Muslim, but he will not take a political position. He will do what he can when he can, but without going all in, without stopping himself from being able to do anything else in future.



6. He Believes in Giving Back

Can you imagine going up to Tom Cruise on the street and saying “my father’s in the hospital, I need help”?  And can you imagine him actually helping?  And yet that is a day to day occurrence for all Indian film stars, Shahrukh included.  There is a natural feeling of responsibility to the wider world, most especially their fan followers.  It’s not something that is spoken of or advertised, it is just “known”.

This isn’t a reason that I love Shahrukh more than other Indian film stars, this is a reason that I love Indian film stars more than other global celebrities.  There is a higher sense of give and take, of real love for people who love them, then I see anywhere else.  American film stars, rock stars, politicians, business people, everyone.  To do something like adopting villages, giving massive percentages of film profits for flood relief, building hospital wings, and that’s just the stuff we know about.

Image result for shahrukh khan sick children

What struck me the most was a story from one of his interviews.  The point of the story was his father’s death anniversary, and how there are the little things that remind him.  But in this particular case, what reminded him of his father was that he happened to get a text on his phone from someone who needed a particular medicine flown in to Hyderabad to save their life.  So he had his people arrange it, and it was a nice little thing on his father’s birthday.  The text and the saving the life of a total stranger, someone whose name he never even learned, that was everyday.  He is constantly being called on to help, to save lives, and he constantly casually does it.  That is his contract with his followers, they give him love and he gives back.


7. He is Proud

There’s something refreshing about a Shahrukh Khan interview with the Western press.  He isn’t interested in explaining the Indian film industry to them, or drawing simple comparisons.  Or being “grateful” for the attention.  Or playing to the Western ego, talking about how he wishes he could work in Hollywood.  Or, most of all, making fun of where he came from and who he is.  He is Indian, he is a movie star, he is possibly the biggest star in the world, and he is proud of all those things.

I am not Indian.  But like every person alive, I have had that moment of feeling less than, of feeling out of place, of feeling like I haven’t earned a right to be there.  And watching Shahrukh, he reminds me that I don’t have to feel that way.  That it is all right to say “No, this is who I am, this is what I am, and you should respect me for it.”

Image result for shahrukh khan cnn interview


8. He Puts All of This Into His Films

Shahrukh doesn’t have a line between his public persona and his film roles.  He doesn’t talk about loving his working wife in real life, and then turn around and play a regressive husband who refuses to let his wife follow her dreams.  And make that man into a hero.  He doesn’t speak about being a Muslim in India in real life, and then play opposite a Muslim terrorist on film.  And make that man into a villain.

Image result for my name is khan namaz

Thoughtfulness, care for others, pride, it is all there in his characters and the scripts he chooses.  They may not all succeed, but they are there.  I love him for himself, and his films, because his films are himself.


9. He is Me

I am a Shahrukh Khan fan, I love him for all these reasons.  But that doesn’t mean everyone else has to love him, or will love him.  Maybe you look for a different kind of patriotism, or a different kind of religious faith.  More importantly, maybe you yourself have a different kind of patriotism or a different kind of religious faith.

But for me, Shahrukh gives me a model to look up to, achievements I respect and wish I could emulate.  I want to be that loving towards all people, that charitable, that faithful to my country and my religion while still accepting other countries and religious.

And maybe you have entirely different reasons for loving him.  Or agree with some of my reasons, but not others.  But the point is, if you are a Shahrukh fan, there is something about him that speaks to you.  It’s not just about the dimples and the cute face, there is something deeper that he offers, something which can provide light in the darkness and strength when you feel weak and hope when times seem hopeless.

Image result for shahrukh khan slam tour

51 thoughts on “Happy 9 Days to Shahrukh’s Birthday! 9 Reasons I Love Him

  1. Ah! So inspiring!!! and so TRUE!!!
    None of the young actors like Ranbir/Varun//Sid/Aditya can come remotely close to SRK’s presence. However, many people say that these 4 will be the new SRK: Ranbir after Barfi. Varun after his romantic comedies, Sid with his presence and Aditya after Aashiqui.
    What do you have to say about that?

    P.S. His son is so grouchy looking!

    Liked by 1 person

    • His son is a teenage boy! I think their faces are stuck in permanent grouch as soon as the clock strikes midnight on their 14th birthday.

      Right now, I think Ranveer and Varun’s careers are looking the brightest. Solid string of hits in a wide variety of genres and, equally important, very good at playing to their fans and the media.

      However, I also think that it is more about the right time than the right person. Shahrukh, Aamir, and Salman all started their careers just as Amitabh’s first innings were winding down. There was a gap that they could fill. Right now, I don’t think the Khans have quite left that gap yet. Until they do, there won’t be space for anyone new to rise up.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Completely forgot about Ranveer. Talking about Ranveer, he has been paired with Bhansali in his last 3 films, with I believe, Befikre in the middle. Do you think, Ranveer has a lot to lose if Padmavati doesnt take off?
        Does he have any new projects lined up?

