Wednesday Watching: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking This Week, and What is the Filmi Couple You ‘Ship?

Happy Wednesday!  I am halfway through my tedious tedious work week.  Thank goodness I have my awesome playlist to get me through.  Oh, and I also have a question for you all that will be super fun for us to discuss!

I’ll start!

Reading: Not much, I am so wiped at the end of the day that I can’t handle thinking.  But my sister just recommended to me Jonathan Strange & Mr. Nerrell. Have any of you read it?  Would be a good vacation book?

Thinking: I’m going on vacation!  Very very briefly, a long weekend to go somewhere with slightly warmer weather and sunshine for a little bit.  And also let my brain go fallow.  I’ll still be blogging, but blogging is much easier when it isn’t scheduled in around work-work.

Watching: Well, I finished Breathe, which got me in the mood for similar TV mystery type things.  I watched a few of my favorite episodes of MI5/Spooks, and am considering diving back into Scott & Bailey from the beginning again.


And now, a question for you!  What is the real life ‘ship you fell in love with?  Not just how an actor and actress are onscreen, but how awesome they are together off screen? (not necessarily romantically)

For me, Shahrukh and Kajol (obviously), I love them together in interviews.  And Prabhas and Anushka.  Also, Shahrukh and Arjun, they are so cute together!

Boman and Farah.  Juhi and Aamir (so cute now that they are older couple friends!).  Shahrukh and Madhuri, only off-screen, but not on.  I have A Lot!!!!

How about you?  Who do you always love to see in interviews together, and sometimes look at their joint photoshoots when you want to be cheered up?


35 thoughts on “Wednesday Watching: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking This Week, and What is the Filmi Couple You ‘Ship?

  1. Dulquer and Nithya Menon have such great chemistry and are really cute together. I wouldn’t want them to be a couple IRL (because seems like Dulquer is madly in love with his gorgeous wife) but act in more movies.


  2. I can’t answer because I hardly watch promotions related things, interviews, shows etc. and I know nothing about actors outside the movies. But I do watched odd interview with Zarine Khan and her partner from Aksar 2 (don’t judge me 😉 ) today. Zarine was cute but the guy terrible so they certainly won’t become my favourite couple.

    Things I watched this week: I finished Prabhuvinte Makkal! Hurray for me! It was tough, and unfortunately not in “difficult but rewarding” way, but more like “I’m so happy I don’t have to watch it anymore”. But at least here Tovino has a role, not like in “I love me” and Vinay Forrt was kinda sexy when he did yoga shirtless (now I’m judging myslef because those were the only things I like in a serious movie about atheism and communism 😉 )


    • Never judge yourself for appreciating shirtless yoga! You are re-appropriating the gaze in a feminist act, and appreciating an ancient Indian art form at the same time.

      On Wed, Feb 21, 2018 at 9:35 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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      • After Prabhuvinte.. my brain was screaming: watch something stupid, and that’s the reason I was watching Aksar 2 stuff, but couldn’t find the entire movie so I watched Pretentious Movie Review about Prem Aggan instead and it was so funny (like always) that I thought: why not watch the movie? And OMG it’s soooooo hilarious. One of the finest “so bad it’s good” . Please watch it, or even better do “let’s watch the movie together” with this one. It’s too good to watch companionless .


  3. Preity & Saif. My favorite jodi. Something about the two of them just matches – their looks, their east-west sensibilities. I loved then in salaam Namaste and khnh, and wish it were preity instead of rani and dips in hum tum and love aaj kaal. It would be great to see then together now in a mid life rom com.


    • I love Rani and Saif in Hum-Tum, I feel like it is the perfect role for Rani, smart and mature and all that. However, Preity in Love Aaj Kal would have been GREAT. Especially if they had slightly aged the characters up, which I want anyway because Saif looked ridiculously old. But if it was Saif and Preity, and hte characters were more like late 20s-early 30s people midway in their career waiting for their big break, that would work better.

      On Wed, Feb 21, 2018 at 10:01 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. Great questions this week! And very timely since most of North America (and, I suspect, many around the world) are obsessed right now with whether or not the incredibly hot and amazing ice dancers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are a real life couple. I have gone done the rabbit hole but I’ve been obsessed with figure skating in general for a long time!

