Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking This Week?

Happy Wednesday!  I have had NO SLEEP.  Very difficult week.  But hey, my blog posts are still on schedule!  So it’s all worth it.

I’ll start!

Reading: Nothing!  I’m rushing around getting a service ready for Sunday which is taking all my time.

Watching: See above!  I’ve just got TV shows streaming in the background while I send emails and write blog posts.

Thinking: On the happier side of things, I’m supposed to have my “home visit” to see if I will be a good dog parent tomorrow.  Which, yes, is ridiculous to do all of this just to let me have a dog.  But I really like this big sad dog!  I am willing to jump through hoops for her.  What do you think they look for in a doggie home visit?  Besides that I have a nice bed and dishes for her, and I’m not obviously a lunatic?  Should I hide all my Shahrukh posters?  Should I vacuum under the bed?

Petal 1

(Big sad dog)


Now, question for you, Mrs. Perfect mentioned in a comment that she watched Zachariayude Garbhinikal and couldn’t seem to shake a feeling of darkness about it.  I know what she means, it’s not that a movie is sad necessarily, it just has a view of the world that is so completely alien to your view of the world that it makes your skin itchy, makes everything feel wrong somehow.

What is the movie you watched which you could not shake this feeling of ugliness?

For me, as I already said here, it is Tiger Zinda Hai.  Which is objectively a good film, well-made and well-acted and all that, but just makes my skin itchy and I can’t shake this feeling of “wrong”.  Also Zachariayude Garbhinikal, of course.


But, on the other hand, What is the movie you can watch to set your world right again?

For me, anything by Mani Ratnam.  He has such a hopeful view of the world, filled with love and possibilities and joy.  Also, A Gentleman, which just sees everything as very very funny.

And a fun question:

What Western TV show would you like to see remade with Indian film stars?

I have several ideas!  I want to see Murder She Wrote remade with either Hema Malini or Waheeda Rahman.  I want to see Frasier remade with Madhavan and Saif as Frasier and Niles.  I want to see Grace and Frankie with Shabana Azmi and Rekha.  And of course I’ve already done my brilliant Golden Girls remake (Shabana as Blanche with a boy toy Shahrukh!) and Friends.


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  1. I have always been creeped out by Preity Zinta in Armaan. The way she messes with Anil Kapoor and Gracy Singh is just so insidious. I gives me nightmares. And the rose petal dance is shown everywhere and reminds me of how evil she is.


    • I still haven’t seen Armaan straight through, and it sounds like that was a wise choice!

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  2. No Smoking.It was too weird and suffocating.I’ve steered clear of Anurag Kashyap ever since.Films with violence against women always leave a bad taste in my mouth.In Bhoomi,in the very next scene after the villains leave Aditi Rao Hydari for dead, they go to a dance bar and watch an item dance by Sunny Leone.It was jarring and disturbing.Even after justice was meted out by Aditi and Sanjay Dutt at the end, the film still left me reeling.Of course,I had to watch Saathiya to get it out of my system.Since John and Varun Dhawan has already pulled off something similar in Dishoom maybe they could do an Indian remake of White Collar.How about Ranveer and Deepika for a Castle remake? He’s too young to have a teenage daughter.So they could make her younger or make her his younger sister?


    • Yes! Anurag Kashyap! Have you watched Akira? Part of the reason it is so good/disturbing is that Anurag plays the villain and something about that strange darkness and selfishness and egotism I feel in his films pervades his character.

      Saathiya is one of my “the world is a good place” films too, I’ve watched certain scenes and songs over and over again.

      I like Ranveer and Dips in Castle! It would be a good pick-up with his manic vibe and her calm and sensible patience.

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    • She is much much much more lowkey. The first dog leaped on me and started kissing me, not aggressively but with love, the very first second we met. Which was an early sign that this would be an extremely needy dog. And she was, in fact, an extremely needy dog. Literally would not let me look away from her, I had to start blogging either after she went to sleep or locked in a different room because she would climb on the keyboard to get my attention. It was a bad fit for my lifestyle, but also just in terms of personality. That dog needed an owner who would spoil her rotten, let her sleep in the same bed, give her on the mouth doggie kisses, and all of that. And that is not me.

