Travel Day! Reruns Straight Through!

I hope you enjoy a new rerun every hour!  Because that is what you are getting today!  I am going to enjoy all the niceness of sitting in an airport and reading a book for fun and ignore my blogging.  But first, I will summarize my day for you so you can picture it, and know why I’m not responding to your comments.

I get up at 7am and take the dog for her last walk with me ever (fingers crossed, the family she is meeting on Sunday will adopt her).  It will be not be like this.


Then my Mom picks me up to take me to the airport, where she will see me off and it will not be like this.


And then I get to go through security and get pulled aside and patted down because my hair is so thick it sets off the censors.  No really, this happens Every.  Time.  Can you imagine how long it must take Bhagyashree to get through the airport?


Post security, I get to officially start my vacation with an airport breakfast.  I love my airport breakfasts!  Overpriced breakfast sandwiches and chai, while sitting at my gate getting into my plane book enough that I will already be into it by the time I actually get on the plane.  Far enough into the book that even Anil Kapoor jumping around wouldn’t distract me, let alone noisy airplanes and uncomfortable seats.


After flight number one, I have an hour before flight number two, so another airport meal!  I shall gorge myself and it will be glorious.


And then short little flight number two, which will land in the tiny city that is still not where I am staying.  So I will need to take a taxi.


But not to where I am staying.  Instead, I will take it to the nearby community college where I will sit for an hour reading a book waiting for the shuttle bus.  Or else go to the library and make out with Emraan Hashmi.


And then I will catch the bus and ride it for 40 minutes to the outskirts of the tiny town where I am staying, where it will leave me in a grocery store parking lot so I can buy secret hotel room food.  Like Neha buying from the market, but less wholesome and more middle of the night chips and salsa.


And then it is a simple 20 minute walk to my bed and breakfast!  I’ll be there by 7!  And time for bed to sleep as long as I want.  Heaven!  I may be relaxed enough to listen to my old “falling asleep” song from college.


7 thoughts on “Travel Day! Reruns Straight Through!

  1. I wondered why this burst of posts without comments . . .

    Safe travels! We’ll keep track of any developing film industry stories for you.


    • Indeed! I am having such a “first meeting with groom’s family” feel about this. She better be pretty and charming and sweet and shy! Although if they reject her, I am invested enough that my response might be “Hey! you don’t want our girl, we don’t want your boy!”

      On Fri, Mar 2, 2018 at 8:58 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Thank you! I just ate cheesecake in bed in a lovely hotel room. Perfect vacation!

      On Fri, Mar 2, 2018 at 10:49 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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