Upcoming Movies! Songs and Posters

There’ve been a few songs released while I wasn’t looking, none of them super exciting, but I might as well combine them all onto one post.  So we can all talk about how excited, angry, or “meh” they make us feel.

First the First Look.  To which I land somewhere between angry and “meh”.  Angry because it is such a boring manliness and violence and hard bodies kind of image.  And not in a fun way, but in a serious dark angry way.  But “meh” because it is just slightly so far over the top that I can’t take it seriously.  Especially little Tiger’s efforts to look angry and intense instead of like he is doing the Zoolander “Blue Steel” look.

Image result for baaghi 2 first look

And the poster may have almost nothing to do with the movie anyway, this was the poster for Baaghi 1, which was very intense and dark and sexy and all that, and then the film itself was none of those things.

Related image


On the “exciting” side of things, Raid songs!!!!!  Everything I see is making me like this movie more.  Ajay does paperwork!  He wears glasses!!!!  His wife gives him his briefcase in the morning and he takes an umbrella in case it rains!  This is the Ajay-hero I want.


And the slightly more romantic song, less paperwork and glasses, and yet I still like it!  They are sweet, they are interacting with each other, there is no creepy striptease moment like in Baadshaho.  It’s a nice slow love story of nice slow people who respect and care for each other.  So nice!


And finally, Hichki!  I strongly suspect this will be either just a promo song, or the only song in the film.  It has that feel, more about showing the themes than being part of the plot.  It’s a nice idea, everyone has a “hichki” they need to accept and move past.  But I feel like it could be expressed slightly better.  Not sure how, but it just felt too obvious and not obvious enough at the same time.


Also, I am kind of getting sick of the YRF promo songs that put the stars front and center and express the theme of the film and rapidly cut through an interesting setting.  Fan, Befikre, Tiger Zinda Hai, and now Hichki.  They need a new formula!  Or maybe it just bothers me because I have to keep watching all of them and other people won’t mind.

21 thoughts on “Upcoming Movies! Songs and Posters

  1. Omg Tiger! Isn’t Baaghi a remake of Varsham, starring Prabhas? What’s the storyline of Baaghi 2 going to be? Too bad the posters do not give anything away!!!
    Wait. Box office wise, did Baaghi even do commercially good?

    After the heavily promoted (successful) disaster of Tiger Zinda Hai, YRF sucks! Since Rani is the wife of the boss, they are preety much putting in our faces. Doesn’t YRF have a policy of limited promotions unless it is a huge star? Hmmmmmmmmmm

    I honestly wish there were good movies coming out. Movies that were exciting to look forward to and ACTUALLY delivered! The only movie that I am looking forward to this year is Zero, which is releasing in December!!
    What movies are you looking forward to?


    • Yep, Baaghi is almost shot for shot Varsham. At least for the romance plot. They added in a whole thing with Tiger studying kung fu and changed up the action scenes, but the train meeting and being called on to save her from kidnappers and so on and so on is all the same. No idea what the storyline of Baaghi 2 will be and this poster doesn’t really tell us anything! Just that there will be an action scene with a helicopter at some point.

      I think Baaghi did decent, for the kind of release it had, and budget, and stars. It does deserve a sequel based on that, I think. Not a bigger budget sequel or anything, but another modest action film.

      There are still slightly limited promotions here, looks like one promo song and Rani is doing an interview tour, so that’s not much. But it will all get down to how big of a release they end up giving it, screen counts and so on.

      I am excited about so many movies! Welcome to New York, Hichki, Raid, Pari, 3 Storeys, October, Manikarnika, and on and on. And, I think you must have forgotten, SAAHO!!!!


      • Ahh! Forgot about Pari! I haven’t heard about the rest of the movies. Who is in it??
        Is Hrithik Roshan doing any movies? His last release was Kabil in early 2017. Yikes!!!
        Ahhh YESS! But isn’t it releasing in early 2019 :((. Honestly, ever since Shraddha was announced, my excitement has kind of been diminished. I would rather watch Mirchi ( again and again <3)


  2. Welcome to New York is the silly Diljit-Sonakshi comedy with Karan Johar and a million other people doing cameos. Looks really light and fun. Hichki could be interesting and different. 3 Storeys is a combination of short stories with a great cast of everyone good, October is Varun’s artsy film that was shot in a month, and Manikarnika is Kangana’s Jhansi Ki Rani film.

    Hirthik is filming Super 30 right now, not sure how it will turn out. He said in his interview that he was avoiding signing films because he knew he was going to have to break the Kangana story and didn’t want them overshadowed. But now that is over, he’s got a whole series of movies coming out as soon as he can finish filming them.

    And The Internet tells me Saaho is coming in just two months! But I don’t know if I believe that.


    • Ah! October is by the guy who made Vicky Donor and Piku! Definitely excited!!! Speaking of short stories, have you seen Kerala Cafè, a series of 10 short stories by the Best Malayali Directors and an amazing ensemble cast. Do check it out!!

      Kangana did an interview with Nassueradean Shah. Very interesting. Both of them were basically talking about the hypocrisy of Bollywood. She didn’t mention Hrithik at all. *phew. This is a sure thing she is back!!

      The internet be lying. Promotions would have likely started if it was going to release in 2 months. The team of Saaho FORBID any outside cameras or anything on set, and it seems like all the Bollywood actors in the movie has been told not to talk too much about the movie, hence, no updates to be known. One thing I don’t understand is why so many Bollywood supporting characters. Is it to publicize the movie in Bollywood? I sure wish Prabhas and crew would have sticked with local talent in the industry instead of roping in mostly outsiders. Aadhi (he was in Ninnu Kori) would have been perfect as the villain. Casting him instead of Neil would have exposed him to Bollywood and the movie could have been an excellent platform to showcase amazing Southern Actors and Actresses. *sigh


      • I’ve had Kerala Cafe recommended to me a lot, still haven’t gotten around to it.

