Sonam Evening Reception: Shahrukh is IN THE HOUSE!!!!!

Finally, an SRK spotting!  We were just talking about what a low profile he has had lately.  But here he is, looking dashing, and holding hands with Guari.  Awwwww! (source for most photos)

Not gonna make you wait.  Although chronologically, these photos are much later, I am sure he arrived late as always.


Nice basic black suit, looks very good.  And I LOVE Gauri’s outfit.  Subtle shades of grey that match perfectly to his black.  Very flattering, but also age appropriate.


Gauri, as always, also has her “game face” on of “I will keep smiling perfectly and blankly so long as the cameras are on because I am sick of people dissecting my expression for the least little thing”


And Shahrukh has his matching “game face”.  And can we take a moment for how elegantly casual Gauri’s hair looks?



Okay, now moving on to less interesting people.  Bride and groom first!  And I think I hate what Sonam is wearing.  Worst outfit of the 3, for sure.  I like the idea of the bold pattern and zig-sags, I just think it is slightly too much.  I’d take off the sleeves and/or the shoulder pad effect in the duppatta.  And I wouldn’t straighten her hair, just because I think that is an unflattering look for Sonam.


Although, the whole thing is also sort of aggressively unfeminine and “strong” feeling, maybe that’s what she wanted, big shoulder pads and bold prints in browns and golds and straight hair, to make herself really stand out instead of shying back like the usual bride.  Oh, and the groom looks fine too, but really that hardly matters, it’s a wedding reception, the Bride’s outfit is far far FAR more important than whatever random dude she married that day.


Some of the first arrivals, the Sinha family!  Weird.  No Sonakshi, but one of her brothers came.  I wonder if they are trying to launch him?


Sanjay and his son in matching outfits, very cute all around.


Anil Kapoor, still the best dressed person there as he has been at every event.  What did he do, spend 6 months planning and going to fittings for his “father of the bride” outfits?


Kangana with Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Rajkumar Hirani.  That’s an odd threesome!  I wonder if they are working on a movie together?


Also, Kangana’s look isn’t quite right, right?  The drape of the sari seems off, and I think her hair straightening didn’t quite take, and the highlights don’t work.  The sari on it’s own is beautiful though, just wish it was worn better.

Kangan Raju Hirani Vidhu Vinod Chopra

Jackie looks like Jackie.  He never disappoints.  He’s wife’s outfit is a little too busy for me, I would put the duppatta just over one arm instead of doubled like this.


Karan looks great, and picked an excellent color for his Mom.


Juhi sticks with her tried and true look, and as always, is perfectly pretty and appropriate.


Harsh accidentally put on a coat 3 sizes too small.


Neetu looks good, Rishi looks really good!  Love the beard on him, want him to keep it forever.


Javed Akhtar also went for statement blue.  No Shabana, I saw a news story a couple of days ago with why she can’t be here, I remember it was a good notable reason, because she is super close with Sonam.  Nice that Javed was still there to represent the family.


Boney, also blue!  I guess blue and pink are the colors of the year.


Rani, looking GREAT, again!  Slightly more flattering cut to the blouse (I think), but same overall excellent style as she wore to the last event.  And I love the bright gold and loose hair.  Even the lack of necklace makes a statement.


Swara….No.  I hate the fake-Spanish style top, and I think the high tight waistline is unflattering, and the hair is too harsh.  Skirt pattern and jewelry are gorgeous though.


Rekha, wearing….I’m not sure?  It’s like half a sari and half a salwar.  What would you call this?


Arjun, looking good, love the pop of color with the handkerchief and the blue under his jacket.


Tragically, the tailor who made Shahid’s jacket accidentally sewed the wrong two sides together.


Also, Mira is doing the same look as Kat from earlier, but not as good.  Which is always awkward, when you end up being the not-as-good imitation.


Jhanvi and Khushi with their Dad.  Love all the fluffiness and sparkle, it’s like something out of a Fred Astaire-Ginger Roger’s movie.


You have to help me out here, is this Mahira Khan?  Or someone else?  It really looks like Mahira to me, but I’m not sure.  Anyway, I like her outfit.


Vidya, looking charming and happy.  And in a nice flattering matronly sari.  I wish she dressed a little sexier sometimes, but then on the other hand she looks so good and so happy in a sari, I guess it doesn’t matter.


Big news!  Varun brought Natasha!  Continuing the slow roll out of her into the industry and as his official consort.  She looks slightly uncomfortable, I like the way he is kind of leaning over to shelter her.  I do NOT like the see through tail of his shirt that is peeking out.


Twinkle and Akshay were there, looking happy.  And also just a smidge not formal enough.


Ayushmann and his wife, don’t know if I’ve seen her at anything before.  Anyway, he looks good, her outfit is hideous.


