Silly Sunday: The Next Netflix Miniseries I Want to See, Devdas to Bhagat Singh to Nargis

I just spent the entire weekend with Sacred Games, first watching it and then writing about.  Which has me thinking about other options for multi-season Netflix style miniserieses that I want to see.

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How I Spent My Easter Sunday

Happy EASTER!!!!!  Not many posts today or yesterday, because I have been very busy doing Easter stuff.  So I thought I would report on that to you, in my usual song-filled way.

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Shaheed: Not a Good Movie to Watch With Breakfast!

So, I sat down to watch this before work on Independence Day, and I ended up having a much larger breakfast than planned, because that whole last hour of the hunger strike just had me going “ooo, maybe I’ll have another glass of milk!  And toast!  Toast with my eggs!”

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