        So true. I mean, come on, A little smile, maybe?!. Its looking as if SRK doesnt seem to mind that (which is so awesome). I know my mom would pinch me whenever I looked grouchy.
        Also, SRK’s daughter, So many people were (Indian) slut shaming her due to her wardrobe choices. Such liberal parents!


        • I feel like Ranveer is the most protected of the 3 leads. His character is clearly a one off type of thing, if the film fails the worst people will say about him is “well, he can’t play a good villain” or “the costumes and direction ruined his performance”. Dips and Shahid with the more grounded roles, they’ve got a lot more riding on this.

          However, it would be good if he has something else lined up right away. All of his recent films have been for directors who take a loooooooooooong time to shoot, I’d like to see him do a string of short low pressure movies, let us see him in a variety of roles in a short amount of time.

          I feel like poor Aryan and Suhana and AbRam have been forced to grow up in the public view thanks to their parents’ choices, the list their parents can do in return is let the kids do whatever they want on camera. Aryan can be grouchy, Suhana can dress like a normal teenage girl, AbRam can be cranky and sleepy some times, and they just let them be without worrying about the photos.


          • Ranveer has the remake of Temper with Rohit Shetty, Gully Boy with Zoya Akhtar, and the Kapil Dev biopic with Kabir Khan lined up.


          • Oh good, he’s fine then. A nice mix of directors and genres and tone.

            On Tue, Oct 24, 2017 at 11:22 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I’m seriously addicted to these posts. Not healthy. Beautifully written and I agree with all your reasons! Forgive me if I’ve posted this here before, but, about six months into my obsession with Shah Rukh, I was traveling for work, so had some free time in my hotel on a weekend. I scoured YouTube and the Internet looking for something annoying, stupid, or wrong that he said or did. I kept thinking “Ok, this guy’s an actor, ultimately all actors are superficial and shallow, and even liberal-seeming rich guys end up treating women like dirt somewhere along the line.” I was actively trying to resist my growing obsession in other words. 🙂

    No one here will be surprised: I really couldn’t find anything, other than small incidents or gaffes which just showed that he’s human. I watched him responding with good humor to the same annoying questions year after year in interviews, dealing graciously with every type of public interaction–one on one and all kinds of appearances and events, and sincerely sharing his experiences–their impact on him–and his outlook on life. I ended up that day (and a fair amount of the night) completely lost.

    Shah Rukh’s performances add color, spice, and meaning to life, and he, personally is inspirational. Your last sentence is perfect! He’s much more than his beautiful face and his (as Anupama Chopra says) industrial strength charm.


    • Exactly. It’s not just what he does onscreen, it’s what he does offscreen as well. If he was a famous businessman or writer or something, we would love him equally, so long as he was still married to his high school sweetheart, a doting father, and always clever and kind in his interviews. It really is about Shahrukh Khan the Man, as much as it is about Shahrukh Khan the Movie Star.

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  3. Speaking of his grouchy son, someone posted this on instagram the other day about running into him. Seems like SRK and Gauri have gone a good job raising him.


      • Try this link: https://ibb.co/j248mR

        In case it doesn’t work again, an Indian student ran into Aryan at USC. The guy was leaving a party and didn’t know how to exit the building and saw Aryan and asked him where the exit is. Aryan asked him if he speaks Hindi and then spoke to him in Hindi and asked him to follow him and walked him to the exit and even took a selfie with him! Aryan hates pics but I guess he obliges Dad’s fans. 😀 The guy said Aryan is very down to earth and respectful.

        I remember SRK saying in an interview that Aryan refuses to tell people who his Dad if they don’t know already because then he can’t just be normal and hang out and crack some jokes. Aryan apparently called him angrily from London saying some of the kids were German and knew who he was, haha. SRK had to apologize for his infamy.

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        • My favorite part of the story is that Aryan wanted to talk in Hindi. I am sure he is fluent in English, but it’s nice to know that “Hindi” is his home language, and that he is comfortable asking to switch to it whenever possible overseas.


  4. You are not the only ones that study his face. Heh has anybody else out there noticed that they are lightening the color of Shahrukh’s hair? It is a rich brown in a lot of the most recent pictures. No longer deep black. At first I thought it was the lighting or the flashes. But now I am pretty sure its changed. I wonder if it is part of his “dwarf look.”


    • Yeah, it’s brown. It must be for the movie. He had blond highlights during Veer-Zaara I think. I didn’t really like it. At least the brown looks more natural than blonde.


