Happy Birthday Udita Goswami! A Half-Dozen Reasons I Love You!

I already did a dozen for Amrita, I’m TIRED!  So only a half-dozen for Udita.  Mostly songs.  And one super sexy scene (see if you can guess which one!)

1.1. I love you for being a solid Bhatt sexy thriller actress and not ashamed of it.

2. I love you for lowkey dating Mohit Suri, Bhatt nephew, for 9 years before marrying him.  Continuing the Bhatt trend of being wild onscreen, and very loyal and kind of boring off screen.

3. I love you forever for doing this scene in your first movie, the reason I had to register for a youtube account back in college and prove I was over 18 so I could watch it.


4. I love you for being torn between Emran and Dino in this badly lit but very catchy song sequence.


5.  I love you for acting like Emraan’s shirt isn’t hideous in this song.


6.  And finally, circling back to the beginning, I love you for helping bring to life peak John Abraham hotness.


Bonus: I love you for inspiring your boyfriend of 9 years while you were going through a rough patch into bringing this gloriously over the top romance to life.


8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Udita Goswami! A Half-Dozen Reasons I Love You!

  1. I love her for being in Paap. It’s a remake of Witness, right? First time i heard of or saw her or John Abraham. i actually saw this in the theater, beautiful cinematography on the big screen. Made me an instant fan of them both. I thought this might usher in further acceptance of non traditional ethnicities in Bollywood film, but unfortunately it was a one off.


    • I’ve never seen Paap straight through, just the songs, is it worth watching?

      On Fri, Feb 9, 2018 at 10:10 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • It was def worth it on the big screen, with these 2 unknown beautiful actors, and vinod khanna, and Witness was only 10 yrs old (so it was still part of one’s consciousness as a standout American film), and with overt sexuality being new to mainstream bollywood.

        With all of that context gone, it’s probably less of a must watch, except for the cinematography and from a film history perspective, and for udita’s debut. She is just so lovely in this.


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