Inspirational Songs! Just in Case You Need Inspiring

Mrs. Perfect mentioned that she is struggling with the agony of college decisions.  And it is also the end of exam season in India (I still don’t understand this concept, but I will accept that it exists).  Time for inspiring “Go and succeed and work hard and have a new challenge!!!!” post!

First, one of my go to songs which got me straight through college.  Find your goal!  Go after your goal!  Play polo!  Ride bikes! (“Lakshya” from Lakshya)


And then once you find your goal, everything just sort of falls into place and it is wonderful and happy (“Aaj Kal Zindagi” from Wake Up Sid)


This song is just about working really really hard and and how that is life. (“Zinda” from Bhaag Milkha Bhaag)


And then you win!  Whatever it is you want to win.  Be inspired and enthusiastic and confident! (“Chak De India” from Chak De India)


Going old school with the “train and work and win!” songs.  “old-school” meaning both an old film, and an old setting. (“Chale Chalo” from Lagaan)


Not that you really need to train, because it is your destiny to succeed!  This is your land and your sky! (“Mitwa” from Lagaan)


Maybe I am the only person who likes this version of “Mitwa” better than the other one, but I really really do.  Because it’s about being in a place in your life where you don’t think things will ever be okay again, and then suddenly they are. (“Mitwa” from Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna)


And finally, a reminder that it doesn’t really matter what you want or what you work for, and if you succeed or fail, what matters is the people who are with you in your life. (“Roobaroo” from Rang De Basanti)



And, one bonus thing, story of when my life went all upside down and then it turned out better.  I graduated from college, and had 3 jobs in a row, one that paid okay but was boring, which I quit to take a job that was great on paper and turned out to be a total nightmare, which I quit to take another job that I really liked but we ran out of funding and I was let go.  And at that point, with no money in my savings and no other job on the horizon, I ended up taking a bunch of menial part-time minimum wage jobs in order to get by.  And it was at those jobs that I made the friends who are still my friends today, and my whole life changed for the better, just when I thought it was going the worst.

17 thoughts on “Inspirational Songs! Just in Case You Need Inspiring

  1. Great, Margaret…although I don’t need inspiration 🙂

    As we all die I also think the most important is to make the utmost of the possibilities that life presents to us 🙂 … and even though I may not win in the eyes of others, I may win nonetheless.

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    • And he also has random long hair! I can’t even figure out what role it’s for, maybe he just didn’t feel like cutting it for a few weeks before he showed up for that shoot.

      Also if the price for losing that is gaining a legit YRF clip of the McDonald’s fight, I am at peace. And I kind of suspect it is, as they shifted from promoting movies with special promo songs to using scene clips.

      On Thu, Apr 26, 2018 at 11:13 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  2. I love all these songs. I get all charged and ready to go with most of these or get really patriotic if there’s a cricket match etc.
    However, my favorite inspirational song is in dino from life in a metro. It has lyrics that go., these days my heart tells me to dream & to live a little. Even you have permission to love (sounds better in Hindi obviously).


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