Vacation Day 2! Report From the Road

Happy Vacation to me!  And sorry-few-posts to you!  But if you are curious how everything is going/want to see a random collection of songs, you can read this.  And I’m gonna try to a real actual post sometime later today maybe.

So, yesterday went mostly as planned.  Except for the very last bit.  I took the nice shuttle bus to the tiny boring town where I am staying.  Only, I miscalculated how very very far from the hotel the shuttle bus stops.  It’s only like a mile, but it’s way way on the big highway type road with all the drive throughs and stuff, and it was dark, and I had my suitcase, and generally it was just exhausting and unpleasant.

(And I didn’t even have Jackie Shroff singing inspirational songs to help me!)

But then I got to the B and B where I am staying, and it was all wonderful.  I got to have a shower and eat cheesecake in bed and enjoy a mattress that is considerably better than (or at least different from) my home mattress.

(And then I dreamed of Shahrukh, of course)

Today morning, I woke up and had to do the awkward breakfast-with-other-guests thing, which turned out fine, the only other guest was a very nice retired minister.  And then I walked around and around the tiny downtown discovering that everything was closed, even stuff that was supposed to be open.  Small towns! Very different from cities!

(Clearly I needed a peppy Rani Mukherjee to show me around)

And then I read a book in the town square for a bit, then went to the fancy over-priced tourist cafe type place for an early lunch, and then I decided that was enough excitement for the day.

(If this had been me and Shahrukh, we would have spent the whole layover in one cafe, or else just rented one of those nap rooms at the airport)

And then I went back to my nice room and took a nap.  And now, after that exhausting day, I am considering staying in my nice room and reading a whole romance novel start to finish, before walking to Hardees to get dinner.  VACATION!

(Similar to this song, the plot of the romance novel is that she doesn’t want to get married and doesn’t plan to get married, but he is a wealthy man who suddenly comes to town and sweeps her away.  Only, it’s in Regency England instead of 2000s Delhi)


10 thoughts on “Vacation Day 2! Report From the Road

    • It’s all I want from vacation! Or really, just a regular weekend. I could probably buy cheesecake at home too, but it wouldn’t be as celebratory.

      On Sat, Mar 3, 2018 at 2:12 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  1. You had to mention cheesecake.I’ve got a serious craving now.But it’s Sunday and all the shops are closed.Happy reading and holidays!


    • All the shops are closed here too! So my Sunday activity will be walking a mile to the one store that is open and buying food for lunch and dinner.

      On Sun, Mar 4, 2018 at 5:19 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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