Kareena, way too va va voom to my mind for a wedding reception, even an evening one.


Katrina looking lovely again!!!  I wonder if she got a new stylist?


Madhuri and Dr. Nene, lookin’ classy.


Although I still think Madhuri always looks better in a sari, this high waist look is really good on her too.


Ranveer, WEAR SOCKS!!!!


Boy, Saif is really looking stocky all of a sudden!  I don’t get it, maybe he bulked up a lot for a role?  Anyway, he and Kareena look kind of miss-matched, her super tall and him super wide.


I don’t like this outfit on Shilpa either!  What is happening with her?


I guess Arbaaz is representing the Salman Khan family?  He looks fine, happy to be there which is the most important part.


Sid was there, also wearing that STUPID visible contrasting shirt tail look.  I don’t like it.


Hey, Ranbir came!  And combined the uneven jacket look from Shahid, with the visible shirttail from all the other young dudes.  Worst combined with worst, so far as I am concerned.


Alia looks really good!  And very mature somehow.  I don’t like the high neckline on anyone else, but on her I think it looks very good.


Super couple-y photo here, right?  I panicked until I saw the next photo was them with Ayan.  So it was just a work outing for the Brahmastra team.




Speaking of work outing, check out Sid and ARK bro’ing out!  Must be starting to work on that brother movie.


Aish looks good, classy, but not very exciting somehow.


Abhi looks exciting, and also excited to be here.


I don’t know what is happening here, but this is a fun picture.


Does Suniel look strangely kind of pudgey in the face here, or is it just me?





77 thoughts on “Sonam Evening Reception: Shahrukh is IN THE HOUSE!!!!!

  1. There are loads of videos of SRK dancing at the reception. He’s having a lot of fun! He and Gauri were at the Ambani engagement the night before and it seems like he danced a lot last night too. He came out sweating with his entire shirt drenched.

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    • Well good, if he’s taking a break from interacting with all of us fake people (you know, the twitter replies and interviews and public appearances with folks he will never meet in real life like he does when promoting a movie), I am glad he is having fun with friends.

      I also feel like Anil would throw a GREAT wedding reception. The type of host who gets everyone up and dancing even if they wouldn’t normally.


      • Agree. I think he’s just taken himself off social media for the most part. He’s busy living his life. Anyway, he leaves for the US soon for the Zero shoot. Anushka and Anand Rai have already left. Maybe he was hanging around in Mumbai a little longer because he had to attend these events for old friends.


  2. “You have to help me out here, is this Mahira Khan?” No, its not. I’m not at all sure who it is but it is for sure NOT her. I loved all the videos of the men dancing with Anil: Salman, Ranveer, Shah was so warm and real wedding joy. So, nice to see people really celebrating joy.That’s the point of the wedding. I’m confused about one aspect of Sonam’s outfit. It seemed that later that night at the party she was wearing some sort of white caftan-ish thing. Do you think she changed again??? I actually liked her fierce sari. I don’t think those are shoulder pads, I think it is her broad and boney shoulders. But, you have to love how happy they look.

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    • I hope she changed into something else! That outfit was very perfect and tailored and striking for the reception line and pictures, but it didn’t look much fun to dance in. Hopefully she changed to something that would let her move.

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  3. I’m stalking the #SonamKiShaadi tag so hard on Twitter. What a fun party. What gorgeous outfits. What amazing Dad dancing! 🙂 I’m on fashion overload what with the Met Gala last night (Priyanka looked awesome and nailed the theme; Dips looked gorgeous but ignored the theme AGAIN–harrumph) and this wedding today/tonight. Normally I really don’t care about fashion beyond whether someone looks good or not in clothes, but even a Philistine like me can appreciate the creativity and beauty.


    • This is really doing a wedding up RIGHT. It feels like the perfect mixture of a joyous fun event, a couple that is sincerely happy and excited to start a life together, and a loose family feel so that no one is on “best behavior” or only there because they have to be there.

      The best I can think of as total opposite was the royal visit a few years back, when everyone was incredibly stiff and uncomfortable and unhappy looking.

      On Tue, May 8, 2018 at 4:41 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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    • I felt sorry for Priyanka and Deepika. Everyone in BW had so much fun at the Sonam wedding and they were in boring NY trying to impress fashionistas.

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      • I’m going back to the Royal visit again, remembering the contrasting photos of everyone stiff and miserable at the royals’ party, versus the awesome Ambani event going on the same evening.


        • Wasn’t it Tina Fey who said that if she had a million arms and a roomful of people she wanted to punch, they’d all be there inside at the Met?


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  5. She’s not Mahirah Khan, that’s Pernia Qureshi – she was the designer for Aisha.

    If I had to pick an uncomfortable wedding, it would have to be the Abhi-Ash wedding. There was so much talk about the folks that weren’t invited. The Bachchans snubbed a lot of people and everything was so secret and too private.