      This dog on the other hand had an attitude of “if you are willing to pet me, I will be so grateful, but I don’t expect anything from you, you can go about your life and leave me here.” And her foster parents confirmed that was her personality, she liked being in the same room in her little dog bed, but didn’t need to be petted and spoiled every second. And she also checked off all the practical considerations, her foster parents have had her for 5 months, leave her alone all day while they work, and they live in a townhouse without a yard, she is fine with all of that, which means she will also be fine with my working and living in an apartment.

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  3. Aww! Thanks for the shoutout <3, but t’was a very depressing movie. For some reason, I watched Notebook, a 2006 Malayalam movie where a schoolgirl becomes pregnant and how this affected her life and friends. The songs were good though 👌🏽👌🏽
    I tried rebounding my happy views in life by watching Mirchi and the BAHUBALI 1 and 2. Seeing Shivagami and Devasena preganant made me have a crisis again. It was Premam that shined a ray of hope and happiness.

    I GOT INTO A UNIVERSITY! Ya girl is gonna go get her bachelors and when I thought I would get my freedom, my parents are planning to move with me to wherever I decide to go. My friends states that I should be thankful my parents care about me to move but, :(((

    Reading: OChem Labs
    Watching: Music Videos!! Sometimes when crunched on time but wanting to see yo favorite movie, watching the music videos ellutes the same feeling. Turning on AutoPlay is the best because you will see music videos of childhood and miss! Saw a music video of Krish and bought so many feelings back!
    Thinking: I am planning to organize a play about Jesus feeding the 5000 for my 2nd Grade Sunday School kids. Wanna make it extra special because I am transferring! Thinking of so many ideas and plans!

    Sending you melatonin for some awesome sleep and hoping you will find an amazing dog friend ❤


    • I also watched Notebook! And was also depressed! Although happy to see that Parvathy was brilliant right from the beginning (my review: )

      Premam is always hopeful! Even when bad things happened, it all worked out for the best in the end.

      I really want to know what university, but you don’t have to tell us if you don’t want to.

      I agree about music videos. When I was in college, I owned a ton of songs DVDs (this was before youtube playlists and stuff) and I would just pop one in while I was studying. It kept me going and gave me a nice break every time I looked up.

      That’s the loaves and fishes story, right? Are you going to have them break their loaves in half and share, or are you going to do some kind of “miracle” version where more and more bread appears?

      And I am sending you CONGRATULATIONS on getting into a school.


      • Haha! I was reading the review like it was my first time reading it when to my horror and surprise, the first comment was from me!
        Lolol. Parvathy was superb. Loved how you said the girl with parents with societal approval was the one who caught in the mess. Very sad movie 🍿

        No problem! Thankyou!!! It’s the Univeristy of California-Riverside and there is a theatre legit 5 minutes away from campus and with my moviePass, I am unstoppable 💪🏽💪🏽 😈

        Yes! That one. Since the story is about a young boy’s willingness to share what he had to the rest of the people, I am planning to make it about sharing with others in their time of need. Lololzzz! Practice starts next Sunday and I am planning to have 5 hour bath times this weekend to get my creative juices flowing!


        • Oh shoot, I was hoping you might be going to school near me and I could give you tips. But a theater 5 minutes from campus sounds amazing, I am very jealous.

          I am trying to think of play ideas, but if these were my Sunday School kids, it would just turn into them tearing up pieces of bread and flinging it at each other, so nothing is coming to mind. I think your kids are probably a lot better behaved than mine.


  4. I have my fingers crosed that you will get the dog, and she will be perfect for you 🙂

    For your first question: I usually avoid movies I know will leave me in this dark place, but sometimes I get decived (by posters, people reviews etc) and watch odd movies. The last one was Aattakatha, I watched few weeks ago. So it was supposed to be a story about white girl, who learns Kathakali and falls in love with other dancer (and her malayalam teacher). Seems nice, but it wasn’t. Spoilers, but I don’t think somebody will watch it so..The guy was strange and had crazy uncle who lived in his parental house, chained to his bed. Many things happen, the guy leaves the white girl to be with her recently widowed mother (not romantically of course , but just to help her). Than crazy uncle kills the mother, and the protagonist kills the uncle in rage. Oh in the end, seems that there are no prisons in Kerala, so he ends chained, alone and crazy in his house!
    Others dark movies, I was thinking for days were Sairat, Munnariyippu and Rockstar (but this one was more annoying than dark)


    • Yeah, that’s why I am dreading Sairat. I know I have to watch it before I will be able to review Dhadak, and I have to watch Dhadak because it is a big movie story, but I really really don’t want to. It sounds like just the uglest saddest story, one that makes you angry at the world and upset.

