How I Spent My Easter Sunday

Happy EASTER!!!!!  Not many posts today or yesterday, because I have been very busy doing Easter stuff.  So I thought I would report on that to you, in my usual song-filled way.

I started my Easter celebration yesterday, by cleaning the whole apartment.  First taking all my clothes out and sorting them into “winter clothes for storage”, “summer clothes coming out of storage”, and “winter clothes I haven’t worn all year and so I am donating them”.

(You see Hrithik’s blue sweater at the beginning?  I have that exact sweater in white, and I never wear it, so off it goes to the Salvation Army)


And then vacuuming everything, and dusting everything, and scrubbing the kitchen, and finally taking a HUGE bag to the laundromat.  Followed by draping every surface in my apartment with wet clothes.

(If only I had an understanding father to help with laundry!  Oh wait, I do, I just didn’t ask for help this time because I am saving up favors to have him install new kitchen shelves)


The end result was that I was completely exhausted by the time I went to bed (and also tweaked my lower back) and therefore slept in this morning and had barely enough time to get to church for Sunday School.

(At least I wasn’t singing a love song in the middle of the service so no one noticed I was late)


Sunday School was super fun today though!  We started by seeing if anyone knew the Easter story.  The knowledge base was spotty, to say the least.  They were clear on the “Jesus was born and then he died” part of the story, but the rest of it was a little fuzzy.  I decided to just hit the high points.

(Amitabh in Deewar: also born and then died.  Same story!)


First, Jesus was Jewish and the Jews were under the control of the Romans who didn’t like them and didn’t like Jesus.

(Jewish, surrounded by Roman statues.  Same thing!)


Second, Jesus had a lot of friends and they all went on vacation together to his home town for the holiday Passover.  Which lead to a debate over whether bad things can happen on vacation, in which the point was made that Martin Luther King was also killed on vacation.  Which isn’t exactly correct, but I decided to let it go because I liked that they were connecting Jesus and MLK.

(Vacation!  On which they could be assassinated, like MLK and Jesus)


Third, Jesus had a friend who was a bad friend who told on him for money.  And that friend was named “Judas” (we reached this after the guesses of “Jeffrey” and “Judah” were rejected).

(“Jude” would probably have been another guess.  Although “Jeffrey” really does seem like an untrustworthy person, I can see where their minds were going)


Fourth, Jesus knew that he was going to die and let himself be arrested anyway.  Why???  Not sure if they were clear on the whole point of voluntary martyrdom and the power in that and so on, but there was mention of “like Harry Potter” so I think they were on the right track.

(I was going to try talking about Bhagat Singh and voluntary martyrdom, but that would have been way too complicated, so I let it go)


Fifth, people remembered Jesus after he died and what he said and talked about him a lot.  And maybe that is better than if he had lived, even though if he had lived he probably would have been the first President like Abraham Lincoln (we really need to spend some time on American history).

(Remember what he said after he died!  They probably think Gandhi could also have been the first President of America if he hadn’t died)


Sixth, why couldn’t Jesus be a girl?  Boys are stupid.  But then only boys could be Rabbis back then.  But that’s not fair!  Maybe he was a girl disguised as a boy so he could be a Rabbi and people would listen to him.  Did they have transsexuals back then?  No, they weren’t invented yet.

(Considered discussing the ancient Hijra tradition which shows that transsexuals did exist in Jesus’ time, decided not to complicate the issue)


At that point, I sensed I had lost the crowd and we moved on to the next activity: flinging marshmallow peeps at each other!  Super fun game, you use a spoon to flip peeps in the air, and then the other kids have big bowls and they run around trying to catch them.  We also played what I eventually realized was beer pong, only with jelly beans.  And then we closed by (and I am very proud of this), washing our hands like Pontius Pilate, thus learning by doing another part of the story.

(the Peeps came is kind of like 2:30 here when Kajal hits the ball with her racket and Vijay catches it in his hand.  Only with spoons and Peeps instead of ball and racket, and with a mixing bowl instead of a hand)


And then they all got to go outside and find Easter eggs while I had to stay inside and crawl around on the floor picking up jelly beans and bits of Peeps that were glued to the carpet.

(Picking up jelly beans, a lot less romantic than picking up pearls)


And then I came home, by way of the bank and grocery store, and continued my Easter weekend cleaning by reorganizing the closets.  And now I am considering a nap.  Or at least a time of quiet reflection while I try to figure out why CAN’T Jesus be a girl?

(We don’t know, it could have been a Rudhramadevi situation!)

2 thoughts on “How I Spent My Easter Sunday

  1. Happy Easter! Thanks for sharing.
    Hope you are napping or at least resting. We’re enjoying Easter in Ohio. The minister at my mom’s church handled the overlap w/April Fool’s Day really well. After greeting the congregation, she said: “God is dead…April Fools!” A nice variation on “He is risen! He is risen indeed!” We’re now in a food coma watching Miss Marple (Joan Hickson edition).

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    • One of my kids today pointed out that if April Fools is a Sunday, it means there will also be a Friday the 13th this month. Which BLEW MY MIND.

      On Sun, Apr 1, 2018 at 4:03 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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