    • Does it seem like that was the first mega wedding of the new hyper media era? It feels that way to me, which might explain why it was such a mess. Karisma’s wedding, just a few years earlier, was a big thing but I don’t remember hearing about it as a media circus. And now it is standard to have the photo friendly area out front, for the bride and wedding family to come out and pose for the media, and to sort of control things. Instead of just turning the whole affair into an armed camp and not inviting anyone.

      On Tue, May 8, 2018 at 5:20 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • The Bachchans handled the wedding so poorly. First they angered so many people by snubbing them. Then they tried to block the media by putting buses at the entrance so they couldn’t get good pictures. There was also a lathi charge and photographers got beaten up if I remember correctly. The photographers were so angry with the Bachchans they boycotted them for a short while until Amitabh Bachchan apologized.

        India didn’t really have a pap culture when Karishma got married but media houses always had people present at big events. Karishma came outside with her groom to let them take pictures. That was always the expected thing so when the Bachchans acted so rudely, they made a lot of people angry.


        • I like the new trend of having a straight up photo setting for the bigger parties. Ultimately it is easier and safer to do it that way, than have the photographers rushing cars and blocking the entrance.


          • The Bachchans are just cold.. never give warm vibes. But Amithab Bhachchan is a hoot on twitter these days 😀 He reminds me of my grand uncle


  6. I disagree about Deepika’s dress for the Met Gala. I went to the exhibit today and the contemporary fashions had many things that were simple ‘cardinal red’ or ‘habit black”. She did the cardinal red velvet which was the theme. I was thinking the same thing: stuck here with all those stuffy, snobby people (you don’t get snobbier than New York Vogue) while all the rest of the people you know are having fun. Sonum’s dates were announced late and the Met Gala invites went out ages and ages ago. Both Priyanka (tho’ her shooting schedule might have stopped her any way) and Deepika might have committed to it months ago.


    • Hadn’t occurred to me that Dips (who is the one that most definitely could/should have been at Sonam’s thing as Ranveer’s date if nothing else) probably accepted the Met Gala invite and put all those complicated wheels in motion ages ago, not to mention working on a costume gown that the designer was promised would be displayed at the Met Gala.

      Really puts the two places in perspective, doesn’t it? Sonam’s wedding, at which everyone was wearing some sort of one of a kind outfit and half the celebrities in Bombay attended, plus there was a lowkey dress code (white for the sangeet, pastel for the wedding), and tons of media attention, and the whole thing was cheerfully put together in a few months, anyone who was in town could come and if you couldn’t come people would understand, and it came off beautifully. And then the Met Gala is this hoity-toity fancy-spancy thing that takes at least a year to put together start to finish and there is a huge pressure on everyone to wear the perfect outfit and blah blah blah. It’s kind of how I feel about the movies too, Hollywood will spend millions and years planning something, Indian film will throw it together on a shoestring in a couple of months, and the difference in quality between the two really doesn’t justify the difference in expense and time. Plus, half the time the slightly cheaper looser Indian product is a lot more fun.

      On Tue, May 8, 2018 at 5:39 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Abu Jani said that Sonam gave him the order for her mendhi outfit 2 year ago so I think everyone in BW must have known she was getting married. Even the dates must have been known fairly early in advance. It would only be secret for the public, not for them.

        The problem is that both Deepika and Priyanka are desperate to make a career in the west. I have heard Anna Wintour will permanently strike people off the guest list if they decline once. So in essence, you won’t get invited ever again in the future either. Both are too ambitious to give it up for someone’s wedding.

        I personally think both are wasting their time. There are much better roles available to them in India where they are part of the mainstream community. Here in the US, they are left scrambling for small parts or fighting over the one or two roles that might be available to women of color. They make huge money in India anyway. It’s just not worth it. Plus it’s so lonely away from home and family. I feel like Priyanka’s life in NY is just plain pathetic!


    • Jealous that you went to the exhibit. How was it? Maybe if Dips had worn an awesome adapted cardinal hat–the ones with a shallow round cap and big swooping brim–it would have felt more ecclesiastical. 🙂


  7. Ummm…..I think a lot of fashion is context dependent, and you’re probably missing some of that context. I’m not talking about Sonam’s outfit, which I agree is likely the most understated one at her own reception, but about your comments around a number of others.


    • Well, I’m not a real fashion person, I’m more of a “this is my first impression of the photo” kind of person. Feel free to give your own thoughts!


    • I’ve heard the dating rumors, but I don’t want to believe them, because that makes NO SENSE. She is so young and he is so old! I’d rather believe that it is a promotion strategy to suggest the dating.