      I saw the title ” Munnariyippu” but didn’t recognize it and was about to say “have you seen that super dark Mammootty movie? That’s another one”. But yeah, you have. That one could have been filmed slightly differently and just been a scary slasher movie, but instead they built up the characters in such a way it became purely disturbing, not scary.

      Now, the happy side, what movies do you watch to cheer you up?

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      • I just watched Sairat on Netflix. Since the ending had been common knowledge for a while, I was really able to enjoy the first half, uncommonly detailed and intimate and gradual portrayal of ordinary moments in young love.


        • I never read about plots before seeing a movie so I didn’t know how Sairat ends, and I was so shocked, and horrified and angry, that I couldn’t stop thinking about it for days.


      • Recently Godha is my cheer up movie.

        Oh I to write about my last week’s movies (unfortunately no reading those days) – first Oohalu Gusagusalade recommended by Niki last week. Cute, and sweet and I think you will like it Margaret. And I was close to have my new crush thanks to this movie – Naga Shaurya.

        Than Punnagai Mannan with Kamal Haasan. Wikpedia says the title means “King of Smiles”, and I really can’t understand why this title. Maybe because Kamal has double role, and the second was Chaplin Chellapa, who acted like Charlie Chaplin all the time? He was funny, but why? I know, it’s old movie, but still I can’t understand why Kamal Haasan had to do this second role. Like, you have already one good character, focus on that. But the beginning was beautiful and heartbreaking.I still hear the music when I think about it.

        The third movie I watched was completly random Nuvvu Naaku Nachav. I clicked it by accident on youtube, and when I read it’s one of Venkatesh higher-grossers I gave it a chance. I can see why it was a hit back then in 2001 but I didn’t like it much. Mostly because I couldn’t stand 40 years old Venkatesh playing young boy and romancing 18 years old Aarthi Agarwal . And as always Prakash Raj played dad, if he is younger than Venky. I think everybody in this movie was younger than Venky.


        • I liked Venkatesh well enough in Kshana Kshanam but he didn’t stand out super much, and then in that movie with Mahesh Babu, it was just ridiculous how young he was playing. Maybe we are missing the peak Venkatesh years, need to watch more films from the 90s.

          On Wed, Apr 11, 2018 at 3:51 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • I really like and appreciate Venkatesh, but he should play people his age. Maybe it bothered me because NNN was soo long and slow and I had too much time to think how old he is? And all this movie was like a play. They didn’t even hide it’s not the real story, they are just playing the characters, doing a movie. Now romantic scene, and right after, the song, and than comedy uncle , and now again the song, and uncle, ridiculous climax in the last 3 minutes, and done. And where the feelings? I watch those movies only for them.


  5. Watched the movies Sairat, Humpty Sharma, OK Kanmani, ghazi attack.

    Listening to the podcast No Filter Neha after downloading Saavn. I think people are more daring and revealing, without being catty or mean, than they are on KWK.

    Also watching (moreso listening to) the Zuckerberg hearings. Most of the congress people seem clueless as to the true problems here, and instead using the opp to grandstand to their constituents by using MZ as a punching bag. Such a true lack of leadership and original thinking. Heartened to hear the Paul Ryan “wants to be home for his kids” and won’t seek another term.

    Fwiw the podcast The Bollywood Project spent 5 minutes of their recently posted episode discussing your upside down mortgages post, about how heroes asking price is subject to the success of their last film. The topic was Arun Kapoor signing a bunch of projects without having a recent hit (Mubarakan?) , and thus he might not be capturing his potential asking price by booking prematurely. They attributed it to “a website… a Bollywood blogger”. Later in the same episode, they name checked the New York Times re an article discussing the Salman Khan case.
    IMO that wasn’t cool. Either attribute your sources or don’t, but be consistent. Besides, NYT doesn’t need the extra publicity, but you do. Are they worried that they’ll lose listeners to you? Seemed petty to me.


