Friday Classics: Aamir’s Birthday Late Post! Lagaan, Aamir’s Gift to the World

Here’s a random review!  Finally getting around to Lagaan.  Which is definitely NOT Aamir’s most important film, that would be Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak or 3 Idiots or something like that.  But it is the movie I feel like writing about right now, so why not?

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Aamir Day Discussion Post: Best and Worst Film, Your Votes?

A couple of people responded to me on twitter arguing that Parampara was not, in fact, Aamir’s worst film and giving other options.  And they were all valid!  The man has been in A LOT of bad movies!  And also, a lot of good movies.  Anyway, what do you think?  Best and worst?

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Box Office: Padmavat and 3rd Generation Immigrants

There isn’t much to analyze this week, Padmavat is doing crazy good everywhere, you can just sort of accept that.  And also, secondly, Bhagamathie is also doing good.  But, WHY?  I am going to take a massive logical leap and you can decide if it makes sense or not.

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Netflix List for December! Aamir Signs His Netflix Deal

Well, Aamir Khan clearly signed a new deal with Netflix.  The odd random collection of films he has produced are now available.  Yes, including Delhi Belly and (less importantly) Lagaan.  ( does the real work of keeping this list updated, you should definitely absolutely subscribe to them for your day to day updates.)

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Happy May Day! Here Are Some Ways You Can Support Workers

Happy May Day!  You know how India has all these holidays that are very regional specific and how neat that is?  Well, May Day is an international holiday now, but it started right in my hometown, so I thought I should celebrate it.  And I don’t have the day off work, so I can’t join the many many many protests.  But I can do a theme post!

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Tata Family Saga in Filmi Terms

Okay, I finally gave in and actually clicked on one of those articles about the Tata Company implosion.  And then I had to go back to my old friend wikipedia to confirm what I thought I remembered, that this is all a bit of a family feud.  And yep!  Everyone is related!  MESSY!

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Rang De Basanti: This is Probably not the Only Post I Will Write on This Film

Rang De Basanti!  So brilliant!  So complicated!  So different!  I could write a post just on why Madhavan was cast.  But I am going to start with this post, and not worry about putting in all my thoughts, and then leave the door open to write more later if I feel like it.

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India and the Oscars: Why do they never, ever, EVER win?

Oscar time again!  And once again, I have seen basically none of the nominees.  And I especially haven’t seen the foreign film nominees.  And nor has anyone else.  I don’t mean that they don’t play widely in America, for the most part the kind of films that get an Oscar nomination do pretty well in the art theaters around the country.  But they don’t play around the world.  Hollywood, Hong Kong, and India are objectively and demonstrability the most watched film industries in the world (with maybe Korea and Nigeria just barely beginning to give them a run for their money), and only one of them ever makes it to the Academy Awards.  But I actually think there are some reasonable reasons for that.  Not good, but reasonable.

(Mother India is, of course, the closest India has ever come to wining.  Lost by a hair to Nights in Cabiria.  Stupid Fellini)

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Rajesh Vivek is Dead! You may not know his name, but you will miss his face

I checked my twitter feed this morning to find out that, for once, Aamir Khan had actually posted a tweet.  He isn’t a regular twitter poster, his last big message was to release a public statement about his issues (or lack there of) with the Bombay police force.  So any time there is a message from him, it is a big deal.

And it was a big deal!  Rajesh Vivek is dead!  You probably don’t know the name, but if you look at the picture above, you will go “oh right, that guy!”  You probably know him best as Guran, the village wiseman/mystic in Lagaan (which is why Aamir posted the tweet, as head of the Lagaan family, it was his responsibility).  Yesterday, Alan Rickman died, and the world discovered his massive filmography, his range, the respect he had from his friends and co-workers.  Today, Rajesh Vivek is dead, and I think we should take at least a little time to acknowledge how, in his own small way, he also contributed to the world of film.

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