News Round-Up: Couple News! Radhika and Dev, Prateik and Sanya, Tiger and Disha, Rana and Elephants

Well, romance is in the air! Or at least couples are in the air.  Everyone is pairing up in their own way

Radhika and Dev (or Anurag?)

The headline news is that Radhika was apparently cast in a film opposite Dev Patel.  Taking a moment to get meta here about how this was reported, isn’t it fascinating that for the Indian press/Radhika’s PR team it is natural to focus on the “Cast opposite Dev Patel” part of it?  Not who the director is, or any other details about the film, the first thing you would leak is the name of the biggest actor in the film?  It’s a star driven industry, even when reporting on other industries which are not star driven.

The not-headline news is that Radhika is working A LOT this year.  Splitting between mainstream films like Padman and arty stuff like an “anthology” film with Anurag Kashyap.  And another film with Anurag that has no details yet.  And a 3rd film produced by Phantom Films (Anurag’s company).  Is it possible that Anurag has, once again, fallen for a brilliant talented off-beat young actress?  That isn’t a slam at Radhika, I was blown away by her in what I have seen of her, but Anurag does have a type which is “brilliant young actress”, and he has a way of sucking those actresses in so they work primarily with him.  I would not be totally shocked to see rumors of them dating soon.

Image result for radhika apte anurag kashyap

(Oh yeah, they are definitely dating.  This is from 3 months ago, when he happened to go with her to MAMI where her film Parched was playing.  Sorry, I am just behind the curve on this!  But if I were giving Anurag advice, I would say “don’t work with the woman you love!  It confuses the relationship between personal and professional!  And also, stop dating women over 10 years younger than you!  It’s weird”)

Oh, and Radhika is also going to be the female lead in the Ayushmann Khurrana Sriram Raghavan movie.  Which makes sense, she was spectacular in a small part in Badlapur, not surprising that Sriram would want to work with her again.


Prateik and Sanya

Prateik Patil Babbar is engaged!  Like most people, I am strangely caring towards him just because his whole story is so sad, with the mother dying right after birth and father not really totally acknowledging him and everything.  Plus after seeing Arth, I am ALL IN on Smita, and I feel like if I like her, I need to like her son as well.

So I am distressed to hear he had a substance abuse problem, and relieved to hear he has apparently gotten it under control.  And also a little distressed that I am apparently so out of it I didn’t know he had a substance abuse problem.  No one tells me anything!!!!

But this does explain things.  Prateik was sooooooooooo promising after Dhobi Ghat and Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na.  And then Ekk Deewana Tha flopped, but that wasn’t totally his fault, and it’s okay to have one bad movie.  Only, he never really came back from that.  He did the truly horrendously awful Issaq, which seemed way way below his pay grade as it were.  With his name, and the audience goodwill he had built up, he should have been offered better things.  And he was also apparently a terrible acter in that film, which also made no sense based on what he had done before.  And then he didn’t sign anything after that.

(Even in this terrible Ram-Leela ripoff movie, his face still takes the camera just like his mother’s did)

But now, all is clear!  It was drugs.  Which could make people very cautious about signing him, and also make him into a terrible actor all of a sudden.  And now he is engaged and will be returning as the villain in Baaghi 2.  Which isn’t the greatest comeback role, if Baaghi 2 is anything like Baaghi 1, it will be a fairly superficial plot with shallow characters.  But the first step is just to show you are willing and able to work, then you can start getting picky about the work that is offered you.  Good for Prateik!  Getting back in the saddle again.

Oh, and his fiancee is apparently a politician’s kid from Lucknow?  Sanya Sagar?  Anyone know anything about her?


Tiger and Disha

Speaking of Baaghi 2, Disha Patani has been announced as the heroine.  Okay, fine, whatever. I guess Shraddha is too busy making FREAKING SAAHO to spend time with her previous franchises.  I didn’t mind Shraddha in Baaghi 1, it was pretty much the perfect Shraddha part.  She danced a little, she matched Tiger Shroff in “acting” ability and paleness, and we didn’t get too bogged down with caring about her character.