      • I wonder if it is partly what Joyomama just pointed out in a comment, that Shahrukh could let himself go grey now and it would look better on him than when it was just a dye job/wig in Veer-Zaara, because you skin tone changes as well as you age along with your hair. That is, perhaps Shahrukh’s skin tone now looks better with lighter hair because he has gone grey, and the brown is a compromise between black and grey.

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  5. Loved this post and its exploration of SRK the man as well as SRK the star. The depth of his intelligence and his conscious acceptance of the varied, diverse and different aspects of India His broadminded-ness is obvious in his many speeches and talks. His inclusive way of being is a model for us all. Yet he comes across as down to earth, witty and with an earthy sense of humor.
    I witnessed his compassion for the kids with cancer who were waiting so patiently to meet him. So his reaching out to others who ask for help does not surprise me. I have often suspected that his parents were the same way, helpful to others. It just seems so ingrained in him.
    The “No, this is who I am, this is what I am, and you should respect me for it” comment sounds like what my father would say. Self pride is a good thing but many take it as false bravado or excessive ego almost.
    I, too, have noticed the gradual lightning of his hair. I believe it is as said that with going grey the skin tone changes. So going brown looks better than a stark jet black, now. I recently went blond again b/c white hair and pure white Irish skin just do nothing. A little blond gives a little color. So I totally agree with JOYOMAMA: “Which is why there are so many blonde women over fifty.”
    Still trying to catch up with all the older posts – enjoying them all.

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  6. These are the qualities that are never mentioned in the media but what draw us fans to him like bees to a flower. How many of us fell in love with him primarily because of his interviews and speeches – the films are just the icing on the cake.
    Thanks for this post, it truly captures the essence of what is so special about him.

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  7. Such a lovely post. I love reading what SRK means to other people. I could write pages and pages about what this man is for me. But above all, he’s been my greatest teacher since 16. So much of me has been shaped by his teaching of goodness and love (including religion). When my family or someone compliments me on my character, I want to reach out and thank him every single time. And in sha allah, I will one day. Oh and he’s obviously been my first love as well.

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  8. I discovered Bollywood music videos from Bollywood films. I was a 15 year old American kid who’ family came from Poland, Hungary, and Belarus. I loved them. I recognize the man from the picture but did not know anything about him. Your description is very flattering.


  9. Several years back while I was researching this wonderful magnetic human being who is teaching the whole world to love and be tolerant I came across this clip. (I think it would have more views except the tweets don’t start until a minute and a half in) I was so jazzed by having 18 min of 108 authentic tweets compiled that I determined to stop and analyze each one by listing, with tally marks, the actual characteristics they spoke of. I found 200 comments which fell into 34 categories. Then I realized it could be summarized in 3 broad groups. The biggest surprise was that Shahrukh’s fans value his character far and away more than his physical attributes or his life skills, towering though they may be. Below you can see for yourself.

    Reasons To Admire SRK – The Enchanter

    Read tweets of the detailed things about him that his fans admire, set in pleasing graphics. Amazing love!

    Reasons to ADMIRE and LOVE SRK – lifted from 20 minutes worth of 108 tweets

    23 Great actor
    17 Magical Smile
    15 Charm & warmth
    13 Spreads love & happiness
    13 Kind, gentlemanly, simple
    9 Angelic beautiful heart
    9 Handsome
    8 Humble & modest
    8 Motivates & inspires
    8 Ruler of Hearts
    7 Romantic, teaches us to love
    7 Humanity & commonness
    7 Glowing soul shines out to us all
    7 Expressive eyes
    6 His mind and intelligence
    5 Respects women
    5 Golden character, ethical, honest
    5 Hard working, dedicated
    5 Loves his family
    4 Great father
    4 His philosophy, wisdom & principles
    4 Generous & selfless
    4 Changed my life
    3 Wit & humor
    3 Voice, hair, eyebrows
    3 Dimpled Cheeks
    2 Unaffected by Stardom
    2 Care for others
    2 Boosts Indian cinema
    1 Tolerance of religions
    1 Can see God through him
    1 Knows what fans want
    1 Well educated
    1 Problem solver

    Summary :
    1. Physical attractiveness 17 9 7 3 3 = 39
    2. Character skills 15 13 13 9 8 9 7 7 7 6 5 5 5 4 4 4 3 2 2 1 = 129 amazing
    3. Life skills 23 5 2 1 1 1 = 33

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    • This reminds me of a message board a wandered on to on planetsrk. The question was “what part of Shahrukh would you touch?” And the winner by far was “his feet”, because people saw him as a Guru more than anything else.