        Thank goodness, last I heard the Manikarnika producers had politely asked Kangana to NOT promote the movie, because at that point a Kangana promo tour seemed more like to harm than help. Sounds like if she is back to talking about things besides her personal life, that ban may be lifted.

        I’m guessing the producer’s thinking is that if they surround their southern star and southern director with a bunch of Hindi talent (there’s Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy doing the music as well) then it will sort of ease the transition. I think that is STUPID and they should just make the best movie they can with the best actors, but I still think that is the logic they are probably going for.


  3. For me those Baaghi / Baaghi 2 posters are copies of Ek Tha Tiger / Tiger Zinda Hai . On the first photos there is man and woman together, and on the seconds war, guns and helicopters.

    I’m most excited for Zero of course, and for Veere Ki Wedding. Dil Juunglee poster looks sweet, and it has Tapsee Panu so I think I will watch it despite the stupid title and trailer.
    October is a must and Sui Dhaaga too.
    From not hindi: I’m very curious how Robot 2.0 will be, and Tovino’s Abhiyum Anuvum I have been waiting since october finally is coming on March 9th.


  4. The trailer of Bhaagi 2 came out and they basically took the premise of a Telugu thriller and Tiger Shroffed it. The Telugu movie they took is called Kshanam and it came out in 2016. It was a low budget sleeper hit that became one of the best Telugu movies of 2016.

    Here’s the trailer of Kshanam:

    And here’s the trailer of Bhaagi 2:


    • Wow you’re right. The beginning of Baaghi trailer looks like bad copy of Kshanam, but I’m very surprised that I liked the rest of the trailer. Not my kind of movie, but looks like fun.


      • I didn’t really like the trailer of Bhaagi 2. Looks like every other Tiger Shroff movie.

        I’m interested in seeing what Student of the Year 2 will be like. Will it be more like SOTY or will it be more like a regular Tiger Shroff movie?


        • Karan isn’t directing SOTY 2, which feels like a bad sign to me. SOTY was really sort of clever and inventive. In a very light weight way, but still a bit of an experiment. SOTY 2 I am worried will just be following a formula and slotting in new stars.

          On Wed, Feb 21, 2018 at 1:25 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Yeah, I agree that SOTY 2 will probably be just following a formula. But I wonder if Karan is going to be very involved in SOTY 2 because if I remember correctly, Punit Malhotra was supposed to direct SOTY until Karan decided to take over. I think Karan wrote the movie but there were talks of Punit directing it until Karan decided that he wanted to direct the movie himself. So do you think that Karan would be a part of the writing process for the sequel as well?


  5. By the way, have you seen the announcement of Varun’s next film with Dharma?!? It seems like a pretty big film and it’s directed by Shashank Khaitan! They already announced that it’s coming out for Diwali 2020 which makes me think that this will be the biggest movie in Varun’s career. Also Alia wasn’t tagged in the announcements at all so there’s speculation that Jhanvi Kapoor will be the lead across Varun.


    • I saw! And I also went “hey, where’s Alia?” Especially because they were selling it as “another Shashank Khaitan and Varun movie”, and I felt like both Humpty and Badrinath were as much about collaborations between Alia and the director as they were Varun and the director.

      I hope it doesn’t mean that Varun is going to give up months of filming time to this one picture, I’ve really liked how varied and full his filming schedule has been up to now. And I also really hope it doesn’t mean Dharma is going in the “EPIC” direction with its movies, with this one and the Ranbir-Alia thing. Oh shoot, I bet that’s why Alia can’t do this, because she stuck on the Ranbir-Ayan Mukherjee movie for eternity.

      But Varun and Jhanvi might be interesting. I feel like they must know each other well, seems like the Boney Kapoor and David Dhawan families have had a fair amount of overlap over the years. Although it would also be a little like me doing a romance with one of my Sunday School kids, considering the age gap between them, if he’s know her since he was 12 and she was 2.

      On Wed, Feb 21, 2018 at 4:27 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Shashank and Karan did promise a third Dulhania movie if Badrinath did well so I’m sure that a third movie will be made in a few years.

        It does seem like Dharma is trying to go in the epic direction. I do hope Varun will get to do something small in between though. He did say recently that he wants to work with Shoojit Sircar again so maybe they can do a small movie like October. I don’t know if Shiddat is still happening with Abhi Varman but if it is, then that’s supposed to come out in April of 2019.


      • Oh yeah, I keep forgetting about how young Jhanvi is. I also read somewhere that Karan is trying to get Sara Ali Khan for Rannbhoomi so that he can launch her since Kedarnath got stalled.


        • I read somewhere that Saif has taken over Sara’s launch, after letting Asmita take the lead so far. Which I can believe, since Kedernath turned into such a disaster. And it would also mean that if Asmita exhausted all her connections on that first launch, Saif can take over for the second one and pull the strings of the people he knows. Including Saif’s wife’s good friend Karan. So it all fits together!

          On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 11:37 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Isn’t it Amrita?

            Oh ok, that makes sense. So far, I liked Sara more than Jhanvi so I would prefer her to be the lead in Rannbhoomi. Honestly, I think having Karan launch your kid would be the best option because he’s going to make sure that there are always Dharma opportunities available for them and he’s going to use his power to recommend your kid for outside movies as well.


          • Yep, I would pick Karan too! And he is also a great mentor/teacher. So even if he never works with you again after that that first film, you will have learned so much about how to act, and dress, and handle interviews, and everything else.

            On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 12:23 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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