    • I was thinking how coincidental it is that Sairat, Humpty, and OKK all show variations on a similar plot, a young couple falling in love and failing to win over the parents-trying and succeeding in winning them over-choosing not to care what their parents thought. But then I realized you could say the same thing about almost every Indian film love story, it all starts with a young couple in love and then figuring out how to reach the finish line of marriage without parental support.

      Cool to know that the BP people are reading me, frustrating that they aren’t citing me if they are using my material. I guess it’s a compliment if they are afraid of losing listeners to my site, but I think I would prefer that they think I am stupid and unthreatening and tell people to check out my site. If they have a comments area or some kind of feedback form, you can always tell people you think it was related to my post if you like.

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  6. Reading – I end up reading horrible books then feel miserable and to make up I go back to the classics so now I’m re-reading Emma.
    Watching – watched Malayalam movie Mili and found myself disappointed. I really thought I’d like it. Not even young Nivin in a supporting role could sell the movie to me. It was just an average watch.

    Some movies have managed to really depress me. One was this movie called Mathrubhoomi- a nation without women. I saw it in a cinema hall. It’s been years and I still shudder thinking about the movie. Deeply disturbing.
    Recently I watched the Marathi movie on Netflix 1000 rupee note and ended up feeling depressed as it just felt like a possible reality? These innocent people who have nothing being treated the way they were. The injustice of it all made my heart twist. Also, I was so thankful it wasn’t as bad (no main characters dying etc). But it left a bitter taste in my mouth.

    On another note, did you watch Citylights actress Patralekha’s interview with Rajeev Masand. I felt so bad for her, also for all like her who are talented but without connections in the film industry. I loved her spirit.

    Do check it out!


    • I never even risk reading horrible books, I am super cautious in my reading. Lots of rereading childhood favorites, or books by the same author I already know I can trust. Which means I have an extremely bland and boring reading life, but at least I make up for it by my adventurous film viewing life.

      I’ll try to watch the Patralekhaa interview once I am home from work. One thing I find interesting about it is the sort of meta aspect, she is having a hard time getting roles, but she is able to be heard and noticed on the Rajeev Masand show. Maybe that is a new route to success, as others have disappeared. Hopefuly this interview and any buzz it may create will get her more roles. It seems to have worked for Swara Bhaskar, for instance, she must know that her intelligent writing helps people notice and remember her, and therefore leads to roles that she doesn’t have the connections to get otherwise.

      On Wed, Apr 11, 2018 at 4:24 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I have a similar style honestly. I just reread books I love but when I try something new, I just end up getting burnt. Not sure what I’m doing wrong or has my taste become boxed. I’m even wary of bad movies. Oh I tried to watch maari (cos Dhanush ) but the family got really annoyed and we ended up switching it off.

        About Patraleka, I sincerely hope she finds new roles through this interview. She was promoting a movie where she plays a ghost, it has Abhay Deol in the lead.
        I’m rooting for her. Just like Swara she deserves her share of success.

        Also, I forgot to answer your other question. My happy movies are om shanti Oshana, Hasee toh phasee, Bangalore days etc.
        I’d like to see Bones remade with Vidya Balan & Umm.. SRK maybe? That would be interesting. Outspoken brilliant Forensic Anthropologist, VB will rock it.


        • Stick with me here: what about Bones with Vidya and John Abraham? He has that same sort of “aging cocky hot guy with a sensitive soul” feeling.

          On Wed, Apr 11, 2018 at 4:43 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • He does seem to fit the bill😕 but but can he pull out those complex emotions and actually express it? You know they both were cute in salaam e ishq also both have a Kerala connection. JA’s dad and VB’s family is from Kerala.
            Since it’s my imagination can I suggest Prabhas?? Hahahahaha


          • Yes! Prabhas! Physical and sensitive, versus intellectual and logical.

            On Wed, Apr 11, 2018 at 4:56 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  7. Oh, such a precious good dog! Who’s a good girl? I hope you get her and post a picture every day. (Frustrated animal lover who travels a lot and lives in an apartment).