      On Sun, Oct 29, 2017 at 2:50 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  10. Who was this man who can reach half way around the world, though another culture, through another language, through another religion and scoop me into his orb without even knowing it. I am thankful he has not misused that God-given power !! Instead he has used his immense global influence to teach the world to love deeply, to be faithful to their wives, to respect women, to be tolerant of other religions, to connect with God, to be friends across borders, with widows, with low caste, and on.

    When the door fell on him during the Happy New Year shoot and fans got to know how serious it was, I said to myself, there is no other man on the planet who will have more prayers said for him to more Gods in more languages than Shahrukhji. That is because we love him like a family member. We are so proud of his accomplishments, every one deserved. We are so pleased that he has maintained such a high standard as a role-model.

    I love you for having a BIG HEART.
    I love you for the courageous standard against nudity and foul language in your films.
    I love you for manifesting a helpful servant’s heart to all the co-actors onset.
    I love your for choosing to bring plump ladies on stage and honoring them equal to trim heroines.
    I love you for wearing your wedding ring so consistently – I watch for that!
    I love you for graciously grooming newcomers brought into your movies.
    I love you for demonstrating a top-notch ethic of hard work.
    I love you for your unfailing fidelity to your wife and children.
    I love you for bringing your best acting expertise to every movie.
    I love you for continuing to grow professionally so others are challenged to do the same.
    I love you for providing all of us a nurturing medium of inspiration along with the entertainment.
    I love you for living your life open and accessible to a multitude of cultures around the world.
    I love you for the loyalty and longevity you engender in your staff and employees.
    I love you for the resilience you demonstrate during the frustrating, slump and failure seasons.
    I love you for taking responsibility for tone of fun, competition, perfection, hard work onset.

    For me Indian cinema (synonymous with SRK cinema) stands heads and shoulders above Hollywood because they freely portray respectful praying, various religious rituals, meaningful appeals for forgiveness, joyful patriotism and value for their flag, salute to the four main religions in India. For me Hollywood movies have become soulless lacking spirituality.

    I say God bless Shahrukh Khan!!!


  11. For your new readers, Margaret, let me offer a couple of the outstanding documentaries that give an overview of Shahrukh’s rise in popularity to super stardom, in his own words, and features interesting anecdotes, interviews and footage from his films.
    Discovery Channel Revealed- SRK 2010 Outstanding 45 min.

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  12. I am mighty impressed with the love displayed here, not simply praising but genuinely admiring the richness in and of the human being, the man and the actor ShahRukh is.
    I am an observer of this love and admiration since more than eleven years and my fascination for the impact ShahRukh makes, hasn’t lessened one iota.
    Should I add that I love him at a whole for everything he lets me see, hear and feel through his public and on screen persona, for everything he lets me guess and – although it may sound preposterous – for everything he keeps to himself.

    Margaret, didn’t you have a post where a fairy would grant a wish relative to ShahRukh…I think, I would wish to be able to witness his ‘dark moments’.

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  13. 1. My favorite is Tere Mere Beach Mein hosted by Farah Khan in 2009 where Shahrukh interacts with his brother-in-law AND mother-in-law for the first time on TV. 50 priceless minutes because Farah knows him so intimately. All my saved links fail, so sorry.

    2. Living 48-hours with Shah Rukh Khan – Road Trip
    3. Live My Life : Shah Rukh Khan Full Episode UTVSTA
    4. Breakfast To Dinner – Shah Rukh Khan
    5. The Shahrukh Khan Show Full 3 hrs – The Shahrukh Khan Show broadcasted on the BBC Asian Network on the 20th June 2012 celebrating 20 yrs
    6. Fabulous Life of Shah Rukh Khan
    7. Living With a Superstar: Shahrukh Khan
    8. The rise and rise of Shahrukh Khan
    9. The Inner World of Shahrukh Khan / The Outer World of Shahrukh Khan
    10. Shahrukh Remembers
    11.Shah Rukh on Oye It’s Friday
    12. EXCLUSIVE : SENSATIONAL UNTOLD Story of Bollywood Star Shahrukh Khan

    All of these are in English or have subtitles. Happy hunting.

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  14. I’ve been mostly offline this weekend. What a nice bunch of comments and links to come back to! I almost posted this link in the SRK and Gauri post, but Claudia’s comment about loving the parts he keeps to himself also reminded me of it. This interview has some of his nicest quotes about Gauri. I can’t find a longer clip, but just prior to this snippet, the interviewer is pressing him a little bit about whether he’s cheated or been tempted to cheat. My favorite line is “They know me 2D, Gauri knows me 3D.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kX6wkFH2nEs&t=27s


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  16. I only want to say – thank you Margaret. 🙂 It’s such a beautifully written post and you nailed it. It was such a joy to discover your blog after my JHMS hangover and this whole celebrations month was the icing on the cake and exactly what i needed. Oh and also thank you to all these insightful, funny, loving comments wich make it all so much more joyful and interesting.


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