    I kind of ‘ship Parineeti and Arjun Kapoor. I don’t know why but they seem to suit each other. And I used to love Abhishek and Preity as a ‘ship, especially because of their classic KWK episode. And I’m loving the idea of Ajay and Tabu right now, too.

    Reading this week: finishing up the micro-history of St. Marks Place in NYC and started a fun rom-com called Roomies by Christina Lauren with an Irish musician hero and lots of fun NYC musical theater content.

    Watching: mostly Olympic figure skating (see above), but also finally got a chance to watch a full Hindi film…Love Per Square Foot on Netflix. It had some obvious faults…too long and way too predictable and a bit of forced humor at times. However, overall, it was quite charming. Vicky Kaushal is quite sexy. And I loved Angira Dhar in the web series Bang Baajaa Baaraat, directed by the same guy as this film, and it feels like a natural extension…plus I think Sumeet Vyas was the writer and I enjoy his modern dialogue and storytelling. Both leads were great and it was fun to see the Pathak sisters in fun roles and sharing the screen (even if the religious/cultural differences humor was cliched). I continue to be fascinated whenever portrayals of the Indian Catholic community pops up on screen.


    • And there was a completely surprising (to me) cameo at the end of Love Per Square Foot which totally worked for me. I remember when I started watching Hindi films that I was always so surprised by or sometimes even missed the “import” of cameo appearances because I wasn’t as plugged in to all of the gossip and industry stuff. So whenever a cameo surprised me it’s a great thing since this is such a big part of the industry.


    • I think I just saw that Parineeti and Arjun signed a 3rd film together, after this current 2nd film finishes filming. So, yaaay for that ship!

      Have not seen that Preity-Abhi KWK episode! But I loved them together in JBJ, and I feel like her perky peppiness mixes well with his laidback cool guy vibe.

      Just looked up Vicky Kaushal, and it appears he played the young version of Kunal Kapoor in Luv Shuv To Chicken Khurrana (which used to be on Netflix and now isn’t, but if you can find it, I think it would be right up your alley). And he was also in Bombay Velvet, but I have managed to block most of that traumatic horrible movie from my head, so I don’t remember him. However, coming up he is in the Karan Johar segment of Bombay Talkies 2, which means he is making the right connections, and in Sanju (if that ever comes out).

      On Wed, Feb 21, 2018 at 10:14 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Vicky Kaushal is definitely going to be everywhere and he’s already got some interesting variety of films in the past with the critically acclaimed Masaan and Raghav 2.0. He’s the next big thing for sure. Don’t forget Raazi with Alia. I own Luv Shuv Chicken Khurrana and it’s really fun. And I love Bombay Velvet (I’m one of those), but his role in that is pretty forgettable.

        You must go watch that episode of KWK (season 1, episode 15) one of the best ever! I think it’s on Hotstar?


  5. How did you like Breathe? I can’t bring myself to watch it because of the dying child angle, esp. now with the Douglas students being treated so horribly.

    I have no real life jodi preferences since I’m not really following the personal lives of most actors.

    Reading: the news, way too much
    Watching: Rewatching Talaash and appreciating it even more the second time around. Everyone is so good, even Kareena who I normally find off-putting.
    Thinking: How sad I am about the state of the world and grateful I’ve found Hindi films and the community around them.


    • Breathe really reminded me of Talaash! In the same way of all good crime shows, that use the opportunity to show how all of society is connected through examining one incident. The dying child angle is handled a little lightly, that is, the focus is on how Madhavan is handling (or failing to handle) the situation more than on the child himself, he only gets one or two scenes per episode, and nothing terrible heart tugging. At least so far, no idea how the finale will handle things.

      It’s not the best show, in structure it feels very very familiar to Fargo, The Fall, True Detective, Luther, Broadchurch etc. etc. There is a criminal, there is a detective, the story sloooooooooowly unfolds following both of them, with isolated completed stories within each episode. NOT Breaking Bad, because it’s not an epic character journey, it’s definitely a contained story within these 8 episodes. I could see it maybe expanding to 3 seasons like Broadchurch or The Fall, but no more than that, and it would also be fine with just this one season. What is amazing about the show is Maddy’s performance, just brilliant and fun to watch. And also getting immersed in the Bombay setting.

