Happy Birthday Yash and Roohi!!!!!

A happy post! To balance the serious one from earlier today.  And also because I looooooooooooove Yash and Roohi.  Most serious and concerned babies ever!

First, let us have a look at the birthday boy and girl!  And, call me crazy, but is Roohi actually reaching out?  For once?  Instead of hiding behind Yash?


Although this video from the party confirms that, as always appeared in still photos, Roohi is the more needy twin while Yash is the more brave and adventurous one.



Anyway, a bunch of people came.  AbRam continues to be Over It in terms of papparazzi outside his car.

Taimur, on the other hand, still gets a kick out of all the flashing lights and things.


It was an interesting mix of guests, a fair number of them had children around the same age.  Tusshar brought Lakshman.

Shahid’s wife and daughter were there.

Aish was there with Aaradha.

And Salman’s adorable nephew Ahil

Soha was there, but apparently without Inaaya.

Kiran Rao came, but apparently without Azad.

Rani was there with Adira, but no photos of her were made available (if they were editing photos that hard, they should have gotten rid of this one of Kareena, she looks TERRIBLE!  In a “bad angle and bad lighting” way, not like she is actually bad looking)

Inside Karan Johar's Twins Roohi And Yash's 1st Birthday Party

Speaking of, Shweta also looked terrible.  Maybe Karan just has really really bad lighting in his apartment?

Varun was there, looking shockingly mature and manly with a beard and a baby.  Why can’t he play this kind of person onscreen?

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And my favorite, Manish Malhotra looking as stylish as always, but with a baby attached to him!

Alia was there and posted a cute message to her “siblings”

Alia was dressed very impractically, by the way!  Looked great, but it is not what I would wear were I to play with a messy clingy grabby baby.

Alia was part of a small contingent of non-baby having guests.  Most of them were like Alia, so incredibly close to Karan that of course they would be invited.  But Aditi Rao Hydari?

And Deepika?  I mean, I don’t think they have a feud with him or anything, but I’ve never heard they are super close.



Even among the having-kids crowd, there were a few people who were a bit odd.  Aish and Karan, not enemies by any means, but also haven’t heard they were super close.  Kiran and Karan too.  And Shahid’s family.  And Soha.

So I think Karan, on a smaller level than Adi with Adira’s party, is trying to do a bit of networking and baby connection making.  He invited people with children of a similar age, so that Yash and Roohi can start making those lifetime bonds that Karan himself was jealous of when he first started getting into the really really filmi crowd.  And he invited people without babies, just because it was a bit of a networking opportunity for himself.



(oh, also, Alia’s photo has sparked a lot of talk about Yash being “white”.  First, Yash is an adorable baby and that’s really all we need to know about him.  Second, lighting is weird, things can look different.  Third, none of our business what backgound Yash’s biological mother has, all we need to know is that she was a generous soul who helped Karan form his miracle family.)

14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Yash and Roohi!!!!!

  1. Interestingly, photographers had boycotted this event. They were angry that Karan had asked them to come and told them the guests would step out of the car and let them take pics. But nobody did except Alia. So they all got mad and left.

    Gauri is also there in the car with SRK and Abram but she was trying very hard to hide and mostly succeeded.


    • I wondered about that! It was an odd mixture of photos, looks like Soha posed as well. But everything else was fuzzy shots through car windows.


    • Yes! I am guessing it was really hot in Bombay today. Also, speaking of what to wear after giving birth, Soha’s top has a definite “body still adjusting post baby” look to it to me. While also being very pretty and appropriate.

      On Thu, Feb 8, 2018 at 3:32 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • I like it in general, but that angle and lighting really highlights the bags under her eyes and stuff. I think she looks better in the car shots even.

      On Thu, Feb 8, 2018 at 3:35 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Aish and Karan are super close. Every interview of theirs says so atleast. About how Karan and Aish always catch up .. even though they’ve wanted to work together since kkhh days things never worked out until AdHM but they remained close pals who apparently hang out and talk more than most filmy pals. Or some such thing🤔

    Apparently Mira Shahid and Karan started getting close after KWK and they hang out a lot these days which explains their presence.
    Though I’m stumped by Aditi 😂 and I feel Karan hates deepika but she’s way too successful for him to act on his feelings.😂
    Varun looks so lovable with that baby. 😘 Alia’s dress is weird but that’s the kind of dress that’s all over shops here in India right now. So she’s just being trendy I suppose.


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