    Thinking and reading: worky work work, which I don’t want to talk about here because this is my escape.

    Also thinking: Rajkummar and Nargis Fakhri are in a movie together? Why?? except so that they can be advertised as “Raj and Nargis”? She’s going to look even worse next to him; it will be just like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Emma Thompson.

    Watching: so I pulled the trigger and signed up (i.e., paid money for) a Bengali streaming service called Hoichoi, because they have a bunch of movies I’ve been wanting to see and can’t find anywhere. I wrote to them to find out if most of their movies are subtitled, and they responded that “about half” are, and they are working on subtitling more. (You have to actually start watching the movie to see if it has subtitles, which is another thing I complained about). And I found that none of the movies on my list were subtitled, including Pather Pancholi which I really think should have subtitles floating around somewhere since it is an eternal worldwide classic and I still haven’t seen since it’s hard to find streaming and hella expensive on DVD.

    However, they do have some original content with subtitles, including a totally soapy series with Raima Sen about a wife whose husband is having an affair and someone keeps sending her videos of her husband boofing this other woman and also random gifts and who could it be? Also, she of course has problems with her mother in law and they all live in a beautiful haveli and Raima looks gorgeous and wears gorgeous saris. I’ll probably stick with it although no one except Raima and the guy playing her can really act.

    Movie that makes me feel ugly: Says so right on the tin: Ugly. I kind of feel like Anurag is purposefully trying to squick people out, which I guess is a legitimate thing for a movie director to do. But, like Sunrise similarly dealt with violence against children, but it was all off-screen so it didn’t feel exploitative as Ugly does. (Looking at this thread I think a lot of people have that reaction to Anurag).

    Movie I watch to make it all OK: Band Baaja Baarat, or Bunty aur Babli if I want to see some dancing. Something alliterative that starts with B.

    Show I want remade: I’m also on board with one of those male-female sexual tension procedurals, but does anyone else remember Remington Steele? It was kind of the same thing, but the conceit was that the guy is a movie buff (who has amnesia and doesn’t know who he is, yadda yadda) who helps solve the mystery by using hints from old movies. I think that would be super fun in an Indian context, to have a hero use something from Howrah Bridge or something to solve a mystery. The original Remington Steele was Pierce Brosnan, so someone James Bondy. Saif? And then the heroine needs to be super wholesome. Alia?


    • Your Hoichoi sounds the same as all the streaming services I am struggling with. All the really good content isn’t subtitled, and it is all swamped with new TV shows that they are trying to get me to watch. And of course because they have the streaming rights, no one else can show the movie or bothers to make DVDs. And this is why people turn to einthusan!!!! At least the search function works and the vast majority is subtitled.

      Anurag is someone who I think has great ugliness inside of him. Not necessarily a moral judgement, I just think he has a unique talent for seeing the ugly part of things. Which sometimes leads to amazing films, that’s why Dev D is my second favorite Devdas adaptation, he didn’t look away from the unpleasant parts of the story and the characters. But it makes all of his films very very hard to watch. At least, if you are the kind of person who gets emotionally pulled into movies.

      Now I’m trying to think of other BB movies for you! On my shelf, I have Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Bang Bang and Bal Brahmachari which would also fit the bill. And Bhaag Milkha Bhaag which definitely does NOT.

      And you have successfully made me want to watch Remington Steele! A show I have been considering and then not watching since college. As for the lead, I would really love to see someone a little younger give it a try. Siddharth, if it was played as a slightly artificial way, like the hero is always pretending a little bit. Rajkummar Rao, if it was a series of chameleon type moments. And Ayushmann Khuranna if it was just about the everyman trying to be something better. For the heroine, for someone super wholesome, maybe Bhumi Pednakar?

      On Wed, Apr 11, 2018 at 7:54 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • See, I think you’re probably right about Anurag, but he’s always struck me as a counterintuitively nice guy. He’s obviously a doting father, he was honest about how heartbroken he was when he and Kalki broke up, they seem to still get along, and in all the appearances I’ve seen he’s cheerful and funny. Maybe he pus all the ugliness on screen? But, yeah, don’t think I’d want to hang out.