      • I think Karan likes this stupid publicity for all his movies. I hope to god they are not dating. It looks very creepy! She looks like a teenager and he looks like a 40 year old. It does not look good at all.


        • Or else the media/public like it. They are going around together as costars preparing for a role together and therefore naturally spending time together, just like Sid and Aditya, but our minds go straight to “dating!” Although, to be fair, my mind kind of went to “dating!” for Sid and Adi too. They would be such a good pair! Matching heights and everything.


  8. Kajol looked gorgeous, she came with Manish M. She wore a saree that was similar in color & shade to Gauri’s.

    What’s the abomination Rekha ji has on her 🤦🏽‍♀️ She’s usually so well turned out. Also kangana ruined that fab saree. WTH? No basic pleats for such a gorgeous saree. Ugh.
    Alia’s dress is gorgeous.
    The polka dotted stuff on sid is a bit ho hem. I liked Swara though. Maybe cos she looks fierce.
    I liked sonam’s look, her husband is wearing Nike shoes. There were a lot of jokes about it, I was reminded of one time Sonam was asked about whether she wants her partner to have her sense of fashion. She wouldn’t impose her ideas on anyone. Clearly. 😂 I would’ve probably told my husband to get proper jhootis( I think I did 🤔)


  9. Sid n Adi OMG, look flawless. Also the happiest I’ve seen them. Alia looks v pretty but Ranbir looks disinterested. This is just for publicity though, it was the same with Siddharth.
    I think Arjun has the “Oh I have to do this again look” 😀


    • He has to do it again SO MANY TIMES!!!!! And with the age gaps, as soon as he finishes the 2 year process of helping one sister with her wedding, it will be time to start working on the next sister. And you KNOW every girl in that photo wants a big big big big big big wedding. You don’t dress like that and vamp for the camera without wanting your own special center of attention day.

      Poor Arjun, he’s gonna be working for wedding money for the next 20 years.

      On Tue, May 8, 2018 at 8:24 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  10. Anil was the best part of all celebrations- looking good and enjoying at mehendi, traditional and happy at the wedding and hot and super entertaining at the party. An now I want a romantic comedy with him wearing this suit!

    My other favourites:
    Ranveer, Varun (so handsome in this color), Alia, Swara, and I liked Shilpa’s sari – the fabric was beautiful and it fell very well, I wish she wore other blouse.
    Didn’t like:
    Kangana – why? I don’t understand how she could wear this.
    Shahid and wife – they are both good looking and young but seem so boring and blank always.
    Kareena – At the wedding she was too boring, now she looks too “item number girl”


    • Varun did look good, the beard and hair is a nice look on him and that light blue was a bit unusual and distinctive.

      Kangana could have looked really good so easily! Just needed to fold the sari more carefully and do something better with her hair, the basics of the outfit were perfect, and then the last minute execution choices just failed.

      Maybe Sonam gave Kareena permission to go way way over the top as part of promoting their film? Make sure people were talking about her? Because otherwise, I just don’t get her outfit.


    • Even worse I think he is wearing sneakers because sneakers are his thing. He runs a high end sneaker store, which doesn’t feel like a real job to me, more like the kind of thing a rich kid would do because they think it’s cool.

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        • I’m going with “if she was a big male movie star, and married a sweet rich girl who ran a clothing store, we wouldn’t think twice about it”. So, hopefully, that’s the model this marriage will follow, she likes him because he is nice and supportive and always around (since he doesn’t have a real job) and now he can stop pretending to work and just stay home and take care of the babies.

          On Wed, May 9, 2018 at 8:38 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • I want to believe that too but I think they’re moving to London where he’s based after the wedding. Which I hope is temporary coz I want that Zoya Factor movie as soon as I can.


          • Have you read Zoya Factor? I can’t decide if I should bother to read it before the movie, or if it is a light and simple enough book that I can grasp it just from a summary.

            On Wed, May 9, 2018 at 9:15 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Technically, he has a real job. He runs the fashion label Bhane. Sonam wears Bhane pretty often. But yes, it’s also the type of thing a rich kid can easily get into. A client list is also easy to get because your friends and family members start wearing the label. But whatever. Even Sonam’s movies are mainly financed by her dad so they seem similar to me. Privileged and rich and relying on the family name while technically holding a job. It’s okay. It works fine in that circle.


          • It’s actually light enough that you can grasp it from a summary yes. But there is enough depth that films cannot provide. Anuja Chauhan is a fun popular writer and she truly deserves to sell more books than Chetan Bhagat.


          • Okay, in that case it goes on my to-do list! Along with Memoirs of a Thug and that Savitri bio. Thank goodness the Sanjay bio was an easy read so that one is already done.

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          • @anonymous(somehow there is a limit to replies I can type within a comment thread ) : Which is why I mentioned that it makes perfect sense. To be fair, Sonam did say she found it hard to source money to make her new movie compared to her male contemporaries getting into production. So there’s that.


