Happy Birthday Amrita Singh! A Dozen Reasons I Love You!

Amrita Singh!  She has such a fascinating life story that I can’t resist writing about her.  And it’s her birthday, so why not?

1.1. I love you because you are a Delhi-ite, which is a unique kind of “outsider” in Indian film, a very good old Delhi family, but still not someone who went to the Bombay schools with everyone else.

2. I love you because you are one of Shahrukh Khan’s oldest friends, possibly his very oldest friend, his playmate as a child and the daughter of one of his mother’s closest friends, and it is so odd that they both ended up movie stars!

3. I love you because you made your debut at 25, old for an actress, and became a star almost immediately.

4. I love you because you had smoking hot chemistry with Sunny in your first film!


5.  I love you because you did this cute song with your childhood playmate in one of his first movies.


6. I love you because you completely committed to the “evil” role in Aaina.


7. I love you for being 33, going on one date with a hot young 21 year old prince, and having him fall so passionately in love with you that he moves into your house that night and never leaves.

Image result for saif amrita

8. I love you for retiring at the peak of your career, because you wanted to have kids with your hot young husband instead of acting.

9. And I really love you for coming back to acting post divorce with barely a step missed, turning villain in a soap opera followed by a serious of wonderful older woman roles that aren’t quite the usual mother parts.

10. I love you for stealing A Flying Jatt from Tiger Shroff (not that it’s hard to steal a movie from Tiger, but it should be acknowledged)


11.  And you stole Aurangzeb from Arjun Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Prithviraj, Rishi Kapoor, and even Jackie Shroff.

12.  And finally, you were the complicated heart and soul of 2 States, elevating it from an over-wrought young people romance to something a lot deeper.


Bonus reason I love you: THIS SONG!!!!

12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Amrita Singh! A Dozen Reasons I Love You!

  1. Also, having a son THAT LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE SAIF! It unbelievable how identical both resemble each other.
    Also, being a supportive mother to her wanna-be heroine daughter and possibly competing with Sridevi and her daughter for THIS YEAR’S Debut Award. Has any movies been confirmed with Sara?

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  2. Thanks for posting on her birthday! She completely won me over in Raju ban gaya gentleman and I’ve really liked her in everything I’ve seen her in since. Which is not nearly enough. I didn’t know she and Shah Rukh were childhood friends. That ups the awwww factor in the “having dinner in Delhi” scene in RBGG when she gets buttermilk on her upper lip. So cute!

    Where can I read more about her? Any biography recs?


    • I don’t know if there is a biography about her out there, this is put together from various reference in other people’s biographies and profiles. She does have a fascinating life, her mother was very close with the Gandhis, and part of Sanjay Gandhi’s whole reform thing, which isn’t necessarily the best recommendation of a person, but may not be the worst, it was a complicated time. Her mother was friends with Shahrukh’s mother and got Shahrukh’s mother a job as a “justice”, which I don’t quite understand, but seems to have been a partially honorary position, not full time, but something that would help with the family income after Shahrukh’s father died. Amrita is 7 years older than Shahrukh, so I don’t imagine they were that close as children, but they would have known each other and played together sometimes.

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