2017 DCIB Awards for DCIB Posts!!!! Best TGIF

Something extra fun for you and torturous for me, you get to vote on which posts you liked best!  And I get to go “wait, that one?  The one I did no work on and didn’t even much like, that’s the one you want?”

You can ignore the lists below and just pick the one you remember best.  Or you can skim through the lists to remember which one you liked.  Or you can conscientiously click through each one and review it and then make an informed decision.  Whatever makes you happy!

You also don’t have to pick a “best” from each list, you can do just one or two that you really care about.

Put your picks in a comment below and I will count them up and announce the winners in a few days, when comments seem to have died down.


TGIF Smoking Men

TGIF Men in Beards

TGIF Salman’s Most Famous Feature

TGIF Sandwich Photos Would You Rather be in a Shahrukh-Salman Sandwich or Madhuri-Rani?

TGIF Garam-Dharam

TGIF Men and Women in Red

TGIF Men in Blue Jeans

TGIF In Honor of My Friend’s Birthday, Things She Likes

TGIF Men in Snow

TGIF Cuddly Men

TGIF The 6 Flavors of SRK

TGIF 13 Reasons Shahrukh Maybe a Vampire

TGIF 27 Shahrukh Images From His Favorite Photographer

TGIF Happy Coffee Day

TGIF Men Laying Down

TGIF Manly Men with Chest Hair

TGIF Boys and Bikes

TGIF Working Men

TGIF Men in Tuxes

TGIF Men in Glasses

TGIF Men in Ties

TGIF Feminist SRK

TGIF Feet First

TGIF Leather Jackets

TGIF Men in Sweater Vests

TGIF Sunglasses

TGIF Independence From Clothes

TGIF Pride-Themed, Gayest Images


TGIF A Game of Five

TGIF Bahubali Cast in Modern Clothes

TGIF Boys and Their Mothers

TGIF Men in White

TGIF Vinod Khanna

TGIF Elevator Fantasies

TGIF Hot Jesus

TGIF Turbans

TGIF Men and Women With Swords

TGIF A Vitamin C Filled Post

TGIF Women Being Worshipped

TGIF Men and Women in Scarves

TGIF Best Couples

TGIF Abhi Baby

TGIF Kingly Men

TGIF Traditional Men

TGIF Actors and Actresses and Baby Animals

TGIF Hrithik Week

TGIF Men in Uniform


28 thoughts on “2017 DCIB Awards for DCIB Posts!!!! Best TGIF

    • Excellent choices all around! I’m awfully fond of the pride post myself. Zoya and Reema are just so cute together it makes me smile every time I look at them.


  1. With the cold here in the Northeast, I’m going with Men in Snow then Men in Tuxes follwed by ANYTHING in which SRK is featured.


    • Unfortunately, SRK is featured in almost all of them! Can you narrow it down to one of his birthday posts? Dabboo Ratnani, or 20 best body parts, or 13 reasons he is a Vampire, or 6 senses, or Feminist SRK?

      After all we have to be exact and formal in this very serious poll.


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  3. Choices, choices. They are all so gorgeous. Very well, Men in Blue Jeans,Smoking men and Glasses.How about a Men in Ponytail TGIF?


    • But I hate men in ponytails! And now I am picturing a guy in blue jeans and glasses and a ponytail smoking.

      However, I do approve of your choices. Especially because all 3 of those took a very very long time to put together.


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