    • Restored now! It did land in spam, you were hanging out with all the “free porn” and “easy way to monetize your site” comments.


  11. I’m still catching up on all the videos from the party on Twitter. I agree with Angie that Anil is just the best. He seems like the perfect dad at the wedding–genuinely happy and wanting to makes sure everyone’s having a good time. The connection between Shah Rukh and Anil is electric. There’s a kind of deference in the affection Shah Rukh shows for him–when he talks about him, tweets about or to him, and even in the dancing last night. It’s like Trimurti was real or something. 🙂 I wish they would do another movie together, or a Netflix mini-series, or something!

    Met Gala vs Sonam’s wedding–I think they could possibly both be fun, but the Met Gala for more egotistic reasons. Like, the fun of knowing that you are there among the “elite” (if you care about that stuff), vs the fun of hanging out and celebrating with people you actually like and care about.

    I dig the older women at the Gala–Lynda Carter and Frances McDormand were rocking their looks and asking for no one’s approval. And Madonna was like, “I did all this Catholicism/fashion stuff in the 80’s but I’ll humor you peasants.” 🙂


    • Agree about Shahrukh and Anil! And I was also so aware of what Shahrukh said in his tweet, about Anil modeling a new way to be a father. A daughter’s wedding is such a confusing painful time (traditionally), and there is Anil, dancing his heart out. Compared to even, like, Salman at his baby sister’s wedding, Salman was happy and a good host and all that, but Anil had a kind of manic joy which was so great. He made the wedding all about him, in a good way, a sort of “being a father of a daughter is awesome, even at her wedding, everything is joyful always” attitude. Without falling over into a “finally this responsibility is off of my hands” feeling. Compared to, say, Abhishek remembering that the only time he saw his father cry was at his sister’s wedding.

      On Wed, May 9, 2018 at 8:19 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I didn’t know that story about Amitabh. Interesting–and sad for several reasons. Agree that Anil models a really positive type of fatherhood. Shah Rukh’s tweet was so poignant–a dad looking forward to his own daughter’s joyful wedding and thanking his friend for showing him the way in yet another area of life.


        • That reminds me of when SRK talked about his own wedding and how Gauri’s dad and her entire family started crying and then Gauri started crying too. He tried to lighten the situation by saying if everyone is so sad, they can keep Gauri and he’ll visit her. He said the joke clearly misfired and they got even more worried about him. He said he couldn’t understand it because if Suhana’s husband told him he can keep her forever, he would be so happy. Hah.

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          • And now I am already looking forward to Suhana’s wedding! Although, whenever it is, it’s going to be whatever Suhana wants, which means it could be anything from an elopement with no fuss, to a small family wedding with no reporters, to a big blow out like this.

            And poor Gauri’s family! Whenever I read about that marriage, I feel sympathy, because I would have been crying if I were them too. Their daughter marrying some guy they still aren’t sure about, moving to Bombay with no money or family support there, giving up her career and trusting her “actor” husband to provide, it’s terrifying! Of course no marriage is guarenteed happiness, but there were a lot of basic common sense reasons to be scared at that one.


          • Plus SRK has a wicked sense of humor and it was scaring them even more. He apparently heard her relatives gossiping and whispering if Gauri was going to become a Muslim now. So he said within earshot “Come on Gauri, put on your hijab. Time to read the namaz.” Apparently he had been warned ahead of time by Gauri and his friends to keep his mouth shut and not make stupid jokes during the wedding day but of course he can’t help himself.


          • See, this is why I love Shahrukh! Because I have done that except same kind of thing and had it go over exactly as poorly. But the joke is just sitting there! What am I supposed to do, NOT say it?


        • Amitabh and Shweta are a bit of an interesting example of when what your heart feels doesn’t match what society expects. You just have to look at them together to see that there is a special kind of love and closeness between them that is different than what Amitabh feels for Abhishek. But your daughter is “supposed” to be just temporary, you marry her off and send her away while your son stays in your household forever, you aren’t supposed to feel like you are closer to your daughter than you ever will be with your son. And even now, Shweta seems to have more or less moved back home, and Amitabh is clearly THRILLED by this, but he can’t talk about it publicly (that she has moved home and that he is so happy to have her back, even if he is sad for her that her marriage didn’t work out), because a daughter isn’t “supposed” to move back home, and if she does, you are “supposed” to be sad about it, not happy.

          And meanwhile here is Anil, proudly supporting his daughters in taking over the family business, dancing his heart out at Sonam’s wedding, just joyfully going with what feels right for their family.