        I’m not sure I can wholeheartedly recommend watching the actual Remington Steele. It was fun and innovative for its time, but I don’t know how well it’s aged.


  8. I’ve been sick so haven’t watched much lately.

    I saw Blackmail last week and it was just too long. Not my favorite. I went in with high expectations since it’s Irrfan. It had some great moments, and would have been a good film at 90 minutes. Not 2 and a half hours.

    I also rewatched Athadu in preparation for his Bharat Ane Nenu coming out next week, which I would included in comfort movies. A Gentleman, and Aiyyaa for me, too.

    Margaret, did you know Farhan Akhtar sang one of the songs for the upcoming Mahesh Babu film? It’s his first Telugu song. FINE, but just get to directing Don 3 already!!

    Watched the film Okja on Netflix over the weekend, and would highly recommend it.

    If you read romance, I recently finished the wonderful A Princess In Theory by Alyssa Cole. Black Panther vibes without the super hero stuff (At least I was picturing Chadwick Boseman throughout) crossed with Coming To America with a prickly scientist heroine. Alyssa Cole is one of my auto buy authors. She also has several historical fiction romances.


    • I had the same reaction to Farhan singing the song! I will only forgive him if it is so he can get Mahesh Babu to do a Don 3 cameo, like Hrithik in Don 2.

      On Wed, Apr 11, 2018 at 8:30 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  9. H’mm, reading: I’m down to the last two of my Agatha Christie marathon (after finishing the Rex Stout marathon). My thoughts on this: Christie’s books stand up way, way better than Stout’s, both for rereading, and also for changing times. I think it’s because she had more than one series detective (besides Hercule Poirot and Miss Maple, she also had Ariadne Oliver, Tommy and Tuppence, and Superintendent Battle to an extent), but also she had many mysteries without any of her series detectives, so that the book never feels stale. I also think her series detectives are better than Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin. Hercule Poirot in particular has a richer personality than Nero Wolfe, and he also evolved with books and time.

    I *was* getting just a bit tired of reading nothing but mysteries, so I took the recommendations on the Ashta Chamma post to heart and watched three Telugu movies, though I’m not a big fan or rom coms. Actually I watched them more because I had something of a “Mercury in retrograde” week, and was so shell shocked from it all that I couldn’t do any work, so the movies helped me unwind. Except that the last Nani movie I watched — Gentleman — started off as a romance and turned into a crime thriller. Which was fine, as it was a very taut thriller, which actually made me impatient to finish other things I had to do so I could get back to watching it. But then I thought they blew the ending by making it romantic again. Still, a fantastic performance from Nani, and I think you should watch it even without subtitles, and see what you can get out of it. But with all this I still didn’t get the wanted break from murder mysteries, and my mind was actively yelling, “I want to read a romance!” So I pulled out a romance set in Egypt of the 1800’s which tuned into — a mystery! So the universe obviously wants me to focus on murder and mayhem for a while.

    Talking of mayhem, the film which I found very disturbing was the Telugu film Temper, which I actually saw in the theater (not for the film, but for other reasons). It’s not that the film has a bad worldview, actually it shows heroism on another whole level and in a very clever way, but that one of the plot points really, really got me. So, for the plot, a girl has been kidnapped and is ultimately tortured to death, and the hero, a police officer, is trying to bring the guilty ones to justice. Fine, but they showed the details of her captivity at unnecessary length and with unduly graphic visuals. It totally freaked me out when I was watching it, and even now I can’t mention the movie without a shudder. So I don’t mention it. But this is the movie that Rohit Shetty is remaking in Hindi with Ranveer Singh as the hero. He says he’s not going to follow the original story much, and he is going to give his own spin on things, which is what he does with every film of his, but the point is that it actually was a very good masala film, with a very interesting hero character. It just needed to have this one element toned down. Alas, I have a feeling that Rohit Shetty will try to turn it into a comedy, as he did with another great Telugu thriller — Anukokunda Oka Roju, which was remade as “Sunday” and completely ruined. It’s as if Rohit Shetty just skims off the surface details, without understanding what their place was in the overall film and story.

    Oh, my feel good film — lately I’ve been watching the Telugu classic Lava Kusa, just because I wanted a feel good movie, but I forgot how many sad parts it had. Still I managed to get past those, and enjoy the fabulous music.