So fine, now Shraddha is out and we have a new pretty, pale, “actress” to take the part.  Disha was okay, I guess, in MS Dhoni, although Kiara Advani was much better.  But then Kiara Advani also had a more interesting character to play.  More importantly, Disha looked good with Tiger in that song video they did with the plot I don’t understand (they are chasing her purse snatcher?  And dancing?  And running out on a restaurant bill?)


Most importantly, of course, Disha is dating Tiger.  So acting together will be convenient.  Especially if they end up making a popular pair and can work together a lot, and form a little mini power couple.  Or they will break up halfway through filming and it will all be Very Very Messy.  If I were giving advice to Baaghi 2 director Ahmad Khan, after first telling him that I really liked what he did with the song “Dil cheez tujhe dedi” from Airlift and asking what it was like to be a child actor in Mr. India, I would say “Don’t cast a couple opposite each other in your film!  Not unless they are actually married.  Anything short of that, and it might not last, and then your film will be in super big trouble and BLAH.  Remember Jagga Jasoos!”  That’s what I would tell him, but no one listens to me.


Haathi Mere Saathi-NO!

Speaking of people not listening to me, some fool has decided to remake Haathi Mere Saathi.  NO!!!!  It is the PERFECT MOVIE!!!!  I don’t want to see a gritty realistic remake of a film about the love between a man and his elephants and how his girlfriend-later-wife has to make her peace with that.

Nice idea to star Rana, and to make it a trilingual (Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu).  Just don’t try to connect it to my precious Haathi Mere Saathi original!  I don’t want any of this:


To ruin my memories of this:

10 thoughts on “News Round-Up: Couple News! Radhika and Dev, Prateik and Sanya, Tiger and Disha, Rana and Elephants

  1. Radhika Apte is married though so I don’t think she’s dating Anurag. 🤔
    I feel the same way about Prateik. Ah poor kid. He was so promising in JTYJN. I specifically went to see Dhobi ghat for him. But substance abuse and recovery hasn’t been good for his career. Here’s hoping he returns and makes an impact.
    I quite liked Disha in MSD. She seemed lovely in the kaun tujhe song. I have some hope for her, maybe she’ll live up to them?
    One can always hope.
    Rana’s Movie’s first look is impressive, I hope it’s not an adaptation. It could be really good. I’m just being too hopeful today.
    Also no Shraddha news. Yay.


    • She’s married to an ethnomusicologist! I had a family friend who was getting his PhD in that, to which we all went “what the heck is ethnomusicology?” So glad to know he isn’t the only person in the world who studied it. Although he also seems to be London based while Radhika is Bombay based, so I am sticking with my “Anurag and Radhika, sitting in a tree…” theory.

      I’m glad to have the Prateik puzzle solved, now that we know it was drugs. I just couldn’t see how that kid from JTYJN didn’t become a big star.

      I like your optimistic approach to Disha! If nothing else, she can’t be worse than Shraddha, right?

      The idea of an action movie starring a Muhaat is good, but I really don’t want them to use the Haathi Mere Saathi title! And then claim it will be a “tribute” to Rahesh Khanna, which makes me think it might be a little more closely tied to the original. Just don’t do a rap/hip-hop remix of the title song, that’s all I ask.

      On Thu, Jan 4, 2018 at 10:55 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I see that poster image and the thought bubble above my head says “Rana is so freaking hott!”

    Love me some Radhika Aapte. She’s got a bunch of short films on YouTube that are top notch. I hope she makes an impact in Bollywood, or even brings Marathi film further into the mainstream.

    Interesting to see how Tiger is in his own wheelhouse and developing his USP. But I’d like to see him in a multi starrer, where he can build his basic acting skills by playing off other actors who are more experienced than him. I don’t need him to have top notch acting skills, but right now he’s almost lost when he’s not doing action or dance, so he needs to improve his acting skills to improve the filler space between action and dance in his films.