          On Wed, May 9, 2018 at 10:14 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Amitabh’s love for Shweta makes him so endearing to me! I love that he’s so loving and appreciative of her and that he’s thrilled to have her back home and living with him. It’s such a rare thing for Indian parents to be okay with a daughter’s marriage failing and returning home to her birth family. It’s oddly progressive coming from such an old man and it’s so nice to see him make multiple posts on social media about how great she is. She must value the support and I think it’s awesome that she chooses to live with them instead of getting her own apartment and being lonely by herself.


          • He’s also so great about appreciating everything she does. He isn’t just saying what a great mother she is, or what a great daughter she is, he’s talking about what a great writer she is. But at the same time, he isn’t saying she ISN’T a great daughter and mother, you know? Everything she does everywhere is wonderful, so far as he is concerned.


    • I think SRK appreciates anyone who was nice to him when he was young and new to the industry. It’s the same reason he holds some affection for Salman and Sanjay Dutt even though he admits himself that he has nothing in common with them.


      • That’s true, but I think Anil and Shah Rukh actually do see the world in similar ways. For example, Shah Rukh thanked Anil a couple of years ago on Anil’s birthday for introducing him to Douglas Adams’ books for example.


  12. I wish we could post pictures here. That pic of Ranveer dancing with Shah Rukh and Anil is priceless. I bet Ranveer treasures it forever. I think Anil really did show Dad goals at that wedding. Its interesting how much dancing the men were doing. I think the women were sitting comfortably, shoes off, chatting amongst themselves in all this antic dancing. Clearly it was late in the party, judging from the disaray of the shirts, jacket of, shirt unbuttoned and then shirt soaking wet.
    One more thing on the Met Gala. I wouldn’t be too harsh on P, and Deepika for choosing it. Its not just Ann Wintour but also the designers. Those designers gave those actresses access to their clothes early on and this is payback for them.


    • In my fantasy imaginary version of Deepika, she is sitting at home today thinking “I had to go to the Met Gala to pay back favors and prove I am serious and all these other reasons. But I would have rather been at the wedding, and does that mean I should change my life plan and decide to prioritize being happy and being loved over beating my head against the wall of American celebrity?” I’ve certainly had those moments! The “what have I given up to get here, and is it worth it?” moments. Not so much Priyanka, because she is getting great press and it wasn’t her boyfriend dancing all night with movie stars at the wedding, but my Fantasy Dips is feeling some real “what is important in my life?” angst right now that hopefully results in a happier life.

      With Ranveer, he felt so familiar to me because there is always “that guy” at the wedding! The cousin or something who isn’t necessarily that close to the bride, but is such a great party starter that for that one night, he is the center of the family. I wouldn’t be leaning on him at a family funeral necessarily (that is where Arjun shines), but at a wedding, Ranveer is the magic ingredient that makes it all work.

      On Wed, May 9, 2018 at 11:34 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  13. I think it is endearing to see AB so happy to have Shweta around but I do see a little hyprocrisy here. I wish he were more inclusive of Aishwarya. It always feels like Aishwarya & even Aradhya aren’t a part of the family the way Shweta or Navya are. Now I know a daughter is a daughter, but Aishwarya has really tried to merge in with the family especially early on. After watching the crown i feel she’s like Prince Philip – ever struggling to be the insider amongst them. She might be giving up now.
    Anil Kapoor is dad goals – seriously! The way he let Rhea and Sonam grow professionally, unlike the other Kapoors is just great! Also, Sunita Kapoor is the back bone, she seems like a sorted lady and I think that has rubbed off on everyone excl Harshvardhan – that dude looked very out of place yesterday lol.


    • Rhea, Sonam, and Harsh are such a clear comparison with Kareena, Karisma, and Ranbir. Both sons seem naturally fitted towards a laidback artistic approach to life, while the daughters are both more practical and better “star” material. Rhea has turned Anil’s banner into a reliable profit maker with a distinctive brand, Sonam has made her mark as someone with a name that carries weight, a Star if not an actor. And meanwhile RK Films is left to languish while the person with the most star quality of the youngest generation (Karisma) was first prevented from even starting a career, and then married off as soon as it got going. And the person with the best business head and most coldly practical attitude (Kareena) is stuck being “just” an actress. And finally the one who is clearly least driven and most introspective and sensitive, Ranbir, is expected to somehow magically turn the studio around. It’s not just that the daughters are allowed to thrive, it’s that the son is allowed to take a backseat if that is what suits him.

      I know what you mean about the Bachchan’s. It feels like maybe (like in many families) one kid “belongs” to one parent and the other to the other, and Abhishek was always more Jaya’s than Amitabh’s and Shweta more Amitabh’s than Jaya’s. Which translated to Aish (and whoever Abhishek dated) feeling a little extra mother-in-law pressure.