    • My sister told me about a really interesting math talk she went to a few years back that used Agatha Christie’s books. They looked at the number of different words used (I think) in each book over the course of time, and discovered a steep decline as she aged. Which I always notice when I am reading her, the much much later books just aren’t quite the same. But, on the other hand, they are still better than any other mystery author’s books. While Stout, as we talked about, has some books that are almost unreadable. Oh, and I agree about the variety of detectives keeping her lively. My favorite are Tommy and Tuppence who only have 5 books I think, years apart.

      Is the other book, by any chance, Crocodile on the Sandbank? Another one of my favorites.

      It feels like Shetty almost makes spoofs of masala films. He takes a few plot elements and then turns the volume up just a little so as to make them ridiculous. Which sometimes I like, Singham and Chennai Express are two of my favorite films because I feel like he managed to balance the spoof with the plot. But other times it just turns into a bunch of disconnected scenes and I am never sure why I am actually watching the movie.

      On Thu, Apr 12, 2018 at 1:22 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  10. Watched Tiger Zinda Hai last night. I get where you’re coming from with how hard it is to watch evil people doing evil things in such a glossy film package. I do tend to enjoy a good spy action film, though, so I really liked the film (more than I even thought I might). The film had all of the ingredients of a great action flick. The villain was pure evil, but had a backstory. The “team” that was gathered all had their roles to play. The actress playing Poorna, Anupriya Goenka, was really strong (I liked her even more than I did in Padmaavat and I hope she gets more big roles). Loved Paresh Rawal’s role. The CGI and cinematography were also pretty smooth (though the wolves scene was ridiculous).

    Katrina was pretty great in the action sequences and she and Salman do have a strangely believable chemistry (not sexy but cool). And, I’m just going to say it even though I hate critiquing women on their looks….I wish she would stop with the botox and collagen. Her natural beauty continues to be masked by it. And for parity’s sake, I really wish Salman would stop taking off his shirt (I know he never will, though, because his fans expect it).

    Spoiler alert: I saw the ending with Hasaan joining the family a mile away. But it does add an intriguing potential storyline down the road in the Tiger franchise. The two brothers somehow in opposition, where the adopted brother’s traumatic youth comes into play. Imagine Salman and Katrina as middle-age parents to two young men, could be good!


    • What I would really love in your potential sequel is if they flipped the expectations and made the adoptive brother overly loyal and good and loving, having survived his traumatic youth, but the biological son be spoiled and selfish because his parents always indulged him and kept him safe. There could be some really interesting political debates where neither of them is fully right or fully wrong but just shaped by their experiences.

      On Fri, Apr 13, 2018 at 8:40 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Yep, that’s how I imagine it, too. The adopted son is a loyal RAW agent but is mistrusted by everyone because he’s Syrian and because of his past, and the biological son is a greedy businessman or something who gets caught up in terrorism and by the end they both are redeemed (somewhat like Aurangzeb with Arjun).


        • Oh oh! Now I have a comic version in my head! What if the adoptive son follows his parents and is sort of a free range good guy. While the biological son is tired of this kind of life and gets married and works as an insurance agent or something. But then one night his brother lands up on his doorstep, shot and on the run, and the biological son’s family gets pulled into his whole mess. And the adoption could work, because it could make it easy for the biological son to pretend his brother doesn’t even exist. That sounds horrible, what I meant was that all the early childhood photos would show him as an only child, and then there could just be a gap in his family stories between age 12 and 18 when he went to college. He could have told his wife that his parents were globetrotting tourism writers or something, Salman and Kat could show up as the boring Grandma and Grandpa, and all the crazy adventure in the family is left for the adoptive son to have.

          And we could continue the theme of the films of love bringing people together with the end being that the “boring” son’s kids are kidnapped and the two brothers plus Grandma and Grandpa come together to rescue them. And in the end, the “boring” son has agreed to let his brother be in his life and in his kids’ lives, but there is a humorous scene where he agrees to follow the “rules” and not have high speed chases and so on and so forth, and then a cut to the kids screaming in joy as they do something that is breaking all the rules.

          On Fri, Apr 13, 2018 at 11:04 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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