Happy 41st Anniversary to My Parents!!!!

Last year they got a big post doing their whole romance in film songs (you can read it here).  But that was for their 40th, which is a big deal.  This is just their 41st.  So this year I think I will just talk about their actual wedding.

We tease them, because my parents got married, but we have no way of proving it.  There are no wedding photos (they were in a box somewhere and got lost in a move) and my Mom’s special wedding skirt (didn’t bother buying a whole dress) also got lost somewhere.  So, without any evidence one way or the other, I am going to assume their wedding was exactly like this.


Part of the reason there are no photos or anything is that it was a tiny tiny wedding.  My parents, and two friends (one of whom took a couple photos with her camera).  And the minister.  So, very much not this.


My parents were living together already, after dating off and on for 8 years.  They were in a city across the country from their parents which made the living together a lot easier.

(I know I used OK Kanmani last year for their live-in period too, but it’s the only movie that really gets it!)

However, my Dad was about to finish grad school, which meant they would move back home, and it was time to get married.  They had their tiny wedding with friends in the city where they were living, and then came home to MASSIVE RECEPTION PARTY organized by my Grandma.

(like this, but with a bunch of uptight WASPs.  So, not like this at all)

And then they moved into a new apartment in Chicago and started their lives together and got so busy living their marriage, that they forgot to keep track of their wedding photos.  Because (although 7 year old me was pretty disappointed not to have wedding photos of my parents like all my friends) the 41 years of marriage are much more important than the one day that started it all.

(41 years, never apart for more than a week)


18 thoughts on “Happy 41st Anniversary to My Parents!!!!

  1. What a nice an imaginative way to share that anniversary 🙂 I wish your parents that it continues in a way that makes them happy (and you and your sister) 🙂 …and continuing not being apart more than a week…


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