      On Wed, May 9, 2018 at 12:26 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • But Kareena doesn’t look too ambitious to me. Karisma yes – I think she could’ve done something with the banner. But Kareena just wants a perfect work/life balance. She doesn’t want to stretch even a little bit – so I think that leaves it all to Karisma. Strangely the only other person with some kind of drive in that family is Sanjana Kapoor I feel.


        • Yes, and Sanjana was handed over the family business to do what she liked with while her brothers were allowed to go on a more individual artistic route. Because, as always, Shashi is The Best Kapoor.

          On Wed, May 9, 2018 at 1:26 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  14. Final thoughts about the wedding of the year so far!

    *I loved how intimate and grounded Anushka and Virat’s wedding was and overall I liked the bride and groom’s clothes better at their events (but I am a die-hard Sabyasachi fan). But Sonam and Anand looked wonderful, too. I actually liked her reception look…it was finally the high fashion look I was waiting for…it was nice that she balanced the very traditional bridal look with that. Also in comparison to the Anushka/Virat wedding this was much more media friendly and felt like a true Bollywood celebration. Like the song in Om Shanti Om come to life for sure!

    *Drunk Bollywood actors are just as obnoxious and attention-seeking at their big parties as all men are. But I have to say watching them all dance together was pretty cool (I liked the clip of Varun, Arjun, Ranver & Co dancing to the Kali Bali song) and Arjun and Anil’s drunk dancing.

    *Karan’s dancing was so adorable. I think he and Anushka are by two favorite people. I would love to just live their lives for a day or two.

    *I never realized how old Juhi’s husband looks. He’s only eight years older but I thought he was her dad for a second.

    *Rani looked gorgeous at the reception.

    *Swara was a home run for me in every look…really liked the last look, too. I feel like Sonam and Rhea were working with her on her looks.

    *Shahid and Mira are pretty cool looking as a couple, but you’re right…they’re a little too perfect. I really hope she doesn’t try to act.

    *I respect that Varun is very loyal to Natasha and I think it’s sweet. She does look so uncomfortable in this picture but I think it’s just a bad shot. His see through shirt was gross, especially in the dancing…it was way too Chippendales/Desi Boyz.

    *The Bollywood Project girls referred to Kareena and Karisma as the Olsen twins and now I can’t stop thinking they’re absolutely right. Kareena has gone back to her size zero phase. She looks gorgeous but she and Karisma together are a little bit creepy in that Olsen/Grey Gardens kind of way.

    *The reception dress for Katrina looks exactly like that dress in the song in Bang Bang.

    *Sid looked hot.

    *And I don’t know why I’m ashamed to admit…but Ranbir Kapoor has never looked sexier. He’s bulked up just a bit, the beard stubble is his best look, and the white and black look is so cool.

    *I think Alia’s look was one of the best of the whole event. I hate that color normally but it’s so beautiful on her. Also, I may be the only one here that really loves the idea of them as a couple. They look good and it’s not like she’s completely inexperienced…she looks young but she has depth. However, I do worry that if their relationship progresses (and I would bet lots of money they are dating…it’s not just promotion) that he could treat her the same way his father treated his mother and that makes me worried. The Kapoor men do not have a great track record with respecting their significant others. Ayan Mukherjee’s presence in the pictures does make it look like it could be promotion. It also does feed that small part of me that thinks that Ranbir is bi and Ayan is his OTP.

    *Aishwarya looks bored and pissed. She really is an ice queen.


    • They can’t be your final thoughts! I posted another post as you were writing this comment. Now you have to think new things!

      -I’m fascinated by how joyous and open this whole event was, it’s inspiring me to write a thing on a new way of handling social media.

      -From what I can tell, there was a massive dance floor, so the drunk actors could dominate the front of it, but there was still space for people to ignore them and do their own thing along the sides. And that’s just good party planning!

      -“Adorable” is it exactly! He was so pleased with himself! Hop on over to my new post for more thoughts

      -He has always looked so old. Just one of those guys I guess. I saw an interview with Juhi a few years back where she talked about how she ended up dating him, she didn’t really think about him, but he just kept sending her presents and notes every day, and was so reliable, and eventually she came to rely on him. It was nice how she said it, like he wasn’t showy or someone she would have noticed right away, but then he grew on her.

      -Yep! I honestly think Rani looks more beautiful today than she ever has before in her life. Middle-age is very good for her.

      -Oh, I can see that! She has that kind of noticeable high fashion interesting feel to her.

      -Never even occurred to me that Mira might act! I hope not too.

      -I really like how loyal Varun is to Natasha, and also how protective. I get the feeling that he is slowly getting her used to the idea of marrying a movie star and everything that comes with it, and is clearly patient enough to wait as long as it takes instead of moving on. Again, check the new post! The mini-video of them together is cute.

      -See, my sister and I are also creepy like that, so to me the Olson twins and Kareena-Karisma are the “normal” way for siblings to be and everyone else is wrong.