      On Wed, Feb 21, 2018 at 10:37 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • It’s one of those great actor roles where he gets to be the character, the character-acting-like-someone-else, and the-character-having-a-hidden-emotional-crisis. So like 3 levels at once and he’s nailing them all perfectly. Plus it’s this fascinating thing where he is styled as “boring Dad type”, but his character is supposed to have this amazing charm that makes everyone like him unrelated to his appearance. So perfect casting for Maddy, he doesn’t seem like a young hot sexy cool dude, but he is the kind of guy that old women, old man, little kids, they would all just find charming.

          And seriously, you can fastforward all the little kid scenes without really missing any plot.

          On Wed, Feb 21, 2018 at 12:10 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  6. Guess I’m the odd one here.So long as the H& h are convincing onscreen they can hate each other’s guts with my blessing.Watched a B&W movie after a long long time.Kanoon, a courtroom drama from B.R Chopra where a lawyer Rajendra Kumar witnesses his mentor, Judge Ashok Kumar commit a murder.He’s engaged to the Judge’s daughter as well. No songs, minimal comedy and we have the jury system as well.The judge’s children have no compunction lying on the dock.Nanda our heroine in fact bribes the accused petty thief to plead guilty to the murder.


      • Have you heard the Rebecca story? Olivier really wanted his girlfriend Vivien Leigh to be cast opposite him, and he resented and hated Joan Fontaine for taking the role. She he did things like eating garlic right before their love scenes. The end result was that the feeling of “can I trust my husband or should I fear him?” that Joan was supposed to convey really really worked!

        Oh, and the other thing, have you seen Jab We Met yet? Amazing chemistry between Shahid and Kareena. They broke up during filming, and they have better chemistry in that movie than in anything they did together while they were dating. At least, I think so.

        On Wed, Feb 21, 2018 at 11:01 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • BR Chopra is so awesome! I was thrilled with Ittefaq partly because it felt like a throwback to the “real” BR Chopra films, not the sappy Baghban and Baabul, but the black and white stuff directed by BR himself where all of society is slightly corrupt.

      On Wed, Feb 21, 2018 at 10:43 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  7. I first liked SRK Kajol after watching Baazigar and was young enough to ship without quite knowing what shipping is. However I had already seen SRK going crazy over Gauri in his interviews so I always shipped them platonically and wished them to remain great friends and as crazy offscreen. This is probably my only ship where I genuinely value the friendship more than anything else.
    I briefly shipped akshay raveena cos I thought they had something going on? Much much later I got to know they did have something going on by the time my little boat had sailed in the opposite direction.
    I like SRK Juhi friendship. It’s survived a lot ups and downs. Especially as business partners.
    During Ajab prem ki, I thought (from their body language) ranbir and Katrina might end up together. Which they did and ugh, never shipping anybody with ranbir again. He’s best watched onscreen.

    I like ranveer anushka together onscreen and they were crazy funny offscreen but I moved on to virushka happily.

    During HTP promotions I liked Parineeti and Sid together. A lot. It’s the most fun Sid has ever been in interviews. They had this whole Punjabi humour and inside jokes that were hilarious to watch. Then they kind of stopped being friends? Later when Sid started dating alia they became friends again? Eh, I don’t know.

    Varun and Alia are good to watch offscreen. I don’t understand the complicated equation they have but I don’t care enough to dig further since atleast he’s taken. What’s alia’s current status?

    Pranushka. Oh my god. I need this ship to sail. That’s all. The amount of hours I have wasted watching hour long music release functions and what not need resolution of the best kind. I watched hour long Telugu interviews (I don’t understand the language but I began to after watching too many interviews and movies).

    Lol as somebody mentioned, right now I’m with the rest of the world shipping Olympic ice dancers virtuemoir.


    • So many ships! Your life has been filled with passion.

      I can’t remember exactly, but somehow I also knew about Shahrukh and Gauri from the start, so I always shipped him and Kajol platonically. But I really really want them to like each other and care about each other and all of those things! Without like actually being in love.