    A local acquaintance friend of mine – who I know through the local salsa community – just announced this morning that he will be in the next Prithviraj film, Ranam! I don’t think he’s been in a film before other than a couple of bootstrap indies. So exciting! Look out for “Giju John” in the end credits of Ranam! 🙂


    • Most of the news reports seem to be focused on how Rana changed his body from the super bulked up version in BB. Which was not what I was wondering about At All. I just liked the way he looked, didn’t even notice that he was a lot skinnier until they pointed it out. But I think it looks good on him.

      Hrithik was another “actor” who started out not that great. Although I think even in KHNH he was a little better than Tiger is now. Anyway, Hrithik did exactly like you said and he did turn into a pretty good actor between the action and dancing! Maybe SOTY (if he is still in that) will help Tiger do the same. I feel like Karan has high standards for the actors in his productions, even if he is just producing he will expect a little more than the total opaqueness Tiger has given us before.

      And very very cool about your friend! I’ll look for him.

      On Thu, Jan 4, 2018 at 12:28 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Prateik might still make it to the top.Look at Sanjay Dutt’s career graph.After his detoxification he literally had no films at hand.But his family supported him.His brother-in-law Kumar Gaurav produced Naam and acted alongside him.After Sanjay’s brilliant performance, there was no looking back.Prateik needs that one film to get the audience’s attention.Though sadly Baaghi won’t probably be it.


    • I have hope that Baaghi will be the film that gets him the Naam equivalent film. If he shows that he is willing to show up for work on time and do the promotions and so on, and can still act, than some producer might be willing to give him a chance with something bigger.

      On Fri, Jan 5, 2018 at 8:20 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. Nooooo not Haathi Mere Saathi..what kind of a moron would choose that?whenever a foolish film maker says he got inspired or it was my childhood dream to remake an already perfect movie you just know it will be ruined…
    I’m actually interested to see Radhika-Dev pairing..again hope it has a good story..
    Don’t care about Baaghi..1 or 2 don’t care..i would rather see shraddha kapoor in Saho rather than in Baaghi franchise.
    Prateik can act no doubt about that but the problem with kids of legends/senior actors is that they sign the most shitty movies like Tushar kapoor,Tiger(seriously can’t believe that is his name) ,Fardeen khan and the list goes on.If Prateik doesn’t stop signing rubbish movies he’l soon join the list.I actually liked him in Dhobi Ghat.As for Tiger-Disha i don’t think they’re really a couple .i don’t know i find it a little strange and fake..
    Also i wanted to tell you this but be a little more active on twitter


    • Prateik had a pretty good list at the start, Dhobi Ghat was a brilliant choice for a debut, not a complete leading role, in an art film that let him show his acting ability more than anything else, and making connections with Aamir Khan. Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na was a good follow up, gently introduced him to the mainstream audience. Ekk Haseena Tha wasn’t a terrible first star role option, sensitive interesting kind of hero, awesome soundtrack, proven track record in other industries. It flopped, but that wasn’t on him. And then (I assume) the drugs made him unemployable and he got stuck with Issaq.

      So I have hope! Baaghi 2 as the villain, maybe it will be interesting, and it’s proving that he can do the job in a regulated corporate kind of a film.

      Oh, and twitter is just something I cannot do. Both because I can’t boil my thoughts down to 40 characters (or whatever it is now), and because the technical structure doesn’t work as well for me to be able to fit it into my life. I know that seems crazy because it is on so many platforms, but that’s the truth, I can respond to this comment from you now in my personal email while at work very easily, opening up a new window and logging in to twitter is a lot harder for me.

      However, I know that you are one of the most faithful in re-tweeting me and responding to my tweets, and I really appreciate that!

      On Fri, Jan 5, 2018 at 9:24 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. welcome 🙂 ..i love being a little chatty but to be honest if you are more active on twitter you can attract more people to your website but totally understand do it only if you want…Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na ..oh wow now i remember Prateik had a blink and miss role in this movie..i kept wondering when did he do this movie…now the songs from that movie are going on in my head..


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