      -Yes!!!! That’s where I saw it before! And Kat’s dress was kind of like one of her outfits in the “Uff” song.


      -I think Ranbir might be one of those guys who grows up all of a sudden. Like Shahid Kapoor did a few years back. He looked immature and not quit a “man” until just this year, and now it’s like a flip has switched.

      -And this is why I disagree about him and Alia! Ranbir all of a sudden looks like a “man”, but Alia still feels like a little girl. From my perspective of not knowing the real people involved and so on, maybe Ranbir is a sensitive shy soul who has only had one serious relationship, and Alia is crazy experienced with a string of broken hearts behind her. Oh, and totally about Ayan. Even if its just platonic, he is still clearly the most important person in Ranbir’s life and vice versa, and any woman Ranbir dates has to learn to share.

      -But she had that one cute reaction shot with Abhishek! Yeah, otherwise not so much. Very practiced smile face.

      On Wed, May 9, 2018 at 8:28 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Not sure how loyal Varun is to be honest. There’s been lots of rumors about him almost leaving Natasha for Alia. He also gave an interview pretty much admitting that he and Natasha went through a very rough patch. Maybe it is totally false but you never know. Not sure how loyal anyone is in BW when there are just so many easy options available to them.

        I detest the thought of Alia and Ranbir. He is bad news and she looks way too young. DP still has a leftover tattoo to deal with and Katrina too thought a wedding was on the way.. til it wasn’t. Alia doesn’t need this mess.

        Ash seems like the most boring person on earth. She has made Abhishek boring too. I used to think he was fun.


        • Somehow my impression of Varun and Natasha is that she is what he wants for sure, but she isn’t sure if she wants the movie star life. And we already know that being the top star of the industry is what Varun wants for sure. Anyway, I could believe a mutual taking of a break at some point while she tried to decide if she was ready for all this, and he tried to decide if he was ready to let her go and move on.

          With the basic assumption that I don’t actually believe Alia and Ranbir are dating, and generally don’t like the idea if it is true, I would also be super curious what the fall out would be if Ranbir did a typical bad break up dump to Alia! Dips and Kat couldn’t afford to make a stink and didn’t try to do a split of the industry with people taking sides or anything. But Alia really could do it, if she wanted to, she could drag Karan away from Ranbir, and maybe take Adi along with her, not to mention all the other friends and relatives she has. It would be SO EXCITING!


      • There are rumors that Mira has been super involved in Shahid’s script narrations and there are also rumors that she is interested in getting into the business. If true, it’s interesting that she chose this particular path into the industry. Kind of like Salman’s brother-in-law.

        I really don’t like Varun as a movie star or even in his forced interview persona (it’s like “like me, like me please!”), but I really want to like him as a loyal boyfriend to his high school sweetheart who he marries and stays faithful to forever.


        • I’d love Mira to become an agent or a PR person or a producer. I also honestly thing that might be a good fit for her, she is good in interviews, and seems to be good at making friends and connections within the industry. Feels more natural to me than acting.

          The interview person versus boyfriend was so clear in Varun’s last Koffee appearance. He was charming and over the top and all that, and then Karan tried to push him to talk about Natasha, and it all fell away and he was dead serious and warned Karan away HARD. Very protective, clearly their relationship is something he is not willing to joke about or sell for the sake of publicity. and everything I’ve seen with him and a female co-star (in my million mile distance look at it) feels more like “close friends partly because we know it will never be more since he is so totally committed to his girlfriend” than like “flirty sizzling chemistry”.

          On Wed, May 9, 2018 at 9:07 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  15. I guess I’m the only one who can’t figure out Mira’s outfit? Is she holding one leg behind her so as to stretch her quads while she poses?


  16. My favourites: Anil (obviously), Rani (drop dead gorgeous), Kat (surprisingly), Alia (surprisingly), Madhuri, Ranveer and Athiya (kinda surpisingly? idk i’ve never really known what to expect from her). Also I think Sonam would look great if she just cut those sleeves off, it’s really throwing off the look. And you’re right, Kangana looks a little off, I think it’s mostly that her saree is weirdly drooping and the hair.


    • I think I finally found a reason for Kangana to look like that! She showed up at Cannes with this awesome period bouffant look, I bet her hair was already being processed and straightened and lightened in preparation.

      I think I might have told her to just wear a wig. Or a turban. Yes, it would be odd and people would notice, but this is just terrible.

      The sari though makes no sense, couldn’t she just have it professional draped and then pinned in place?

      With Sonam, I am having a very “remove one thing” feeling. Cut off the sleeves, or lose the duppatta, or tone down the design on the skirt, something. But then I really love each element in isolation, so I can see why there would be an urge to keep them all.

      On Thu, May 10, 2018 at 3:55 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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