      I really like Akshay and Raveena together onscreen, I felt like they didn’t just have romantic chemistry, but actual “we like each other” chemistry. But oh well, he and Twinkle are delightful too, I can survive.

      Yeah, I agree about Ranbir. Oh wait, no I don’t! I totally want him to end up with Mahira and I am super shipping the two of them together now.

      Did you also move on to Dips-Ranveer, or is Ranveer-Anushka still your favorite Ranveer ship?

      Oh I kind of want Parineeti and Sid together! She is so bouncy and he is so not, I can totally see them being a nice pair of opposites.

      Alia so far as I’ve heard is always officially single, but she was spending a lot of time with Sid and it really seemed like they were dating, and now I guess it really seems like they aren’t? Personally, my guess is that Sid and Varun and Alia legitimately had a “just friends” brother-sister kind of thing during SOTY, Alia and Varun are still super close in a brother-sister way, Alia and Sid started dating sometime in the past year or so after being just friends for a long time, and have now broken up but are still close. I said somewhere, maybe about Varun’s KWK episode, that his relationships with women have always puzzled me. But learning that he has been with Natasha since, like, college made it all make sense to me. I am assuming Alia and all his other co-stars knew that he was super super committed to his girlfriend even if the public didn’t, so there is a certain kind of closeness you can have with a guy that you know 100% is taken and will never be romantically interested in you.

      Yes Pranushka is amazing!!!!! I want them to get married, but short of that, I want them to officially marry other people and then give long interviews about how their families vacation together and stuff, like Shahrukh and Karan.

      On Wed, Feb 21, 2018 at 12:06 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  8. I’ve been obsessing about Pari. To the extent of watching the teaser and trailer breakdowns. I think I’m gonna have to go see it, if I can find someone to go with me. Normally I don’t mind seeing movies by myself in a theater, but I couldn’t handle a horror movie solo.

    I started wondering what “Not a Fairytale” means, so I did some internet sleuthing and I’m quite proud of myself. Apparently a peri is a Persian supernatural being–it is spelled pari in later variations and Arabic/Semitic languages. Peri are sort of fallen angels, or demons who waver back and forth between good and evil. They are the enemies of some worse demons, the Div, who have committed wholly to evil. The Div capture peri in iron cages sometimes.

    Peri are often depicted as fair young women (hence Anushka’s freckles and light eyes?). In later stories, including some by English language Orientalist stories, human men capture peri wives by stealing their clothes. In these stories the peri wife either gets her own clothes back or is helped by a friendly agent and manages to escape, often after having children with her human (terrible) husband.

    But the oldest and most common idea of peris is that are beings who are forbidden entrance into paradise until they repent or do some act of redemption. If Anushka’s Pari is indeed a peri it opens up so many interesting possibilities!

    Friendly shipping–I enjoyed how the Happy New Year ensemble interacted during promos. Shah Rukh with any of his leading ladies during promotions–he gels with each of them in a unique way–the consummate actor, I guess. My romantic ships are mostly covered in the married couples post from before. Adding Virushka and Farah and Shirin (I want her to be happy). I also ship Karan and any smart, stable, loving long term partner who loves his mom and his kids and doesn’t care about fame.


    • Thank you for the Pari background! Super helpful, not just for this film, but in general since “Pari” is a very common word I’ve heard in love songs and stuff. It’s always translated as “Fairy”, but it has this odd “seductress” flavor to it that I don’t usually associate with “fairy”. This make sense, a female who is sort of magical and more than human, but also dangerous so you are little in awe of them.

      I feel like Shahrukh at some point around 1999 realized that the whole filming process was easier and more enjoyable if he really made an effort to bond with his female co-stars. When he talks about Divya Bharti or even his early Juhi films, there isn’t the same kind of joking caring closeness that he always seems to have now.

      And Karan and Manish Malhotra! After I wrote my fanfic about them, I have gotten more and more sure that this is the “love that was right in front of me the whole time” for Karan. They’r best friends! He calls Manish his “sunshine” in his life! They go for morning walks together!

      On Wed, Feb 21, 2018 at 12:53 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I will look out for “pari” in songs now!

        I don’t get great vibes from Manish. I mean, obviously, what do I know. But he doesn’t seem like nice person. Just always has this little smirk on. Maybe that’s just his standard expression when he’s in public and he can’t help it…


        • I just tried to find a photo of Manish without the smile, and you are right! It’s totally his photo face! I can’t find anything without it. He also looks like he might have had some work done, which makes his face less expressive.

          Here’s the first song I thought of with “Pari”:


  9. Ah! PRANUSHKA all the wayy!! Pre-Pranushka, I was all Sid-neeti (Sid and Parineeta) but, Sid is a douche who uses his relationship to promote his movies. Sid and Parineeti was during the time of HTP. Jerk. I dont know any other actor who would use his relationship to promote his movies.

    Reading: Organic Chemistry for Dummies
    Thinking: JUDWAA 2 WAS POOP! urg! Like the heroines of the movie, have some respect for yo self. And! it was aa HIT?!?!?! thinking how dumb people are to watch and like this movie. What happened to Charles at the end? oh please god, no Judwaa 2 of Charles taking revenge!!!
    Watching: 3 day weekend so a lot! Judwaa 2, Bairelly ki Barfi, Amen, Double Barrel (Amen made me a LJP fan, but double barrel, like what was this?!?!) Tumhari Sulu (sooo cute!! i need a supportive husband like that and Vidya Balan killed it!!) Tiger Zinda Hai and Gudalochana ( a comedy featuring Aju Varghese and Dhyan Sreenivasan).
    My family saw Aadhi and they loved it! Bro is a huge parkour fan, and papa is a huge mohanlal fan and BOOM!#FutureFans. From your review, I honestly didnt expect them to like it. So wonderful for mohanlal to launch his son in the most fool-proof way of being a HIT. Sadly, there were like no promotions. No interviews nothing! There is this interview show called Badai Bagalaw where all the top stars come to promote, and I expected Mohanlal and Pranav to come since they are so close to the host, Mukesh. ZILCH! i CANT BELIEVE PRANAV PULLED A MAMMOOTY (who does limited interviews) IN HIS FIRST MOVIE.


    • Shahid and Vidya and Priyanka, and Sushant and his first girlfriend, somehow I got the same vibes of the guy using the actress, whether to help with film promotions, or just convince her to suggest him for film roles, or whatever it was. Shahid and Kareena, Kat and Salman, that I don’t mind, because it felt like obviously everyone knew what was happening. But the ones where somehow it feels like one person might be forming a real bond, and the other one knows he/she is just doing it for publicity, that bothers me.

      If it helps Judwaa 2 was a qualified hit. The per screens weren’t that great, Mubarakan and Golmaal Again did just as good and without all the misogyny. So maybe the audience just wants a big silly comedy film and would have taken anything.

      For LJP, CITY OF GOD!!!! I am a total addict for that movie, it’s fine on the first watch, but watches 2-200 it just gets better every time. Also, Angamaly diaries.

      Some other commentator was speculating that Pranav just didn’t care that much, not enough to bother promoting. Which made me really not like him! IT’S YOUR JOB! DO THE WORK!


      • Ohhh! Angamaly Diaries was by LPJ!! Omg! Gonna check out City of God!

        You know what will really set me off? If Pranav gets any award next year like “UPCOMING STAR” or worse. “BEST DEBUNTANTE”. I will really be praying for the world. Those wanna be besties with mohanlal be pulling off everything to get his acknowledgement. I live in lowkey LA and one of Mohanlal’s movies was shot here, so he met a lot of mallu families here who welcomed him into his house and gave him hospitality. There were like 3 shows of Aadhi playing everyday 2 weekends in a row. Preety sure the local distributor was called by mohanlal, hence, the screen count! Otherwise, I can’t think of any reason. Many people were offset by pranav’s Lack of commitment (like no smiling, juat sadness) and didn’t bother to watch and when my family went to see it, there like him, bro, mom and another family in the theatre.


        • Thank you, that is EXACTLY what I thought looking at the screen counts versus per screen take! That there was some leaning going on to get it on as many screens as possible, but no one really wanted to see it.

          And now I feel like a bad influence blogger, City of God is super “adult” in a lot of ways. Drugs aren’t cool! Don’t have sex before marriage! Just because the movie stars do it doesn’t mean it is right!


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